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Antwon Rose Jr. Story


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  1. Bobby

    Bobby16 시간 전

    This song makes me think where is my Optima DAMN,!,!!!!!!

  2. Jays Saulx aye peep the drip

    Jays Saulx aye peep the drip16 시간 전


  3. Jays Saulx aye peep the drip

    Jays Saulx aye peep the drip17 시간 전

    nothing hit like meek

  4. Zah Zuh

    Zah Zuh17 시간 전

    Meek is hard that'll always be the hard fact for life🤘. Dream Chasers we here?

  5. Vonta Brinks

    Vonta Brinks17 시간 전

  6. David B

    David B17 시간 전

    Meek needs to go on Hotboxin, reconcile his past with the future that awaits.

  7. StephSlaps Holland

    StephSlaps Holland17 시간 전

    Man this slap hard keep the great music out meek #1




  9. lit_royson3

    lit_royson317 시간 전

    Sometimes I think durk has a snapchat filter on because of his eyes looking a bit bigger

  10. Herbert Micheal

    Herbert Micheal17 시간 전

    Where are all my savages!!!! Thumbs 👍 for the milli

  11. Herbert Micheal

    Herbert Micheal17 시간 전

    The pains makes us stronger 💪

  12. Luciano

    Luciano17 시간 전


  13. Deethekidd

    Deethekidd17 시간 전

    2 sellouts


    KJ LEGEND17 시간 전

    Straight jams 💯💯 but I bet I got a song as hot as this one, trust me 👌🏽 check me out!

  15. marto murithi

    marto murithi17 시간 전

    According to his new 4 song album this song only=old meek

  16. Life with luhkayla

    Life with luhkayla18 시간 전

    Love this song still here in 2020

  17. SayNoMas_Anthony

    SayNoMas_Anthony18 시간 전

    haven't been up to date with meek mill but damn he looks skinnier and healthy

  18. Aldy Plays

    Aldy Plays18 시간 전

    Whens aint it funny coming bro??? We done been waiting my guy!

  19. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiu18 시간 전

    Please can someone call 911 cause they murdered the beat DAMN

  20. Rodrick Johnson

    Rodrick Johnson18 시간 전

    I agree kid I agree

  21. Rafael Gonzalez

    Rafael Gonzalez18 시간 전

    @meekmill tell durkio hit my line down in FL

  22. Lil Baby

    Lil Baby18 시간 전

    15xk Violence Out Now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  23. Lil Baby

    Lil Baby18 시간 전

    15xk Violence Out Now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Lil Baby

    Lil Baby18 시간 전

    15xk Violence Out Now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  25. Lil Baby

    Lil Baby18 시간 전

    15xk Violence Out Now 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  26. Nicolas Nkemelang

    Nicolas Nkemelang18 시간 전

    2020 we still here 🙏🏿🙏🏿

  27. Kameron Williams

    Kameron Williams18 시간 전

    They both shock me wit the flows😭🔥

  28. Craig Epic

    Craig Epic18 시간 전

    We out here

  29. Reborn Gaming

    Reborn Gaming18 시간 전

    I’ve been leaving this on repeat since it released! 🔥🔥🔥

  30. dead boy760

    dead boy76018 시간 전

    Dam u can feel durk pain

  31. Corey j

    Corey j18 시간 전

    All that jewelry looks so fucking stupid

  32. Josh Hartman

    Josh Hartman19 시간 전

    This shit go home fr... couldn’t of did this shit better

  33. Cyril Matsenhura

    Cyril Matsenhura19 시간 전

    🔥 🔥 missed ur music

  34. Yoda Bang

    Yoda Bang19 시간 전

  35. Yoda Bang

    Yoda Bang19 시간 전

  36. Anthony Kaoorn

    Anthony Kaoorn19 시간 전

    I been trying to save my Money for a rainy day !!! The court system got me spending my savings for these rainy days !!! 🙏

  37. Helen Morris

    Helen Morris19 시간 전

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  38. Demitree Martinez

    Demitree Martinez19 시간 전

    Meek Milli you got my back Meek mill you got me and my family big bro

  39. Jaw don

    Jaw don19 시간 전

    Yow this crazyyy

  40. Matt Steller

    Matt Steller19 시간 전

    This song needs more views

  41. trey cobb

    trey cobb19 시간 전


  42. HNIC

    HNIC19 시간 전

    1st time i wuz like ion know.... But every time after, I wuz like Ayo run dat shit back 💯💯💯

  43. Zilch71

    Zilch7119 시간 전

    this beat but with a deeper voice would have been fire

  44. Josue Perez

    Josue Perez19 시간 전

    Danny García intro for the Spence fight 🤔 ?

  45. PathFinder 101 Mycelium

    PathFinder 101 Mycelium19 시간 전

    2 of the realest in the game, no cap 💯

  46. Nasir Champion

    Nasir Champion20 시간 전

    Durk said my brother died he died a stranger way 😭😭 llkv

  47. tyrone kent

    tyrone kent20 시간 전

    i want to hear kur on this


    JAY SCRIBE20 시간 전


  49. Ghost Hyper

    Ghost Hyper20 시간 전

    Man Dis tha shi 💯


    ENOCH DA SCRIBE20 시간 전

    10 years later love y'all let this world BURN!!! Christ on d's way

  51. Dave Allen

    Dave Allen20 시간 전

    Rip von and Slutty

  52. grimreapper fromdaS

    grimreapper fromdaS20 시간 전

    I feel every bit of vocal hes singing and shit gets me tearing wont lie

  53. 8,916,311 Views

    8,916,311 Views20 시간 전

    Lil Durk Quando Rando diss

  54. Toxic League [X]

    Toxic League [X]20 시간 전

    I’m playing this when I hit my first million 💰

  55. CatsFerDays

    CatsFerDays20 시간 전

    REPEAT 🔁 🔥

  56. Bonnie Winter

    Bonnie Winter20 시간 전

    Sounds exactly like he in the studio 🥶🙌

  57. KPNvKenyan

    KPNvKenyan20 시간 전

    They talkin bout charity Thought I posed too save my money Thought I was never posed too let A nigga take somethin’ from me They want you at your last So they could play u Hoppin u hit rock bottom Niggas hateful We could of built together Instead it’s kain and able Now I gotta watch my back From doin shit Other niggas wasn’t able

  58. danny boo

    danny boo20 시간 전

    This probably this realest song he wrote, 🤞🏿💪🏿🙏🏿🎯💯💯

  59. Metri 13

    Metri 1320 시간 전


  60. therealest swaggavelli

    therealest swaggavelli21 시간 전

    always some fire 🔥 🔥🔥🔥

  61. DRE L3

    DRE L321 시간 전

    Who killed this song better meek or durk🤔

  62. CGDaGreat23

    CGDaGreat2321 시간 전

    When meek get in THIS BAG he can’t be touched 🔥🔥🔥

  63. Z HeadHuncho

    Z HeadHuncho21 시간 전

    fam it’s covid-19 & you wiping yo face w money dat damn near millions of folks touched 🤦🏾‍♂️

  64. JJHectorGaming

    JJHectorGaming21 시간 전

    "I feel like a crip cause I cant even trust my blood" Damn

  65. Welly Wells

    Welly Wells21 시간 전

    That Durk verse hit hard 💔💔🙏🏾🖤

  66. V clipmyiso

    V clipmyiso21 시간 전

    I swear this make me think of von on lil durk part ong I miss my man🥰😭

  67. Trail blazer

    Trail blazer21 시간 전

    Diamonds shouldn't give us confidence

  68. Earth Native

    Earth Native21 시간 전

    Join the Earth nativism 🔥🔥🔥🔥. The beautiful dream ever😊☀️🔥

  69. Osg xDre

    Osg xDre21 시간 전

    I understand the pain lil durk going thru after king von death,von was a cool ahh niqqa #RIPVON

  70. Chuchu Rocket

    Chuchu Rocket21 시간 전

    Yes indeed, yet another SUBYLR black man...

  71. Life on EDDSTA-C

    Life on EDDSTA-C21 시간 전

    I like how relatable Meek can be.

  72. Ziggyraw

    Ziggyraw21 시간 전

    Wow your music and your life is amazing!

  73. Dwayne Morrison

    Dwayne Morrison21 시간 전


  74. I Am Superb

    I Am Superb22 시간 전

    Durk Diamonds Hittin harder than Meek in the dark

  75. Uvatera Mahua

    Uvatera Mahua22 시간 전

    2020? 🥺♥️

  76. Alicia Monique

    Alicia Monique22 시간 전

    I wonder if Meek still watches this video sometimes just to reminisce..i wouldn't blame him if he did lol 😂

  77. Theophila Destiny

    Theophila Destiny22 시간 전


  78. deelishua Resouc

    deelishua Resouc22 시간 전

    When u bend they fold.

  79. King Warren

    King Warren22 시간 전


  80. King Warren

    King Warren22 시간 전