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  1. Misael Lima

    Misael Lima21 시간 전

    Tha cabbages hahahaha

  2. Maxy Saxy

    Maxy Saxy21 시간 전

    Next they should do killer bee vs Barry b benson

  3. TyrecusK Dale

    TyrecusK Dale21 시간 전

    That’s why y’all have 36k thumbs down for a reason learn your facts 😂talking bout wonder woman beats Thor oh my god this a easy fight for Thor

  4. asatch64

    asatch6422 시간 전

    The Doom slayer would be a very different fight with the same arsenal except w the obvious mods and assault rife and the fire ice and frag Grenades

  5. Mike Ock

    Mike Ock22 시간 전

    If she can't handle Spinel, she can't handle Jake. Simple.

  6. Lukas Storie

    Lukas Storie22 시간 전

    Omni man vs home lander

  7. Andy Alvarez

    Andy Alvarez22 시간 전

    Man, I never understand the hatred Danny gets. Guy is cool.

  8. Al Touray

    Al Touray22 시간 전

    Thanos: "Reality can be whatever I want." Sonic/Flash: "Hold my chili dog."

  9. Michael

    Michael22 시간 전

    Doctor Octopus (Spiderman) vs Gizmo (Teen Titans) Ichigo (Bleach) vs Asta (Black Clover) King Ghidorah (Godzilla) vs Smaug (The Hobbit)

  10. AlexAlienNerd

    AlexAlienNerd22 시간 전

    A Death Race Space Battle - I want to see whether or not The Milennium Falcon with a full crew could stop a Klingon Bird of Prey. Throw other stuff in there too but I think this could be fun.

  11. matthew benard

    matthew benard22 시간 전

    its 3 on 1. Fate cheated like every Dc comic hero. Why play off the others in your team when you just plot power win solo. Thats the DC moto. Thats why DC still sucks after everything they try... Still fail. Sell to disney maybe they can make superman and batman cool again, DC sure as hell cant.

  12. Eric Minnick

    Eric Minnick22 시간 전

    I have an idea for a fight. John Wick vs Mike Banning (John Wick) (Angel has Fallen)

  13. Orange Inkius

    Orange Inkius22 시간 전

    Iron fist is going to win, every comic book character ever that's like 10% stronger then the average human has shattered a mountain or something, PO is a children's film character with not enough lore to make him super OP

  14. TheEpicSushiLover22

    TheEpicSushiLover2222 시간 전

    me when I have to do homework but my friend doesn’t:

  15. Kayden Celestin

    Kayden Celestin22 시간 전

    we aint gon talk about sparkz

  16. Success Keeps Spittin

    Success Keeps Spittin22 시간 전


  17. Moralis

    Moralis22 시간 전

    Po should fight Usagi Yojimbo, not Iron Fist.

  18. Mr abyss

    Mr abyss22 시간 전

    Fighting sans in anime

  19. purple anime

    purple anime22 시간 전

    15:30 was that a nightmare before Christmas reference

  20. Pedro Daniel Trigueiro Bilé

    Pedro Daniel Trigueiro Bilé22 시간 전

    If this was Injustice Nightwing, the battle would be over at 16:28

  21. Janis Vitals

    Janis Vitals22 시간 전

    Well, she got dis-armed.

  22. Cool Engraving

    Cool Engraving22 시간 전

    I'm more of a marvel guy but damn fate is badass

  23. Water Girl

    Water Girl23 시간 전

    Lol Mikasa wasn’t trained to fight regular people she’s to use to fighting big titans that she couldn’t anticipate the movements or the brains of a regular person that knows how to fight with a weapon rather than giant fists and mouths. Not to mention relying on an explosive weapon.

  24. Tanaka 2

    Tanaka 223 시간 전

    Have Shikamaru fight Shinsui from bleach and Naruto Shippuden

  25. Tanaka 2

    Tanaka 223 시간 전

    Bleach vs Naruto Shippuden with Hinata Hyuga vs Orihime Inoune.

  26. Roland Taylor

    Roland Taylor23 시간 전

    Kinda boring when the fans are so blindly dedicated that they vote for something that doesn't make any sense. It's why match ups between Japanese and American characters are pointless IMHO.

  27. Tanaka 2

    Tanaka 223 시간 전

    Or Starfire vs Gamora

  28. Tanaka 2

    Tanaka 223 시간 전

    Add Shigaraki vs Cat noir

  29. Weekend Time

    Weekend Time23 시간 전

    My god that was awesome

  30. Alex Veverka

    Alex Veverka23 시간 전

    I thought R.I.P.D was an okay movie, stupid in all the the fun ways kind of movie

  31. Sun and Moon

    Sun and Moon23 시간 전

    As mentioned earlier the crazy siayan don't back down. Fight will be good but Goku win.

  32. Bender 101

    Bender 10123 시간 전

    Plz do silver vs mewtwo

  33. Mark Slager

    Mark Slager23 시간 전

    Fulgor VS Cyrex!🦾🦿🎮

  34. ÑØ ČÃP

    ÑØ ČÃP23 시간 전

    There’s no way they tried to put sonic against WALLY WEST must be a joke RIGHT

  35. Jibi 64

    Jibi 6423 시간 전

    F for iron fist

  36. IcySand 1038

    IcySand 103823 시간 전

    I mean Edward could win under certain circumstances, but uh yeah... Aang didn't even need to in the avatar state, major stomp for Aang

  37. Naithan Hernandez

    Naithan Hernandez23 시간 전

    Omni man Vs Goku

  38. Mark Slager

    Mark Slager23 시간 전

    Darth Vader VS Thor!👍

  39. Jonafang K

    Jonafang K23 시간 전

    SF fangays really think a hobo in his mid 30s can defeat a soulless immortal demon with more than 300 years experience in fighting, not only humans but other being with different powers 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  40. Dreams love

    Dreams love23 시간 전

    I like the new she ra

  41. Mbrace

    Mbrace23 시간 전

    Do Bane vs Doomfist


    NIONO BRUNDO23 시간 전

    When Lelouch Vi Britannia vs Light Yagami

  43. Coleen Danna

    Coleen Danna23 시간 전

    What a fight

  44. °

    °23 시간 전

    0:19 did he just say........ *SWALLOW ALL YOUR MORALS THEIR A POOR MAN'S QUALITY*

  45. Albedo

    Albedo23 시간 전

    Albedo (ben 10) vs kipo (kipo and age of wonderbeasts)

  46. Nico Bechthold

    Nico Bechthold일 전

    Heihachi is the best mishima

  47. Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown일 전

    If spyro gets a new game, I vote a rematch cuz crash 4. quantum masks help crash control time for a short bit, matter, dark matter, and gravity.

  48. Acolyte06

    Acolyte06일 전

    Superman: hits Goku with a pole: Goku: " Wanna pull the pole out? I'll pull the pole out."

  49. Jeremiah Bristow

    Jeremiah Bristow일 전

    You know who could beat Dracula, though? Kain, from the Legacy of Kain series.

  50. Ooop Goo

    Ooop Goo일 전

    this is racist. they let superman win because they are white, which means they hate asian. damn you death battle.

  51. Paul Neil Maaghop

    Paul Neil Maaghop일 전

    Here's an interesting battle Do The Seven (The Boys) vs The Guardians of the Globe (Invincible) If you want things to be a bit fair, you can exclude Homelander and The Immortal

  52. Vaporized Teddy

    Vaporized Teddy일 전

    Superman gets beat by a guy in a bat costume. Let that sink into your heads everybody.

  53. Cloudy

    Cloudy일 전

    wait that's not how it works mob can keep defensive while on offense so the meteor shouldn't have killed him like it would've for tatsumaki and she should've died from the impact also that should be extinction level speeds

  54. Tim

    Tim 일 전

    Speaking of the animation, I find it funny how db fanboys get mad at Superman tanking the kamehameha while I scratch my head over how Goku even tanked Superman's heat vision.

  55. Shadow Snake

    Shadow Snake일 전

    ... so did the animation look unnaturally floaty for anyone, or was it just me? I understand they have grappling hooks, but this seems ridiculous at times, like, where was the weight?

  56. JurassicChaos

    JurassicChaos일 전

    Jill Valentine (Resident Evil) vs. Regina (Dino Crisis)

  57. Thomas

    Thomas일 전

    _I was arguing with Bofa. I can't believe that debate was onesided. The outcome was my victory._ _PS: Wanna hear the funny part. Bofa thinks that Kid Buu is universal buster._

  58. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy일 전

    Spoilers: dr doom wasn’t trying to steal lexs tech he just wanted to take back the 40 cakes lex stole from him

  59. Blair Hamill

    Blair Hamill일 전

    And now we need Ruby (RWBY) vs Maka (Soul Eater)

  60. Sum Guy

    Sum Guy일 전

    Ok why am I seeing on every death battle comment section someone spamming tylie from avatar vs 13 year old hinata from naruto?

  61. brandon lindgren

    brandon lindgren일 전

    Anyone else wanna see omni man vs one pumch man?

  62. David Covarrubias

    David Covarrubias일 전

    Cinder Fall vs Azula

  63. Saraswata Datta

    Saraswata Datta일 전

    We need an Omni Man Vs Superman Death Battle!

  64. Spectra Phantom

    Spectra Phantom일 전

    Po will win

  65. RadianceRadical

    RadianceRadical일 전

    One of SSJRy1's vids: watch?v=c9LjRyJ0NPs&t=1s Humans can see the shockwaves, making its speed trash and not relevant to combat in the first place. Whis's staff travel speed doesn't translate to combat speed. Going off Dyspo statements, everyone now is somewhere in the thousands of times MFTL in terms of combat speed. Nothing shows Toppo's attacks actually crossing the entire WoV; it's a pure hyperbolic statement, just like how people say UI Goku shook the eternal WoV despite WoV being a VOID of NOTHINGNESS (aka there is nothing to shake). Jiren transcending time is another hyperbolic statement that tries to make him countering Hit's low-tier time hax seem impressive. Base Dyspo (who is stated to be only light speed in the DBS preview) was already giving top tiers trouble, debunking all of this. Goku moving around in an empty space Zeno destroyed makes him faster than time? I guess that makes base Trunks and MAI beyond time as well, since they were there too? Just stop. Zamasu being omnipresent is the only decent point, yet no one else scales to his omnipresence, making it irrelevant. Not to mention he didn't become fully omnipresent yet at all before dying to weaksauce Zeno. Whis using unknown staff hax to reach WoV means nothing.

  66. DawiYah Steven

    DawiYah Steven일 전


  67. Rodriguez Ivan

    Rodriguez Ivan일 전

    Iron fist vs ryu would’ve been a better fight but this works too.

  68. Zero

    Zero일 전

    You guys should do saya kisaragi (blood-c) vs akame (akame ga kill)

  69. Tajanlangit, John Paul

    Tajanlangit, John Paul일 전

    He didn't even need to go blue

  70. Ivan Teoh Shen Yue

    Ivan Teoh Shen Yue일 전

    Iron Fist is fucked we taling abt a Panda who can perform a mini-nuke, immune to paralyzing attacks

  71. Rodger Thomas

    Rodger Thomas일 전

    this is a masterpiece the lazer light from snakes eye could pass for a level 3 super in a fighting video game reminded me of akumas raging demon, sick dudes great work and very on point even in 2021 may 11th 10:43am in jamaica

  72. Awesome Bird

    Awesome Bird일 전

    I am sorry but thor has way better feats and fought stronger people

  73. João Ricardo

    João Ricardo일 전

    Why no cont the sin devil trigger

  74. The random playlist guy

    The random playlist guy일 전

    And then she died by a titan the end

  75. Xid Javier

    Xid Javier일 전

    The way I see how this should've gone down is that Scout only needs to get 1 clean hit in while Tracer needs multiple ults. To slow him down. Statistically Scout can take and deal a lot of damage (him surviving 3 direct hits from rockets while being mortally injured, killing a bear with only a femur, beating Heavy in a fight who can take multiple guns hits) Scout also has the mobility to weave through bullets and kick the air hard and fast enough to propel a seconf time. Tracer can outmanuever him with blinks and recalls. Equipmentwise Scout beats her in spades with multiple types of shot &hand guns Bonk which can vibrate him to the pount of making him intangable, stuns with sandman magic, and a fish. Tracer has her advamce tech that can let her essentially teleport and confusing her enemies and a bomb They can outmanuver eachothers firepower but tracer has a more reliable spread to hit scout Putting this into considiration, their winning conditions are if Scout gets worn out, or if Scout can force Tracer into a position that forces her to get hit or use the recall which will put all her abilities on cooldown, In conclusion Scout would edge out with his AoE spells that can force tracer into recall which makes her vulnurable and himfast and durable enough to last him enough time to get the right spell to hit her. It would be a close fight eitherway with Tracer having a more reliable winning condition but Scout can outlast herto get his winning condition

  76. Andrew That Landscaper

    Andrew That Landscaper일 전

    So are you the original?

  77. Tuvya Maeir

    Tuvya Maeir일 전

    ...The way they pronounce K'un-L'un and going to annoy me.