The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup
The Emirates FA Cup

The world's original and best domestic cup competition, where 736 clubs compete for the chance to lift one of English football's most famous trophies!\n\nSubscribe to watch all the highlights first as well as some of the great moments the FA Cup has provided. Find out more here;

  1. Keshav Khetan

    Keshav Khetan15 시간 전

    Klopp was not happy Bruno scoring penalties, so he scored a free kick 🤔😉

  2. T

    T15 시간 전

    Well played Cheltenham

  3. Максим Петров

    Максим Петров15 시간 전

    Друзья ВНИМАНИЕ вышел новый ролик про Навального!!!

  4. Koko Jeevan

    Koko Jeevan15 시간 전

    Man United has improved a lot , but man City is favourite to win a league this season

  5. Ranu Priya Sahu

    Ranu Priya Sahu15 시간 전

    कॉमेंट पड़ने वाले महापुरुषों के लिए चाय नास्ता का प्रबंध किया जाये 😂😂😂😂

  6. Mohammed Ali

    Mohammed Ali15 시간 전

  7. Borun Biddut

    Borun Biddut15 시간 전


  8. Sudharshan v e

    Sudharshan v e15 시간 전

    Wow!! Maddison was all over the place. Almost ever leicester attack had his direct contribution.

  9. Do What

    Do What15 시간 전

  10. Do What

    Do What15 시간 전

  11. Do What

    Do What15 시간 전

  12. amenamegaza kinville

    amenamegaza kinville15 시간 전

    My side a my side 😂😂 man-u

  13. ultimate bro

    ultimate bro15 시간 전

  14. Mevuchio Elustoundo

    Mevuchio Elustoundo15 시간 전

    Alan smith is that you ?

  15. 1STMAN

    1STMAN15 시간 전

    Key moments, aka highlights

  16. うなぎちゃんねる

    うなぎちゃんねる15 시간 전


  17. SUKOCO 17

    SUKOCO 1715 시간 전

    Moh.Salah MVP

  18. Gonzalo Cardozo

    Gonzalo Cardozo15 시간 전

    No pueden ser tan amargos para relatar los ingleses viejo. Media pila !

  19. Sanjay DHAAKAD

    Sanjay DHAAKAD15 시간 전



    TRAP TIME MUSIC15 시간 전

    Manager Cam like Arsenal

  21. Will Wix

    Will Wix15 시간 전

    Mad respect for Cheltenham

  22. Allan Najera Perez

    Allan Najera Perez15 시간 전

    English commentators legit make the game so dull and boring

  23. Thomas Dev Khatana

    Thomas Dev Khatana15 시간 전

    Gundagon is gonna take the role of kevin de bruyne for next few weeks,Mark my words👍

  24. kîllèr Sûryà

    kîllèr Sûryà15 시간 전


  25. طارق زليتن

    طارق زليتن15 시간 전

    الف مبروك فوز مانشستر يونايتد وهاردلك ليفربول

  26. Мужская Кухня

    Мужская Кухня15 시간 전

    ШОК!!!ДАВА ВЫШЛА ЗА МУЖ!!! А теперь, после того как мне удалось привлечь твоё внимание, я очень сердечно попрошу тебя перейти на мой канал и оценить мой контент строго, а самое главное СПРАВЕДЛИВО! А ну и ещё одно) если не обманывает тени на лайк на этом коменте)

  27. Amazing indian corner

    Amazing indian corner15 시간 전

  28. Sherif Hamdii

    Sherif Hamdii15 시간 전

    Mo Salah 👑❤️

  29. Aditya

    Aditya15 시간 전

    commentator hates united, comfirmed


    KORALA MAAN15 시간 전

    I think that 99.9% viewer's are Students

  31. Omar 293

    Omar 29315 시간 전

    To all those Liverpool fans that said bruno only scores against bad teams they weren’t wrong..

  32. Robin Thakur

    Robin Thakur15 시간 전

    Great result. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves just yet. There is a massive way to go if wanna win some trophy

  33. Liverpool memes

    Liverpool memes15 시간 전

    Here before the trolls

  34. Truemancityfan

    Truemancityfan15 시간 전

    Let’s see how many followers I get from this comment

  35. 伊人翡翠

    伊人翡翠15 시간 전


  36. sha lu

    sha lu15 시간 전

    होसले के तरकश में कोशिश का वो तीर जिन्दा रखो , हार जाओ चाहिए जिंदगी में सब कुछ, मगर फिर से जितने की उम्मीद जिन्दा रखो...!

  37. Truemancityfan

    Truemancityfan15 시간 전

    Like this if fa cup is the best cup in England

  38. Pandurang Gireesh

    Pandurang Gireesh15 시간 전

    Thanks you FA for uploading these videos, this is just pure entertainment

  39. Lee Donlan

    Lee Donlan15 시간 전

    How much did the ref get from Chelsea, shocking decisions. Prem club biased?


    KTS • HEADHUNTER15 시간 전

    I want Bruno,Felix,Jota,Ronaldo ..... Pepe And all other Portuguese to perform well and Win Fifa 2022 ❤️🙂, I think all Portugal players are in fine Form, Jota Needs to recover,✌️

  41. Peterson Oliveira

    Peterson Oliveira15 시간 전

    Boa tarde FIRST vai amém bom trabalho

  42. Trail Runner 2016

    Trail Runner 201615 시간 전

    Cavani’s spirit looks like Mark Hughes in the football field

  43. kevinzTV

    kevinzTV15 시간 전


  44. Dylan Miles from Basingstoke

    Dylan Miles from Basingstoke15 시간 전


  45. Darcey Williams

    Darcey Williams15 시간 전


  46. Amalraj Amal

    Amalraj Amal15 시간 전

    The REAL FACE of The RED DEVIL'S 🔴⚪

  47. Dongho Kim

    Dongho Kim15 시간 전

    salah's right foot is a joke

  48. #techrajput _Girl#

    #techrajput _Girl#15 시간 전

    जो जीते हैं देश के लिए , वो देश के लिए अपना लहू बहाते हैं, माँ भारती के चरणों में अपना शीश चढ़ाकर, देश की लाज बचाते हैं, परवाह नहीं करते हैं अपनी जान की, देश के लिए, हँसते-हँसते अपनी जान लुटाते हैं..!! ऐसी भारतीय सेना को शत्-शत् नमन !

  49. Oozageer Keshanesh

    Oozageer Keshanesh15 시간 전

    Believe me if mu will play like that,no doubt he will win the fa cup.

  50. garena free fire #9K.

    garena free fire #9K.15 시간 전

    India model come payment


    YOUNAS BN15 시간 전

    "مـسـتحــیـل تـشـوف اسـم سـیـدنـا مُـحَـمَّـد ﷺ ومـا ـحـطـش لایک وا"مـسـتحــیـل تـشـوف اسـم سـیـدنـا مُـحَـمَّـد ﷺ ومـا ـحـطـش لایک واشـتـراكـ شـتـراكـ

  52. Tech Gamez

    Tech Gamez15 시간 전

    Hi please subscribe to my channel and leave a comment to tell me how I can improve like the people that made this video on top of me

  53. Ben A.

    Ben A.15 시간 전

    interesting timing

  54. C T

    C T15 시간 전

    Yet another glorified friendly match between non essential workers in the red v non essential workers in the green.😄

  55. Ali-Adil Rahman

    Ali-Adil Rahman15 시간 전

  56. ドヤさ元気

    ドヤさ元気15 시간 전


  57. تحف وأنتيكات من الخردة

    تحف وأنتيكات من الخردة15 시간 전

    ارجو منكم الاشتراك في القناة بتاعتي


    DUASATU15 시간 전

    Cavani fantastic header

  59. Aakarsh shukla

    Aakarsh shukla15 시간 전

  60. nathan manu

    nathan manu15 시간 전

    Who's here after Lampard got sacked?

  61. hasso or hassao

    hasso or hassao15 시간 전 What a comedy video!!!!😂🤣

  62. Fodil Med

    Fodil Med15 시간 전

    is somebody See Hakim Ziyech in the match Nothing was submitted

  63. wilder17

    wilder1716 시간 전


  64. S ?

    S ?16 시간 전

    i can't be the only one who thinks kyle walker peters looks like early 90s tupac

  65. R G

    R G16 시간 전


  66. MAD MAX

    MAD MAX16 시간 전

    Arsenal fans like here

  67. N H

    N H16 시간 전

    If you watch the game, you’ll know... Should have never been a free kick. Just being honest.

  68. El Lino

    El Lino16 시간 전


  69. Brad Wolf

    Brad Wolf16 시간 전

    Wel playd goot match.

  70. Stitcher

    Stitcher16 시간 전

  71. David Mangas

    David Mangas16 시간 전

    Bruno Fernandes is the best midfielder in world rn

  72. Brad Wolf

    Brad Wolf16 시간 전

    I own the Liverpool FC. - Eugene Kwok

  73. Imran Osman

    Imran Osman16 시간 전

    Liverpool needs their Fans back!!!! When there's no Fans there's no mood to play

  74. jack johny

    jack johny16 시간 전

    Long Range penalty from BRUNO .. 😂

  75. Jack Fan Official

    Jack Fan Official16 시간 전

    Mọi Người Vào Nghe Audio Đom đóm Jack...Các Bài Audio Khác Và Đừng Quên Đăng Kí Kênh Nhé

  76. Munch Studio KL

    Munch Studio KL16 시간 전


  77. Karim Benzema 11

    Karim Benzema 1116 시간 전

    YNWA= You'll Never Win Again

  78. Florent Dumont

    Florent Dumont16 시간 전

    Two first city goals reflect very well on how hard it is, even for pro players, to keep a sharp straight backline. Number 2 gets out on first, and number 5 on the second.