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Gingerbread Mayhem!


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  1. El YeeYee

    El YeeYee5 시간 전

    Add global back 😏

  2. Nandita Sarkar

    Nandita Sarkar5 시간 전

    Recommended to me after 3 years😆


    MULTI GAMER5 시간 전

    So old memories this make me feel old but happy

  4. Gaige Lamoreaux

    Gaige Lamoreaux5 시간 전

    1:20 when you have to many 5 hour dark elixir energy's valk is a dark elixir troop btw

  5. Gaige Lamoreaux

    Gaige Lamoreaux5 시간 전

    1:58 when your mom says she loves you in public

  6. Gaige Lamoreaux

    Gaige Lamoreaux5 시간 전

    dude giant skeleton would break clash of clans like he is 4 times bigger than a giant and drops a bomb when dead in clash royale in a fight with a pekka he would die but pekka would to

  7. cooldog 12

    cooldog 125 시간 전

    I love that this exists

  8. Mr Avocado

    Mr Avocado5 시간 전

    00:9 TH14, silver II, and 6k trophies. Makes sense.

  9. a i d e n

    a i d e n5 시간 전

    the builders attack 😳

  10. Uuu Uiii

    Uuu Uiii5 시간 전

    اكلاش في عام 2016🥺😭

  11. Aman Mawer

    Aman Mawer5 시간 전

    0:21 all started seeing me Me÷ wait! Don't look at me I am not going to lead you dumbasses in creepy warfare

  12. Guest

    Guest5 시간 전

    When is Clash A Rama coming back.

  13. Deeerran

    Deeerran6 시간 전

    These games look amazing

  14. Debbie Mongeon

    Debbie Mongeon6 시간 전

    Builder SMILE

  15. Yash song 79

    Yash song 796 시간 전

    Bhai mara bhai dak lo sab please bhai madat karo yash song 79

  16. James Jackson

    James Jackson6 시간 전

    Ok so clash mini is TFT ... But no fusing?

  17. Joshua Mercer

    Joshua Mercer6 시간 전


  18. Waylon Jackson

    Waylon Jackson6 시간 전

    Aw that master builder! 😢🙂

  19. Oliver Dela Cruz

    Oliver Dela Cruz6 시간 전

    clash hero im waiting for you =)

  20. Thiago Meza

    Thiago Meza6 시간 전

    Can clash but a Fire pekka insted electric

  21. Frost Panini

    Frost Panini6 시간 전

    Pov:You spawn alot of hog riders.

  22. DANI-BOY 64

    DANI-BOY 646 시간 전

    Stew pid barbarian.

  23. Tenshi Senpai69

    Tenshi Senpai696 시간 전

    Bro the villager making me act up tho😩

  24. Mohd Asif khan

    Mohd Asif khan6 시간 전

    Bhai builder base may 10 town hall dalldo

  25. Abdelkader Becissa

    Abdelkader Becissa6 시간 전

    He is a little bit 𝗦𝗨𝗦𝗦𝗬

  26. ii_Cryxley

    ii_Cryxley6 시간 전

    He said: Eight mice blender, one slice cheese!

  27. Shaw Studios

    Shaw Studios6 시간 전

    Pov: BLM protest

  28. Cilum.

    Cilum.6 시간 전


  29. El Poliwichu

    El Poliwichu6 시간 전

    8 years later...

  30. Humberto Castillo

    Humberto Castillo7 시간 전

    Fly on the baby dragon

  31. Angelo Amlan

    Angelo Amlan7 시간 전

    3:41 heavy from boom beach

  32. Igori Nortes

    Igori Nortes7 시간 전

    So, the games should be released soon: "Boom Beach:Frontlines","Clash Quests","Clash Mini" and "Clash Heroes"!:)))

  33. Sorcodex YT

    Sorcodex YT7 시간 전


  34. Chloe Fruity

    Chloe Fruity7 시간 전

    Ухты, валька кричала хаё при выпуске на карту?! Круто, жалко что игру убивают вот уже каким обновлением

  35. lukey tavares

    lukey tavares7 시간 전

    Good times

  36. DonkeyDoofus

    DonkeyDoofus8 시간 전

    This > Any war documentary

  37. Fady Box

    Fady Box8 시간 전

    أصبحت ممله

  38. Its Dinomite

    Its Dinomite8 시간 전

    clash of clans is starting to feel like castle clash

  39. Amirchik

    Amirchik8 시간 전

    Why no one talks about the reference "Charlie and the chocolate factory"?

  40. J. L.

    J. L.8 시간 전

    i was there when town hall 7 was out

  41. Massatoy 1234

    Massatoy 12348 시간 전

    This video was full of teasers and nobody noticed lmao, the electro owl, the green th

  42. Vortex

    Vortex8 시간 전

    Going to the next town hall be like 0:42

  43. Yeet 2020

    Yeet 20208 시간 전

    The end

  44. Bluiekiler

    Bluiekiler8 시간 전

    I’m surprised no one got the speed racer reference when the archer and Valkyrie were singing

  45. Amirchik

    Amirchik8 시간 전


  46. Keviniscrazy555

    Keviniscrazy5558 시간 전

    She’s half Bald And Half Hair

  47. ThatOneMeme 56

    ThatOneMeme 569 시간 전

    They kind of hinted at battle builders here, if anyone is still watching this in 2021

  48. Rashid Karim

    Rashid Karim9 시간 전


  49. Cow -

    Cow -9 시간 전

    Bro I just got town hall 13 🥲

  50. Wallymu

    Wallymu9 시간 전

    these were always the best

  51. Pedro Hernandez

    Pedro Hernandez9 시간 전

    I’m from the future: If you think this is bad then imagine a TH with an InFeRnO attached to it

  52. مجزرةDFメツ

    مجزرةDFメツ9 시간 전




    Hog ridas

  54. David Medina

    David Medina9 시간 전


  55. Kylan Sulley

    Kylan Sulley9 시간 전

    Royal champion kinda sucks


    JOHNSKE9 시간 전

    This is the coolest town hall town hall 14 sucks i'm waiting for th15



    Remove new donating system. U guys are killing the game

  58. spencer layne

    spencer layne10 시간 전

    Its actually genuinely a really nice piece of music

  59. Faizan Akram

    Faizan Akram10 시간 전

    Town hall 10 is by far the best looking town hall of all time. Who agrees?

  60. Ash Galbraith

    Ash Galbraith10 시간 전

    The Wizard that the cannon ball hit was T Posing

  61. Job Hagens

    Job Hagens10 시간 전

    KRposts be like, ima recommend this 5 years later

  62. Job Hagens

    Job Hagens10 시간 전

    Why is this 5 years later in my recommended

  63. Josh Vallera

    Josh Vallera10 시간 전

    Sounding to be more skeletons 100 charlatans in the in the other end is a new video inside your video and and and 100 builders in the book in that video

  64. Freddie Rhodes

    Freddie Rhodes10 시간 전

    welp, guess I'm rewatching The Martian now. Thanks Supercell, not like I have a mechanics test tomorrow or anything...

  65. BLP No.9

    BLP No.910 시간 전

    Supercell know damn well what they're doing and i love it

  66. Лучшая Семья

    Лучшая Семья10 시간 전

    Please CLASH-A-RAMA! Please please they cheer me up and give me a smile.

  67. Yiğit Eryiğit

    Yiğit Eryiğit10 시간 전


  68. Axel

    Axel10 시간 전

    Kings aren’t elected.


    WESTON BLAIR10 시간 전

    I watched this about 30 times at 3am

  70. Omar Jmjom

    Omar Jmjom10 시간 전

    حد يترجملو شو قالو

  71. Luke August

    Luke August10 시간 전


  72. Josh Vallera

    Josh Vallera11 시간 전

    This video was very great rate

  73. tricolinda Guilherme

    tricolinda Guilherme11 시간 전


  74. Kolonel Ahmad

    Kolonel Ahmad11 시간 전

    Nostalgia :)

  75. Death Machine

    Death Machine11 시간 전

    When can we see the next collab?

  76. lnf3ctd

    lnf3ctd11 시간 전


  77. Sultan Underground

    Sultan Underground11 시간 전

    juegazo en su mejor momento. aguante la familia supercell

  78. اخو صالح البريكي

    اخو صالح البريكي11 시간 전

    A beautiful game greeting from Saudi 🇸🇦🇸🇦

  79. Josh Vallera

    Josh Vallera11 시간 전

    This video is great

  80. Коля Колашников

    Коля Колашников11 시간 전

    there is no interest in the fact that all your games with the Internet need to be played, you do not have more than one game that can be played without the Internet, or make the same offline current, something like a copy😔😪