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  2. AJ Bennington

    AJ Bennington7 시간 전

    Meh, we already had a spooky pack what did people need this for!

  3. Ponka

    Ponka8 시간 전

    Почему все гуру девушки такие неухоженные?🤔

  4. Teeaa

    Teeaa8 시간 전

    Nobody wanted this and quite frankly a lot of this could have came with the spooky stuff.

  5. jetnight 88

    jetnight 888 시간 전

    Please.... are we gonna except mother effing Casper the friendly ghost to show up?

  6. David Drachenberg

    David Drachenberg8 시간 전

    EA are u ok? U realy make vomit, stil stealing money from people on 6 year old game, which is actualy worse then 2/3? GFU!

  7. Marinella & Casey Warren

    Marinella & Casey Warren9 시간 전

    The style of Build and Clothing of this pack it's very New Orleans Vibes xx

  8. Crystal Thomas

    Crystal Thomas9 시간 전

    I'm not complaining about the pack. I'm quite happy with it but my complaint is, is I think Sims Guru rad should have known more about the game than what she did. She didn't seem like she was quite comfortable speaking and the other two gurus seem to know a lot more about the game than she did. I was a little disappointed about this live stream of the game.

  9. Felix Tremblay

    Felix Tremblay9 시간 전

    You should make another emotion called Very Bored

  10. Annisa Malik

    Annisa Malik9 시간 전

    How I hope they make corona virus pack

  11. Siena Rose

    Siena Rose9 시간 전

    so no werewolves?🧍‍♂️


    # YOGAGIRLS9 시간 전

    I love this pack so much!😍

  13. Chrisruptor

    Chrisruptor10 시간 전

    Did anyone notice the hint to Snowy Escape at the end? The woman is dreaming of sledging.

  14. Aiden.Fdez_

    Aiden.Fdez_11 시간 전


  15. ChimChim

    ChimChim11 시간 전

    There needs to be a trait for people who love ghosts

  16. Gabby

    Gabby12 시간 전

    Where’s the ghost buster like career where we can catch ghosts like they had it in the sims 3 ambitions or where’s the fortune teller career??? Come on EA I’m with you on this but I was expecting more than 1 career 😔

  17. Kerrie

    Kerrie12 시간 전

    Looks ok. None of the paranormal, spellcaster or vampire type stuff has been as good to me as supernatural was in 3. Granted there's been some improvement and I'm grateful for the people who make sims as good as possible.

  18. Just Your Average Nerd

    Just Your Average Nerd13 시간 전


  19. Brad Polardhamm

    Brad Polardhamm13 시간 전

    This pack sucks

  20. Vplumcakes

    Vplumcakes13 시간 전

    No brown/natural wood swatch on any desk/cabinet piece? 😬

  21. Alicia Magleby

    Alicia Magleby13 시간 전

    The only thing that I wish they had done, was add brown options in build/buy. Brown sofas, brown curtains, brown coffee tables, etc. Guess I’ll just wait until modders come out with some recolors. But other than that I am dying to get my hands on this pack. Pun not intended lol

  22. Annika Kl

    Annika Kl13 시간 전

    I feel like for TS4 this is okay. However, people would've gotten so mad had they sold something like this for 10 quid during TS3. A whole, rich paranormal expansion pack could've included so much depth. :( This game is so shallow, it's sad.

  23. Annika Kl

    Annika Kl14 시간 전

    I feel like for TS4 this is okay. However, people would've gotten so mad had they sold something like this for 10 quid during TS3. A whole, rich paranormal expansion pack could've included so much depth. :( This game is so shallow, it's sad.

  24. Darkening Demise

    Darkening Demise14 시간 전

    In Sims 3 Ambitions the Ghost Career had spirits AND ghost Sims you had to deal with. Yet this only has Pokemon floating around looking cutely retarded. LAME!

  25. Júlia Szász

    Júlia Szász14 시간 전

    I LOVE SIMS 4 !!!

  26. Roblox İmc

    Roblox İmc15 시간 전


  27. crazyloophole

    crazyloophole15 시간 전

    Okay but what song is that?

  28. dfnkzsvvzsv elsvsvmsvxzc

    dfnkzsvvzsv elsvsvmsvxzc15 시간 전

    Why do this... little spirits look like a snot?

  29. Chae

    Chae15 시간 전

    I mean rental lots STILL aren’t in my game but cool I guess 🥴

  30. drjawesome

    drjawesome15 시간 전

    Wow! This is pretty big for a stuff pack! The gameplay is amazing! Way better than Moschino stuff! I like how the moodlet said "Bustin' makes me feel good!" LOL! That's a reference to "Ghostbusters"! Sims get scared, AAAGGHH!😱😱😱🤪 I am so getting this!👍👍

  31. Kori Slater

    Kori Slater16 시간 전

    this should be a game pack. not a stuff pack. come on EA, get it together XD

  32. Heart Black

    Heart Black16 시간 전

    Everyone hating or not liking the pack but I love it- :')

  33. Emily Rogers

    Emily Rogers16 시간 전

    There should be captions on this vid.

  34. Julio Brenes

    Julio Brenes16 시간 전

    Really I miss the years of Glory of this game... Their producers lost their head thinking about money 💔

  35. Ninok80 Efremova

    Ninok80 Efremova17 시간 전

    Good job

  36. Zaguya Arts

    Zaguya Arts17 시간 전

    Can you summon the ghost if you don't have the lot trait.?

  37. rochelimit's hangout

    rochelimit's hangout18 시간 전

    Really love the furniture in this one, it’s os cultural

  38. Jandira Green

    Jandira Green18 시간 전

    This pack is not for me. I will not be purchasing it.

  39. simtxi

    simtxi18 시간 전

    where is the supernatural pack? we have enough ghost i swear

  40. Simulation Is Life

    Simulation Is Life18 시간 전

    They saw the OK message in loading screen and didn't have anything to say. My guess it was intended and not a bug from eco lifestyle

  41. Angelica K Alcala

    Angelica K Alcala19 시간 전

    When does the game come out?

  42. Ana RW

    Ana RW19 시간 전

    a sofa wew they can lay down like " leo draw me like your french girls" does exist??

  43. Betty Gaffney

    Betty Gaffney19 시간 전

    I do like thet they added white and black swatches to objects but can we please start getting browns too

  44. Daniel King

    Daniel King19 시간 전

    1:23:56 omg finally a semi long ish toddler hair

  45. IruzHalsted

    IruzHalsted19 시간 전

    Worst part is that there are a lot of ppl who will buy this crap and keep helping EA to fill their pockets with money they dont deserve. This SP is crap, like everything they released since the third EP.

  46. Nubajev

    Nubajev19 시간 전

    I'm skipping this one.

  47. Catherine Rendon

    Catherine Rendon20 시간 전

    Lemme go back to bustin' out 🙏👌

  48. Josh Sargent

    Josh Sargent20 시간 전

    Shame they’d didn’t show the chalk circles, was excited for those. Who be great if they added tarot cards 😭

  49. Wahyu Edda

    Wahyu Edda20 시간 전

    IM WAITING 😱😱😱🥰

  50. dipperdive

    dipperdive20 시간 전

    Will there be the sims 5?

  51. Carlo De coco

    Carlo De coco21 시간 전

    Where bonehilda?

  52. Liz P

    Liz P21 시간 전

    Can you put the colour slider customizer back in the game so we don't have to use mods for it please?

  53. Nguyen Dan

    Nguyen Dan21 시간 전

    They really made 1 new animation for all of the interactions of the Séance and called it a day....

  54. Daleylife

    Daleylife22 시간 전

    Sims 4 would be a decent game if they fixed emotions. It's so obvious the emotions are broken.

  55. Mia

    Mia22 시간 전

    This stuff pack looks fun... but like...Can we get birds and other small pets? 3 years and waiting to have my pet bird in the sims with me. :( She hasn't made the jump from Sims 3 to Sims 4 because birds don't exist in the game but ghosts do. </3 I mean for real though can we get more animals in the game please? I'd love a farming/Agriculture pack, it would go lovely with the eco life and tiny living packs we have in the game. Be self sustaining, raise some chickens, plant some crops, live off the grid.

  56. Sophie The supreme

    Sophie The supreme22 시간 전

    Might as well just name this spooky stuff pack #2

  57. digthewarmth

    digthewarmth22 시간 전

    Man this stream was boring! It was putting me to sleep.

  58. Let’s play Gaming

    Let’s play Gaming22 시간 전

    Is the pack out

  59. emosexkitten1

    emosexkitten122 시간 전

    This is probably the cringiest stream I've seen from the sims team.

  60. MLadyAzzera

    MLadyAzzera22 시간 전

    I am so happy! It seems like the Sims team has really stepped up their game because of all the features shoved into this tiny Stuff (really? Stuff and not game? What?) Pack. It was music to my ears to hear "we had time to add this" and "someone was done early so they made that" mean they are finally giving the team the time they need to create quality content that I would be happy to pay full price for? All while listening to how we want more challenges? I am proud.

  61. Irene Yuliana

    Irene Yuliana22 시간 전

    I’m definitely gonna make the insidious family

  62. Raima ja

    Raima ja22 시간 전

    Well, when a sim guru says ALWAYS SAVE, you can clearly understand they aren’t working on fixing this game 😂

  63. Kei ARTINK

    Kei ARTINK22 시간 전

    we need more mens CAS it should be equal content my guys need more stuff I don't complain much about sims but this is my one sore spot

  64. Anonimova

    Anonimova22 시간 전


  65. Tasty Gaming

    Tasty Gaming22 시간 전

    I think some sims should be fearful of magic

  66. But Nobody Came

    But Nobody Came23 시간 전

    This pack is finished developed, you should release tomorrow

  67. Terkina

    Terkina23 시간 전

    Game publishers should love what they do. Right? It was such a boring, not well prepared, and low-quality stream. AGAIN. It was completely blurry. Thankfully there are Game changers out there with much more passion, love, and fire for the game. I know that I´m not the only one feeling this way. We watched the stream with someone who was reacting to. Everyone in chat said. Oh my gosh, do they even love the game and know what to do? THANKFULLY, afterward, a game-changer showed us everything, including the gameplay and debug. We could read and see everything very well because it was in FULL HD. After the Publisher stream, I lost my interest in the pack. You can thank the game-changer that I love it again now. Never again I´ll waste 2 hours for the publisher stream. From now on I will wait for the game-changer. AND another THING. STOP MAKING NEW CONTENT - FIX THE BASE GAME FIRST PLEASE ... This game is so broken - it is ridiculous that we still buy things. Around 800 dollars now and there are still tons of bugs we are reporting for many years now - sometimes the game is unplayable. This is not funny anymore.

  68. Georgiana Macdonald

    Georgiana Macdonald23 시간 전

    This pas k actually looks really cool

  69. Kahla Silveira

    Kahla Silveira23 시간 전

    Not really a fan of these paranormal Sims packs so I'm going to pass on this one, but I know there's going to be people who are going to love this.

  70. onuorah nwokobia

    onuorah nwokobia23 시간 전

    This is perfect if you have Sims 4 realms of magic aka witches