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  1. hen ko

    hen ko17 시간 전

    I think Holy is his one of the best song he has ever made after Life Is Worth Living, Purpose

  2. Manju Mittal

    Manju Mittal17 시간 전

    yes chat

  3. Kevin Wu

    Kevin Wu17 시간 전

    I'm not feeling this song. Sure he has money and fame and is feeling lonely. But does he not donate the money to the needs instead of buying drugs? I mean it's very clear he chose to do drugs and act stupid instead of helping the needs.

  4. Munna Yadav

    Munna Yadav17 시간 전

    Love u justin Bieber fall all time

  5. Sara

    Sara17 시간 전

    I'm not happy to say this, but yeah I was one of those people who called him an idiot kid. And it was not just me but numerous others in my circle. Most of us called him a girl. We never really realized that he was just living the dream however immersed in extreme peer pressure that comes along with money and fame. No one gave a sh*t and continued to judge him. I apologize for being so insensitive. Now I'm only in awe of him and how far he has come with his incredible, pure raw talent and humble soul.

  6. moviecliped

    moviecliped17 시간 전

    man you are a legend

  7. xoxogg

    xoxogg17 시간 전

    Only here for Justin cause #bennyblancoisoverparty

  8. Rita Rita

    Rita Rita17 시간 전


  9. Manju Mittal

    Manju Mittal17 시간 전

    my name is siddhant mittal

  10. Manju Mittal

    Manju Mittal17 시간 전

    ya jastin bieber

  11. Sokhom Khit

    Sokhom Khit17 시간 전

    This song is best to me, who like this song too?

  12. Andini Mira

    Andini Mira17 시간 전

    Love you justinnnn

  13. rajuuss fitness

    rajuuss fitness17 시간 전

    I’m listing it at my washroom XD

  14. DCF

    DCF17 시간 전

    The likes are from babies

  15. Vera theBanana

    Vera theBanana17 시간 전

    Him sitting there at that table looks wrong. It feels like it should be a child sitting there.

  16. Adianez Cassola

    Adianez Cassola17 시간 전

    This duo never disappoints!! 😍😇

  17. niduoe stre

    niduoe stre17 시간 전

    That’s the darkside of fame!

  18. Pavan Ch

    Pavan Ch17 시간 전

    I am fan of you Justine bieber famous singer in the world forever

  19. Tiana Crowe

    Tiana Crowe17 시간 전

    Anyone else watching this in 2020 💜

  20. Alina Aquarista

    Alina Aquarista17 시간 전

    Im crying after watching this, I remember when justin sing Baby long² time ago.. Since that i become a his fans untill now.. I L Y Justin

  21. m.coffee matsushita

    m.coffee matsushita17 시간 전


  22. Vishal yadav

    Vishal yadav17 시간 전

    You are the best justie ❤️❤️

  23. Akmal Hussein

    Akmal Hussein17 시간 전

    I made a cover of this song !! do check it out :)

  24. Liliana Maza

    Liliana Maza17 시간 전

    BYE bc I was obsessed with him when I was little 😭🥱

  25. Daniel Radan

    Daniel Radan17 시간 전

    😍super song

  26. Vishal yadav

    Vishal yadav17 시간 전

    He is a legend ❤️

  27. FromNowOn Angel

    FromNowOn Angel17 시간 전


  28. Stefan OFICIAL

    Stefan OFICIAL17 시간 전

    Essa é o tipo música que você vai ouvir daqui 5 anos e vai lembrar de tudo que aconteceu 5 anos atrás, simplesmente nostálgica. Bizarro.

  29. FromNowOn Angel

    FromNowOn Angel17 시간 전

    chaeyoung, if you can read this I love you EHEHEH

  30. Rizz Mendoza

    Rizz Mendoza17 시간 전

    Justin I've never vibed to your music. The weirdest part for me is that this songs on repeat. You finally opened up man. I feel like your just a regular Ottawa dude. Good for you.

  31. B1aZe Clipz

    B1aZe Clipz17 시간 전


  32. Tonia T

    Tonia T17 시간 전

    Raw pain and pure beauty in the message of this song #tears #justinbieberforever

  33. Anna Moön

    Anna Moön17 시간 전

    October 2020, anyone? 🥰

  34. Jude Lazarus

    Jude Lazarus17 시간 전

    What’s the girls name?

  35. Ritesh Eazzy tube

    Ritesh Eazzy tube17 시간 전


  36. Julian amedi

    Julian amedi17 시간 전

    I love his voice ❤️

  37. Rishika Karosiya

    Rishika Karosiya17 시간 전


  38. Johana Boutros

    Johana Boutros17 시간 전

    are u single

  39. Audy Oktavia

    Audy Oktavia17 시간 전

    hai from 2020😂

  40. GPS Anaki

    GPS Anaki17 시간 전

    Wow what a song I like and love it very much 😘😘😍😍😍

  41. Savant aayush

    Savant aayush17 시간 전

    sorry sorry song in best music and fast 2.b views aim

  42. placidity

    placidity17 시간 전

    0% drugs 0% cars 0% women 100% talent

  43. Ryan R.

    Ryan R.17 시간 전

    This is the very definition of being crazy rich but sad. Would he choose being poor but happy?

  44. R.B.S. gamzone

    R.B.S. gamzone18 시간 전

    😘 all the time ❤️

  45. Fiorella Cuenca

    Fiorella Cuenca18 시간 전

    Te amo mucho

  46. MR Liton Khan

    MR Liton Khan18 시간 전

    I'm from bangladesh 🇧🇩 love you song ❤❤❤

  47. Francine Naor

    Francine Naor18 시간 전

    God I love this song!

  48. thecrack5015

    thecrack501518 시간 전

    Oh my god

  49. Rutwik RS

    Rutwik RS18 시간 전

    Imagine 10 years of this song and still favourite and replay again and again ❤️❤️

  50. LD JT

    LD JT18 시간 전

    Is this guy human?

  51. laxmi pokhrel

    laxmi pokhrel18 시간 전

    Why this video got so many dislike? really its such a nice song ..

  52. Ishwor Bhandari

    Ishwor Bhandari18 시간 전

    It is my first English song which I view I hear this song before 7 years

  53. Vikas Yadav

    Vikas Yadav18 시간 전

    Nice work Justin

  54. Ha Ha

    Ha Ha18 시간 전

    Fuck man,I just lost my Dad who used to hold me and now he's HOLY.I doubt he'll see this tho since I doubt there's wifi up above😂

  55. Vikas Yadav

    Vikas Yadav18 시간 전

    My favourite song 😘😘😘

  56. Torrez Guzmán Aghelen

    Torrez Guzmán Aghelen18 시간 전

    El dinero y la fama no te abraza como lo haría tu familia o [email protected] etc.. Justin paso por tanto considero a uno de los artistas con más hate de toda la industria musical solo por ser "justin".. Admiro la fortaleza que ha tenido hasta ahora... Aveces el dinero y fama como mencioné no lo son todo.. Me pongo a pensar en eso diario.. Disfrutemos lo que tenemos ahora.. En este momento... Esta canción dura tan poco pero duele por mucho... Si leíste esto.. Lo harás realidad ☘️

  57. Moe H.

    Moe H.18 시간 전

    Justin Bieber's voice is good, but he doesn't sound like a man. A song like this should be sung by Ed Sheeran or Lewis Capaldi.

  58. Назерке Ерлановна

    Назерке Ерлановна18 시간 전

    Oh my heart ❤ 💔


    NEHA T MUSIC18 시간 전

    I MADE A COVER please se everyone

  60. Irene Liang

    Irene Liang18 시간 전

    I love seeing people loving God <3

  61. Joseph Gathiga

    Joseph Gathiga18 시간 전

    It's crazy how am still finding comments from three hours ago 😏

  62. Gala Sky

    Gala Sky18 시간 전

    one less lonely horse

  63. kiholi zhimomi

    kiholi zhimomi18 시간 전

    😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍so nice song🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  64. Rhaxx Tv

    Rhaxx Tv18 시간 전

    dis is gonna be big for sure if dis got a music video

  65. Latifa Pratiwi

    Latifa Pratiwi18 시간 전

    I never you😂🤩

  66. trinity simyra

    trinity simyra18 시간 전

    how does this have 11 million dislikes and 15 million likes, what did this song do to y'all 💀💀.

  67. Cin Vel

    Cin Vel18 시간 전

    This proves money can’t buy happiness!

  68. bats 22

    bats 2218 시간 전

    Who's from phillipines here

  69. Marcela esther Sotelo chiok

    Marcela esther Sotelo chiok18 시간 전

    Justin, I do not stop listening to this very fantastic song, I wish you the best and continue to fulfill your goals in every way

  70. Dharmendra yadav

    Dharmendra yadav18 시간 전

    Baby baby.....

  71. Ganesh Tudu

    Ganesh Tudu18 시간 전

    Miss song

  72. Neko Kawaii18

    Neko Kawaii1818 시간 전



    SAYA MANUSIA18 시간 전

    I am belieber forever💙

  74. jasmine matanguihan

    jasmine matanguihan18 시간 전

    whos here with me October 2020❤️❤️🥺👇

  75. trap 007

    trap 00718 시간 전

    I never thought I'll come back to song, but damn this corona finna make me baby baby ooooo

  76. ravi ff gaming

    ravi ff gaming18 시간 전

    nice song

  77. ravi ff gaming

    ravi ff gaming18 시간 전


  78. Lyssa Lynn

    Lyssa Lynn18 시간 전

    You don’t have to like the song, you don’t even have to like Justin Bieber. But you can’t cap and say that this song wasn’t iconic. Every person and they mama was blasting this song. This better be in the history books.

  79. Menatalla Mohamed

    Menatalla Mohamed18 시간 전

    I am so loooonely looooonely

  80. Selegend Godmez

    Selegend Godmez18 시간 전

    Selena Gomez outsold wbk