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23 시간 전

the Next BIG Game...
  1. Black Star

    Black Star12 시간 전

    “Ninja is just a blue haired kid who thinks he’s good” those kids r hilarious

  2. Flamingo_GamerFN

    Flamingo_GamerFN13 시간 전


  3. MFR 12

    MFR 1213 시간 전

    Nick eh 30 is so naive and gullible

  4. Tech Support Scammer

    Tech Support Scammer13 시간 전

    1:34 it was always good

  5. Nomadic

    Nomadic13 시간 전

    It's really good I've gotten 5 wins already (even though I carried most of the time)

  6. banana is noob

    banana is noob13 시간 전

    lol the carnage mythic removed his back bling

  7. Zero Two

    Zero Two14 시간 전

    Me being cracked on a samsung smart fridge

  8. Viivian Nghiem

    Viivian Nghiem15 시간 전

    Did he said Roblox? ;-;' thats splatoon

  9. Nitromitsu_

    Nitromitsu_15 시간 전

    5:07 i liked how the music stopped right when sypher mentioned about boney

  10. ray noble

    ray noble15 시간 전

    These kids have excellent call outs and communication

  11. Acrobatkid 11

    Acrobatkid 1116 시간 전


  12. pokemonguy

    pokemonguy16 시간 전

    ad them they are so cute

  13. wild childs420

    wild childs42018 시간 전

    It’s bugged tf out and puts me solo in trios and duos “fill” Wack fucking shit Epic.

  14. Sanyo

    Sanyo18 시간 전

    mans really said, "even though there playing on a PS5" like bru, everyone must have one right?

  15. Coffee Boi

    Coffee Boi18 시간 전

    honestly u shld add these guys!!

  16. Moronae Burgess

    Moronae Burgess18 시간 전

    about time epic

  17. Alpal 24

    Alpal 2418 시간 전

    They game will be dead by the time Sypher gets his own skin we as a community got syphers book in the game now we need to get his skin


    SIKARIO CLN19 시간 전

    Bruhhh sypher trying to speak Spanish lmao 🤣

  19. P U G

    P U G19 시간 전


  20. Nestor Alvarenga

    Nestor Alvarenga20 시간 전

    I love these but I hate how I have to see you open up the links

  21. Logan Chischilly

    Logan Chischilly20 시간 전

    5:30 was a pretty nasty clip instant death

  22. epic gamer

    epic gamer20 시간 전

    even though they were playing in a ps5 they were so good, what are you tryna say

  23. Emmanuel abraham

    Emmanuel abraham21 시간 전

    God loves you for he gave his only son to die on the cross for our sins god bless you everyone🙏🙏🙏

  24. Muath Abdullah

    Muath Abdullah21 시간 전

    Fundact about me i have an iphone but I don’t even wake up to the alarm

  25. Rock girl

    Rock girl22 시간 전

    Imagine the live event for season 9 all the cubes will fuse together and they blow up the entire map

  26. Super Pro Gamer 3000

    Super Pro Gamer 300022 시간 전

    Ly sypher plz notice me

  27. MironToasterFN

    MironToasterFN23 시간 전

    SypherPK I just got an amazing idea, I think that u should have to random people ratio and u and another famous streamer get yall fans to help them ratio...

  28. JeAnna Martinez

    JeAnna Martinez23 시간 전


  29. Jesus Hernandez

    Jesus Hernandez23 시간 전

    bruh i played like for a month and then everyone started playing it

  30. Bhuvan Gaming

    Bhuvan Gaming23 시간 전

    "Even though they were on a ps5" Bro even its so hard to find them

  31. MythicalToaster

    MythicalToaster23 시간 전

    1:15 that’s what alia saidfirsditidimidasidididit

  32. Grey Lag Gaming

    Grey Lag Gaming23 시간 전

    Hey syperpk I love your videos and your channel I have been a fan for 2years now

  33. Nate Mickfurry

    Nate Mickfurry23 시간 전

    Omg it was the real one it wasn't cap

  34. blitz

    blitz일 전


  35. A- Form

    A- Form일 전

    5:44 “He is faking his laugh just to be funny”

  36. Warlord

    Warlord일 전

    Yeah Noah fought back too he now has 13k likes on that tweet lol

  37. 0w3n J0hn5t0n

    0w3n J0hn5t0n일 전

    What di you mean, "even though they're playing on ps5"

  38. Evan gaming

    Evan gaming일 전


  39. Arsh

    Arsh일 전

    1:50 ahahaha

  40. Nikki Mole

    Nikki Mole일 전

    The frog one lmao

  41. X32 Clan Leader

    X32 Clan Leader일 전

    Sussy baka

  42. David Ramos

    David Ramos일 전

    Is head siren




  44. Killian_games

    Killian_games일 전

    Dat sandwich

  45. Killian_games

    Killian_games일 전

    Dang that’s s***

  46. Killian_games

    Killian_games일 전

    Safe the world save the world

  47. Kian Jacob O'Reilly

    Kian Jacob O'Reilly일 전

    Fortnite ruined gaming, fun and interesting gaming commentary was replaced with bland lifeless sweats who literally just say what they’re doing in game.

  48. Dutch van der linde

    Dutch van der linde일 전

    Fortnite is dead apex is rising again or it never really died but

  49. dynwyu

    dynwyu일 전

    Because fortnite is dead

  50. Jalal Bukhari

    Jalal Bukhari일 전


  51. Ryan Frankline

    Ryan Frankline일 전

    BlaBlox !! Ha 3:00

  52. XY

    XY일 전

    noah unratio you lol



    Them boys not playing close to the tv like how can y’all see anything while playing that far away

  54. X32 Clan Leader

    X32 Clan Leader일 전

    NickEh30 is a SUSSY BAKA

  55. Kingzz

    Kingzz일 전


  56. X32 Clan Leader

    X32 Clan Leader일 전

    Sussy BAKA

  57. Vaibhav Selvakumar

    Vaibhav Selvakumar일 전

    Noice bruh

  58. darK LOL

    darK LOL일 전

    Stupid 4:25 Use your idiotic 🧠 ATM Bababoye

  59. A E 1 -

    A E 1 -일 전

    And I love it I just wanna turn on my mic on Xbox any ideas?

  60. A E 1 -

    A E 1 -일 전

    I’m very happy for the game it grew so much I’ve played since season 4

  61. GOBLIN

    GOBLIN일 전

    Who is here after noahsnoah reratioed him 🤣

  62. HAZE

    HAZE일 전

    5:31 the recomended vid after that 🤣🤣

  63. classic Boi

    classic Boi일 전

    Sypher: I don’t know who would by the fortnite appereal Me: cough cough X2twins

  64. JustVFX

    JustVFX일 전

    the android and apple are true i wake up to apple every day

  65. Ariel-king

    Ariel-king일 전

    the kid: just quit Sypher: pull outs the gaming chair

  66. Evdogg

    Evdogg일 전

    Oh no no

  67. Chicago Times6

    Chicago Times6일 전

    Ok now epic is just being silly.

  68. Zachary Wilson

    Zachary Wilson일 전


  69. Team Neox

    Team Neox일 전

    noahs and tg are the omly ones who un-ratiod

  70. Karen Elias

    Karen Elias일 전

    Bru you didn’t see in the vid gaven and look at the back

  71. mr mister

    mr mister일 전

    Hey Sypher, is the keyboard clicking you or your teammates?

  72. StegsGaming

    StegsGaming일 전

    Haha Nate got killed by Bruce

  73. arkesh

    arkesh일 전

    Why did he disable comments on his newest vid

  74. SleepyZzz

    SleepyZzz일 전

    If your friends stopped playing fortnite, they werent really your friends.

  75. Outdoor Guy

    Outdoor Guy일 전

    He’s Scottish

  76. dcstny • sinan

    dcstny • sinan일 전

    i regret not buying this battle pass tbh the gliders were really good & ocean is actually a pretty great skin tho

  77. Servo Chronic

    Servo Chronic일 전

    2:15 lol

  78. fiercecat!

    fiercecat!일 전

    Is that jiro in the background

  79. Can0fpepsi

    Can0fpepsi일 전

    comments disabled on the most recent upload? O_O

  80. Party royale clips

    Party royale clips일 전

    4:36 now noah has 13.5k likes 😂😂 Re-Ratio 😂 bruh i’m out 💀