Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

UNDISPUTED is a daily two-and-a-half hour sports debate show starring Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. Every day Skip and Shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

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  1. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius Mckay52 분 전

    I feel bad for the undrafted TEs that aren't going to get reps because of Tebow

  2. Christopher Gonell

    Christopher Gonell52 분 전

    Two of da greatest players to ever play the game 🐐 🐐

  3. Andrew A

    Andrew A53 분 전

    LEBRON > tebow

  4. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius Mckay53 분 전

    Urban Meyer thought the problems he had at Ohio State were bad imagine if they put Tebow on the field and he plays like garbage Urban gone be ready to retire again.

  5. YungChip030

    YungChip03053 분 전

    Im not thrilled that this is the only topic they've talked about the past week

  6. Duane Crooms

    Duane Crooms53 분 전

    When u look at Kobe story and how the world tried to break him . You can actually make an argument for Kobe .

  7. lil gucci

    lil gucci54 분 전

    Also if kapernick was asked 2 play a different position outside of quaterback does the media go this berserk

  8. Nathan Pal

    Nathan Pal54 분 전

    Lol, this video is so stupid

  9. Kevin

    Kevin54 분 전

    Lawrence will be a bust and Tebow will come in to save the Jags franchise

  10. Calvin Calvin

    Calvin Calvin54 분 전

    Haha ngl probably

  11. Yassercast 21

    Yassercast 2155 분 전


  12. Michael Padilla

    Michael Padilla55 분 전

    Skip says Aaron Rodgers is trash for losing some nfc championships but tebow a dog for winning a wildcard game. I am confusion

  13. Jon Lodd

    Jon Lodd55 분 전

    When you’re a 1-15 team you don’t have the right to not be thrilled about a signing

  14. ferrad1

    ferrad155 분 전

    If Shannon is not on the set it don't count

  15. XRP Supreme THE ICON V

    XRP Supreme THE ICON V55 분 전

    Did Shannon forget his makeup? He look like he aged outta nowhere 😯

  16. Michael Adusei

    Michael Adusei55 분 전

    Imagine u boutta get suspended and skip comes in and defends u like this

  17. Nick Hunter

    Nick Hunter55 분 전

    I mean seriously, if you're a 2nd string TE on the Jags and they bring in Tim Tebow to replace you, how would you feel? This is beyond disrespectful to the guys in the locker room

  18. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius Mckay55 분 전

    Nobody cares about what he did in college. He had a cool and hot 7 game stretch a decade ago.

  19. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood55 분 전

    Dude some of these rookies and young guys were probably in like 4th grade when Tebow had his one year in the NFL.. they don’t care about him or his leadership or locker room personality!

  20. lil gucci

    lil gucci56 분 전

    Tebow was the leader of a convict squad he can win over the lockeroom

  21. Chris Green

    Chris Green56 분 전

    Don’t wanna hear his praise now dudes was disrespecting him jus 2 years ago

  22. thelegendsqb1

    thelegendsqb156 분 전

    Jaguars finna be a top 5 talked about team this season. And it’s because of Tebowmania

  23. John Cena

    John Cena56 분 전

    I wasn't thrilled about the Tebow signing once... You just couldn't see me.


    OFFICIAL VIC56 분 전

    Kobe ruptured his Achilles n walked to the free throw line. Made 2 free throws. N walked to the sideline. That’s as tough as it gets.

  25. GGOT Rod

    GGOT Rod56 분 전

    Shannon DID NOT hold back on tinder yesterday 😂🤣🤣 unc lives in my head rent free no cap💀

  26. Mr. Freedom Fighter Lee

    Mr. Freedom Fighter Lee56 분 전

    The two greatest ever jordan said he can beat anyone one on one except for Kobe Bryant because he stole all my moves.... respect

  27. Cj Kemp

    Cj Kemp56 분 전

    Tim Tebow is so privileged Skip honestly can’t see it 😐

  28. Humbleprogress

    Humbleprogress56 분 전

    Smh they really did it?? 🤦🏾‍♂️

  29. George Prchal

    George Prchal56 분 전

    Skip's about to call Michael Jeffrey Jordan a liar...

  30. Taivus G

    Taivus G57 분 전


  31. JAM229

    JAM22957 분 전


  32. The Static Grizzly Show

    The Static Grizzly Show57 분 전

    he isnt wrong. make it happen mark murphy...

  33. Brant Hancock

    Brant Hancock57 분 전

    Shannon, where you getting this from? Tebow loves the limelight?

  34. Emoji Mr

    Emoji Mr57 분 전

    1 Kareem 2 MJ 3 Lebron 4 Magic 5 Bird 6 Duncan 7 Wilt Chamberlain 8 Bill Russell 9 Hakeem 10 Shaq 11 Kobe 12 Big O

  35. Emoji Mr

    Emoji Mr58 분 전

    If Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan played a one-on-one first of all the game will go on forever but Mike would put Kobe Bryant in a position that in order for him to win taking the final shot he would have to choose victory or being hurt and never being able to play the game again it's your choice that's the difference between Kobe and Michael Jordan Mike would come back and beat you however Kobe wanted to beat you now

  36. Emoji Mr

    Emoji Mr시간 전

    It's not that Kobe was tougher than Mike it's that Kobe would give everything in order to be better than Mike he would injure himself while above and beyond Mike Lewis limitations and would still win the game but wouldn't Rich injury in order to win Kobe

  37. Z Cohen

    Z Cohen시간 전

    Shannon I feel u....but y'all forget we all humans the media looks at it as being vulnerable Michael human too.. the older generation had to much ego .it's normal to show a lil emotion

  38. El Array Hesohit

    El Array Hesohit시간 전

    Kobe was the goat defender.

  39. Kiero_B

    Kiero_B시간 전

    GURU_BASKETBALL_KIERO says: Kobe's toughness was tested in the 2004 season. Each game Kobe flew from court hearings in Colorado to play at his highest level (during the playoffs) to drop 30-40 points.... THAT'S MENTAL TOUGHNESS

  40. spencer mason

    spencer mason시간 전

    Lakers beat the first 3 teams he named hahahaha. Not only that but gentleman sweeped them hahaha

  41. Yeng Vang

    Yeng Vang시간 전

    People right now be comparing Lebron and MJ. I would rather compare MJ to Kobe because Kobe was MJ.

  42. Jovaughn Dease

    Jovaughn Dease시간 전

    Mj, Kobe, or LeBron thanks for using your talents to entertain and teach the youth

  43. Claudio Gomes

    Claudio Gomes시간 전

    Every time I hear the Kate great Kobe just seems so wrong can’t believe he’s gone



    Skip just can't help himself

  45. Battlefield Tampa TV

    Battlefield Tampa TV시간 전

    I've watched games where almost the entire areana booed Kobe and he still performed at a high level. He was as tough as they come. RIH Kobe 🙏🙏

  46. Sam Olson

    Sam Olson시간 전

    I couldn't rate a copycat. Kobe was great but I just couldn't rate the Michael lookalike.

  47. Tj Tucker

    Tj Tucker시간 전

    Mike just loves his little brother is all. Seeing interviews with how those two talk about eachother is nothing but respect, love and admiration.

  48. Future Proof

    Future Proof시간 전

    Jordan was authentic in himself but Kobe was a copy of Jordan. Version 2.0

  49. Dats a paddlin

    Dats a paddlin시간 전

    Kobe was as tough as they come. MJ was better but Kobe was mentally tougher by a little bit.

  50. KVBVL

    KVBVL시간 전

    Larry Bird, MJ, Kobe = probably the toughest minded competitors the game of basketball has ever witnessed..

  51. JWillTV

    JWillTV시간 전

    Josh Allen really had it all

  52. Sagat Uppercut

    Sagat Uppercut시간 전

    Trying to coach someone like Michael Jordan must've driven Phil Jackson insane.

  53. CrackerJackTV

    CrackerJackTV시간 전

    Skip- "How about KG and Paul Pierce?" Shannon- " Not even together!!😂😂😂

  54. El Gato

    El Gato시간 전

    Sounds to me like MJ worries too much what people think of him




  56. Black Jesus

    Black Jesus시간 전

    Kobe never gave Black Jesus the Judas treatment. He was a loyal little brother.🙏🏾

  57. Jesse Brake

    Jesse Brake시간 전

    It will be funny if Logan knocks him out,

  58. Ant Anderson

    Ant Anderson시간 전

    Kobe & MJ = Greatest Two Players Of All Time...Congrats In Heaven KB

  59. Estep Rants about Politics

    Estep Rants about Politics시간 전

    Tebow deserves this more then anyone and he should take a spot at FB, he would be damn good there but I still think he will play good at TE for a year or 2.

  60. Brian Castro

    Brian Castro시간 전

    skip he’s 36 give the guy a break

  61. SA 826

    SA 826시간 전

    LeChina will never be better than MJ

  62. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius Mckay시간 전

    Kobe winning two championships after Shaq left showed that he could win without Shaq.

  63. Astro Rockets

    Astro Rockets시간 전

    Shannon Sharpe is a race baiter and needs to be sued in the worst way to teach him a lesson.

  64. Why we not Famous?

    Why we not Famous?시간 전

    Give em their flowers while they can smell em.

  65. F.O.E Music Group Family Ova Everything

    F.O.E Music Group Family Ova Everything시간 전

    $TravisLegette123 my house was burned last night due to racism. Im new to s.c. and an argument started at a bar which led to me and my sister being followed home. Argument led to a fight and later that am a fire was set to my mother's house. 😔😔 anything will help us right now. Thanks🙏

  66. Franco Bradshaw

    Franco Bradshaw시간 전

    MJ “nobody can beat me 1v1..... well maybe kobe cause he took my moves” that basically sums up what MJ really feels bout Kobe lol. He knows he a threat because he a threat!!!

  67. James Forcum

    James Forcum시간 전

    Kobe was a poor mans Jordan

  68. Saad Atiq

    Saad Atiq시간 전

    Lol Skip still thinks MJ cares for him just because he reported on the team

  69. LeeTravius Mckay

    LeeTravius Mckay시간 전

    Kobe is the only player that can compare to how Jordan played his style his game play his toughness killer attitude.

  70. k h a l i l

    k h a l i l시간 전

    i think kobe was less talented than most of the super greats but perhaps made up for it with his tenacity/mental toughness

  71. Mando Boi

    Mando Boi시간 전

    Floyd why dont you fight Pacquiao a second time since you robbed him Loser