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  1. Skinny Nugget Smith

    Skinny Nugget Smith17 시간 전


  2. CheeseNuggs

    CheeseNuggs17 시간 전

    Do jungle cruise

  3. Crysis713

    Crysis71317 시간 전

    Please say “kid fight, kid fight, kid fight” and make an honest trailer of The owl house.

  4. Igorowan

    Igorowan17 시간 전

    Could you do every Dreamworks movie, because they released 2 movies this year and no one noticed/cared.

  5. Eddy The Dyna-Goose

    Eddy The Dyna-Goose17 시간 전

    The Suicide Squad needs to be done next!

  6. roweland reid

    roweland reid17 시간 전

    Yay! It's August!! Could we have summer blockbuster Flash Gordon now please?

  7. JustinJR

    JustinJR17 시간 전

    5:29 Method man said that, not RZA…just saying

  8. Carlos Jr.

    Carlos Jr.17 시간 전

    hahahahah 'Wu Tang Clan', nice!


    THE GAMER17 시간 전

    Please say :"no one good is ever truly good and no one bad is ever truly bad"

  10. Sebastian P

    Sebastian P18 시간 전

    My seven year old son is chanting kid fight now


    ANDY LIKES18 시간 전

    I think the first GI Joe was a good laugh tbh 2nd one for me was naff

  12. KWiNK

    KWiNK18 시간 전

    Say: "This message will self-destruct in five seconds."

  13. TheToonMonkey

    TheToonMonkey18 시간 전

    In fairness, bombing their own troops (or coalition partners) is pretty damn accurate.

  14. Ken Guy II

    Ken Guy II18 시간 전

    Seriously? Brendan Frasier in only one scene? Such a waste! 😤

  15. Filipino Introvert

    Filipino Introvert18 시간 전

    Please Say "Padayon"


    MADARA UCHIHA18 시간 전

    Isn't that milk comment like 4 years old... They already did that.. F**k why am I still subscribed

  17. Jay Michaels

    Jay Michaels18 시간 전

    Honest Trailer for 1917

  18. Morten Ødegård

    Morten Ødegård18 시간 전

    It’s so sad seeing Bruce Willis in newer movies. Although I think he’s fairly good in Death Wish.

  19. Will Sullivan

    Will Sullivan18 시간 전

    Please say: ” Next week, we'll be doing an honest trailer for Lucy. No take backs."

  20. Lee Gannon

    Lee Gannon18 시간 전

    Full Force!!! Anyone who gets this reference doesn't have to fight a half faced clone of Megatron in the London sewers.

  21. Anuj Kuumar

    Anuj Kuumar18 시간 전

    The logo looks different. Did it get a haircut?

  22. NewKingofControversy P Kelley.

    NewKingofControversy P Kelley.18 시간 전

    Okay, where is Loki?!

  23. Artoria Pendragon

    Artoria Pendragon18 시간 전

    Please say "Wow" like Owen Wilson

  24. Jones Jones

    Jones Jones18 시간 전

    Please Say: "Why you going to the airport, flying somewhere!?"

  25. c_ez

    c_ez18 시간 전

    was that a goof, or is the RZA really in Snake Eyes? Because thats pretty sweet honestly

  26. Aaron Kotte

    Aaron Kotte18 시간 전

    Damn, that Kid Fight chant just killed me.

  27. Jenz Cadianza

    Jenz Cadianza18 시간 전

    Hey! Honest Trailer Guy! DO THE OFFICE!! 🤣

  28. Yann Steunou-Murray

    Yann Steunou-Murray18 시간 전

    say Ahaba-haba-yum-yum

  29. GenerationWest

    GenerationWest18 시간 전

    I haven't watched the movie in a decade, and now I just realized that Brendan Frazier was only in one scene?! No wonder I never remembered it!

  30. KingEgyptian

    KingEgyptian18 시간 전

    Oddly enough Michael Bay seems like the perfect fit for G.I. Joe.

  31. William Anthony

    William Anthony18 시간 전

    You guys gotta do an Honest Trailer for the greatest movie ever: The Wraith (1986).

  32. MegaTimmytommy

    MegaTimmytommy18 시간 전

    Any chance we could get an honest trailer for The Mitchells Vs the Machines?

  33. Marcus Lopez

    Marcus Lopez18 시간 전

    That kid fight was more intense then the ending of both movies… that Asian kid is the kid from “tropic thunder” he was a little fighting and acting monster back then…. Simple jack

  34. fanofpink

    fanofpink18 시간 전

    Please for my birthday next week say Happy birthday.

  35. Daniel Cyburt

    Daniel Cyburt18 시간 전

    Please say, “And now, I present to you, the 8th wonder of the world, the backside of water!”

  36. Nymphonomicon

    Nymphonomicon18 시간 전

    'played by actors who didn't speak German' - except for Vigo the Carpathian... who gets like three lines total.

  37. Mark Myers

    Mark Myers18 시간 전

    Haters gonna hate.

  38. Diego Hernandez

    Diego Hernandez18 시간 전

    Pls say "i can't wait to see more Michael Bay masterpieces" 🤣

  39. swarm87

    swarm8718 시간 전

    Do The Thing next

  40. nniizzaa

    nniizzaa18 시간 전

    Do snake eyes next.

  41. Mike Faller

    Mike Faller18 시간 전

    Not your best work but far better than any of the movies. My lamp is better than the movies and I don't own a lamp.

  42. EJ Youwillneverknow

    EJ Youwillneverknow18 시간 전

    No bewbs joke? Disappointed.

  43. Miguel Jimenez

    Miguel Jimenez18 시간 전

    Snake eyes was better than these two movies combined

  44. Davis Phillips

    Davis Phillips18 시간 전

    Please say “You’re a good man, Charlie Brown,” if you haven’t already

  45. Daniel Cyburt

    Daniel Cyburt18 시간 전

    I want to see an honest trailer for Jungle Cruise, with your own corny, but awesome jokes!

  46. Ksawery Janowski

    Ksawery Janowski18 시간 전

    Do Loki honest trailer, It's a glorious purpose

  47. Mbaire kamau

    Mbaire kamau18 시간 전

    Exacatly my question why turn Be Prepared into a spoken wordnARrggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  48. Thomas Paterson

    Thomas Paterson18 시간 전

    Dan: you can't bring a dead character back twice Fast 9: about is my beer

  49. Clayton L

    Clayton L18 시간 전

    If we don't get a Loki honest trailer soon it's time for the TVA to enter the Epic Voiceover booth

  50. Klaus76x

    Klaus76x18 시간 전

    will continue to ask for the honest trailer of All Quiet On The Western Front.

  51. mukhriz iman

    mukhriz iman18 시간 전

    Plz say: "Sometimes it take a real man to become best girl"

  52. SSTIM

    SSTIM18 시간 전

    The wint-her sold-her

  53. Clan Mando

    Clan Mando18 시간 전

    Please make an Honest Trailer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars tv series!!

  54. Reynard City Update Channel

    Reynard City Update Channel18 시간 전

    Oh thank you!

  55. michael m

    michael m18 시간 전

    Please do an honest trailer for Mystery Science Theater 3000

  56. Jay Michaels

    Jay Michaels18 시간 전

    Honest Trailer for Soul

  57. Sean Whearty

    Sean Whearty18 시간 전

    Pretty much all the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow stuff was pretty awesome

  58. Sifat Shams

    Sifat Shams18 시간 전

    Seriously though, What Ever Happened To Baby Jane is a horror masterpiece.

  59. Charles Reynolds

    Charles Reynolds18 시간 전

    The "Shhh I'm hunting Cobwas" line was great

  60. M Ralte

    M Ralte18 시간 전

    "Sadly this is the best part of the show" Its so accurate it hurts

  61. Barbara Joseph-Adam

    Barbara Joseph-Adam18 시간 전

    Okay, I can’t be the only person on this little blue dot who likes both movies! The rest of you, come out of your cobra closets and confess!!

  62. the meme gamer

    the meme gamer18 시간 전

    when are we getting a loki honest trailer

  63. D G

    D G18 시간 전

    I do Naw mean Mudflap... I do

  64. Paul Robalino

    Paul Robalino18 시간 전

    do seinfeld

  65. Demetrius Clay

    Demetrius Clay18 시간 전

    Can anyone tell me why the briefcase controlling Cobra's satellite weapon in the sequel had a functional self destruct button other than lazy writing?

  66. FarmHandJoe

    FarmHandJoe18 시간 전

    Do "Loki" next.

  67. ricky01

    ricky0118 시간 전

    FF9? Lol

  68. Colin Froehlich

    Colin Froehlich18 시간 전

    "Whoa, children fighting! I can sell this!"

  69. lubaba zareen

    lubaba zareen18 시간 전

    Why the hell have you not done Loki yet??

  70. Yassine SABEQ

    Yassine SABEQ18 시간 전

    We want Loki honest trailer

  71. jdng86

    jdng8618 시간 전

    Sadly, "Porkchop Sandwiches" is probably before the target demographics time too.

  72. Bahand Plays

    Bahand Plays18 시간 전

    Come on where is F9

  73. Jeswin Jaimon

    Jeswin Jaimon18 시간 전

    Where is LOKI !!

  74. ExWhyZed

    ExWhyZed18 시간 전

    Where's Loki Honest Trailer???

  75. kyle Mazon

    kyle Mazon18 시간 전

    do the boys season 2

  76. Vust Valeo

    Vust Valeo18 시간 전

    meanwhile still waiting that Transformers X G.I.Joe crossover made into live-action.

  77. Krish Saikia

    Krish Saikia18 시간 전

    GI Joes : The 2nd highest selling toys after Barbie

  78. One Quick Thing

    One Quick Thing18 시간 전

    You missed the sinking icebergs. But i love both of those movies. If you don't get it, you don't get it, but i do.