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  1. Janelle Tran

    Janelle Tran9 시간 전

    I think Jaz is the best one

  2. andrealuebke

    andrealuebke9 시간 전

    I love naps

  3. Calvin Matabick

    Calvin Matabick10 시간 전

    Did he really buy 1 million magnets on mistake 0:00

  4. Jonathon Svoboda

    Jonathon Svoboda10 시간 전

    now i am scared to gum

  5. MacKenzie Reath

    MacKenzie Reath10 시간 전

    Me: Thinking finger painting was blobbing paint on a piece of paper with your finger ZHC: Painting with the fingers but ending up as the most beautiful art I have ever seen...

  6. Qu1nny

    Qu1nny10 시간 전

    they should do a house tour

  7. Was Up

    Was Up10 시간 전

    I love how everyone has a different color hair 😂💕

  8. ImmyPie

    ImmyPie10 시간 전

    No one: Absolutely no one: Me: Isn’t that goodtimeswithscar’s timelapse music?

  9. •Tea• ToT

    •Tea• ToT10 시간 전

    What are they called

  10. ToLeaKi

    ToLeaKi10 시간 전


  11. Charlotte

    Charlotte10 시간 전

    How is this a coincidence i just watched a blackpink vid and now this

  12. Jawahir Mohamed

    Jawahir Mohamed10 시간 전


  13. Charlotte

    Charlotte10 시간 전

    I love blackpink to

  14. Marinda Little

    Marinda Little10 시간 전

    Omg it's like I saw one of your videos and fell in love with them all......i'd really love to learn how to do that

  15. Lucy婧婧

    Lucy婧婧10 시간 전

    OMG! Wow!

  16. Jadon Miller

    Jadon Miller10 시간 전

    I don’t get picked because like there so many people who want the price :(

  17. Sunny Bitxh

    Sunny Bitxh10 시간 전

    At 1:45 Michelle was like *kill me*

  18. Sandra Vuong

    Sandra Vuong10 시간 전

    The bell 🔔

  19. Sandra Vuong

    Sandra Vuong10 시간 전

    I’m subscribed and the bel

  20. Truth Razors

    Truth Razors10 시간 전

    Me waiting for when 6 artist participate in a challenge

  21. Tennille and Co

    Tennille and Co10 시간 전

    If I money I want to help the kids that is in the Children’s Hospital

  22. Tennille and Co

    Tennille and Co10 시간 전

    If I wonthat money I want to help the kids that is in the Children’s Hospital

  23. ML GL!TCH

    ML GL!TCH10 시간 전

    If u was a contestant for this I would smash the table chase I can't have chewy stiff

  24. Sreeja Sasidharanpillai

    Sreeja Sasidharanpillai10 시간 전

    How do we look Me: dementors

  25. Billie Eilish

    Billie Eilish10 시간 전

    I liked jakes it who's the best

  26. Aubri Messmer

    Aubri Messmer10 시간 전


  27. Lucas Roberto Homes Diaz

    Lucas Roberto Homes Diaz10 시간 전

    Coping mr.beast.

  28. AmarisJames Luna

    AmarisJames Luna10 시간 전

    Izzy looked so stress

  29. Jordan Holombo

    Jordan Holombo11 시간 전

    I wish I could win 1000money

  30. Evelyn Lucko

    Evelyn Lucko11 시간 전

    I think Michelle won

  31. Kylie Thomas

    Kylie Thomas11 시간 전

    I love your work vib and zhc

  32. Stxzzyz _.

    Stxzzyz _.11 시간 전

    Mr Art beast

  33. GIP 10thSide

    GIP 10thSide11 시간 전

    This is stupid wasting food

  34. tram anh

    tram anh11 시간 전

    is anyone look at the girl on the side try to hide from the camera?

  35. The Noob Master

    The Noob Master11 시간 전


  36. Awa' gaming

    Awa' gaming11 시간 전

    I subscribeed I love you soo much

  37. Human Q

    Human Q11 시간 전

    shrek was the best

  38. George Lunn

    George Lunn11 시간 전

    You can’t get gum in your hair because I got gum in my hair and I had to cut my hair and I am a girl it was horrible


    MD. IBRAHIM11 시간 전

    I think the shushe roll is so good

  40. Victoria A Rodriguez

    Victoria A Rodriguez11 시간 전

    No affecns but i hate the finger monster

  41. niharika vora

    niharika vora11 시간 전

    yo guys who dislike, whhyyy

  42. Drishticat iwi

    Drishticat iwi11 시간 전

    am i the only one who liked the art but thought the challenge was the most disgusting thing ever

  43. Elrico tha flying burrito

    Elrico tha flying burrito11 시간 전

    Yup I just bought 100k gum balls no big deal

  44. DG gameing Channel 2

    DG gameing Channel 211 시간 전

    Actually when polar bears are in the cold water they feel actually amazing because they have such thick fer


    MD. IBRAHIM11 시간 전

    Wow so many gummy ball

  46. Victoria A Rodriguez

    Victoria A Rodriguez11 시간 전

    I did not know that machiel was 23

  47. BELLE

    BELLE11 시간 전

    لا اله الا الله وحده لا شريك له, له الملك وله الحمد وهو على كل شيء قدير

  48. Inaya Furqan

    Inaya Furqan11 시간 전

    I dmd you on Instagram pls read

  49. Inaya Furqan

    Inaya Furqan11 시간 전

    I dmd you on Instagram pls read

  50. Mackenzie Champ

    Mackenzie Champ11 시간 전

    Jazzes hair is so my favorite color

  51. Charlene Marzan

    Charlene Marzan11 시간 전


  52. Ravenswood Dark

    Ravenswood Dark11 시간 전

    Can I be in a vid :3

  53. Laura Buburuzan

    Laura Buburuzan11 시간 전

    I thought my connection was lost at 8:58 - 9:03, but it was just the video.😂

  54. Nohemí Gonzalez

    Nohemí Gonzalez12 시간 전

    I liked vivs

  55. Aaron Zakharov

    Aaron Zakharov12 시간 전

    That wa as the worst elimination

  56. Xxsxmply_lemonxX

    Xxsxmply_lemonxX12 시간 전

    Sushi for the win ✨

  57. Vuk Raickovic

    Vuk Raickovic12 시간 전


  58. Yiping Wang

    Yiping Wang12 시간 전


  59. Muhammad Saeef

    Muhammad Saeef12 시간 전


  60. Awesome Soph

    Awesome Soph12 시간 전

    I love gum yummy

  61. Shadow Playz

    Shadow Playz12 시간 전

    This might be the grossest challenge ZHC has done

  62. Andi Selmani

    Andi Selmani12 시간 전

    My dad always gives us fish oil to drink but we trekd him now he dosent give us fish oil and i likd yaz

  63. Justin X.

    Justin X.12 시간 전

    Tbh it’s not the WORLDS most realistic art it’s just realistic

  64. DarkDuoGamers

    DarkDuoGamers12 시간 전

    My respect for michelle went 📈📈📈📈📈📈📈

  65. Taylor Mebrahtom

    Taylor Mebrahtom12 시간 전

    I just realised that they all have different colour hair

  66. Football Star

    Football Star12 시간 전

    Viv is to good at thinking out of the box

  67. Rebecca W

    Rebecca W12 시간 전

    I wish Viv was in these video why isn’t she

  68. Llamas 4life

    Llamas 4life12 시간 전

    what type of dog is hulk??

  69. Lunar and friends Awesome

    Lunar and friends Awesome12 시간 전

    Congratulations Viv you did amazing

  70. Madeleine Rose Nessmith

    Madeleine Rose Nessmith12 시간 전

    No, but rly Why are you yelling?🤷‍♀️ (Btw love your vids)🤍

  71. Jazmin Lucasramirez

    Jazmin Lucasramirez12 시간 전

    i am a big fan :D you guy are doing great

  72. Dat Le

    Dat Le12 시간 전

    Just watched cause if the new girl on the right

  73. Jai Streeter

    Jai Streeter12 시간 전

    I love your videos

  74. olivia coffman

    olivia coffman12 시간 전

    I liked Jake’s the most

  75. Fatima Askarzadeh

    Fatima Askarzadeh12 시간 전


  76. Jai Streeter

    Jai Streeter12 시간 전

    Videos I love you videos

  77. Romelene Lantad

    Romelene Lantad12 시간 전

    Watching in philipines

  78. xxxcry._baby._lovexxx :

    xxxcry._baby._lovexxx :12 시간 전


  79. olivia coffman

    olivia coffman12 시간 전

    Zach was so bold to reveal Michelle’s age. Lol