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  1. Justin Garrett

    Justin Garrett시간 전

    So good 👌🧡🖤

  2. A B

    A B시간 전

    How do people like eating fish 🤮🤮

  3. A B

    A B시간 전

    Real Eye sore that stadium

  4. A B

    A B시간 전

    The outside of that stadium is a complete dump!

  5. goulashi gabor

    goulashi gabor시간 전

    As a wolves fan atm iam not finding any pleasure in tiktok videos on wolves channel nor the training videos where every wolves player is smiling yet the fans I highly doubt any of them are SMILING. Let's get seriouse the players are treating this as a joke with there salary yet they have given nothing to there fans as Bruno said it best. We want results.

  6. Rupert

    Rupert2 시간 전


  7. Colin Brown

    Colin Brown3 시간 전

    Greatly enjoyed that. Nice work Mr Miami. Signed, Saints fan.

  8. Andy

    Andy5 시간 전

    It’s not the manager it’s the players who need to sort themselves out.

  9. Ramen Noodles

    Ramen Noodles5 시간 전

    Amazing game

  10. Catherine Beloff

    Catherine Beloff6 시간 전

    We love Wolverhampton wanderers🐺🐺🐺🐺

  11. Mohd Isbandi

    Mohd Isbandi7 시간 전

    Wolves...is a tough team to crack. Them, West Ham Utd, Leeds, C. Palace & Brentford all stepping up this season.

  12. Tom Wildblood

    Tom Wildblood7 시간 전

    Ruben neves was robbed of the puskas award

  13. Nurik Kerimzhanov

    Nurik Kerimzhanov7 시간 전

    2:04 Silva🤔

  14. Jack Wiggins

    Jack Wiggins7 시간 전

    Take a shot every time he says "I know that's right"

  15. Geedo 27

    Geedo 277 시간 전

    He’s my pe teacher

  16. tanseygreen

    tanseygreen8 시간 전

    Raul to get a hatrick Sunday

  17. Philippe Lewis Rodriguez

    Philippe Lewis Rodriguez8 시간 전

    My favourite collab on KRposts 🙌🏼

  18. Momo

    Momo8 시간 전

    We need more! This guy is great

  19. Djordje

    Djordje9 시간 전

    On the thumbnail I thought its Adama

  20. Ali Syed

    Ali Syed9 시간 전

    Make a fifa card reaction vid plz

  21. Dann Evans

    Dann Evans10 시간 전

    Yellow wolves top... Facebook Market place, you know thats right!!! P. S I'm joking I know it's colour correction. Big up Mr Miami, I know that's right!!!!!

  22. 농축배야TV

    농축배야TV10 시간 전

    2 Top : Jiménez & Hwang

  23. Allan Taylor

    Allan Taylor10 시간 전

    In training, Adama looks up and passes it, trouble is he doesn’t in the game😤🐺

  24. joel beckwith

    joel beckwith10 시간 전

    Does he know that's right?

  25. Analyse

    Analyse10 시간 전

    1 2 3 😁😆

  26. Arun Paul Kapur

    Arun Paul Kapur10 시간 전

    Loving Mr Miami x

  27. Joy Reid’s Body Language Expert

    Joy Reid’s Body Language Expert10 시간 전

    Super cringe

  28. Sophielou

    Sophielou10 시간 전

    Love it!!! 🐺

  29. 구름

    구름11 시간 전

    울히찬 항상 응원한다 장하다 멋있다

  30. ortomy

    ortomy11 시간 전

    Can he ever be wrong?

  31. Miso Bright

    Miso Bright11 시간 전

    다음경기엔 팀이 꼭이겨서 황희찬이 웃었으면 좋겠다 !

  32. Apex Downes

    Apex Downes12 시간 전

    *Mr Miami uploads* Will i watch him? I know thats right.

  33. Jaymostudios

    Jaymostudios12 시간 전

    Brilliant vids man! 💫💫

  34. mac jam

    mac jam12 시간 전

    Yes its definitely a money place. We might not have the money in Wolves but we are friendly people despite what a lot of people think.

  35. ojja k

    ojja k13 시간 전

    우리 선수들 노력하는 만큼 저도 열심히 응원합니다! 부상없이 최선을 다해주세요!

  36. zurisk

    zurisk13 시간 전

    Mr. Miami is on 🔥🔥🔥

  37. MrKimy26

    MrKimy2613 시간 전

    Why this guy knows everything right…

  38. JmzyLeman

    JmzyLeman13 시간 전

    These videos are great. As a foreigner it is nice to see what it’s like to visit the area on an away day

  39. Andrew Harrison

    Andrew Harrison14 시간 전

    Welcome to the pack m8

  40. west lund

    west lund14 시간 전

    love these vids pls dont stop them

  41. Hnxry_

    Hnxry_14 시간 전


  42. Crowman

    Crowman14 시간 전

    Who the hell is this guy and why is doing videos on the Wolves channel

  43. MR. MIAMI U.K.

    MR. MIAMI U.K.16 시간 전

    We’re back again!!!!

  44. martin mittelbach

    martin mittelbach18 시간 전

    beautiful game, we played great

  45. N1ghtmare

    N1ghtmare18 시간 전

    bruno has come in taking over a rlly defensive coach and most of the players have been used to that for 4 years now with an attacking coach its gonna take a while for the players to get used to

  46. Brilhante Edward

    Brilhante Edward18 시간 전

    The education in Portugal is excellent, most players already speak english when arrive in the UK.

  47. Christ lives in me Music

    Christ lives in me Music18 시간 전

    Use 3 4 3 setting Coady , dendoncker , saiss Ait Nouri , neves , Moutinho , Traore Podence , jiminez , hwang

  48. Abdur Rafay

    Abdur Rafay20 시간 전

    But well played

  49. Abdur Rafay

    Abdur Rafay20 시간 전

    Nuno did you lot over 2 times at your own home.

  50. Diana Kimberly

    Diana Kimberly22 시간 전

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  51. H L

    H L23 시간 전

    Lage OUT

  52. 라인하르트

    라인하르트23 시간 전

    1:34 This is Our country Korean Mbappe Hee Chan Hwang

  53. 제우스대장

    제우스대장일 전

    졌잘싸!! lost but we fought well! 황희찬 선수 화이팅!!

  54. Pete w

    Pete w일 전

    Wolves did ok. They have competed against some very good teams and have done well.

  55. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Obi Wan Kenobi일 전

    Was anyone else scared for Ait-Nouri??? He looked out of it 😬

  56. x1Lateralus

    x1Lateralus일 전

    Podence is so calm under pressure, smart player right there.

  57. En..

    En..일 전

  58. Team Sonny

    Team Sonny일 전

    Chan's off the ball movement needs to be more improved as a wing-forward, not center-forward. But I can see this defeat will makes Wolves' team-chemistry get better and better. Go Wolves with Chan 🐺

  59. Movie Buzz

    Movie Buzz일 전


  60. jon shaw

    jon shaw일 전

    wolves premier league last 33 games scored 27 conceded 46! points 31 that`s almost a season of results and its relegation form . wakey -wakey jeff shi

  61. Anton Webb

    Anton Webb일 전

    out of yet another competition...the great wolves renaisance weve heard so much about isnt adding up to very much is it ?? yours faithfully Wesley Brian allen .. (get it ?? )

  62. No tan semental

    No tan semental일 전

    Call me crazy, but I would send Jiménez in to the pitch at least for the penalties.

  63. Octoberjim

    Octoberjim일 전

    울버햄튼 잘 싸웠다 다음 경기는 계속 승리하자

  64. S Islam

    S Islam일 전

    I remember following this game as a Liverpool fan . Loved watching city drop points that season in which we won the title

  65. Balanced Lion 7

    Balanced Lion 7일 전

    We played well team don't loose ya focus we from Wolverhampton ay we keep same drive let's go get it wolves 🏋🏾🐺🌅⭐

  66. 뻽오잉?

    뻽오잉?일 전

    1:00 if Var is in this match , that moment was penalty

  67. 우주에서온장발남의 V-LOG 일상

    우주에서온장발남의 V-LOG 일상일 전

    황소가 웁니다!

  68. Spag7193

    Spag7193일 전

    It started with some rusty players but got better, only player who didnt improve during the first half was or supertalented reckord signing. To slow, to weak and generally clueless. Fabio Silva is going to be wolves poorest buy in history, lucky if we get 5 mill back.

  69. Muhammad Faishal Rachman

    Muhammad Faishal Rachman일 전

    Nuno Espirito please come back

  70. WISHKID two

    WISHKID two일 전

    I’m seeing the spirit returning to those boys

  71. 가족family

    가족family일 전

    황희찬 선수 수고하셨어요 👍

  72. s k

    s k일 전

    황희찬 잘했당!!!👍 다음경기 꼭 보고 응원할껭^^ 황희찬 화이팅!!!!😄

  73. Cameron

    Cameron일 전

    The sheer amount of negativity here is astounding. Lage made the changes at HT to turn the game around, it was in the players hands and we took Spurs all the way! Turn the clocks back a year to our time under Nuno and it would have been months before a change like that would have been made. Back Bruno!

  74. Will Halle

    Will Halle일 전

    Question: why didn’t Lage put Jiménez in for the pks?

  75. Will Halle

    Will Halle일 전

    Donk with the good bonk

  76. TY Park

    TY Park일 전

    희찬아 골 많이 넣자 응원한다~!

  77. Rodrigo Guzman ambrosio

    Rodrigo Guzman ambrosio일 전

    Y raauuul??

  78. Rodrigo Guzman ambrosio

    Rodrigo Guzman ambrosio일 전

    Y Raúl ????

  79. 하루하루

    하루하루일 전

    감독님 힘내세요 한국에서 응원 많이 하고 있습니다