SEC Shorts
SEC Shorts
SEC Shorts

Making videos about the craziness that is football down south. Videos by Robert Clay and Josh Snead.

  1. Caleb Morgan

    Caleb Morgan2 시간 전

    All this talk about Auburn, did anybody even here about what happened in State and Memphis game!

  2. Prime Beef

    Prime Beef2 시간 전

    I had flashbacks on that fourth down. The refs gave Colorado a fifth down at Missouri. That wasn’t funny, they lost the game and I’m thinking Colorado split the National title that year.

  3. Hobbiesofstefs

    Hobbiesofstefs2 시간 전

    Sad day. They got ole frosted tips over there doing bank commercials. SAD

  4. Chicken1515

    Chicken15153 시간 전

    Better if texas sunk

  5. BuzzLOLOL

    BuzzLOLOL4 시간 전

    At end of season, B1G will own the 2021 Top 10 with Ohio State /PSU/Michigan/Michigan State /Wisconsin/Minnesota/Iowa... as usual in NORMAL seasons... Alabama only makes PlayOffs every other season... wasn't in 2019...

  6. Mathew Mckenna

    Mathew Mckenna4 시간 전

    Poor Pac 12. I mean they have powerhouse teams they really try ok!

  7. Aaron Cornelius

    Aaron Cornelius6 시간 전

    Where tf is the Mississippi State references we got hoed last weekend

  8. Tommy Hallum

    Tommy Hallum6 시간 전

    They should have shown Coke and Jack Daniels showing up to Pepsi's house causing problems.

  9. Brandon DRC

    Brandon DRC7 시간 전

    Just think if this crew did NFL

  10. Emory Daniel

    Emory Daniel7 시간 전

    This whole Big 10 and Pac 12 introduction is aging very weirdly lol

  11. Ur boy Skinnywinny

    Ur boy Skinnywinny7 시간 전

    Notre Dame should be next hahaha

  12. Tommy Hallum

    Tommy Hallum8 시간 전

    That Sam pittman joke actually did turned out very well.

  13. Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones8 시간 전

    You forgot to add Appalachian State. Not only did Michigan let them win. They gave them 2 million dollars

  14. J Errety

    J Errety9 시간 전

    Wow! Urkel’s now identifying as a white nerd!

  15. The Wonder Blunder

    The Wonder Blunder9 시간 전

    I wonder how many Auburn games have had these bad officiating refs? I remember last year's Arkansas game where a fumble was ruled an incompletion backwards pass. . .

  16. Notre Dame Fan

    Notre Dame Fan10 시간 전

    0:44 the irony

  17. Mikevdog

    Mikevdog11 시간 전

    Auburn is run by goobers.

  18. Greg McCreary

    Greg McCreary14 시간 전

    Cadbury whispercats 😂😂

  19. Editor RBR

    Editor RBR14 시간 전

    There is a serious point buried here though - as bad as officiating may be, piss-poor coaching lost those games in Happy Valley and Memphis. Play to the whistle. And don’t run a play where your best outcome is DPI. Simple, really.

  20. Wes Short

    Wes Short15 시간 전

    Texas joining the sec huh THERE GONNA GET DESTROYED

  21. Pancho Verde

    Pancho Verde19 시간 전

    I have to look this game up

  22. George E

    George E19 시간 전

    Texas Gonna Texas…🤣

  23. Pancho Verde

    Pancho Verde19 시간 전

    Why don't you come out from behind that tree and I'll show you what a real targeting headshot looks like.

  24. David easterwood

    David easterwood19 시간 전

    The Dynasty is so not dead! RTR

  25. Angry Pilot

    Angry Pilot20 시간 전

    That doo doo water, I’m thinkin Galveston.

  26. michael chirichella

    michael chirichella21 시간 전

    what is the background music in the video? If more than one piece, I'm thinking of the one at the end. Totally classic video BTW

  27. Joe Momma

    Joe Momma21 시간 전

    Not flagging Georgia players committing obvious hands to the face penalties is definitely a state of mind!

  28. Thomas Poucher

    Thomas Poucher21 시간 전

    2008 lord saban arrived? More like UF blew the doors off them 49-10 on their way to their second natty in 3 years

  29. Bunter M

    Bunter M21 시간 전

    The 6 year old SEC shorts video with 9 comments (10 now)

  30. Samuel Jones

    Samuel Jones21 시간 전

    You know what would make it even better with Nick Saban besides all of those championships. Beating Auburn and LSU every year

  31. aegisofhonor

    aegisofhonor22 시간 전

    way to win over Tennessee is to do nothing but Holy Roller the ball?

  32. Malcolm T

    Malcolm T22 시간 전

    Vandy should field an all girl team, that way when they lose, fans can say, 'big deal, you just beat a bunch of girls.

  33. Mangu King

    Mangu King22 시간 전

    This is so accurate that I can't even laugh hahahaha nvm lol why would they allow own conference refs in a game like this? So sad. I would have expected a ref from a non involved conference. Like how it is done in soccer

  34. Rob J

    Rob J22 시간 전

    Ohio State is very grateful for your efforts 🤣🤣🤣 savage

  35. Brad D

    Brad D23 시간 전

    As a Georgia alumni who was a freshman in 1982 when we lost to Penn St in the Sugar Bowl to lose the Natty, I've been waiting ever since. I have to watch this SEC Short weekly to remind myself of who Hope really is like Pennywise in the gutter wanting to be my friend. Or as the late, great Larry Munson once said, "Lady Luck just slapped us in the face, kicked us in the stomach and rolled us in the gutter....." How will it end this year? 2021. (At least we beat So. Carolina!)

  36. Merino 33

    Merino 3323 시간 전

    Poor Tennessee

  37. Engineering Reality

    Engineering Reality23 시간 전

    So SEC shorts just talks shit about everyone except Bama?

  38. Levi Baggett

    Levi Baggett일 전

    1:43 “People have made so many terrible calls…they won’t remember this one.”😕 Reminds me of the Saints vs Rams 2018 Playoff Game that cost the Saints the victory.🤦🏽‍♂️

  39. Zac Jamerson

    Zac Jamerson일 전

    Auburn is literally a trash team that’s only ranked to keep interest in an iron bowl because it makes the corrupt ncaa money. Sec as a whole has agreed that you screwed Arkansas last year. We don’t forget this stuff

  40. Mathew Mckenna

    Mathew Mckenna일 전

    Playoff committee: OSU has no right to be in the playoffs, they have not met the required number of g.....wait....what is this big bag of money? You know OSU really should be in the playoffs, they deserve it.

  41. Zac Jamerson

    Zac Jamerson일 전

    We only give targeting calls to Arkansas and we don’t give alabama any calls because they utilize the corrupt Ncaa headquarters being in alabama. We also give auburn wins to validate a false ranking like their notredame so we can create false interest in a beat down of an iron bowl

  42. Joseph Miller

    Joseph Miller일 전

    No No, he's got a point. Alabama should've hired Rich Rod.

  43. Mathew Mckenna

    Mathew Mckenna일 전

    Seriously a group of 5 team deserves a chance.

  44. Mathew Mckenna

    Mathew Mckenna일 전

    JT Daniels was injured and then got outshined by his backup. I'm not sure if that is a win or a loss for Georgia.

  45. Justin Cavey

    Justin Cavey일 전

    These are great

  46. Mathew Mckenna

    Mathew Mckenna일 전

    The committee should have put UCF in the playoff. I mean they did beat the team that beat Bama.

  47. lior yunfh

    lior yunfh일 전

    Love ?? love ?? ?? the video

  48. Mike Schmidt

    Mike Schmidt일 전

    SEC Shorts in itself is another reason the SEC is just better than the rest.

  49. Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]

    Joel Drew Walden [King, M. L. ES]일 전

    my top 10 BEST IN CONFERENCE rankings 1. Ala (SEC)2. Penn st (B1G) 3. Oregon (PAC12) 4.Cin (AAC) 5. OKL (BIG 12) 6. BC (ACC) 7. BYU (IND) 8.Coastal Car. (Sun belt) 9.SDS (MWC) 10. UTSA( C-USA)

  50. Chavis Rouse

    Chavis Rouse일 전

    100 lol

  51. FantillDeath

    FantillDeath일 전

    That targeting rule does need to get fixed

  52. Zach Foster

    Zach Foster일 전

    The Blippi cringe is real

  53. Jaems Scott

    Jaems Scott일 전

    LoLoLoLoLoL!!! O'Mi'Lord, my side hurts.

  54. Kamon Reynolds - Tennessee's Bees

    Kamon Reynolds - Tennessee's Bees일 전

    Truth is more BRUTAL than fiction.

  55. Mathew Mckenna

    Mathew Mckenna일 전

    I feel bad for all the females who actually are kickers on their high school and college teams. They have been practicing for years to actually play football and then Vandy comes along with this publicity stunt and sets female kickers back decades. Good for Sarah for being the first female to kick in a power 5 game, just a shame she embarrassed herself and all other women while doing it.

  56. Mathew Mckenna

    Mathew Mckenna일 전

    They need to make this into a full length movie! Someone get on the horn with Amazon or Netflix.



    The fairy godmother must hate Ole Miss as bad as Alabama and the NCAA. After all the NCAA camped out at Ole Miss for three years till they found some thing on them.

  58. Brian George

    Brian George일 전

    Surprised no USC. Loaded I mean Loaded with talent each year, pre season ranked, and go no where

  59. Paul Williams

    Paul Williams일 전

    This sounds more like my Oklahoma Sooners.

  60. Parker's Properties

    Parker's Properties일 전

    Lol Byu has been beating up on Texas too

  61. Owen Horn

    Owen Horn일 전

    Where was Ole Miss?

  62. Gabriel Peterson

    Gabriel Peterson일 전

    Only beat by A1 towing for how loved and revered they are

  63. dueeh nyyu

    dueeh nyyu일 전

    This is a prime example that the refs need to be reprimanded when making mistakes, not just players and coaches. It should apply to everyone

  64. James Arnold

    James Arnold일 전

    The Auburn Arkansas game total screwup stands out.

  65. Dary Jackson

    Dary Jackson일 전

    They didn't say anything about the safety that Auburn got, but wasn't awarded. I don't see Penn St fans upset about that mess up.

  66. JRock Media

    JRock Media일 전

    It's sad that this is so true...

  67. James Simms

    James Simms일 전

    Vicious but to the point

  68. Mike Schmidt

    Mike Schmidt일 전

    The Texas volleyball is swimming back to Big 12 shores as we speak. Pleeeaaasee nooooo!

  69. Patrick Davis

    Patrick Davis일 전

    This has been on for years at Penn State. This bit was awesome..

  70. Jefferson Ogden

    Jefferson Ogden일 전

    *Pac-12 refs

  71. Tony Gianni

    Tony Gianni일 전


  72. Dr.ATsavage

    Dr.ATsavage일 전

    They also can’t see a lateral ironically against Auburn

  73. Eric Harrison

    Eric Harrison일 전

    This channel is easily sustained when the SEC keeps adding more teams and keeps vandy. So so sooo many trash teams. Herbstreit is the worst part of all these videos.

  74. Jamie Lancaster

    Jamie Lancaster일 전

    Im still wearing my 1998 National Championship Tennessee shirts❤️❤️

  75. RamblinRick

    RamblinRick일 전

    Talia's a 'Bama gal. What is this heresy?

  76. RamblinRick

    RamblinRick일 전

    Soon as I saw Talia in the thumbnail, that's an instant LIKE. My girl from "It's A Southern Thing"

  77. Mark Glenn

    Mark Glenn일 전

    Does he have an rib available too? Excellent Adam and Eve (Tua) parity skit there

  78. Randy Bombardier

    Randy Bombardier일 전

    You've got nothing on ole Nebraska. Imagine being in the same conference for 110 years. Yeah, sucks to be we. Ok, ok, maybe Oklahoma is even worse. Freed the local chain gangs on Saturdays. You'll never guess where they showed up.