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Blue Origin

Blue Origin was founded in 2000 by Jeff Bezos with the vision to enable a future where millions of people are living and working in space to benefit Earth. Blue believes we must protect Earth by moving heavy industries that stress our planet into space, and enable humanity to access space to expand, explore, and find new energy and material resources. Then we can see a dynamic and abundant future for our grandchildren’s grandchildren. There is no plan B for Earth.

To enable this future, we must build a road to space to lower the cost of getting there. Blue is working on this today by developing operationally reusable launch vehicles that are safe, reliable and highly available. Every launch vehicle is designed for human spaceflight from the beginning and able to ferry payloads to space. Join the mission to build a road to space - step by step ferociously. #GradatimFerociter

Come Away Changed
Launch. Land. Repeat.
It's Time

It's Time

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Meet CrewMember 7

Meet CrewMember 7

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  1. the punt✔️

    the punt✔️23 시간 전

    Vergin galactic is better than this 🙄🙄

  2. nuvi

    nuvi일 전

    It is 2021 Jeff!

  3. ZokStar1

    ZokStar1일 전

    @1;41:51 ANYONE CARE TO EXPLAIN HOW THIS SHOT WAS CAPTURE. Seemed like a stationary craft filmed it looking down and then panning all the way up as the Rocket passed it. ANYONE?


    IFLIMAT일 전

    Ill be honest, this space tourism flight r wildly overrated. You just go up until u see blackness like the night sky.

  5. Kyle jones

    Kyle jones일 전

    Honestly astronauts work really hard to be given the opportunity to go to space i don't think it's fair to call these guys astronauts. And there barely spending 5 minutes up there.

  6. Balasubramanian Narasimmalu

    Balasubramanian Narasimmalu일 전

    Too much money for 10 minutes of flight. What is the use of it. You cannot even finish eating your meal.

  7. Mein kampf

    Mein kampf일 전

    1:48:44 when i had too much taco bell

  8. Lee C.

    Lee C.일 전

    I think i'm on the wrong site ... this isn't the 'rocket ship' i was expecting

  9. pankaj universe best videos

    pankaj universe best videos일 전

    My Mom want to go space or mars ,how possible

  10. Shiro Lee

    Shiro Lee일 전

    So amazing!!!

  11. Lucas Lima Prates

    Lucas Lima Prates일 전


  12. uowebfoot

    uowebfoot일 전

    Call me a buzz kill or whatever not trying to be one. Considering we had the first American go to space 60 years ago is it REALLY that big of deal? Come on.

  13. Pranjali Gupta

    Pranjali Gupta일 전

    Congratulations 👏 from India🇮🇳🇮🇳

  14. Neuro

    Neuro일 전

    I'd hog the best window. Sorry.



    If you like this, then please watch here

  16. lepagester

    lepagester일 전

    I have gained a lot of respect for Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos after watching this. Well done. Let’s go team blue!

  17. Oumuamua

    Oumuamua일 전


  18. Brave Voice

    Brave Voice일 전


  19. klam77

    klam77일 전

    Been there done that! Saved a million bucks! LOL.

  20. klam77

    klam77일 전

    It looks like Slow mo!

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    CryptoNews일 전

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  22. Jud Ad

    Jud Ad일 전

    Nasa lies… Nasa fraud Wake up call people

  23. Jud Ad

    Jud Ad일 전

    What a crap propaganda is that? Really? Can anyone believe that bullshit? Great actors yeahhhhhhj And all the cowboys hats at the landing? The american dream yuhuuuu Jajaja

  24. Uncertainty Principal

    Uncertainty Principal일 전

    @47:45 into the video……. Spend billions of dollars on a rocket and ride into space, but cut costs by not getting the electric tailgate option on the Rivian?

  25. Carl Does Music

    Carl Does Music일 전

    1:06:29 "don't keep pulling on it" Jokes... go...

  26. Mach998

    Mach998일 전

    I love space everything! Wish I could be a bigger fan of Blue O. But Bezos is such a whiny bitch. I'm ready to watch him sail away in his Queen Mary, and leave space to the real cowboys.

  27. Bruce Leib

    Bruce Leib일 전

    With what we can do with the ISS and satellites, just crossing the Karman line is required to be officially in space. I think at a full orbit should be at minimum in space

  28. Douglas MacIlroy

    Douglas MacIlroy일 전

    Following their corporate motto to a tee...

  29. James Gang Racing

    James Gang Racing일 전

    Why are you even bothering? You think a suborbital flight is impressive? A man landed on the moon before I was born, and I'm no spring chicken. I am not impressed by this joke a craft, just as unimpressed with Branson. A billionaire dick measuring contest, and you both brought micropenises. You need to have a craft capable of escaping the Earth/moon system or go home. Elon brought it to town, and I'm supposed to think this is cool? LMAO! Bezos, your "space" program is a joke. You didn't go to space. You went on a high altitude flight. Unimpressed.

  30. norman varvel

    norman varvel일 전


  31. MsThor1

    MsThor1일 전

    Where is space?🤣Fakeasfuck

  32. Stan Eckel

    Stan Eckel일 전

    First human flight? Mr. Natural is just going to have to tell you to fuck right off. And do it today.

  33. Kevin Peck

    Kevin Peck일 전


  34. Gerry

    Gerry일 전

    Blue Origin: We did a sub orbital flight without passing the Karman line. This has never been done clearly and this is a first! "Sad sputnik 1 noises"

  35. ツ MAX & Karina ツ

    ツ MAX & Karina ツ일 전

    Good flight for fun =)

  36. F M

    F M일 전


  37. Malcolm Reynolds

    Malcolm Reynolds일 전

    Public service announcement: Watched this video lots of times, the capsule never explodes! You're welcome..

  38. Double Oof

    Double Oof일 전

    Man it sure would suck if Jeff Bezos got thrown out the cockpit mid-flight into space, hahaha yeah

  39. jonboy1000

    jonboy1000일 전

    Nice one Bozo

  40. Jose

    Jose일 전


  41. Jose

    Jose일 전

    what a scam!

  42. Zug75

    Zug75일 전

    lets be honest, the rocket looks like a dildo.

  43. Chriso

    Chriso일 전

    I don't see the point

  44. S EQ

    S EQ일 전

    Pretty cool. Makes me proud to be a Texan

  45. Marshall H

    Marshall H일 전

    9:00 one of the worlds biggest distributer of pollution talking about saving the planet... cool

  46. 3 Years Apart

    3 Years Apart일 전

    international same day delivery is now available.

  47. Marcin Hibner

    Marcin Hibner일 전

    Congratulations😀👏 BlueOrigin Mr. Jeff Bezos Team New Shepard 💙 Just wondering if you could double stack the rocket tank/booster as a separate two to take the cupsule higher in to outer space🚀😎

  48. Walt Hodgson

    Walt Hodgson일 전

    "Newest minted astronauts", just like grandma is a "newly minted sailor" when she takes a Caribbean cruise.

  49. Thinking Biblically

    Thinking Biblically일 전

    New Shepard my foot. I watched Shephard's flight 60 years ago! The hyper-rich with empty, meaningless lives have noting better to do. I'm not impressed.

  50. Roman Ahmatov

    Roman Ahmatov일 전

    where is video footage of the flight from inside?

  51. C.E.U.D

    C.E.U.D일 전

    Another actornaut more, Bezos maybe need a script for Amazon prime, This footage have CGI everywhere 1:54:02 a drone recording near to this launch I don't think so

  52. N. W. Dood

    N. W. Dood일 전

    They cannot even go beyond Low Earth Orbit, but are all going to "space"

  53. N. W. Dood

    N. W. Dood일 전

    Wrong! They did not go into, lol, space...

  54. Mark Weber

    Mark Weber일 전

    The sounds were fascinating to hear. Very cool to have this footage. This is the closest I'll get to knowing what it's like inside a space capsule.And what a view out the big windows!

  55. Kim Tan

    Kim Tan일 전


  56. Dave R

    Dave R일 전

    Its great JB has now stepped away from Amazon so he can give his time, brain power, and focus on the new space age and global and environmental issues. With his highly innovate mind and problem solving abilities its going to be great to see what he can build and what he can do to help others to build. Looking forward to the JB philanthropic phase of his life, and although there are people who think he should use all his money to solve the worlds problems; protecting the ozone layer and the Earth is pretty important, or there won't be any world issues, as it wont be habitable any longer! Looking forward to seeing what amazing / world & planet changing things he will now do, which compared to the 'retail revolution' may change so much of the human races future and our longevity of existence on the planet, and space infrastructure / the foundations for the space economy and eventual inhabitation of space. Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Nikola Tesla, Galileo Galilei (to name but a few) would be so amazed by and grateful to the massive push both JB and Elon Musk have given over the past twenty years to building on what they did, discovered, and achieved. Truly amazing what both these two have done, and continue to do

  57. kosh2001

    kosh2001일 전

    now that's a smooth ass landing.

  58. Adam Stanley

    Adam Stanley일 전

    I love how the RSS FIRST STEP is covered in NO STEP stickers

  59. Ladynipchick2

    Ladynipchick2일 전

    First human flight? You mean 'first civilian flught'?

  60. Leonard Fabila

    Leonard Fabila일 전

    NASA has nothing to say about an private space program cause they'll be exposes on what's they're hiding all things that comes up must come down even when you're on 0 is the magnetic field/and weight that fulling an object towards they try to put a feather on outer space....or on zer0 G will surely comes back down to earth slowly because of it lesser mass/weight.. I'm watching it 3 4 5 times and still I Didn't see the earth was round or spinning thousand miles an hour

  61. Pete N

    Pete N일 전

    Meanwhile the earth being destroyed by climate change. Absolute disgraceful behaviour, the top 1% causing by far the most pollution and the small man pays for it. When your towns and cities start flooding, burning, get reclaimed by ocean or are too extreme to live remember this moment as a black mark on humanity. A moment of greed. The cost will be lives. The day is tomorrow

  62. Nick Major

    Nick Major일 전

    Wish there was an altimeter on the video

  63. Leonard Fabila

    Leonard Fabila일 전

    Blue Origin /Mr. Jeff Bezoz exposes NASA where's the curvature of the earth..that the earth spinning 1000 miles an hour... it's not moving at ends up in different locations because of the tragectory Ang the wind..but it's in the same area/city thats where it landed...the blue Origin not using a fish eye lens that causing an image a distortion or curvature. LoL...want some reply or comment from NASA

  64. Scypheroth

    Scypheroth일 전

    ahh yes yet another attraction for the elites of the world to par take normal peasant will even come close to this thing

  65. Joe McGrane

    Joe McGrane일 전

    "Sir something came on our radar" "What is it?" "It looks like...."

  66. Mofuqer

    Mofuqer일 전

    You did not reach the orbit.

  67. TETA Toto :

    TETA Toto :일 전

    Ca commence à 1:41:30

  68. joe schmo

    joe schmo일 전

    It must be real because it looks so fake. Too bad they lost the technology to go the moon.

  69. samuel amare

    samuel amare일 전

    100% sure the Rocket was modelled after Jeff's phallus!