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Cafe 7 DREAM

Cafe 7 DREAM

15 일 전

  1. Ike Aulia

    Ike Aulia17 시간 전

    Ngak sabar nunggu comeback nct dream....!!!!!

  2. Pastel Coral

    Pastel Coral17 시간 전

    Not dear dream as the intro music. I always got teary eye whenever I hear that song

  3. Flamingocore

    Flamingocore17 시간 전

    They're so different ✨

  4. S Ro

    S Ro17 시간 전

    Jaemin cute

  5. Nivetha R

    Nivetha R17 시간 전

    isnt this the same house where wei visited for their vacation???

  6. Chika Khirana

    Chika Khirana17 시간 전

    Siapa yang kesini lagi Gara gara banyak spoileran disini

  7. Auretta Halilintar

    Auretta Halilintar17 시간 전

    Anjing lah

  8. Kiba Sino

    Kiba Sino17 시간 전

    Its not chillin.. its chaos:V

  9. setayesh sSs

    setayesh sSs17 시간 전

    When will they upload the next ep?

  10. Angeline

    Angeline17 시간 전

    Haechan mundur gantengnya kebangetan

  11. little panda

    little panda17 시간 전

    Omg it's the same house that WEi used to stay for their reality show too

  12. Angeline

    Angeline17 시간 전

    Mata haechan itu cantik banget

  13. Angeline

    Angeline17 시간 전

    Omg mamaaa dia ganteng banget huhu

  14. 네오한 고구마

    네오한 고구마17 시간 전

    아 이번 자컨 넘 편행 역시 칠드림이 짱이야아

  15. iya mismanos

    iya mismanos17 시간 전

    why tf youtube would recommend me this my heart skipped a beat :D

  16. dae six

    dae six17 시간 전

    those insert shots and overall shoot of scenes are so perfect and peaceful this show looks rich LOL

  17. Angeline

    Angeline17 시간 전

    Mamaa.. haechan ganteng banget

  18. numerald channel

    numerald channel17 시간 전

    katanya banyak spoiler disini hmm kira2 apa ya

  19. numerald channel

    numerald channel17 시간 전

    hayuk naikin lagii

  20. Brigitta HyaRo

    Brigitta HyaRo18 시간 전

    Yo dream

  21. Brigitta HyaRo

    Brigitta HyaRo18 시간 전


  22. Farizka khaliza putri

    Farizka khaliza putri18 시간 전

    Betah banget, udah dua hari masih trending. Yuk bisa yuk trending nya sampe eps dua keluar, alias dua hari lagi tanggal 21 💗

  23. taelicious

    taelicious18 시간 전

    12:41 wHAT ARE YOU DOING *pRivAcY jiGeuM fLasHbAckS*

  24. vanessa rabang

    vanessa rabang18 시간 전

    In conclusion, DreamLab - Crazy Jalapeno D'chelin Gourmet Party - Boring Jalapeno 7llin' in the Dream - Chilling Jalapeno #nctdream3versionsalbumversions

  25. patchiess

    patchiess18 시간 전


  26. Alma

    Alma18 시간 전

    I loveeeeeeeeeee

  27. 대갈아엄마왔다

    대갈아엄마왔다18 시간 전

    나재민씨 에어팟케이스 좌표쫌 주세요 젭알..너무 사고싶어요...너무 예쁘잖아..

  28. agnes meilisa

    agnes meilisa18 시간 전


  29. Alexia Pascall

    Alexia Pascall18 시간 전

    rich chenle: who probably always had a big bed for himself, "What's a bunk bed?"

  30. Putri Eka

    Putri Eka18 시간 전

    gilakk smpe trending

  31. luvie

    luvie18 시간 전

    99% dos meus problemas seriam resolvidos se houvesse um full mv de 7 days

  32. Runa Adhitya

    Runa Adhitya18 시간 전

    Vibesnya anak pak Suyadi bgt ya...

  33. Aulia Nadzilah

    Aulia Nadzilah18 시간 전

    Bnyak yg nyanyi tpi gk jelas2 bgt. Ngeri spoiler sksksk

  34. Kimmm

    Kimmm18 시간 전

    5:58 I thought i just read NOMIN lmao

  35. B B

    B B18 시간 전

    sedang mencari spoiler

  36. Yuriz Fadh

    Yuriz Fadh18 시간 전

    I could hear someone singing baekhyun candy

  37. Donia Daheche

    Donia Daheche18 시간 전

    gurl im your candy

  38. Fanhy Auliaputri

    Fanhy Auliaputri19 시간 전

    Who watched again after mark said a lot of spoiler on vlive

  39. Angel Miranda

    Angel Miranda19 시간 전


  40. Olla Al-yahya

    Olla Al-yahya19 시간 전

    How can we're not babying them???? Look, SM always babying dreamies 😭😭💚💚💚💚

  41. dandaeliona

    dandaeliona19 시간 전


  42. bila jie

    bila jie19 시간 전

    amazing!! it's so exciting <333

  43. Talitha Phelia

    Talitha Phelia19 시간 전


  44. Olivia Widya S.

    Olivia Widya S.19 시간 전


  45. Hot Sauce_7 Dream

    Hot Sauce_7 Dream19 시간 전

    Seru banget liat mereka

  46. Shambhavi

    Shambhavi19 시간 전

    Renjun's ' There's Starbucks over there, what brought you here?' cracked me up😂😂

  47. cote

    cote19 시간 전

    obra de arte


    HAHAHA HAHAHA19 시간 전

    ถามว่าฟังออกมั้ยก็ไม่ แต่ก็จะฟัง



    Tarik sis.....Heheh

  50. Lutfiah Damayanti

    Lutfiah Damayanti19 시간 전

    Tempatnya cocok jadi dorm dream:) pengen deh 7dream tinggal bareng

  51. Caesilia Natasha

    Caesilia Natasha19 시간 전

    Trending WOWWW

  52. Leofhenel Seguiza

    Leofhenel Seguiza19 시간 전

    hyuck's "Quiet Down" is the best for meeee, i'm obsessed!!!!!

  53. n a y a

    n a y a19 시간 전

    Is this place often used for filming? because I watched other groups filming here too 😄

  54. 1c3 c734m

    1c3 c734m19 시간 전

    Seru banget ih, sukaaaaaaa

  55. Sona Micho

    Sona Micho19 시간 전

    Nana not birging a bag is the most Nana thing ever flex king

  56. Baby Seng

    Baby Seng19 시간 전

    lexury ent!

  57. lulalilac

    lulalilac19 시간 전

    they are so funny hahaha

  58. belly

    belly20 시간 전

    jeno's sock😭😭😭😭

  59. hyaohdahyun

    hyaohdahyun20 시간 전

    the fact that they will have a comeback this month but still they feed us with this

  60. Elle

    Elle20 시간 전

    Jaemin's phone as his wallet. I can relate. 😂❤ ++ his expressions will never not be funny 9:18 chenle not knowing what bunk bed is HAHAHAHA kiyowo 12:28 they only have one braincell 23:51 the 3 most competitive in one team vs. the least competitive 😂

  61. ナナ

    ナナ20 시간 전


  62. Atika Ngagipar

    Atika Ngagipar20 시간 전

    I'm just gonna say : Haechan undeniability great host/mc, witty af and trusted chef. Mark great care for health hence why he stay healthy despite being in multiple units. Jeno showing his childish side, whining and giggling. And he got lasik! Good for him. Renjun tidy and modern, one thing for sure is he smells good. Jaemin looked inherently relax and happy, and uhmm rich. Chenle with sunglasses and get the best bed with just one word. Jisung who's fascinated with mango, wanted to eat banana and spending fun time napping.

  63. K Liam

    K Liam20 시간 전

    5:32 nomin

  64. Chamie andrea Barcenas

    Chamie andrea Barcenas20 시간 전

    Yeah yeah yeah of Renjun, is that a spoiler?

  65. Chamie andrea Barcenas

    Chamie andrea Barcenas20 시간 전

    watching this again to get some spoiler after dream said on their vlive that they gave much spoiler here. LOL

  66. Chamie andrea Barcenas

    Chamie andrea Barcenas20 시간 전

    watching this again to get some spoiler after the Vlive. HAHAHAHAAHAHA

  67. M K

    M K20 시간 전

    next jaemin mark's cooking mentor pt 2 😆

  68. Tamasha Saha

    Tamasha Saha20 시간 전

    Renjun is beautiful in this hair...can't take my eyes off him

  69. M K

    M K20 시간 전

    the spoiler is dip

  70. Cat Paws

    Cat Paws20 시간 전


  71. buna shotaro

    buna shotaro20 시간 전

    jaemin: santuy

  72. buna shotaro

    buna shotaro20 시간 전

    wah trennya naik terus amazing bgt lurusjennn

  73. Renisa Ayu

    Renisa Ayu20 시간 전

    Na jaemin if you're reading this i love you❤️

  74. M K

    M K20 시간 전

    12:30 mark is a happiness boost 💚 😆

  75. 구라모토 유타

    구라모토 유타20 시간 전

    0:59~1:04 무한반복중

  76. Leen Mohammed

    Leen Mohammed20 시간 전


  77. M K

    M K20 시간 전

    here again looking 4 the spoilers that mark talk about

  78. Lexa Lei

    Lexa Lei20 시간 전

    Chenle doesn't know what bunk bed is. Is it because they only have king size bed? 😂😭

  79. kybfy비욜뽕

    kybfy비욜뽕20 시간 전

    :0 they're using the same place as wei's oui go up 2! <33

  80. Nemo

    Nemo20 시간 전

    3:05 Jeno so beautiful