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  1. Felix Loris

    Felix Loris8 시간 전

    Focus 🔥

  2. dulguun batmend

    dulguun batmend9 시간 전


  3. Robin Torres

    Robin Torres9 시간 전

    Wao cangri que pesadota tienes las manos bro 💪🇵🇷

  4. God's Sun_1

    God's Sun_19 시간 전

    More action in the first round of this fight than the entire mayweather vs pacquiao fight.

  5. James Smith

    James Smith10 시간 전

    As much as I like Lomachenko, the glaring observation from this match, and subsequent comparison, greatly diminished my esteem of him relative to the technical genius/ring-master that he succeeded. I compared the way he came out against the younger, bigger, and more powerful Lopez in this bout to the way that Mayweather came out against the younger, bigger, and more powerful Alvarez in their match. And, the difference is QUITE telling! Mayweather never gave ANY impression that he FEARED Alvarez’ “advantages”, he simply acknowledged and gave them their commensurate respect. I think, tells us ALL we need to know about each as a WHOLE boxer. Unless, that is, that Lopez is a BETTER, and more FEARSOME boxer than is Alvarez...


    MMA WANNABE10 시간 전

    Yoooo I’m sorry but they be playing mr saxobeat so that had my whole attention

  7. enjel Mada

    enjel Mada10 시간 전

    Khan Khan Khan Khan yes yes yes

  8. นัฐกร สกุลรัตน์

    นัฐกร สกุลรัตน์10 시간 전

    โกงโอริมปิก จากนักมวยไทย

  9. Carlos Ramirez

    Carlos Ramirez10 시간 전

    Y does Gamboa hate to put his hands up?

  10. Lalo Avila

    Lalo Avila11 시간 전

    Pacman grande boxeador y marquez una roca aguanto de todo viva marquez viva pacman💪💪👊👊

  11. Rafa Vasquez

    Rafa Vasquez11 시간 전

    López catracho 🇭🇳🇭🇳

  12. kain euler

    kain euler11 시간 전

    He reminds me of Manny Pacquiao but with more ko power.

  13. Vincent Mores

    Vincent Mores12 시간 전

    Its to early for him to fight a caliber fighter like inoyue should've taken few fights before inoyue

  14. K C

    K C12 시간 전

    well Teo booked you a 1 way ticket to the Balkans.. con man loma

  15. Omar Dakar

    Omar Dakar12 시간 전

    He might be good and strong , he's still a little kid with no class for me.

  16. Polsin Simngam

    Polsin Simngam12 시간 전

  17. K C

    K C12 시간 전

    beat the euroboy straight back to the Caucasus... lol so much for a hypejob only to get knocked out by a 23 year old..

  18. Daniel Yansen

    Daniel Yansen13 시간 전

    WORST BOXING EVER!!!!!! to horn

  19. nas alam

    nas alam13 시간 전

    he will be back in the hospital

  20. Kill3r Killz

    Kill3r Killz13 시간 전

    Didn’t even take the 5 mins🤦🏽‍♂️

  21. Rain

    Rain14 시간 전

    Probably, the judges were Kangaroos.

  22. bareknuckles2u

    bareknuckles2u14 시간 전

    This post-fight presser by Lopez was great! What an impressive guy!

  23. Danny Freedom

    Danny Freedom14 시간 전

    Holy shit is anyone seeing this!? Iv been watching boxing for quite sometime , horn is the dirtiest and most sneaky boxer iv ever saw . This guy looks like he's 180 , 9-10 years younger , in home crowd and still fights Soo dirty u saw him basically choking him n smirking and he goes in head first in early rounds I saw him lift his head aiming for pacs head . This guy's pathetic is everyone in australia blind? Or have morals how can u cheer for him sheesh . I saw the stats Manny landed more and horn just tangled(choking) him and throwing sneak shots. If this is new boxing ... Boxing is dead . Idk how pacman showed so much restraint n class. I'd be furious n they would know it. Never make another boxing event in aus ever again . I think the judges had too much sun In Their eyes. This is a disgrace to boxing hence why ppl watch the ufc now

  24. Christopher Edquilang

    Christopher Edquilang14 시간 전

    JUSTICE for Manny Pacquiao

  25. Christopher Edquilang

    Christopher Edquilang14 시간 전

    JUSTICE for Manny Pacquiao



    one of the greatest of all time

  27. Ultra Instinct

    Ultra Instinct15 시간 전

    He threw the fight boxing is corrupt lmao

  28. Cj Barney

    Cj Barney15 시간 전

    yall sayin hagler was robbed sugar ray ate dis man up da whole fight stop lyin to yallselves

  29. Louie Gonzales

    Louie Gonzales15 시간 전

    stupid decision

  30. Salvador Zandoval

    Salvador Zandoval16 시간 전

    Igual para ti hermano

  31. Louie Gonzales

    Louie Gonzales16 시간 전

    this bloody horn doesn't know how to fight..he is scared with pacquiao

  32. Chief

    Chief16 시간 전

    It seems that nothing is beyond these two warriors until the freak from asia came along...

  33. Lester Doria

    Lester Doria17 시간 전

    Is this Batman's villain? Two-face? Anyone?

  34. julius Ceeasar Bacalso

    julius Ceeasar Bacalso17 시간 전

    kadugo man si Pac

  35. M&M 123

    M&M 12317 시간 전


  36. Patrick Hausenfleck

    Patrick Hausenfleck17 시간 전

    Bud wont have heavy enough hands to Seriously hurt Brook....if A Strong GGG couldn't...and Spence after then im afraid Bud is "Quite Simply"put..too "BUD LIGHT"😂😂😂😂.....Kell Brook by 9th rd tko of Terrence "little man" Crawford(Kells got equal skills...a little faster hands/feet..and a bit more power).

  37. Elias Rebollosa

    Elias Rebollosa17 시간 전

    This is why Duran is my all time favorite fighter....

  38. Elvis Mendiola

    Elvis Mendiola17 시간 전

    Bam is a beast

  39. Bartek Kay

    Bartek Kay17 시간 전

    Crawford on a different level.

  40. kn kn

    kn kn17 시간 전

    GOD SLAYER🔥 inoue the Movie❗️

  41. 251Bianx

    251Bianx18 시간 전

    Ang tibay ni Servania

  42. Truth Hitman

    Truth Hitman18 시간 전

    See, we told you from LONG time, Floyd Mayweather was better than Lomachenko. Bob Arum was chatting RUBBISH ! Lomachenko WILL be back tho. He's not the first all time great to lose.

  43. Artemio Ortiz

    Artemio Ortiz18 시간 전

    Ponganle al gallo estrada o al chino maydana aver si de veras es bueno aorita le están poniendo puro facilito ayi a da el canelo

  44. Venusjones Jones

    Venusjones Jones19 시간 전

    I'm.always going to be the target people are so.jealous of me I can spell it

  45. Team69 Racing

    Team69 Racing19 시간 전

    So lopez has 5 beltz & davis has 7 😆 i got 10 belts my self!!

  46. homero rodriguez

    homero rodriguez19 시간 전

    I think that Marquez and Chavez are the very Best out of Mexico including few more Sanchez, Barrera, Morales and Lopes , each and everyone different styles but one thing for sure they all were (Fajadores) wouldn’t be afraid of exchange. TRUE MEXICAN STYLE

  47. Leeash Clapariolla

    Leeash Clapariolla19 시간 전

    Pangit naman maglaro ni horn ano ba yan! Dumi maglaro kakainis..

  48. Mohammad Sabdullah

    Mohammad Sabdullah19 시간 전


  49. Cody Mayer

    Cody Mayer19 시간 전


  50. Kissy Salinas

    Kissy Salinas20 시간 전

    I hear this story and my heart aches for Teo the the words that are spoken into his life and about his dad of negativity really are disturbing I bind all these words in the name of Jesus Christ there is hope in Jesus for his marriage and his relationship with his dad for the broken relationship between his Mom and sisters i know the violations hurt but forgiveness is key Teo it's for you and your wife that you could be free I hope you could read this and know there is life in Jesus God bless you praying for you and your family 💙🥊💙🥊💙🙏🙏

  51. Mark Galvez

    Mark Galvez20 시간 전

    Mikaela will become a superstar. Definitely see her as the Amanda Núñez of boxing.

  52. Wolf Pac

    Wolf Pac20 시간 전

    Rd 9 2:20 crawford gets rocked , gamboa almost got him , but crawford recovered a min later , still a good fight to watch

  53. el junior gerber benites

    el junior gerber benites20 시간 전

    Esa biem

  54. Nadeem Janjua

    Nadeem Janjua21 시간 전


  55. Pangolinist

    Pangolinist21 시간 전

    He should fight Vaughn Alexander next

  56. Marc

    Marc21 시간 전

    Kick his ass Moloney 🤣🤣🤣

  57. ippothedestroyer1

    ippothedestroyer121 시간 전

    Looks good. Can't wait for the inoue fight.

  58. GDM Charlotte

    GDM Charlotte21 시간 전

    Marvin didn't look very good in this fight. I had Leonard clearly winning.

  59. Stringy-bark creek

    Stringy-bark creek21 시간 전

    Go straya

  60. St. Macarius

    St. Macarius21 시간 전

    Respect to Loma for not mentioning his shoulder. He had a hell a of a procedure done 48 hrs after the fight. Loma is still the best in my eyes.

  61. javi payano

    javi payano21 시간 전

    Buena decisión de la Joya porque iba a terminar nokeado,

  62. Enrique Alejandro Cota Escalante

    Enrique Alejandro Cota Escalante21 시간 전

    Un Guerrero Mexicano

  63. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood22 시간 전

    Horn has no talent at all. Just dirty fighting with no skill. He looked like a train wreck and damn sure has no style to his dirty fighting. Never heard of the punk before, never will again.

  64. Jose Vidal Gutierrez Ortiz

    Jose Vidal Gutierrez Ortiz22 시간 전

    Crawford no es boxeador tiene pegada pero solo busca la oportunidad de Golpe.... Creo que con Many Packeao no puediera ganar

  65. Zavik 424

    Zavik 42422 시간 전

    This is the 2nd time he's told his opponent he's sorry for taking their belt, dudes a class act 👏

  66. 大紅蓮カリフラワーカリフラワー

    大紅蓮カリフラワーカリフラワー22 시간 전


  67. Dinesh Gopinath

    Dinesh Gopinath22 시간 전

    Loma's activities are so confusing. people are saying reasons but I think only a rematch could give a clear picture.

  68. Michael Wood

    Michael Wood22 시간 전

    Horn is sloppy as hell!

  69. Dani Zama

    Dani Zama22 시간 전


  70. Naruto Peloñe

    Naruto Peloñe22 시간 전

    Maloney got his ass whooped by Emmanuel Rodriguez whom Inoue knockout

  71. povang

    povang22 시간 전

    How ironic that this fight is on Oct 31, Halloween.

  72. Jesus Almonaci

    Jesus Almonaci22 시간 전

    Esto es boxing!! No fubool!! Las potencias en el boxeo mexico y puerto rico!!

  73. Frank S

    Frank S23 시간 전

    These white commentators hate Floyd. If you listen to them you would think the other guy was winning.

  74. Dany Blast

    Dany Blast23 시간 전

    .36 seg .... imagínate recibir uno a esa velocidad en la pura jeta .😨

  75. iiCamaxtli

    iiCamaxtli23 시간 전

    The tsunami that hit the Philippines.

  76. N S

    N S23 시간 전

    Toughest test for Inoue? Did he not just have the fight of the year against Donaire

  77. D One

    D One23 시간 전

    This guy has some great power punches but some awful technique. He fights like a slugger.

  78. L k

    L k일 전

    Thats sick

  79. Rafael Teran

    Rafael Teran일 전

    Crawford got dirty tonight!!!!

  80. Rafael Teran

    Rafael Teran일 전

    3 blows!!