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Willie Garson Dead at 57
  1. Sailor Mars

    Sailor Mars분 전

    India Moore is dominican?

  2. Donna Frost

    Donna Frost분 전

    They are foreigners and don't seem to know what respect or manners are..I have 2 foreign SIL

  3. Daisycakes

    Daisycakes분 전

    What the hell happened to her face? And she seems like she's on drugs

  4. Caprice Madrid

    Caprice Madrid2 분 전

    Its always about Jessica

  5. Kelly Craddock

    Kelly Craddock2 분 전


  6. D Moffatt

    D Moffatt2 분 전

    Whoa, what jealous, hateful, low-vibrational beings many of you are. Amanda Gorman is the epitome of greatness which many of your children are not. She's a young, gifted, black woman who had a speech impediment but overcame it to become a poet laureate. She's a walking dictionary so full of the elegance of the mastery of the English language. She's a creative force so for her to say that her outfit reimagines the Statue of Liberty comes from her creativity. Why the insults? Why act as if she's attacking the USA? Get over your BS!

  7. Donna Frost

    Donna Frost3 분 전

    Can't stand Evelyn and Corey...they are so boring and so much drama. Their day is over

  8. 72 Bronco

    72 Bronco3 분 전

    are they dead yet? I've got shit to do.



    Normani ......yessss love her

  10. G W

    G W3 분 전

    Mike didn't deserve to die. Like tons of folks we all know. Leave doctors alone (the US government) and save people..

  11. Chad Pulaloma

    Chad Pulaloma3 분 전

    The View should be suspended and fined 100 million dollars for putting the public at risk.

  12. Mabel Idehen

    Mabel Idehen4 분 전

    No,he will not be happy with out his parents. I don't blame his parents,letting your son marry a woman that is older than your parents is crazy.

  13. jnr8

    jnr84 분 전

    She makes me nervous about ageing. She seemed so much more centered and confident a few years ago.

  14. Jason Ryan

    Jason Ryan4 분 전

    When will people get it with drugs. They are a dead end. Don't go there is the only way because there is usually no coming back. This debases society

  15. RockNblues4me

    RockNblues4me5 분 전

    2 or 3 more and I can possibly watch this show...NOT!!!

  16. Brittany Randazzo

    Brittany Randazzo6 분 전

    Her pending marriage

  17. Debby A

    Debby A7 분 전

    God bless you Riri and y’all ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥

  18. H 87

    H 877 분 전

    I Loved my Rocket Dog flip flops!

  19. Ajax Anmol

    Ajax Anmol7 분 전

    Kill 'em with kindness is in work

  20. Josh Fog

    Josh Fog8 분 전

    Hopefully Anna don't make it. That would be positive news.

  21. L Silva

    L Silva9 분 전


  22. Ryan Lowder

    Ryan Lowder9 분 전

    I adore these two dancing together! They are both so beautiful, talented, and have the most amazing personalities! They are going to bring so much fun to the competition

  23. Gaakura

    Gaakura9 분 전

    “I want a guy that’s like my father” haha yeah she’d be making the BIGGEST mistake if she got with a man like you Ron.

  24. David Bishop

    David Bishop9 분 전

    Hen house. No wonder the Rooster crossed the road. To get away from the hen house .

  25. Sandra Culter

    Sandra Culter9 분 전

    Nothing burgers. I wish everyone would ignore them or boo. They need to go back to Monteshitshow! Listen to HG Tudor concerning her narcissism and his ensnarement.

  26. Ollie☺

    Ollie☺10 분 전

    that guy is crazy and he needs help.....!!

  27. Donna Taylor

    Donna Taylor11 분 전

    I'll be watching. I love this family. Never a dull moment but always full of love!

  28. Ebonie Myland

    Ebonie Myland11 분 전

    You are halfway in the Illuminati cardi b and the Lord bless you with a son I am so happy for you but the Lord said to get out now before it is too late get out of that Illuminati lumina it is very bad and have a good day in life pretty girl that you reach the Lord and he will open a gift of heaven for you

  29. St. Dymphna

    St. Dymphna11 분 전


  30. Paul Benedict

    Paul Benedict12 분 전

    2:52 because you worship the devil

  31. Candace Leon

    Candace Leon12 분 전

    You're a damn fool if you believe the vaccine works😂

  32. Pamela Bass Marsh

    Pamela Bass Marsh12 분 전

    Looking preggie to me...💗


    LEONZ VIDS13 분 전

    Round 1: Jake 10-9 Round 2: Jake 10-9 Round 3: Jake 10-9 Round 4: Tyron 10-8 (Knockdown) Round 5: Tyron 10-9 Round 6: Tyron 10-9 Round 7: Jake 10-9 Round 8: Tyron 10-9 Idk how anyone sees this different, Tyron won by 1 point, close fight but Tyron won this

  34. Lauren Tracey

    Lauren Tracey15 분 전

    Kim is counting her money next to her pool she doesn't use... 🤣🤣🤣

  35. Mahkatresses

    Mahkatresses15 분 전

    RIRI 🤍🤍🤍

  36. Chuck Norris

    Chuck Norris15 분 전

    Cause she was gonna die if she didn't.....

  37. GBecks

    GBecks15 분 전

    No! Rip 🪦 king 👑

  38. Roberta Mahoney

    Roberta Mahoney15 분 전

    Plzzzzzz no more of these bozooooos i cant cope

  39. Skylar Phoenix

    Skylar Phoenix15 분 전

    She looks so beautiful omg 🥰❤️❤️😍

  40. Fany Marie

    Fany Marie16 분 전

    I love this ♥️

  41. REL06

    REL0616 분 전

    I call bullshit

  42. Corina Almaguer

    Corina Almaguer16 분 전

    In my opinion they should go there separate ways.

  43. Carrie Ann

    Carrie Ann16 분 전

    Bitter old hate spewing witches...evil. They are delusional - too ignorant and sick in the head to realize they are puppets being used by communists to spread the communist agenda. They are guilty of what they blame others of doing.

  44. Debra Mercer

    Debra Mercer16 분 전

    Ah geez dear lady! Too much sh** happening even to a super strong gal like you. Sending lots of Love and Light sweetie. ❤️🙋‍♀️✌️

  45. Franco Reyes

    Franco Reyes17 분 전

    I love u selena

  46. Snow Bird

    Snow Bird17 분 전

    Gee. There’s a gag order on her sorority days. How did you get info or is it another lie from gayle king.

  47. Rick

    Rick17 분 전

    Joy Behar trying to continue to explain away anything that goes against the narrative she so eagerly believes in is great TV. Hey Joy, the virus doesn't care about your clucking 🐔

  48. Amanda Peter

    Amanda Peter17 분 전

    She talks so charmingly friendly and freely. Makes me wish to hangout with her ❤

  49. Jessica Mthonga

    Jessica Mthonga18 분 전

    Thought they needed time away from the camera's!!!!!! GOES TO SHOW THEY WERE REALLY CANCELLED




  51. 88TRONO

    88TRONO18 분 전

    How can people watch these two clowns these two are are so stupid

  52. Carolyn Bratton

    Carolyn Bratton19 분 전

    Congrats Rihanna lots of talented artists. Love Normani

  53. Arrest Fatigue

    Arrest Fatigue19 분 전

    Why is this heroin user allowed to be a figure for young girls again?

  54. r e

    r e19 분 전

    Absolutely a historical event.....the Biden/Harris Admin....the worst in US history.....the Great Fiasco of Mankind.

  55. Token Spirit

    Token Spirit20 분 전

    The Firm needs to take back their titles and names. This goes against Royal protocol, to serve in duty to Great Britain and the commonwealth. They cannot use the Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles to promote themselves, or serve as such in a foreign nation. Shameful, self-seeking, no talented young individuals that they are. They make money for nothing, and pretend to serve the poor and underprivileged, whilst Megxit wears a $7,000 garments - get smart! Ignore them and let them know you aren't all stupid as they treat you! or are you? 'America'

  56. Carlos Martinez

    Carlos Martinez20 분 전

    Please go away please Kardashians. Please go

  57. alan kim

    alan kim20 분 전

    omegaverse and even real kkkkkk I don't know

  58. Gabriela C

    Gabriela C20 분 전

    Lol 😆 🤣 😂 did they say it's fake

  59. Navneet bhanveer

    Navneet bhanveer20 분 전

    Mat kuch bhi daaalo vo fashionnnnn 😝.... ##Gala trend 😜



    She is cheating on Kylie lol 😅🙄

  61. Robert Motión

    Robert Motión21 분 전

    not a fan of country music … but Ms. Parton is a living legend. Factz. /Bklyn👑

  62. Karleen Kincaid

    Karleen Kincaid21 분 전

    Holy shit I feel she’s hanging up her crown 👑

  63. ethel wesley

    ethel wesley21 분 전

    Where is Scott will he still be part of the new show.

  64. Portia Michelle Bwanali

    Portia Michelle Bwanali22 분 전

    Hi stranger . Just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you and so do I.❤✝️

  65. Rachel James

    Rachel James23 분 전

    What a load of shite. The wooden cheater looks nothing like Diana and I am so bored with movie writers using her to crap on the family of her children.

  66. Nico Scarpetti

    Nico Scarpetti23 분 전

    Kim Richard's looks great! Kyle's teeth shivered when she won!!!

  67. Marie The Alchemist

    Marie The Alchemist24 분 전

    I love this. Nothing wrong with loving on other ladies.

  68. M

    M24 분 전

    VS always spiraled me towards starving myself thinking I was fat… I hate the brand and what it did to my self esteem… FENTY and RIRI are GOAT

  69. Lawanda Thomas

    Lawanda Thomas26 분 전

    So glad they came back

  70. Lil Comment

    Lil Comment27 분 전

    She's only 33? I thiught she was at least 40 lol

  71. Mandi M.

    Mandi M.27 분 전

    So glad I don't have HULU

  72. nilsa soto

    nilsa soto27 분 전

    I hope that this time around Ben Aflect Respects JLO like she Deserves to be. I feel that they make a Beautiful Couple no doubt. We the fans of both of them are waiting for them to get engaged and married this time around and maybe JLO could have Bens baby that will be the greatest news that they can give to their families and the Fans. JLO and Ben Belong together they fit just right. ❤️ you Both

  73. Zomreative Channel

    Zomreative Channel28 분 전

    It looked like he was actually pregnant🤣

  74. Ricky Ross

    Ricky Ross28 분 전

    *I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money, invest some of it if you really want financial freedom....*

  75. Vinnie Casqer

    Vinnie Casqer28 분 전

    Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars also use psychiatric tools. The assault on simple logic is called "the double bind". Quickest road to schizophrenia.



    Ahhhahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Whaaaat? But we’re vaccinated. Ya, that’s why you tested positive. It’s a pandemic of the vaccinated

  77. Marie Claire

    Marie Claire29 분 전

    Love the pregnancy photo!!.. now thats how you do your pregnancy pics!🙂

  78. Lisa Cruz

    Lisa Cruz29 분 전

    Please please don’t worry about your outside looks. Girl I am 64 and praying for God’s aging gracefully. Too many surgeries and worries are not necessary. You need to keep your eyes on Jesus and forgive yourself and forget about the WORLD and what you THINK it expects of you. You are beautiful, loved ad adorable just the way you are especially in your robe and without makeup. We all LOVE you. Mostly God loves you so so much! Please pray and tell Him everything you need want feel, in Jesus name amen. From Fresno California with love.

  79. Vinnie Casqer

    Vinnie Casqer29 분 전

    There is no test. PCR was never designed for viruses.

  80. Tee J

    Tee J29 분 전

    Yay and congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins from a Jenkins (not related)