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Car Tik Tok is Cringe
  1. Bolia Fops

    Bolia Fops21 시간 전

    If no ones told you this today, let me. I love you. I’m proud of you. Everything’s gonna be okay

  2. Cameron Fell

    Cameron Fell21 시간 전

    We need Midnight club 4....

  3. Ashvin

    Ashvin21 시간 전

    Exhaust, Rims, Spoiler = Pain

  4. Jer E

    Jer E21 시간 전

    The other guy is better with the bike.

  5. Jari Ekkel

    Jari Ekkel21 시간 전

    HE HAS A R34

  6. Adeel

    Adeel21 시간 전

    NFS cancelled I'm guessing?

  7. sw4rml0gic

    sw4rml0gic21 시간 전

    Which garage/house is this at the start?

  8. jayashree patramaiti

    jayashree patramaiti21 시간 전

    Death by fuel is so annoying

  9. Yet Cannon

    Yet Cannon22 시간 전

    Who is here after they saw the Lego Technic Mclaren Senna getting added n remove in the newest update for Asphalt 9.

  10. Adem Efe İNCE

    Adem Efe İNCE22 시간 전


  11. Cameron Fell

    Cameron Fell22 시간 전

    God why is this for EA to do with NFS... Custom Bumpers and Body kits man?! Why does have to have HKS or rocket bunny shit. Why aren't they as creative... 27 options dude!! For a front bumper!!! God I hate EA

  12. Joshua Pakkiri

    Joshua Pakkiri22 시간 전

    Pants has committed blasphemy

  13. Froyo Yoyo

    Froyo Yoyo22 시간 전

    The amount of disrespect in this video...

  14. Fortnite King

    Fortnite King22 시간 전

    theo is weird when modifying cars in video games

  15. Arka_Stance

    Arka_Stance22 시간 전

    All the hoods canbe fully see through, its just the color that you put on your car that changes the transparency of it

  16. Jacob Ravanal

    Jacob Ravanal22 시간 전

    you have the exact same teeth as that girl on Dr Phil who said she isn’t African American but she is

  17. YT YT

    YT YT22 시간 전

    My inner love for initial D explodes as well as my bank account as I require this

  18. anteUP Reacts

    anteUP Reacts22 시간 전

    They should of put the savestra sound to it. Because that’s the Mazda RX3

  19. Kevin Yeah

    Kevin Yeah22 시간 전

    Dude Tesla‘s can Float

  20. Muhieddin Brim

    Muhieddin Brim22 시간 전

    Do the Honda civic

  21. DedMan28

    DedMan2822 시간 전

    8:58 - BlackPanthaa.exe has shut down.

  22. General Grievous

    General Grievous22 시간 전

    Guys for some reason I found an npc driving this and got it for free wth

  23. Ibsan Faradis Akhter

    Ibsan Faradis Akhter23 시간 전

    I will go full throttle

  24. Lin Lin

    Lin Lin23 시간 전

    ricer ae86

  25. Park Plays

    Park Plays23 시간 전


  26. razaur rehman

    razaur rehman23 시간 전


  27. ProdByDrifty

    ProdByDrifty23 시간 전

    hi hi

  28. jesse allen

    jesse allen23 시간 전

    yessss midnight club!!!!

  29. NoobGamers4Life

    NoobGamers4Life23 시간 전

    Theo: “Gotta appreciate the Corsa.. nah it's horrendous" Me: *dies from the pain of witnessing the AE86 get butchered*

  30. Calum Campbell

    Calum Campbell23 시간 전

    Delivery boy livery also changes the futo badge to say tofu

  31. Clever Wrld-

    Clever Wrld-23 시간 전

    Cancel your free trial

  32. tommybrown18

    tommybrown1823 시간 전

    Is it a Sierra Cosworth

  33. Isaloy _23

    Isaloy _2323 시간 전

    tbh it might be better physics side, but it gets quite boring after a couple of hours

  34. SiliconFix

    SiliconFix23 시간 전

    This new update is so great man they literally just took the one idea that really got me hooked on five M and started to kinda incorporate it into the regular online game. That's hella smart on rockstars part and I'm hoping they take it further with meets and track day type events even

  35. Varun Sharma

    Varun Sharma23 시간 전


  36. Matthew Liew

    Matthew Liew23 시간 전

    This just reminds me of pink guys car 🤡

  37. ily sway

    ily sway23 시간 전

    WiNdOw WaNgS

  38. ily sway

    ily sway23 시간 전

    Just to let u know u unlock everything if u have ur own autos hop and u get some things for free

  39. Blaster Anonymous

    Blaster Anonymous23 시간 전

    Now Panthaa can drift his AE86 in Asserto Corsa & CarX Drifting

  40. Azcazey06

    Azcazey0623 시간 전

    cant lie, i hate all his customisation videos, but other than that, he's cool

  41. lightning rebin snickers 95

    lightning rebin snickers 95일 전

    Initial D stage 6th: Theo becomes takumi 2.0 and delivers ps5 consoles with A90 supra stickers on top of them

  42. Toasted

    Toasted일 전

    I really want to see him do a stripped build

  43. Daft Shoe

    Daft Shoe일 전

    He absolutely ruined the trueno and it’s stylish simplistic look. Looks sooooo bad

  44. JackRazno

    JackRazno일 전


  45. Superfly M4

    Superfly M4일 전

    The Ps3 version was great and

  46. Craig Heslop

    Craig Heslop일 전

    $1m+ for each car then a lot more to upgrade no chance... f you rockstar you greedy bstads.

  47. GarySFC

    GarySFC일 전

    If you go in first person you get better engine noises as well



    this car is the only one i can drift with the new tires without a problem

  49. Mushi

    Mushi일 전

    bowl of rice

  50. Konrad99

    Konrad99일 전

    Koenigsegg in Poland , I was there

  51. Mai san

    Mai san일 전


  52. Nisar Mahmood

    Nisar Mahmood일 전

    I hate you successfully ruined the glorious 86.

  53. SE F.S.G. YT

    SE F.S.G. YT일 전


  54. brandon tessier

    brandon tessier일 전

    With how much money rockstar has made off this game and with how bad the racing games have been these last few years. Then releasing a new midnight club would destroy the market and be very competitive with the upcoming forza horizon 5. Just my thoughts

  55. Frostrozero

    Frostrozero일 전

    That tofu looking spicy



    Anyone from 2021?

  57. GBalao888

    GBalao888일 전

    $1.7 million for an AE86 clone. Initial D: Expensive Stage

  58. Jamzz 786

    Jamzz 786일 전

    S3 not fast enough to be any rs

  59. Rusher Spy

    Rusher Spy일 전

    That lower car can put any car or just new car?

  60. It’s Taylor Hewerdine

    It’s Taylor Hewerdine일 전

    It looks like a Aston martin

  61. Allay Design

    Allay Design일 전

    Imagine seeing nfs 2015 charged with rtx ray tracing!

  62. TVIGI

    TVIGI일 전

    Я здесь один русский?

  63. Young Drift

    Young Drift일 전

    GTA: Costume Cars *Eurobeat* Blackpantha: bout to ruin everybody's day. *DOOM MUSIC PLAYS*

  64. I Am My Worst Enemy

    I Am My Worst Enemy일 전


  65. Young Drift

    Young Drift일 전

    The Hood, The Spoiler, and whatever is on top hurt my insides, no hate but you done Takumi Dirty. All Love though.

  66. Adrian Rohan

    Adrian Rohan일 전

    there is btr customization in gat than forza woww jsut great

  67. Arminas .Ehk

    Arminas .Ehk일 전

    The taillight is taken from mazda mx5 😂😂

  68. Jacob Johnson

    Jacob Johnson일 전

    need a suki livery so bad :/

  69. Flynn’s Stuff

    Flynn’s Stuff일 전

    I would fly through

  70. Paradorn Senyotkham

    Paradorn Senyotkham일 전


  71. ga thel

    ga thel일 전

    I bet some 90s JDM still fine through this road

  72. Comet Warrior Gaming

    Comet Warrior Gaming일 전

    When I saw that exhaust it felt like theo physically shot me

  73. Nuwa777

    Nuwa777일 전

    Finally, an expensive car that can OPEN the ROOF

  74. MrThaKing1000

    MrThaKing1000일 전

    Since they added this they should add a autocross type. Could even be in the same area as this dlc 🤷‍♂️

  75. Alex Wray

    Alex Wray일 전

    i wish matt would stop cheating

  76. ga thel

    ga thel일 전

    Next: Flooded road cars in Germany

  77. Nuwa777

    Nuwa777일 전


  78. Disney hubs live

    Disney hubs live일 전

    Do you like Disney

  79. Marcus Tavarez

    Marcus Tavarez일 전

    Is it better then the 8f drafter audi rs5?