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Fortnite in 4K (Ultra HD)
THANOS is Back… Again!
  1. Jacob Bosch

    Jacob Bosch12 시간 전

    Bro his saying fish when it’s a banana

  2. Mhmd Hmdn

    Mhmd Hmdn12 시간 전

    Part 2

  3. Suraj Venkataraman

    Suraj Venkataraman12 시간 전

    This squad is OP


    FBI.PILLOW12 시간 전

    bro I don't know if you see this but you are the best and I hope you know that God bless

  5. Griffin Goble

    Griffin Goble13 시간 전

  6. Mark Xyruz Acop

    Mark Xyruz Acop13 시간 전

    This bring alot of memories to me

  7. Luca Alsop

    Luca Alsop13 시간 전

    Reaction to orange just

  8. Kinky Barney

    Kinky Barney13 시간 전

    Slone: Betrays everyone and doesn’t want Kevin back Kevin: And I took that personally


    YT_ELITE13 시간 전

    Could you please add and play with me my user is TTV_controllerxx

  10. Kacper Smieciuch

    Kacper Smieciuch13 시간 전

    oof oof

  11. Deadset

    Deadset14 시간 전

    This honestly looked so fun

  12. eric cheng cheng

    eric cheng cheng14 시간 전

    You missed the aug

  13. Red

    Red14 시간 전

    Oh epic messed now boi

  14. zarrarfn

    zarrarfn14 시간 전

    This video is not the end of an era it was the start of a great era. ❤

  15. tim

    tim14 시간 전

    1:53 how do you even build that before even placing anything? pc builders are the worst in fortnite lmao

  16. sumrrz7

    sumrrz714 시간 전

    overstands is a wish version of nate hill

  17. Doge

    Doge14 시간 전

    I am triggered that venom is back in the item shop and I can’t afford it

  18. Arissi

    Arissi14 시간 전

    Crying rn

  19. Arissi

    Arissi14 시간 전

    crying rn

  20. Fe4r13sš

    Fe4r13sš14 시간 전

    Lachy if u want to play controller again I can play with you and help u

  21. Zain Sayadi

    Zain Sayadi15 시간 전

    Why didn’t you get reneeee

  22. Danaxx77xx

    Danaxx77xx15 시간 전

    This is impossible to be A.F.K player win in fortnite

  23. Tammy Gilmour

    Tammy Gilmour15 시간 전

    We all knew he was gonna rank his skin at the top

  24. Dyet Kola

    Dyet Kola15 시간 전

    Green👽ade Launchers

  25. Ahmad Mohd Salem A O Aljallaf Almehairi

    Ahmad Mohd Salem A O Aljallaf Almehairi15 시간 전

    Lachlan ur the best

  26. Liam Guy

    Liam Guy15 시간 전

    I got 11 ads in this video


    GAUTAM GIRISH15 시간 전

    i actually learned how to 90 in an hour

  28. Joris Ker

    Joris Ker16 시간 전

    You forgot slurp cannon

  29. Fried Rice

    Fried Rice16 시간 전

    this squad is so fire bro 🔥🔥🔥

  30. Ashish Sangeesh

    Ashish Sangeesh16 시간 전

    Omg love it

  31. Ashish Sangeesh

    Ashish Sangeesh16 시간 전


  32. Dextrous

    Dextrous16 시간 전

    Notice how lazarbeam was there after the win in round2

  33. Catgamer2011

    Catgamer201116 시간 전

    Omg so funny I’m a big fan btw

  34. Alex V

    Alex V16 시간 전

    We were so happy and we didn't know it

  35. FAZZI

    FAZZI16 시간 전

    You should do invisible hide and seek again, because the crystals are back

  36. Atom z

    Atom z16 시간 전

    I know we thought chances was tfue

  37. kj the gamer

    kj the gamer16 시간 전

    What's your name locky ()

  38. Chad Bedderson

    Chad Bedderson16 시간 전

    Nah that Chrismas skin is a bot even the bugha skin is a bot

  39. Jayden Donnelly

    Jayden Donnelly16 시간 전


  40. BipalBK

    BipalBK16 시간 전

    lachlan could u do "luchlan says" it is very funny.

  41. Logan Melcum

    Logan Melcum16 시간 전

    When you have the carnage and venom mythics and you still die to fall damage smh 🤦‍♂️

  42. Luqman_FN

    Luqman_FN16 시간 전

    “Strengthen the corner” bruh if people would should the metal around the strong thing you done for

  43. Milly Wheeler

    Milly Wheeler16 시간 전


  44. SmirkyGlint

    SmirkyGlint16 시간 전

    You mist the og zapper trap

  45. GamerFNM

    GamerFNM16 시간 전

    Lachlan I tried to get in your game last night I was sad because I couldn’t please add me my name is DanGamer5486

  46. Junaid Mughal

    Junaid Mughal17 시간 전


  47. Holly

    Holly17 시간 전

    Me looking for the chapter 2 season 8 venom mythic watching this cause your so Pog


    LUV MEHROTRA17 시간 전

    U should have kept turtle in use friend list during the stream @Lachlan

  49. Aussie Ladz

    Aussie Ladz17 시간 전

    Who else is here 3 years later

  50. X_Slayz_X Gaming

    X_Slayz_X Gaming17 시간 전

    Bring back the pack

  51. 50 subscribers in 24 hours

    50 subscribers in 24 hours17 시간 전

    Read my name actually........

  52. 50 subscribers in 24 hours

    50 subscribers in 24 hours17 시간 전

    Read my name actually........

  53. Red Pyro

    Red Pyro17 시간 전

    Is there a map code for this?

  54. Yayeet Class

    Yayeet Class17 시간 전

    You are so good gndjfjgjvhgjt

  55. jojo

    jojo17 시간 전

    I was trutle I liked playing random dou with you

  56. Gian Mayores

    Gian Mayores17 시간 전

    True i try this and it works

  57. Delmyy

    Delmyy17 시간 전


  58. Vimzi

    Vimzi17 시간 전

    Nice vid

  59. MistyyFN

    MistyyFN17 시간 전

    I remember the stream when you played with turtle that was poggers

  60. Unfairkibbles3

    Unfairkibbles317 시간 전

    "Legend of war" 💀💀💀💀💀

  61. Thomas Smith

    Thomas Smith17 시간 전

    knocked down pawn hub lol

  62. Cooper Hawke

    Cooper Hawke17 시간 전

    could u do an old mincraft video with pack because that made me who i am today

  63. Pali’s Family

    Pali’s Family18 시간 전

    I amagine the armor wall is has unlimited hp

  64. bang sat

    bang sat18 시간 전


  65. bang sat

    bang sat18 시간 전

    This give old vide

  66. TTV Junior Sweats

    TTV Junior Sweats18 시간 전

    such good vids

  67. Nix Music

    Nix Music 18 시간 전

    The og skybase meme. We always love it ❤️