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  1. Techie Lopez

    Techie Lopez22 시간 전

    That was such a thrill!

  2. 23codez

    23codez22 시간 전

    THATS IT? 😂 I'm far from a FLAT EARTHER, but this is the reason why this whole space thing is not believed. Idk wtf the truth is, but it sure seems that no one has ever truly gone into "space".

  3. C M

    C M22 시간 전

    Elon takes his own businesses very seriously, but not OTHER peoples ideas or plans. "I like memes and dogs" - he says. Very likely that Bitcoin will do more for the world than Tesla. Elon should respect it if he sincerely wants a better world!

  4. C M

    C M22 시간 전

    Elon takes his own businesses very seriously, but not OTHER peoples ideas or plans. "I like memes and dogs" - he says. Very likely that Bitcoin will do more for the world than Tesla. Elon should respect it if he sincerely wants a better world!

  5. hazzze8

    hazzze822 시간 전

    And you people's still believe in moon landing..50 years ago ?. We can hardly fly up to 90 km height ... Stupid

  6. J vS

    J vS22 시간 전

    I find it kinda funny how the Mac guy is now the one wearing the boring, business attire, while the Windows guy looks like your buddy next door coming over for a chat.... It used to be the other way around....

  7. Tony Montana

    Tony Montana22 시간 전

    It's going UP that's for sure

  8. Muhammad Noor Firdaus Yunus

    Muhammad Noor Firdaus Yunus23 시간 전

    Will it rise 1 august?? $1 ?

  9. DSkixs

    DSkixs23 시간 전

    Crash dummys this looks fake kinda sus if u ask me...when they landed body on the window didnt move at all lmao

  10. Ian Tetteh

    Ian Tetteh23 시간 전

    This is neeky

  11. Patricia Fuchs

    Patricia Fuchs23 시간 전


  12. Think Beyond the Box

    Think Beyond the Box23 시간 전

    Nasa you guys are awesome, but, yes Mars has rocks. Lots of rocks. How about something new.

  13. Smiley

    Smiley23 시간 전

    Green mind: Oh the spaceship is comingggggggggg in space 😅😅😅

  14. Danny daring

    Danny daring23 시간 전

    I feel aliens are in the form of dust devil's 🙏

  15. Frank Gallagher

    Frank Gallagher23 시간 전


  16. Un Român Alfa

    Un Român Alfa23 시간 전

    in 2024 an extraterrestrial invasion will be simulated is already programmed .. with holograms in the sky etc ..

  17. Un Român Alfa

    Un Român Alfa23 시간 전

    I think it's time to find out ..your true origin here on earth ... I want the Truth even if it's ...

  18. Un Român Alfa

    Un Român Alfa23 시간 전

    I believe that We Humans are the 5th wave on this earth .... there were others before us

  19. Un Român Alfa

    Un Român Alfa23 시간 전

    20,000 years ago the moon was not in the sky .. I do not say it I say the old writings

  20. Un Român Alfa

    Un Român Alfa23 시간 전

    Yes I think the planet Mars is inhabited and the Moon ..I think there is life "and the Sun. I assume what I say, I'm not crazy"

  21. Andrew KIng

    Andrew KIng23 시간 전


  22. Un Român Alfa

    Un Român Alfa23 시간 전

    We live on Mars, let's say people, but the oxygen level is very low, they breathe g

  23. Stuart M.

    Stuart M.일 전

    The hobbies of the stinking rich.

  24. jermain amburayan

    jermain amburayan일 전

    Blessed to see this happen in my lifetime. When history was made!

  25. S-K-Y

    S-K-Y일 전

    Imagine mining in a Tesla lmao

  26. ㄕ r a n o y ㄕ r a v e e n

    ㄕ r a n o y ㄕ r a v e e n일 전

    They went to space and came back in 10mins? Wow, who else planning to buy the next ticket for 30secs space? Humans came a long way since moon landing. 🤧

  27. Rafal Barczyk

    Rafal Barczyk일 전

    2:50 The usage of crypto is not very good yet, but cryptocurrencies in general and blockchain solution has a huge potential

  28. Jay Boyee

    Jay Boyee일 전

    the person in the shuttle stayed still like a dummy. didnt even look real, and why didnt we see them get out of the shuttle.

  29. Awesome

    Awesome일 전

    All fake just lying to the masses

  30. Awesome

    Awesome일 전

    Its fake

  31. Emanuele Avenia

    Emanuele Avenia일 전

    Jack Dor-censorship is a disgrace!!

  32. Yongki Amirson

    Yongki Amirson일 전

    Google YSA MDN

  33. Dess Ibay

    Dess Ibay일 전

    Will have a good impact on the real bitcoin :)

  34. সূর্য্য SUN uk

    সূর্য্য SUN uk일 전

    22000km distance?

  35. Eugenio Pillinini

    Eugenio Pillinini일 전

    Nuovo giocattolino per milionari

  36. Furaha William

    Furaha William일 전

    <><><><> pray whoever reads this will be successful, keep fighting for success, the rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing why the poor stay poor be spending like the rich yet not investing, Roar!! Invest, earn and be successful.

  37. Sayeed Abu.Sayeed

    Sayeed Abu.Sayeed일 전

    I have been using Oneplus since a row now I am with Op8. And when I had op7T, I bought BW2. And I am satisfied with it yet. Now my point is, I am getting annoyed with this tech updates with minimum changes as I shifted in a serial. And for this earphones with a new letters it a new trick of marketing? Bro listen, all consumers are not random, some knows how to judge things. I may be wrong, but I had some cool earphone(wired) at the time of Sony Experia and has some sony earphones that is still in my mind, with those at a volume lvl of 50% I could hear any noise hardly! What was that at that time? It was abt 6-8 years ago! Was it ANC that you are meaning now with a lot of drama? Correct me if I am wrong as I want to try earbuds...but must count my each money for this! Impress me OnePlus! And be that hero brand we got among other brands only for the value!!

  38. Eugenio Pillinini

    Eugenio Pillinini일 전

    Non li hanno rapiti gli Aliens? Peccato...

  39. Swarit Grover

    Swarit Grover일 전

    Do these have in ear detection?

  40. Alexander Borovov

    Alexander Borovov일 전

    Maximum cringe

  41. Marius Serfontein

    Marius Serfontein일 전

    Jeff Bezos and the flying fallus...

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    คุณปริญญา อังคทะวานิชย์ น่าสนใจดีนะถ้าเป็นความจริงอ่ะ일 전

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  43. Luke Motor Vlogs

    Luke Motor Vlogs일 전

    Bunch of rich people trying to play astronaut. Nothing else. There is no purpose to this...

  44. Cil Dagout

    Cil Dagout일 전

    I don't like Bitcoin.

  45. Cil Dagout

    Cil Dagout일 전


  46. Yüce Allah

    Yüce Allah일 전

    İt's all written on the wall, guys.

  47. Hori Kingi

    Hori Kingi일 전

    Elon thank you 😊Way2go

  48. Soni Tomi

    Soni Tomi일 전

    woooi... Mushroom Rocket.. in my opinion it's better Richard Branson's Plane

  49. You Can't See Me

    You Can't See Me일 전

    Fake... It's all graphics. I will make a breakdown video on how fake this is 😡 all green screen stuffs

  50. Hori Kingi

    Hori Kingi일 전

    Elon is inspiring 👏🙌Way2go

  51. LALO

    LALO일 전

    " Tesla never sold" " I'm a pump, not a dumper" meaning he bought the dips. Rich people get richer! Don't fall for the manipulation.

  52. syarizan sulaiman

    syarizan sulaiman일 전

    Hidden gems in apps only for Sony smartphones

  53. Richard Miller

    Richard Miller일 전

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  54. tarrelle walker

    tarrelle walker일 전

    This video is so funny because thats not space. 😂😂😂😂 Don't be deceived!

  55. Seigfred Ancay

    Seigfred Ancay일 전

    waterproof. Desire 21 plus

  56. Ìceculcul

    Ìceculcul일 전

    0:12 o what a joyous creatures never seen Earth before!!

  57. Hori Kingi

    Hori Kingi일 전

    Jeff who

  58. Zippy Thekid

    Zippy Thekid일 전

    I heard it relight on reentry. Like a giant bic.

  59. esketit

    esketit일 전

    Im not tryna say this is fake or anything, but why does it look so fake?

  60. Andrew Warcstor

    Andrew Warcstor일 전

    And the Jeff basils has crash in space 😂😆

  61. Saucey Pants

    Saucey Pants일 전

    Bahahahaha, they look absolutely ridiculous with those diapers on 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♂️

  62. Zohaib Khan

    Zohaib Khan일 전

    9:40 it reminds you of Apple Airpods Pro, no?

  63. N B Classes

    N B Classes일 전

    Its not first...The first is Virgin Galactic...Mind it

  64. SereNation

    SereNation일 전

    The answer is Elrond's EGLD. It's green, fast, decentralized, secure, scalable, and SCARCE. Get in before these folks discover it! Earn 15 percent APY through staking while you wait for adoption to grow.

  65. Jamie Liistro

    Jamie Liistro일 전

    These people aren’t astronauts, if I go on a cruise, am I a sailor?

  66. Zohaib Khan

    Zohaib Khan일 전

    I watched the whole video just to appreciate how hard OnePlus is working to become 💩

  67. John Cheetham

    John Cheetham일 전

    Russians did vertical landings first. See my short vid No. 12.

  68. Mr Yusuf

    Mr Yusuf일 전

    Elon will land in the moon to show whos boss lol

  69. William Peng

    William Peng일 전

    Bruh, people need to stop saying"zero gravity" in orbit. It's zero G

  70. Donald Crawford

    Donald Crawford일 전

    It is all down to time. The golden rule. So much to discover.

  71. Natalia Sergeeva

    Natalia Sergeeva일 전

    July 24,2021 online conference “Global crisis. This already affects everyone” in more than 60 languages of simultaneous interpretation. CREATIVE SOCIETY project 🔥

  72. Gian Loots

    Gian Loots일 전

    So bsv

  73. Art Max

    Art Max일 전

    351210 Ft. is as far as they could go before hitting the maximum height of the Flat Earth DOME.

  74. Don Tate

    Don Tate일 전

    Srry. No way to see that high. Fake