1. 박준

    박준2 시간 전

    Not famous reds win sh××

  2. Glockness Monster

    Glockness Monster2 시간 전

    Can we start giving props to the Mets as a team to be feared come postseason time? They’d have a top 5 record in baseball if it wasn’t for all the rainouts and injuries messing with their rhythm. This team has heart and grit and they mesh so well together in the dugout. I don’t see those qualities from like 90% of other teams right now .

  3. Connor Rivers

    Connor Rivers2 시간 전

    I bet you guys that the brew crew want a world series trophy to go with the city's nab title.

  4. jazzmadison

    jazzmadison2 시간 전

    Go Brewers!

  5. KingJ

    KingJ2 시간 전

    where the highlights tho

  6. eddyvideostar

    eddyvideostar2 시간 전

    LA is where Will Smith belongs for the day, being more prominent than his namesake Will Smith of Hollywood acting lore. It is time to break ground on the Boulevard -- and to take a walk on a gold star plaque.

  7. dra high

    dra high2 시간 전

    An ordinary work by the angels bullpen.

  8. stlcardinal for life

    stlcardinal for life2 시간 전

    So many good options. Cleveland Ironmen Cleveland Rockers Cleveland Blue Sox Instead we get Cleveland Guardians. Embarrassing.

  9. ManiacalJedi

    ManiacalJedi2 시간 전

    Happ looks older than Maddon!

  10. max eklund

    max eklund2 시간 전

    Yankees can’t buy a win at Fenway

  11. Rhi Forker

    Rhi Forker2 시간 전

    this is honestly embarrassing for us yanks

  12. PlayStation Collecter

    PlayStation Collecter2 시간 전

    Go Tatis jr!!! 🇩🇴🇩🇴

  13. Mikhail York

    Mikhail York2 시간 전


  14. Wavy World

    Wavy World2 시간 전

    That ump was on our side at the end! Hey I’ll take it:..

  15. emichels

    emichels2 시간 전

    Take all my money Bernie Madoff Jr., you earned it with that play!

  16. famguy218

    famguy2182 시간 전

    "And this ball game is ovah" is that a dig at Hawk?

  17. GayJew

    GayJew2 시간 전

    looks like the sox found their replacement for benny in duran duran

  18. plyzwthsqrlz

    plyzwthsqrlz2 시간 전

    Houck's form looks like a righty Sale

  19. oxy_plays

    oxy_plays2 시간 전

    Astros all the way 🔥

  20. Mr Corona

    Mr Corona2 시간 전

    Odorizzi and Bielak are so inconsistent. Who knows what version of these two are we getting next outing

  21. mquartercircle

    mquartercircle2 시간 전

    Comments all over the Mariners v Blue Jays KRposts game in June was about how poorly announced the game was. But here we are again with announcers who seem to feel the need to fill every moment with talk.

  22. Mr Corona

    Mr Corona2 시간 전

    Robel finally becoming something other than a automatic out?

  23. jg fxotg

    jg fxotg2 시간 전

    I’m used to this as an angels fan

  24. Souichirou M

    Souichirou M2 시간 전

    2:05 3:33 4:12 5:17 6:55 メイフィールド、華麗な守備とホームランで大活躍。 なお試合は(ry

  25. Tony parra

    Tony parra2 시간 전

    Dodgers facing the AL East teams, so many times with the Yankees, two with Boston, one with the Orioles and now one with the Rays. See you soon Toronto.

  26. Javier Sánchez

    Javier Sánchez2 시간 전

    Great job by Boston's bullpen pitching 8 solid innings after E Rod went down early.

  27. Raymond Perales

    Raymond Perales2 시간 전

    Same old Dodgers.

  28. 12 PackersFan

    12 PackersFan2 시간 전

    Anyone know why Freddie was pulled after just 4 innings? I get that they wanted a pinch hitter with the bases loaded but personally I’d rather have my ace pitching with a lead instead of using another starter even if it means getting a chance to increase the lead

  29. Mason Creech

    Mason Creech2 시간 전

    On the ground rule double that was me in the hat and the old time jersey

  30. JB Austria

    JB Austria2 시간 전

    was that the Oil Can coming in reilef?

  31. Zohet

    Zohet2 시간 전

    JAJAJAJA 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 Yankees

  32. Cristofer Martinez

    Cristofer Martinez2 시간 전

    Boston 🔥🔥🙏

  33. Reds Country !!!

    Reds Country !!!2 시간 전

    Go Reds!!!

  34. Chase Brooks

    Chase Brooks2 시간 전

    I love the baby blue on these jerseys!

  35. Chris F

    Chris F2 시간 전

    Where's the Yu Chang replay in the 6th?

  36. Huero 818

    Huero 8182 시간 전

    Go dodgers-

  37. Tage Corpuz

    Tage Corpuz2 시간 전

    Valdez the best New starter

  38. Angiejulissa nava

    Angiejulissa nava2 시간 전

    I went to that game

  39. Stefan Oliveira

    Stefan Oliveira2 시간 전

    Daaaaaa Jankees lose!!! :)

  40. Maxbps

    Maxbps2 시간 전

    Way 2 Go REDS!

  41. Conrad Shawn

    Conrad Shawn2 시간 전

    I'm not worried about the Cardinals or the Cubs really. It's obviously the Brewers. The Reds need to make some sorta trade deadline move and I'm just getting this sinking feeling they won't. They're gonna have to win the Central because the wild card will probably come.out of the west. They're lineup is hands down better than the Brewers. Especially once all injuries clear. It's the pitching where Milwaukee is much better. Especially the bullpen

  42. Pablo Escobar

    Pablo Escobar2 시간 전

    Dominican papi 34🇩🇴💪🔥

  43. Ted Rowland

    Ted Rowland2 시간 전

    The Yankees lose......Thaaaaaaaaaa Yankees

  44. El guapo del feugo

    El guapo del feugo2 시간 전

    Musgrove or Lonzo ball ? I can't tell

  45. 12陳義

    12陳義2 시간 전

    3:43 nice catch

  46. Patrick Stasyszyn

    Patrick Stasyszyn3 시간 전

    The jays are the most mediocre team in existance

  47. edmasamo

    edmasamo3 시간 전

    That play by Mani! Uuuf, guy can field and throw! Great win Padres!

  48. Aeda75

    Aeda753 시간 전

    royals seem to be slowly getting better but i don’t wanna jinx it. great game

  49. TyRivas

    TyRivas3 시간 전

    HR #100 for Rafy Devers

  50. Mr. Irrelevant

    Mr. Irrelevant3 시간 전

    I'm actually glad E Rod got taken out early. The dude was not there today. But hey, Devers is the best 3B in the league.

  51. King of Fedoras

    King of Fedoras3 시간 전

    We smoking that Nat Pack tonight boys. Let's go O's!!

  52. 12 PackersFan

    12 PackersFan3 시간 전

    I feel like if Tony La Russa tells an ump he’s not good at calling balls and strikes, that ump is not good at calling balls and strikes

  53. Khalid

    Khalid3 시간 전

    Man Whitlock is pretty good eh?

  54. noodles4000

    noodles40003 시간 전

    I have a feeling this team is finally moving in the right direction a couple more years and we’ll be contenders again🙏🏽

  55. nrj6490

    nrj64903 시간 전

    This has gotta be the most boring baseball announcer of all time

  56. Jackson Boeshaar

    Jackson Boeshaar3 시간 전

    Go brew crew!

  57. aneuryespiritusant Ssnti

    aneuryespiritusant Ssnti3 시간 전

    Dever uno de los mejores de RD..

  58. Brohan

    Brohan3 시간 전

    Liberals hate this

  59. Holder Skill

    Holder Skill3 시간 전

    I only watch these vids to see the Red Sox fans reactions

  60. L.A.fan423

    L.A.fan4233 시간 전

    great win Brewer's!

  61. Grant Rojek

    Grant Rojek3 시간 전

    don’t try to steal the hawk harrelson brewers announcers

  62. i am a red sox fan but it’s JARREN DURAN SZN

    i am a red sox fan but it’s JARREN DURAN SZN3 시간 전

    Bullpen pitchers trying their hardest to implode in the field… Great way to get a death sentence in Soviet Russia, but not so much for winning games, Cincinnati.

  63. Bob Jines sr

    Bob Jines sr3 시간 전

    Wendles a backup now? This team is crazy

  64. 허걱

    허걱3 시간 전

    3 Stolen Bases by Harper in a game.

  65. Luis Perez

    Luis Perez3 시간 전

    He lost hella weight it’s crazy.

  66. Haj Jalotjot

    Haj Jalotjot3 시간 전

    Hope the Red Sox can add more solid pitching. IF Sale comes back and performs very well, one additional good pitcher will help them come playoffs. They have Bogaerts and Devers who are young but well-experienced hitters. JD is still batting decently too.

  67. Enmanuel Peña

    Enmanuel Peña3 시간 전

    ¿Tomorrow ohtani has going to play?

  68. Jesse England

    Jesse England3 시간 전

    That ump is great at what he does.

  69. edmasamo

    edmasamo3 시간 전

    Raphi!!! Great game by the Red Sox, coming from behind AGAIN! Good defense, good pitch outings and Raphi with 2 long hits!

  70. Raymond M.

    Raymond M.3 시간 전

    Two nights in a row, the Red Sox highlights have featured only the Yankees announcers. What gives? We want to hear Joe's, Will's, Dave's, Jerry's, and Eck's takes on the action.

  71. Mike

    Mike3 시간 전

    Great job by the Phillies tonight! The offensive was golden and so was Bryce with his 3 db and 2-3 at bats! Realmuto was on fire as-well tonight! Showing off his all star skills once more. Glad to see sugra back in action hitting a pitch almost in the dirt but great job! Win the next few and you will be great and heading right for the post season

  72. CBrolley

    CBrolley3 시간 전

    Poor “Boonie,” he looks morose. Anybody but the Yankees. Wheeee!

  73. Emma

    Emma3 시간 전

    Ohtani?! 🥺

  74. Edry Romero

    Edry Romero3 시간 전

    Devers 🇩🇴🇩🇴🇩🇴🔥🔥🔥

  75. stlcardinal for life

    stlcardinal for life3 시간 전

    If the Cardinals are serious about winning than Paul DeJong can't be playing. We're almost in August now and the man is hitting .197

  76. Tage Corpuz

    Tage Corpuz3 시간 전

    Guardians lol

  77. Trust Fall

    Trust Fall3 시간 전

    I disappoint Cortes why he was not shimmy at this time 😞😞

  78. Kenneth Salyers

    Kenneth Salyers3 시간 전

    Reds win again baby. Reds looking good.

  79. Richard Roy

    Richard Roy3 시간 전

    F***'n trash with runners in scoring position. Way to go Marlins. 🙄

  80. Ted Rowland

    Ted Rowland3 시간 전

    It's sad that the Royals on their radio broadcasts advertise for condoms. No rebuke by the announcers just passive acceptance and endorsement.