Welcome to NeeP. This is a channel about tech support scams and scam baiting / prank calling. The content varies between investigative stuff including exposing scam call centers and their owners, locations, faces etc and more comedy-stuffed prank and troll calls. I focus on tech support scam call centers from India but also IRS and Nigerian 419 email scams will be featured in future.
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  1. Sam Sam

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  2. claire smith

    claire smith4 일 전

    Thanks for the upload NeeP. Your voice always relaxes me! thinking about taking a scam lesson just to get a call from you one day! a girl can dream

  3. J Amar

    J Amar5 일 전

    Hazel would date Ben

  4. Ron Rodney

    Ron Rodney6 일 전

    I am trying to fix an error with microsoft word on my computer WINWORD.exe what is best to solve this problem ?

  5. Maxim Van Loocke

    Maxim Van Loocke6 일 전

    Now do the same, but instead of flooding one call center, do 2 or 3 at a time (if your software allows that) I would love to see how those centers fight eachother

  6. FireGirl

    FireGirl7 일 전

    Great video.. and totally agree with you about the best way of scambaiting.. kudos for you to explain that that only soundblasting and abusing language is totally not effective, and even can do the complete opposite.. I’m in a other community that also does the investigation-baiting.. my bait-name is well known in different callcenters.. the investigations bring you further and reveals more ways to effective bait them, and even getting them to shut down.. we don’t do illegal stuff, as other baiters do.. Neep, keep up the good work 👍

  7. A T

    A T7 일 전

    This was so satisfying! You are having such fun, I loved it.

  8. charon deep

    charon deep10 일 전

    Will there be feature where we can edit Caller id? so we can make silly phone numbers to confuse scammers?

  9. Indiahub Gamer

    Indiahub Gamer10 일 전

    Bro I am not able to open on goggle it is showing error 1202

  10. Blake

    Blake10 일 전

    Dude I love the videos. You should do subtitles too! Could make it extra funny and help your channel.

  11. Marina Trokai

    Marina Trokai11 일 전

    Auslogics and Outbyte are 2 different brands, in the title and the description they are made look like they are the same one

  12. opguy4747

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    it says access denied on the page its saying cloudflare bla bla i will try the pinned one in the description Edit: nope it doesnt work it says error 1020 access denied bla bla bla

  13. Stephanie Humphries

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    Great job Neep 👏🏽

  14. Clyde Reyes

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    1:28 he became a gae

  15. tafoyaerik

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    i need full fixation :P

  16. Saroj BK

    Saroj BK13 일 전

    From Jim Browning ☺️❣️

  17. Modder Paul Huckers

    Modder Paul Huckers14 일 전

    I've recently began calling victims after interrupting a scam in progress and boy was I nervous! You have be strong and upfront when calling these people because of the situation and remember that you are still a stranger to them! Being a kind stranger isn't easy and people can panic!

  18. Anonymous

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    😃👍 Thanks for cleaning my India 👌 Fck these bastards low life scammers

  19. Shari

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    Am trying to join discord but having trouble due to lack of cell/mobile. Help!

  20. Diana Gray

    Diana Gray16 일 전

    This is very encouraging. Great work. I can't criticize the scambaiters who prank them tho, they are trying in their own way to help and tho many waste their time and flood their call centers, they actually DO report info they get IF they know how. Thanks to your videos, they may be able to do it smarter and better. Thanks again.

  21. Blake

    Blake17 일 전

    "Thank you for holding Ben. How can I help you?" - I can't describe how funny this was to me. Keep up the great work man. Omg and then "The message cannot be elaborated" I swear they are so done with this.

  22. Darron Wyke

    Darron Wyke18 일 전

    I think the biggest issue in that second call was the accent and language barrier. While your English is quite good NeeP, I can tell that it's not your primary language and there might be some hangups there in the way things are communicated. You and I have talked briefly over here and Twitter, let me know if you need help talking to victims let me know, I'll be happy to help.

  23. Sarah P

    Sarah P18 일 전

    You have to think about how all these people are raised their religion has a massive influence on them so many of their religions are based on mythology if you reseach it and mythology and Satan and the demons go hand in hand and Satan's m.o. is sex and violence and anything criminal.

  24. Lilly V

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    The very bad Real indian, 2 both

  25. Lilly V

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    Of course they do

  26. Sarah P

    Sarah P18 일 전

    I'd love to harass the scammer who took my money or turn him over to you to have some fun with😡😎😛😉

  27. OmarPH

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    I recomand Malwarebytes it's really good

  28. sacciuchi

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    Waiting for the scene in which the good and passionate scoundrel and the upstanding but slightly cold woman in career fall in love and dance in the market with dozens of extras

  29. Mythenfreund

    Mythenfreund19 일 전

    hello, i know this video is a bit older but i appraciate yours and jims work, you are some kind of angles or more like robin hoods of the internet :) sorry for my english it may be bad at some points, i'm from germany... hmmm... what i wanted to say is that people who got scammed and fooled basically are scared, because they realise that they are helpless in the www they google, they youtube, they saving fotos without much deeper knowledge about the internet, or the technology of a pc they using at that point... they once trusted someone who offered help in believe it is there job to help them, they where fooled to think they must been trusted... with this bad experience they getting paranoid as soon someone try to help them without wanting anything from them for the offered help... please don't be mad on them or angry...i could hear the fear in this persons voice, they just don't know better, they are still victims and don't want to go through a similar experience, because they tell themself they learned from it...don't let it get to you, you do the right thing much love from germany, you and all of you out there are kinda heroes <3

  30. fristname lastname

    fristname lastname22 일 전

    I also installed this damn program as well it's nothing but a dam virus, and installs adware plus keyloggers and collects all your passwords and sends it to its company best thing to do is to reformat your hard drive install new operating system goddamn bastards

  31. John Minor Washburn Jr.

    John Minor Washburn Jr.22 일 전

    Hey Neep, great stuff here. I’m the one who “called”. But it was me who texted and thank you

  32. dijo dim

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    Stop doing that "I am telling you"😀 Typical indian girl's angry warning 😂

  33. AnimationNKDH

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    Why only expose and go to scammers in india, what about america or pakistan or france?

  34. jasmeet Singhvirk

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    Hahha she is telling probelms to him...thats sweet 😁😁😁 and dumb at the same time...ben did it before it was cool ..b4 money heist.

  35. jasmeet Singhvirk

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    @4:06 arse and arse.. i hear no hours and hours...

  36. jasmeet Singhvirk

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    😁😂😁😂😁😂😁 dumb girl....

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    Be careful mate...people are real freak sometime... .i cant keep calm😁😁😁

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    Man this needs to be famous....i know them all man...😶🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣...this is what they deserve...

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    🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁 dude how come i am soooo late man......this is awsome. M.✔✔✔

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    Dude ....dude man....i know these people..jeez...😁😶😶😶😶😶😶 wow

  41. Mr DWIMARY

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    Love your work, let me know for any help

  42. Sribas Dutta

    Sribas Dutta26 일 전

    May be the Police were involved ..don't believe Indian police...they could easily make forge case against you like tada or ndpa & scrue your life ...don't believe them...rather you should have contacted the press or any news channel person .

  43. Play _N_Trix

    Play _N_Trix27 일 전

    Looks to me all this happened because there is no real law over there. The way they did you and operated is a gang and gangs are known to bribe. Man it got intense for a minute and really shows what's going on over there.. be safe!

  44. Play _N_Trix

    Play _N_Trix27 일 전

    Jim sent me here.. subscribed and ready to see your work 💪👊

  45. Sumanta B

    Sumanta B27 일 전

    Police is also bought. Don't expect help from them.

  46. Steve C

    Steve C27 일 전

    Awesome!!!! And, Agree entirely here with the comment about the air-horn guys. Your description is right on point.

  47. Alex Rivera

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    Did you ever see a pic of her lol

  48. Caleb Phua

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    Is it me or is the audio really quiet?

  49. AHMED Shaf

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    You ,Jim Browning,scammers revolt have made significant role in scambaiting rather than those people calling just for prank

  50. Raj K

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    Hey NeeP, liked it. Let me know if you need any type of help.

  51. Ali The Alien

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    I didnt hear her rage? :/

  52. Joshua Gibson

    Joshua Gibson개월 전

    I joined bobrtc recently and when I try to call a number nobody picks up or hangs up without saying anything most of the time, what advice would you give about that? Only a couple times someone picked up and when I asked a simple question they hang up on me without saying anything, would you have advice about that as well please?

  53. Eneksy

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    Du bist sehr toll Neep ! Micro Soft: tere baal jala dunga Gajhini😂😂👌🏼

  54. Karan Singh

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    *Keep doing the GREAT work & also keep BUSTING them.* 👌👌

  55. SkeletonSyskey

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    Great Work NeeP

  56. James Henry

    James Henry개월 전

    Very good content you are doing a great job I'm impressed at the way you are going about it you are making a big difference thanks from the UK

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  58. Party Alaina

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    This is the best website for scambaiting i love it.

  59. John Wright

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    👍👍 i love to see scammers get a part of what they deserve they deserve a lot worse than jail but jail is better than nothing 👍👍 awesome video

  60. Mauno Mato

    Mauno Mato개월 전

    I'm happy to tell that two or three guys who had something to do with scam call centers got arrested in Europe. I saw news article that they became to Europe few years ago and somehow they got exposed.

  61. Aartoo Detoo BB8

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    Who let my comment out? Who? Who?

  62. Anne O'nymuslee-Gin

    Anne O'nymuslee-Gin개월 전

    @NeeP, high pitched noises do have an effect on calls. I have a high pitched safety alarm that I blast over the phone when I receive unwanted calls, and it works. Plus, one thing police told people to do when they got calls from people who repeatedly calls someone and breathes heavily down the phone is to blow a whistle into the mouthpiece. It works a treat. Someone I know call the place I used to work at, and wouldn't speak, or hang up, when we'd hung up, and needed to use the phone to call someone, we couldn't ring out coz she was still on the line (because she called us and wouldn't hang up, the line was still in use), so I got a whistle, blew it into the mic end of the handset, and she started speaking, but very softly, because her ears hurt. I must adm it, keeping them on the line is best, but the airborne could always be used once they worked out that it's a prank call (not a real "customer"), even if it is just for fun. 🙂 Great video, and glad they have been arrested. The police see scamming in the same way they see drug dealing, in the sense they are less worried about the small fry dealers (scam callers), and rather go after the big fish suppliers (scam centre owners). The problem with that is, the small fry callers just go to other scam centres and "work" there, and its easier for themmto get "employment" because they already have experience and need little training. Police need to go after all scammers, big fish and small fry.🤔🙂

  63. csuhdraven

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    I would Deathnote all these criminals if I could.

  64. D D

    D D개월 전

    Wow Dana... loose lips

  65. Jessica De Nike

    Jessica De Nike개월 전

    Just got scammed out of $700 today. Thier website looked super legit and I am so pissed at myself for falling for it. I can only pray my bank could get me out of this. If you ever come across "dollysrottweilerpuppies" based out of "Texas" give em hell.

  66. Krazy Delta

    Krazy Delta개월 전

    Damn nice work their are still more scammer out there plus mule I wondering how deep does it go

  67. Nolly

    Nolly개월 전

    During a scam call last year On Scammer Payback the "boss" of a scam centre rang an American woman to talk to " Vivienne", and I am sure her name was Diane.

  68. Tanya Vav

    Tanya Vav개월 전

    TY for doing this video! Speaking of the location in NY USA where these scammers reside. That''s my hometown where I come from. I'm from Astoria, NY. Stay safe!

  69. Eliza Grogan

    Eliza Grogan개월 전

    This is just wonderful news. Thankyou from the bottom of my heart. Those Trilogy guys are useless. I followed them when another scam baitor sang their praises. It's Pierogi. He's good at finding scammers but will lose his reputation if he continues to work with the idiots at Trilogy. I no longer follow them. Your work is worthy of a large subscriber base. Dana Harris is a nasty woman. How dare she enrich herself from money stolen from older, vulnerable people. I'll take delight in reporting her.

  70. Iamhere Guevara

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    Thumbs up :)

  71. Xburn

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    Nice work man GG!

  72. Ma Po

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    Gut gemacht (well done)

  73. TheMightyZwom

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    I, too, think the employees should have been arrested as well. Claiming you didn’t know is the oldest trick in the book and usually should not protect anybody. And claiming to just follow orders has been used in much worse situations and atrocities in the past. Such excuses always make me think of a quote by Hannah Arendt: “Nobody has the right to obey”

  74. Silver-XLM Steve

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    5 Scammers didn’t like 😁

  75. Julius Pavilovskis

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    i wonder what does scammers think about baiters. Good job on those pests tho!