1theK Originals - 원더케이 오리지널
1theK Originals - 원더케이 오리지널
1theK Originals - 원더케이 오리지널

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  1. Luana Silva

    Luana Silva8 시간 전

    Que lindo vei, não paro de chorar!!!!

  2. Bella Llamas

    Bella Llamas8 시간 전

    I want Soyeon to step on my fckin spleen her charisma is everything

  3. Silvia chivis

    Silvia chivis8 시간 전


  4. Sofya Demeke

    Sofya Demeke9 시간 전

    i’m crying this is so amazingg, victon is gaining so many new fans with this comeback and im so happy to say i’m one of them! 💕

  5. Gianella Machado

    Gianella Machado9 시간 전

    To Moons recuerden votar por los chicos en idolchamp, mwave y whosfan

  6. Serimin

    Serimin9 시간 전

    Taeyoung...gue sampai mimpiin lu gara-gara bengek lu pakai kacamata

  7. 김효원

    김효원9 시간 전

    뭐야 우기도 호이가 계속되면 그게 둘리인줄 안다 아네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  8. Putri Adelia

    Putri Adelia9 시간 전

    i really love mithra's part T_T and the way tablo's voice change when he sing and when he rap

  9. bom lee

    bom lee9 시간 전

    Hanbin part echoing in my heart. This song is masterpiece.



    Happy Birthday IM! 💜💜

  11. Ntsoaki Motapanyane

    Ntsoaki Motapanyane9 시간 전

    Happy Changkyun day !!!!



    9:36 나만 우기가 욕하는거같나 아으 씨x 이러는거같은데

  13. L kee

    L kee9 시간 전


  14. May Matias

    May Matias9 시간 전


  15. Peiper Kampgruppe

    Peiper Kampgruppe10 시간 전

    Desert Fox Rommel

  16. 우현실주부의 일상과 cook 방

    우현실주부의 일상과 cook 방10 시간 전

    펭수 목소리 많이 나오는 영상 찾아서 다시 와서 또 보고 계속 보게 되네요♤ 펭수는 힐링이예요🥰💞❣

  17. 성공하자타임피버

    성공하자타임피버10 시간 전

    16:23 송욱이와 박욱이

  18. 성공하자타임피버

    성공하자타임피버10 시간 전

    네버케이 원더랜드

  19. Chiri

    Chiri10 시간 전

    Taeyoung con ese traje es una maravilla! Sus visuales y vocales son de lo mejor que he visto!

  20. 국밥

    국밥10 시간 전

    10:44 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  21. Andy Flores

    Andy Flores10 시간 전

    Of course my favorite moment has to be Seoho, Leedo and Hwanwoong at 1:23 playing with the plushie 🥺🥺🥺

  22. Holly G. Smith

    Holly G. Smith10 시간 전

    9:43 the betrayal 🤣

  23. Chim Chaeng

    Chim Chaeng10 시간 전

    The fact that it's sexy and elegant at the same time, STAN GFRIEND!

  24. Dalmi Seo

    Dalmi Seo10 시간 전

    Cute and colorful song. Love Suzy's voice.

  25. رغود حماها الله

    رغود حماها الله10 시간 전


  26. Pink Lemonaze

    Pink Lemonaze10 시간 전

    Unpopular opinion: Crossroads was still the better title track choice. Labryinth is okay but kinda overhyped. The vocal mixing is poor and the chorus sounds so cluttered. Plus I feel like their vocals sounded really bland on this song. I don't know why everyone loves this song so much (it's not bad but....) I just don't see what is so amazing about it. Crossroads is so much more beautiful and orchestral and while it definetly has it's flaws, it sounds so much more polished in comparison to Labryinth. Labryinth sounds kind of outdated but not in a good way. For example, Mago is retro inspired but still sounds modern. But Labryinth straight up sounds like an older songs which isn't really a good thing imo. Maybe I just don't like jpop inspired stuff? Idk. I'll never get the hype but that's fine. Everyone has their own opinion!

  27. bookiee wookiee

    bookiee wookiee10 시간 전

    They're adorable

  28. كيبوبية†o مجهولة: ԲƬEᗰ

    كيبوبية†o مجهولة: ԲƬEᗰ10 시간 전


  29. maria keisya

    maria keisya11 시간 전

    1:32 Hwanwoong and Leedo, so cute, pink and blue, it's my favorite part 😂❤️

  30. theoretically_kpop_trash

    theoretically_kpop_trash11 시간 전

    1:41, honestly it made me giggle so much like, look at seoho's little bean sprout ;-;

  31. cool kama

    cool kama11 시간 전

    최근 중국인에 대한 인식이 안좋았는데 우기 때문에 진짜 내가 모든 중국인들을 미워할수가없다.

  32. Anonymous s

    Anonymous s11 시간 전

    All of em were so cute mix and match adorable love you guys (oneus) I like leedo’s part, hwanwoong hard parts

  33. me who

    me who11 시간 전

    The first I notice- minhee The person make me feel "wow"-serim the f*** his rap so amazing daebak The adorable one- seungmin The nice voice- jungmo The best dancer-taeyoung I dont know yet the name of others member. But all of them need to be notice by an international kpopp fans. Cravity so talented! I stan!

  34. ashley

    ashley11 시간 전


  35. biasminatwice 1

    biasminatwice 111 시간 전


  36. tazkycutie

    tazkycutie11 시간 전

    I want a concert so badly because this is so EPIC

  37. Patricia Rigatto

    Patricia Rigatto11 시간 전

    El rojo y monsta x se crearon para estar juntos

  38. Jessie Yi

    Jessie Yi11 시간 전

    6:30 i lost it at “the oysters are drunk” 😂 😂

  39. Muyassarah

    Muyassarah11 시간 전

    miss you yook sungjae

  40. Apple Amador

    Apple Amador11 시간 전

    they're so talented!! I'm so proud of them~~ I love how they put all the songs so that they just flow~

  41. Simon Llewellyn

    Simon Llewellyn11 시간 전

    EXCELLENT. I love this!

  42. MissMari

    MissMari11 시간 전

    The 'tung tung' edit everytime the elephant didn't show up made me love so hard hahahaha This show has the best editors I swear

  43. groovy everywhere

    groovy everywhere11 시간 전

    gyujeong and hwimin always acting like an old married couple

  44. Katie Sanders

    Katie Sanders12 시간 전

    starship made a good investment with all these suits they’re using

  45. Savannah Tran

    Savannah Tran12 시간 전

    00:07 역시 세림이는.. 정말 우와... 그의 윙크

  46. 코난동생

    코난동생12 시간 전

    지영이 행님은 진짜 목소리 너무좋다

  47. Алёна Московская

    Алёна Московская12 시간 전

    So ideally 😥💜💜💜💜😥

  48. rome garcia

    rome garcia12 시간 전

    I love his music like I listen to them almost everyday. And with this talent he deserve more recognition in music industry. I hope he continue to make great songs like for the rest of his life🤞

  49. Tulio

    Tulio12 시간 전

    3:05 killing me hahahahahahahahaha

  50. Daly rubí De la cruz López

    Daly rubí De la cruz López12 시간 전


  51. Sayoko Nae

    Sayoko Nae12 시간 전

    dunno why but kihyun kinda look so high in this performance😂 actually all of them are highh LOL😂😂and i aint complaining tho HAHAHAHAH

  52. Sofia Franco

    Sofia Franco12 시간 전

    Jajajjajaja la retada que le dio Ravn al Keonhee