170708 SMTOWN LIVE Ending - ONEW Focus

2017.07.08 SMTOWN LIVE in Seoul Ending - Hope (SHINee ONEW Focus)
에셈콘서트 엔딩 빛 온유 직캠
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    Wahhh they enjoyed so much especially Onew, I hope I get to see him like this live💙..it's been just 3years since this concert and he says he has grown old,lol💙


    EVA OKTA21 일 전

    Onew.. I Miss u

  3. Carrie Lau

    Carrie Lau개월 전

    Thank you so much for sharing. This is glorious and I'm so thankful for it.

  4. Dahlia Qadari

    Dahlia Qadari2 개월 전

    cheerful onew is my favorite

  5. Castiel Winchester

    Castiel Winchester5 개월 전

    Why do i feel he is lonely? I can't shake it off my head 🥺

  6. 오이니

    오이니5 개월 전

    앞으로 정말 상처 안받고 꽃길만 걸었으면 좋겠어 이온유 ㅠㅠㅠ 이렇게 웃는 날이 더 많게 해줄게 온유는 웃는게 제일 예뻐 데뷔해줘서 고맙고 계속 노래해줘서 고마워

  7. 고정아

    고정아6 개월 전

    감사합니다!!!!! 샤이니!!!!

  8. yagurl lou

    yagurl lou7 개월 전

    2:40 he’s so adorable

  9. Aqua Blue

    Aqua Blue7 개월 전

    2:46 it looks like Kibum is looking at the camera

  10. 5hinee_shawol 1

    5hinee_shawol 18 개월 전

    Wowwww SHINee 💖💖💖💖💖

  11. Bình Thanh

    Bình Thanh9 개월 전

    So cute.So miss you ❤❤❤❤❤

  12. Sara khan

    Sara khan년 전

    what's the name of the song

  13. May Oviedo

    May Oviedo년 전

    2:47 is Key waving at you? omg

  14. Ps World Push

    Ps World Push년 전

    Its 2019 but still here ♥️

  15. Ayesha Khalid

    Ayesha Khalid년 전

    Happy bunny ❤

  16. V_진기범

    V_진기범년 전

    I love you lee jinki! Always!

  17. Nur Aisah

    Nur Aisah년 전

    Taemin is onew's follower 🤣

  18. noona.condition EXO SHINEE RV NCT SUJU BTOB

    noona.condition EXO SHINEE RV NCT SUJU BTOB년 전

    I love you.

  19. delia michelson

    delia michelson년 전

    Did jonghyun intentionally isolated himself for the last time?

  20. delia michelson

    delia michelson년 전

    You can't help but smile watching the Shinee members antics on stage, especially the selfie time.

  21. おおばあゆみ

    おおばあゆみ년 전


  22. Nunthiyawalai N

    Nunthiyawalai N년 전

    Onew....lovely son....smile makes the world bright.

  23. Siti Najihah

    Siti Najihah년 전

    Everyone following onew

  24. Riri Antonio

    Riri Antonio2 년 전

    Nung panahong lahat pa tayo masaya. :(

  25. 양원영

    양원영2 년 전

    온유야어쩜그렇게천진난만하게 신나게즐겁게춤추는거보니 행복해보여서나도행복해지네요

  26. DTK ARMY

    DTK ARMY2 년 전

    Realy miss them 😙😙😙😙😢😢😢

  27. JongKey MyLove

    JongKey MyLove2 년 전


  28. YEAH SU

    YEAH SU2 년 전

    진기 애기 같애,,, 웃는 거 너무 예쁘고 사랑스럽고 소중해 💝

  29. Kim Yunjin

    Kim Yunjin2 년 전

    Onew Oppa onew Oppa onew Oppa. You are best. Your smile OMG. Our sunshine is best saranghae Oppa

  30. Norhaina Nora

    Norhaina Nora2 년 전


  31. Ayesha Khalid

    Ayesha Khalid2 년 전

    how he led full sm fam to go forward

  32. Lie Susan

    Lie Susan2 년 전

    Focus on chanyeol

  33. Nhi Âu

    Nhi Âu2 년 전

    my precious i love you...



    shinee love you

  35. Rara Leeyara

    Rara Leeyara2 년 전

    Nw I understand why Jonghyun didn't joined the OT4 because he already know he 'll left them. ..😢😢😢. I miss you so much Jjongie. #youdidwell

  36. 홍색실

    홍색실2 년 전

    하..저당시엔 몰랐는데....종현이 Blackdog문신 새겨져있는거보고 맘이아프네...

  37. nicky brand

    nicky brand2 년 전

    every single time i need comfort or just looking for something that can make me smile throughout depression i rewatch this video 10x

  38. Nawal MD

    Nawal MD2 년 전

    Are you sure he is 29 years old?

  39. mili

    mili2 년 전

    no man would do that kind of face to Yoona except our Onew 3:46 😹😹😹 and never did we know we're gonna see 5:45 this moment from now on

  40. BakuL Bakwan

    BakuL Bakwan2 년 전

    Where is jonghyun??

  41. Insta Email

    Insta Email2 년 전

    2:29 look at our men yall

  42. siowbl

    siowbl2 년 전

    Be happy again Onew, love your sweet 😄 smile

  43. Jiu Wen

    Jiu Wen2 년 전

    Thanks for sharing! ☺

  44. blythe graham

    blythe graham3 년 전

    what else can i say except that shinee is love

  45. prudee prudy

    prudee prudy3 년 전


  46. Dokchaba noi

    Dokchaba noi3 년 전

    I miss you.

  47. Ika Dhamayanti

    Ika Dhamayanti3 년 전

    watching onew looks so happy on stage, makes me happy too! this fancam is so precious, thank you ♥

  48. thatonenamja

    thatonenamja3 년 전


  49. Angela Tu

    Angela Tu3 년 전


  50. rumputhijau totheworld

    rumputhijau totheworld3 년 전

    Why jonghyoon didn't join the other's mamber's....????? 😭😭😭😭

  51. Lisa Wang

    Lisa Wang3 년 전

    SHINee will always be 5!

  52. huyên võ

    huyên võ3 년 전

    help me please. the song in video?

  53. Pratya Changmai

    Pratya Changmai3 년 전

    huyên võ it's 'Hope' .. originally by H.O.T .. this one is SM town version.. sang at the end of SM town concerts ^^

  54. Andi Tenro

    Andi Tenro3 년 전


  55. 진짜는 진짜를 알아보는 법

    진짜는 진짜를 알아보는 법2 년 전

    Andi Tenro EXO Chen

  56. zihan

    zihan3 년 전

    why jonghyun always alone😢 why dia memisahkan diri? so sad😭😭😭

  57. Fitratun Ramadhany

    Fitratun Ramadhany3 년 전

    Zihan Firda udah kayak kode dia membiarkan mereka ber4 happy 😢

  58. 서연

    서연3 년 전

    이때 쫑은 혼자이쪄쪄ㅜㅜㅡㅜ

  59. stream blackpink Duu du ddu du

    stream blackpink Duu du ddu du3 년 전

    Jinki aaahhh saranghaeeee😭😭❤❤

  60. Afriyanti Mohune

    Afriyanti Mohune3 년 전

    OMG jonghyun separated him self from the other, and about his tattoo, he give so many signs

  61. 류서진

    류서진3 년 전

    이땐 아무도 몰라썻겠지...

  62. 이시안

    이시안3 년 전

    류서진 종현혼자어딧....

  63. Rose Kin

    Rose Kin3 년 전

    온유 사랑해요😍😍😍😍😍😍

  64. Ikhlasiah Amini

    Ikhlasiah Amini3 년 전

    you will be missed, jonghyun oppa🖤😭

  65. Ulya Hasna Wilujeng

    Ulya Hasna Wilujeng3 년 전

    with how happy and hyper those 4, why im so sad watching this now? 😭😭 jonghyunah.... rest in paradise 🌹

  66. Stella Rotunda

    Stella Rotunda3 년 전

    你们难道没有发现他们成员直接存在点特别的关系吗 明显孤立金钟铉 且不知道为什么至少面对面的时候应该打个招呼吗 连对视也不对视 很明显存在矛盾 就算金有什么问题 但至少他们是一个team 很多歌都是他写的 也不应该这样

  67. Love Once

    Love Once3 년 전

    Stella Rotunda 明明是因为他要找泰妍啊...

  68. Stella Rotunda

    Stella Rotunda3 년 전

    회원들 사이에 직접적인 관계가 있음을 알고 계십니까? 분명히 왜 얼굴을 마주하게 지내야하는지 모를 경우 인사해야합니까? 비록 당신이 당신의 얼굴을 보지 않더라도 분명한 모순이 있습니다. 비록 금에 문제가있다하더라도, 적어도 그들은 많은 노래이며, 그가 쓴 한 팀은 이렇게해서는 안됩니다.

  69. Stella Rotunda

    Stella Rotunda3 년 전

    Do not you find out that there is a direct relationship between their members? Obviously, if you do not know why at least face-to-face, you should say hello? Even if you are not looking at your face, there is a clear contradiction. Even if there are any problems with gold, at least they are A lot of songs a team he wrote should not be like this

  70. 美好

    美好3 년 전

    Mong đến tour Dome concert sắp tới sẽ lại nhìn thấy nụ cười rạng rỡ của anh, gửi đến anh- tình cảm của 1 cô gái 21t vô danh từ VN- chỉ mong anh luôn hạnh phúc cùng Shawol và MVPs chúng em 💌💌💌💌💌💘💙💖

  71. Monse Ramirez

    Monse Ramirez3 년 전

    i love onew 😍😍😍😍

  72. ωαƖкιηg ωιтн αηgєƖѕ

    ωαƖкιηg ωιтн αηgєƖѕ3 년 전

    He looks so happy to be together with everyone, his SM family~ 😍❤ Lee Jinki is an absolute RAY OF SUNSHINE 💕💕

  73. C

    C3 년 전

    wow. can jinki give me 1/10th of the happiness he has in this video haha. i love him :')

  74. onew saranghae

    onew saranghae3 년 전

    This fancam makes me so happy...thank you so much 💙💙💙💙💙

  75. luv onew

    luv onew3 년 전

    I can just spend the whole day looking at this kid playing 💙🐰💙

  76. Skeleton Flower

    Skeleton Flower3 년 전

    My precious❤

  77. ahsni batfa

    ahsni batfa3 년 전

    I love him so much 💗💗💗💗💗

  78. ahsni batfa

    ahsni batfa3 년 전

    ONEW is LIFE..💙🐰💙

  79. Rekaya 95

    Rekaya 953 년 전

    why jonghyun not with them ?

  80. H V Arnolda

    H V Arnolda3 년 전

    Chen stole Onew's line in Hope. lol.. jk.. but in the beginning Taemin and Minho were like 'hyung isn't this your line? lol

  81. dlstmxxx jinx

    dlstmxxx jinx3 년 전

    my baby.....i love this playful kid... #onewsaranghae

  82. ILR

    ILR3 년 전

    4:17 is he with someone from TRAX?

  83. onew saranghae

    onew saranghae3 년 전

    love you ONEW 😘😘😘😘😘

  84. luv onew

    luv onew3 년 전

    he is THE MOST PRECIOUS HUMAN on Earth 💙🐰💙

  85. 姜詩那

    姜詩那3 년 전

    what is the title of this song? 이 노래 제목이 무엇이예요? 원곡은 누구의 노래예요?

  86. 진짜는 진짜를 알아보는 법

    진짜는 진짜를 알아보는 법3 년 전

    姜詩那 원곡은 Hope (빛) by H.O.T

  87. Taem OJKMT

    Taem OJKMT3 년 전

    I always get shook watching these fancams... How can one company have so many good looking people. Seriously everyone is glowing, SM really do have a flower garden. Also even though Trax didn't gain as much fame as the other groups I'm glad that they are treated with respect (another thing SM install is manners).

  88. Hope

    Hope3 년 전

    omg look at him :') I miss him so much.

  89. thatha sari

    thatha sari3 년 전


  90. JongKey MyLove

    JongKey MyLove3 년 전

    i miss him..miss his bright smile..#staystrongonew

  91. bhawana negi

    bhawana negi3 년 전

    I wish onew keep smiling infinite

  92. bhawana negi

    bhawana negi3 년 전

    Please take care of onew. When a person smile a lot in front of everyone he is alone inside. I know because I suffered it

  93. Isley Claymore

    Isley Claymore2 년 전

    Wow, all the comments in this section has opened my eyes to something I've seen but had never been able to process. Maybe that is why other kpop stars talk about his drinking. ...


    PEPABONG TV2 년 전

    True.. just hiding the pain inside.. using a poker face.. Happy outside, but deepest in his heart is ache.. I hope he can moveon from the tragic.. Godbless the Shinee members especially Onew..

  95. DeadliestTrap EverLaid

    DeadliestTrap EverLaid3 년 전

    Yeah, I see through him also. I call those kind of people "sad clowns". To me, he seems to suffer from some type of very functional depression in which he gets up and does all that he is supposed to, very professional, so that nobody really sees him as depressed, but would rather just stay in bed all day in his head and down. I had that for sometime, and bet nobody picked on that because I was doing all my daily things, but I was actually dying inside. I hope he sees the light at the end of the tunnel, for he is someone very precious and needed in a world like this. I hope he works through the guilt, the embarrassment and the darkness...

  96. Hoolaboola

    Hoolaboola3 년 전

    Onkey and Ontae feels r too real..

  97. Joyce Fesalbon

    Joyce Fesalbon3 년 전

    So cute shinee😘😍 They are following snsd Yuri

  98. onew's smile is my life

    onew's smile is my life3 년 전


  99. SHINee forever-Chennai Shawol

    SHINee forever-Chennai Shawol3 년 전

    stay strong onew dear.. shawols will always be with u.. be cheerful as always...:):):)

  100. DJFatih93 _ver2

    DJFatih93 _ver23 년 전

    God, just please, please protect these smile especially Onew..Jinki is one person that unlikely to harm people, his smile is so pure same goes his heart.. Please be strong, keep smile and be yourself.. Don't be afraid if you are not wrong, and even if you are wrong, learn from it and improvise.. Know that there are always shawol, your family and true friends who will support u in thick and thin.. Fighting SHINee..

  101. DJFatih93 _ver2

    DJFatih93 _ver23 년 전

    Uri leadernim and his dongsaengs.. They look super happy especially when they went toward shawol...

  102. Shinta Nuraditya

    Shinta Nuraditya3 년 전

    Onew's hand is getting red beacuse he is clapping too hard😹😹

  103. 잼미니

    잼미니3 년 전

    onkey ♥

  104. Wan Alia

    Wan Alia3 년 전

    ❤ My Happiness ❤ #imsograteful #thankyoushinee #imaproudshawol

  105. Violet Lebouf

    Violet Lebouf3 년 전

    Onkey are too precious with their son Taemin LOL

  106. SHINEE My love z

    SHINEE My love z3 년 전

    SHINEE My Baby 😇💕💕💕💕💕💕

  107. Yo Ng

    Yo Ng3 년 전

    Why Onew don't sing open part ? :(((

  108. Work n work

    Work n work3 년 전

    Lol yesung knows that our shinee are still kids😂

  109. KRArtWork

    KRArtWork3 년 전

    3:50 SQUAD

  110. HyeonNem 2ya

    HyeonNem 2ya3 년 전

    2:45 키의 카메라 캐치력은 정말.... 온유는 그와중에 너무 천진난만해..

  111. V_진기범

    V_진기범3 년 전

    onkey's back back back 😍

  112. this is shinee 5 and we're right by your side

    this is shinee 5 and we're right by your side2 년 전

    MISSELO27 by onkey we mean the brotherhood that they have, we don't think that they are a couple

  113. MISSELO27

    MISSELO273 년 전

    onkey isn't real come on, onew is straight we know that especially after that scandal. also he dated a woman during 2 or 3 years... key try to protect him and stay with him because he suffer from depression. he even said that he hoped onew's health will get better...but what about jonghyun??? he is the one who was even more depressed, he used to smile a lot like onew is doind in this video. it's not normal to smile like that and to look happy like a kid when you are a grown adult. I guess he hide his depression too. I really hope that all the members take care of each other after the death of jonghyun. especially key, he is the one who cried the most and he looked destroyed.