[1hour] RED VELVET - FUTURE 1hour (미래) Lyrics [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

original video: krposts.com/level/bidio/os-FzdbP24GG24c
• Artist: Red Velvet(레드벨벳)
• Song: Future(미래)
• Album: 스타트업 (Original Television Soundtrack) Pt. 1 (START-UP (Original Television Soundtrack) Pt. 1)
• Released: 17.10.20
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    wendy low notes is chefs kiss

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    damn i am in love with irene part soooooooo muchhh


    MAE MAE PEDRO15 일 전

    Thanks for this song future i so much inspired and shineday everyday mostly i cnt move'on START-UP"me i want to replay and watching again start-up❤❤❤🇨🇿

  6. Rocio Gonzalez Lopez Hernandez

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    Bella canción!!! saludos desde México...

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    All of Red Velvet's 95 songs are just perfect

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    No puedo dejar de escucharla.❤️

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    This song really good to hear, I love it

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    This song starts my day.🥰

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    Being DAL-MI for a day,

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  19. Conchita Llacer

    Conchita Llacer개월 전

    I cannot get enough of this song. I can’t help thinking of Seo Dal-mi and Nam Do San. Dalmi is the whole world of Do Sam... everything he accomplished was for Dal Mi’s sake and Grandma’s sake...Love in its purest sense... beautiful ☺️! Isn’t it ?????

  20. Glen Tam

    Glen Tam개월 전

    Is it me or Yeri sounds like Joy?

  21. Parami Abeyrathna

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    It hurts and at the same time beautiful.. I remember Han Ji Pyong in every word of this song

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    #teamjipyeong #teamgoodboy

  23. Spyros 113

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    @Stephanie Turrecha she did when she learned about the letters.Especially when Do san was gone.It was Han's fault though cause he didnt make A SINGLE MOVE for three years!!😂😂😂

  24. Stephanie Turrecha

    Stephanie Turrecha7 일 전

    @Spyros 113 looked like Dal Mi never thought of Han even as a choice, was sad to watch.

  25. Spyros 113

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    Personally I was expecting Han to end up with Seo Dal Mi..

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    i'm already doing the kalimba cover of this song, love it sm❤️😭

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    I can listen to this forever thinking about Do San and Dal Mi! even Ji Pyeong!

  28. Dwight Schrute

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    Can anybody can share a KPOP music with same beat as this? This is my first time listening to a KPop (i dont like too much beat) and I really appreciate this one. Thank you.

  29. Nandya K

    Nandya K개월 전

    iu's palette

  30. Louie Hicz

    Louie Hicz개월 전

    try white love story - coffee prince OST - so full of emotions that you can feel the sadness even if you don't understand the lyrics

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    👉 krposts.com/level/bidio/mN6oxdG5kHdxtKk ☺️

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    Idk but this song just fits start up perfectly, if I had to choose one ost of start up it would be this? Who's with me??

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    I'm kind of torn between Future and Running, but Reveluv me is screaming Future!

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    This song's lyrics is like a continuation for bol4's To My Youth!

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    As a business ad student, this song boost and motivate me whenever I study and do my activities. It feels like I'm in sandbox creating a business plan hahaha.

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    1:48 woah i thought it was joy who sang that, turns out it was yeri

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    how do you know who is singing exactly just wow :O

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    No need to be a longtime fan to do it. RV is one of the easiest groups to tell bc of their distinctive vocals, you just gotta used to repeat their albums like a lot lol

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