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aespa's debut single "Black Mamba" is Out!
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aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  1. Fafa

    Fafa2 시간 전

    Aespa fighting! Karina Giselle Winter Ningning fighting!!!

  2. Fafa

    Fafa2 시간 전

    I'm falling in love with them so much rn and there's no way of turning back

  3. Æ

    Æ2 시간 전


  4. h h

    h h2 시간 전


  5. Tiara Rachmadani

    Tiara Rachmadani2 시간 전

    SM mahhh artis artis nya pada cntik dan ganteng smuaaaa😣😣 gak kuatt iman ku apalagi EXO nya

  6. Yasmin Kpop

    Yasmin Kpop2 시간 전


  7. Revin Aryaguna

    Revin Aryaguna2 시간 전

    Go 60M¡!

  8. Æ

    Æ2 시간 전


  9. Kenneth Liu

    Kenneth Liu2 시간 전

    #17 in Hong kong

  10. Doni Brasco

    Doni Brasco2 시간 전

    #15 Indonesia

  11. TAD. Projects

    TAD. Projects2 시간 전

    Now #15 in Indonesia



    #11 in Philippines

  13. Nicol De la vega

    Nicol De la vega2 시간 전


  14. NCT & EXO are Kings

    NCT & EXO are Kings2 시간 전

    Keep str3aming

  15. King NCT

    King NCT2 시간 전

    60M vi3ws kajjaaa !!!

  16. Mhwylm

    Mhwylm2 시간 전

    Spamm secukupnya wkwk

  17. Mhwylm

    Mhwylm2 시간 전

    Streamm terus ya jgn di repeat

  18. Nindya Aprilia

    Nindya Aprilia2 시간 전


  19. han jehee

    han jehee2 시간 전

    pleasee str3aming my!!!kita bisa yuk 1st win

  20. Nindya Aprilia

    Nindya Aprilia2 시간 전

    Black mamba I love you 🥳😍❤️😍🥰

  21. Rumantie Auliaa

    Rumantie Auliaa2 시간 전

    Gw mirip Karina oks sip,makasih

  22. Anggie Eka PS

    Anggie Eka PS2 시간 전


  23. MY_ Ningning

    MY_ Ningning2 시간 전

    Stream stream stream !!!

  24. Vannessa Buckley

    Vannessa Buckley2 시간 전

    Ning ning is like the asian version of Kylie Jenner😍

  25. Vannessa Buckley

    Vannessa Buckley2 시간 전

    And Giselle is the mini Kristal & Jessica😍

  26. cyn thia

    cyn thia2 시간 전

    i fell so in love with the mv but sadly all the designs were stolen from independent wtf

  27. summer hill

    summer hill2 시간 전

    Iklannya Criminal Teamin luv luv

  28. elisa zakaria

    elisa zakaria2 시간 전


  29. summer hill

    summer hill2 시간 전

    Got ads Teamin Criminal. I am a happy SM stan!

  30. Mhwylm

    Mhwylm2 시간 전

    Yok yg maksimal akhir pekan(TT)

  31. Mica Ella

    Mica Ella2 시간 전

    all I can say is "I'm addicted"

  32. mahesa nrr

    mahesa nrr2 시간 전

    Synk out

  33. Iván

    Iván2 시간 전

    I can't stop of doing str34m

  34. Baby Minmin

    Baby Minmin3 시간 전

    stan aespa for better life.....

  35. anggi puspita anggraeni

    anggi puspita anggraeni3 시간 전

    mv sebagus ini banyak yg dislike tuh pada kenapa sii orang orang heran

  36. summer hill

    summer hill2 시간 전

    Pada iri dan merasa insekyur

  37. MY_ Ningning

    MY_ Ningning3 시간 전


  38. apple juice

    apple juice3 시간 전

    60M soon let’s go MYs!



    Where is Aespa fans Let's go for 100M

  40. MY_ Ningning

    MY_ Ningning3 시간 전


  41. anggi puspita anggraeni

    anggi puspita anggraeni3 시간 전

    i'm addicted!

  42. Awrad

    Awrad3 시간 전

    When a debut group can sing way much better than 5 years old group

  43. Esra

    Esra3 시간 전

    This adding members thing can actually be true. KWANGYA: so we already got K W N and G, A Y A is missing and they repeatedly say aya ya ya ya

  44. Iván

    Iván3 시간 전

    I thought KWANGYA was the world were their virtual characters live

  45. Pupa Zulfa

    Pupa Zulfa3 시간 전

    Aya ya ya ya ya ya

  46. fadila nissa

    fadila nissa3 시간 전

    Aespa go go go

  47. Almendra Belmar T

    Almendra Belmar T3 시간 전


  48. 황승택

    황승택3 시간 전

    Faker got some

  49. Mhwylm

    Mhwylm3 시간 전

    Met pagi my*\0/*

  50. summer hill

    summer hill2 시간 전

    Pagii yuk semangat

  51. Jesslyn Villarante

    Jesslyn Villarante3 시간 전


  52. Inesu desu

    Inesu desu3 시간 전

    I thought it had 8 members? Huh? Love it tho

  53. Sua Vibes

    Sua Vibes3 시간 전


  54. Sua Vibes

    Sua Vibes3 시간 전


  55. Sua Vibes

    Sua Vibes3 시간 전


  56. Sua Vibes

    Sua Vibes3 시간 전

    Fighting MY

  57. SM TOWN

    SM TOWN3 시간 전

    aespa ranking in different categories

  58. ts gik

    ts gik3 시간 전

    Streaming terus guys

  59. Hkunsaknaw Layawk

    Hkunsaknaw Layawk3 시간 전


  60. jihyo twice

    jihyo twice3 시간 전

    Karina is my bias!

  61. 소시아이융

    소시아이융3 시간 전

    60m letsgooo

  62. sun set

    sun set3 시간 전

    sy ngga ngerti lagu nya, tapi koreo n desain nya ngga bagus, feel nya ngga dapet. dalam persaingan k-pop yang keras, standar itu ngga masuk bagus.

  63. woojie peachy

    woojie peachy3 시간 전


  64. Queen haters

    Queen haters3 시간 전

    yehh.. tk suka gk usah dngarin kali.. g sano dgr aja lgu ippie.. ippie :-p

  65. Kim Choco

    Kim Choco3 시간 전

    Tapi aespa udah masuk Billboard. Ini jarang terjadi untuk girlband baru debut.

  66. Kim Choco

    Kim Choco3 시간 전

    Jadi sebenarnya lagu aespa artinya menceritakan tentang konsep aespa itu sendiri. Jika girlband biasa girlcrush, cute, dll. Aespa memiliki konsep beda yang lain.

  67. Swiffers Tea

    Swiffers Tea3 시간 전

    58.3M YES!

  68. Fira Nadliratul Afrida

    Fira Nadliratul Afrida3 시간 전


  69. Kite Higg

    Kite Higg3 시간 전


  70. Kristina Tiwin

    Kristina Tiwin3 시간 전

    Thanks to haters Aespa keeps getting bigger and bigger and that’s a fact! Thank you “aesholes” for your support (•3•)

  71. hana sehans

    hana sehans3 시간 전

    60M today, can we?

  72. MY_ Ningning

    MY_ Ningning3 시간 전

    Let's aim for it 💪

  73. Hongyeen Yaj

    Hongyeen Yaj3 시간 전

    58 million views only let's get this to 70 million veiws.

  74. h h

    h h3 시간 전

    Giselle better have a rap next CB

  75. h h

    h h3 시간 전

    Can’t wait for the CB

  76. Azraa Syed

    Azraa Syed3 시간 전

    OK NO HATE. PLEASE NO HATE TO THEM. LOVE THEM AND STOP CREATING WEIRD RUMOURS ABOUT THEM. they must have worked really hard to achieve where they are now don't believe in whatever BS they put up about any of the members. we are here to support not hate. please love themmm i just found some bs about them on the internet don't believe them some people just have some problems in their brain functionality. btw U GUYS ARE DOING GREATE jus wanna let u know although ur like never gonna see this comment.

  77. MISS WHODa

    MISS WHODa3 시간 전

    60M for today!! Lets do this MYs!

  78. Stanley G

    Stanley G3 시간 전

  79. Samantha 09

    Samantha 093 시간 전


  80. fighting aespa!

    fighting aespa!3 시간 전


  81. Matty Killettawembe

    Matty Killettawembe3 시간 전

    Cuma mau bilang Giselle tuh clon istri gue, kita udh tunangan tdi mlam

  82. deey kim

    deey kim3 시간 전

    bangun yu dah pagi

  83. Reina Azida Ilma

    Reina Azida Ilma3 시간 전


  84. My Army Blink Sone

    My Army Blink Sone3 시간 전

    SM, when do you release first album ?

  85. Viko Lumempouw

    Viko Lumempouw3 시간 전

    Figthing 60M gogo

  86. Nerfy

    Nerfy3 시간 전

    Do i sense a dreamcatcher vibe

  87. Fariescha Maulya

    Fariescha Maulya3 시간 전

    Hai,MY aku bantuin str34m1ng yaa.. -From NCTZEN

  88. Joyce Brenda

    Joyce Brenda3 시간 전

    NCT is my streaming list too aha :). Goo SM Family!

  89. RegaR Newzen8

    RegaR Newzen83 시간 전

    @Viko Lumempouw sesekali ke 90's love ato work it boleh dong My :))

  90. Viko Lumempouw

    Viko Lumempouw3 시간 전


  91. RegaR Newzen8

    RegaR Newzen83 시간 전

    Sama haha

  92. Stanley G

    Stanley G3 시간 전

  93. EXO my Gucci kings

    EXO my Gucci kings3 시간 전

    What's copied by blackpink? Nothing. I was blink since 2018 and only one aspect that could be copied (if we were ridiculous of course) is the fact they are 4 members girl group...

  94. J.d Ol

    J.d Ol3 시간 전

    OMG ican't stop watching this.. I need help cause black mamba bite me. Im addicted : l

  95. Ammy Hime

    Ammy Hime3 시간 전

    2:04 até 2:08 é tão satisfatório ver esse take! Winter está tão sincronizada com a música, os movimentos dela são tão perfeitos!

  96. Mi Chaeng

    Mi Chaeng3 시간 전

    97k dislike lol trying hard bashers

  97. Viko Lumempouw

    Viko Lumempouw3 시간 전


  98. ipin mwanis

    ipin mwanis3 시간 전

    aespa's debut is like any other group comeback !!!!

  99. Robby G

    Robby G3 시간 전

    boring 😪😪😪

  100. Kim Bagaporo

    Kim Bagaporo2 시간 전

    @Robby G you even love to mock about RV's mv views and the way they dance lol and then you're calling yourself a fan? Nice try id*ot

  101. Kim Bagaporo

    Kim Bagaporo2 시간 전

    @Robby G no you're not a fan of rv, I saw your comments on their mv, you even compared them to bp lol (you're an anti-sm, I read all your comments about sm ggs)

  102. Robby G

    Robby G3 시간 전

    @orange&lemon not really? im a fan of red velvet for example and arent they sm? is it really hard for hardcore kpop fans to accept that some people might not like them

  103. orange&lemon

    orange&lemon3 시간 전

    @Robby G if this one is boring what more the other music videos? Lol you just hate them because they are from SM. People hated sm for being a big company. Lol I see the jealousy in there👀

  104. Robby G

    Robby G3 시간 전

    @Hasya Anindya Nadhifa how would i know if they are boring or not without watching them?

  105. Aprilia Dyah

    Aprilia Dyah3 시간 전

    Sampe bingung mau komen apa lagi TT

  106. Viko Lumempouw

    Viko Lumempouw3 시간 전


  107. kim pia

    kim pia3 시간 전

    لماذا يا زقات

  108. Mi Chaeng

    Mi Chaeng3 시간 전

    gosh so many group to stan

  109. Ariel Dwi fikar

    Ariel Dwi fikar3 시간 전

    Please vote aespa in starplay

  110. maulidia Switz

    maulidia Switz3 시간 전

    60M today lets goo!!

  111. Alaiza Faina

    Alaiza Faina3 시간 전

    guys, I hope that all MYs will str3am harder and participate in the votings. I really want our girls to have their first win. Please download starplay and who's fan now. If you have questions, just reply below. fightingggg

  112. Alaiza Faina

    Alaiza Faina2 시간 전

    @Sorna Chattiar before I forgot, after you vote pls share it on fb or twitter so you can get additional 100 silver coins

  113. Alaiza Faina

    Alaiza Faina2 시간 전

    @Sorna Chattiar welcomeeee, please teach others also. watch the ads too so you can collect more silver coins and just convert it again

  114. Sorna Chattiar

    Sorna Chattiar3 시간 전

    @Alaiza Faina Didn't knew about that convert box .thanks 😊😊

  115. Sua Vibes

    Sua Vibes3 시간 전

    Ow tq I didnt know dat

  116. Alaiza Faina

    Alaiza Faina3 시간 전

    @Sorna Chattiar if your acc is new there is a 100 silver coins. you need to convert the coins in tickets. you have to click the yellow box

  117. Dedy S

    Dedy S3 시간 전

    Ma ma ma mamba~

  118. Lady Elpmid SD

    Lady Elpmid SD3 시간 전

    Im addicted

  119. Gabrielle Ramos

    Gabrielle Ramos3 시간 전

    97k dislikes:((

  120. Grasia Yusnita

    Grasia Yusnita3 시간 전

    Aya ya ya ya ya .... This is my favorite

  121. h h

    h h3 시간 전

    Let’s go

  122. Stranger For_you

    Stranger For_you3 시간 전

    wtff why did the views decreased for some reason

  123. WithU for NiziU

    WithU for NiziU3 시간 전

    It's cool!!

  124. Teguh Setiawan

    Teguh Setiawan3 시간 전

    Uda berapa kali kalian liat nih mv?

  125. Viko Lumempouw

    Viko Lumempouw3 시간 전

    Puluhan kli

  126. Aulia Ezha

    Aulia Ezha3 시간 전

    Pagi pagi gd yg mau mutualan twit?

  127. Teguh Setiawan

    Teguh Setiawan3 시간 전

    Vote aespa di starplay

  128. Tahlin _

    Tahlin _3 시간 전


  129. winrina chaengkko

    winrina chaengkko3 시간 전

    MYs Vote for aespa on Starplay.. Let's get them their first win.

  130. Injun's wife

    Injun's wife3 시간 전

    Otw 2jt likes yuhuu

  131. Aisyah Rahma

    Aisyah Rahma3 시간 전

    Cangtip cangtip bngt ya ampun

  132. JongHo Park

    JongHo Park3 시간 전

    너무 별로라 33만번 정도밖에 안들었습니다.

  133. Unravel

    Unravel3 시간 전

    Man I feel so sorry for these girls. They're so talented, but SM is using negative publicity to promote them such as with the plagiarism scandals.

  134. Kim Bagaporo

    Kim Bagaporo3 시간 전

    It's normal that aespa will receive such accusation, a lot of groups are experiencing it tho, not only aespa.