aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' Techwear ver. Dance Practice

‘Black Mamba’ hits 100M views!
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  1. 윤민Mɪɴᴀᴛᴏᴢᴀᴋɪbæ

    윤민Mɪɴᴀᴛᴏᴢᴀᴋɪbæ시간 전

    Karina Is so cute!❤️

  2. Jiwoo_ming _orbit

    Jiwoo_ming _orbit2 시간 전

    Karina is cute

  3. Jay Luli

    Jay Luli2 시간 전

    ningning did amazing with her high note

  4. Dean Hsieh

    Dean Hsieh2 시간 전

    Feel sad with the dancer, would be a nightmare to dance with the mask on.

  5. jorge eduardo godoy perez

    jorge eduardo godoy perez5 시간 전

    This is freaking GOLD

  6. Ayaz Oyunda

    Ayaz Oyunda6 시간 전


  7. Yuri Choi

    Yuri Choi8 시간 전

    so good

  8. MY loves Aespa

    MY loves Aespa9 시간 전

    Vote for Aespa on the Rookie categories provided. We need to vote to get that ROTY they deserve. Let us all convert those music shows that they didn't win to ROTY's!!!!!

  9. Mahbuba Hossain

    Mahbuba Hossain11 시간 전

    What kind of dance is that

  10. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni13 시간 전




    techwear ver is so superrior 4M soon~~

  12. Aoi

    Aoi14 시간 전

    I want to see their animated version dancing😩 Like if u agree

  13. Black Jack

    Black Jack14 시간 전

    techwear ver is so superrior 4M soon~~

  14. Fajar Ibnu

    Fajar Ibnu15 시간 전

    techwear ver is so superrior 4M soon~~

  15. Aespa Myne

    Aespa Myne15 시간 전

    Vot3 aespa di thekking juga ya MY. Yukk kita bisaa ngejer ke posisi 1

  16. Aespa Myne

    Aespa Myne15 시간 전

    Kalau msih bingung caranya, bisa dilihat tutorial dri akun2 fanbase aespa di ig

  17. Aespa Myne

    Aespa Myne15 시간 전

    My yukk vot3 aespa di mubeat, gap nya mkin tipis sm yg nomor 2. Plis my luangkan sdkit wktu buat vot3, dann gampang bgt kok buat dpt tiket vot3nya cuma nnton ads 15 kli 1 akun, tp nti klian bsa jwb2 quiz biar dpt tiket vot3nya, jwbn kuiz nya cari aja di ig fanbase atau mubeatquiz, dan yg punya bnyk akun bisa bgt dipke buat vot3. Sekian terima cashh~ yukk sama2 kita berjuang!!

  18. little broo broo

    little broo broo15 시간 전

    techwear ver is so superrior 4M soon~~

  19. Felice Core

    Felice Core15 시간 전

    These outfits are pure fire!!! SO COOL

  20. J-Yo

    J-Yo16 시간 전

    Propz to Aespa, But Bigger Props for Backup dancers wearing facemask... ;)

  21. 紫色的小龍game life

    紫色的小龍game life17 시간 전

    What the f?? 2 month and 1 millon subscribers?? U will be better than blackpink a few years later

  22. imaky imaky

    imaky imaky12 시간 전

    @紫色的小龍game life I'm not talking about You , I'm talking about others who will read your comment

  23. 紫色的小龍game life

    紫色的小龍game life13 시간 전

    @imaky imaky i like aespa do u even understand my comment??

  24. imaky imaky

    imaky imaky13 시간 전

    @紫色的小龍game life I like blackpink too. Blinks just don't like when someone say that they will be better, and start to hate Aespa. you misunderstood me, I don’t hate anyone

  25. 紫色的小龍game life

    紫色的小龍game life13 시간 전

    @imaky imaky umm im a blink bruh

  26. imaky imaky

    imaky imaky13 시간 전

    I don't want to see comments about blackpink here! it has a very bad effect on Аespa



    Ningning is my favorite

  28. Nimmm Hi

    Nimmm Hi18 시간 전

    8m views before their 1st comeback MYs!!!

  29. Na Lele

    Na Lele18 시간 전

    Black Mamba

  30. Tarisya d

    Tarisya d19 시간 전

    don't forget to vote on mubeat, theking and SMA MY

  31. Iixiethepixie mwah

    Iixiethepixie mwah19 시간 전

    Imagine how many times they fell while trying to learn the hook😂

  32. Rianah Gale Sandoval

    Rianah Gale Sandoval19 시간 전

    The way giselle change the dance step...ittttssss ssoo good

  33. HooneyBee

    HooneyBee19 시간 전

    Weeekly best seller rookies albums the real monster rookies 😘😘😘

  34. melancholic euphoria

    melancholic euphoria6 시간 전

    @HooneyBee focus on your faves please, attentiom seeker.

  35. æspa stan

    æspa stan13 시간 전

    @HooneyBee why are you so inlove with aespa?🤔🤔

  36. HooneyBee

    HooneyBee13 시간 전

    @æspa stan No album just floping 😂😂

  37. blu lemoned

    blu lemoned15 시간 전

    And that is sad because you keep get distracted by aespa🥺 just focus on your faves it’s not that hard

  38. æspa stan

    æspa stan17 시간 전

    Just wait when aespa have their album. And please stop being a trashy fan.

  39. Grammacoco

    Grammacoco19 시간 전

    Definitely will be one of the most prominent groups of 4th gen, domestically and internationally. their digital single/debut is already this successful, and they stand out. i’m looking forward for more of their future projects. fighting, aespa!

  40. Itz sweet grapes

    Itz sweet grapes20 시간 전

    Karina and ningning are goals!🥰

  41. Peanana 22

    Peanana 2220 시간 전

    I love ningning..shes soo cute..

  42. Isabeli Soares Pereira

    Isabeli Soares Pereira20 시간 전


  43. minjeong

    minjeong23 시간 전


  44. minjeong

    minjeong19 시간 전

    @Justeen Marylle Anne Roque I see how it is on an account to support aespa

  45. Justeen Marylle Anne Roque

    Justeen Marylle Anne Roque21 시간 전

    @minjeong how to vote?

  46. minjeong

    minjeong21 시간 전

    @Justeen Marylle Anne Roque "THEKKING"

  47. Justeen Marylle Anne Roque

    Justeen Marylle Anne Roque21 시간 전


  48. Alexxxa Wild

    Alexxxa Wild일 전

    this is greate video🖤

  49. Riska Safitri Official

    Riska Safitri Official일 전 💜💜

  50. Kuah Kelor

    Kuah Kelor일 전

    vote aespa on mubeat we currently 1possition but the gapapa with #2 is close and this award will choosen a winner with pure 100 vote so this time we should give our best for aespa

  51. Justeen Marylle Anne Roque

    Justeen Marylle Anne Roque21 시간 전


  52. 노노OK

    노노OK일 전

    카리나 최고 만세

  53. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni일 전


  54. ffjdr ggjff

    ffjdr ggjff일 전

    I want aespa to perform on stage with this outfit

  55. jeno love

    jeno love일 전


  56. jeffrey

    jeffrey일 전


  57. jeffrey

    jeffrey일 전

    they look so damn ugly with that weirdass clothes

  58. blu lemoned

    blu lemoned15 시간 전

    If they’re ugly how about you💀 take a look around and see

  59. Stan Talents

    Stan Talents일 전

    You're so obsessed with them. Stan them. Don't be shy

  60. Stacey Arca

    Stacey Arca일 전

    Karina looks like an anime character 🤧🥺

  61. Amemelise_

    Amemelise_일 전

    1:24 from the left to the right can someone tell me their names please

  62. lesyeuxdeqis

    lesyeuxdeqis일 전

    Karina, Winter, NingNing, Giselle

  63. Nuraeni Solihat

    Nuraeni Solihat일 전

    Attention to all MY, don't forget to vote on the Seoul Music Award and on Mubeat for the rookie category, and vote on Thek-king.

  64. Justeen Marylle Anne Roque

    Justeen Marylle Anne Roque22 시간 전

    I only voted them on Mubeat and SMA huhu

  65. Justeen Marylle Anne Roque

    Justeen Marylle Anne Roque22 시간 전

    Threk-king ?

  66. Niel

    Niel일 전

    im the stealer! yeah

  67. Johny Greenwood

    Johny Greenwood일 전

  68. Kimbery Nicole Canono

    Kimbery Nicole Canono일 전

    They always focus it to karina

  69. Klare Montefalco

    Klare Montefalco12 시간 전

    That's because your attention is on her 😂

  70. auracle

    auracle일 전

    Lol no they didn't, it's your eyes that are always focused on her

  71. Lili

    Lili일 전

    NingNing will be the best girl In the whole kpop

  72. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni일 전

    MY AESPA😍😍😍

  73. Flower Kim

    Flower Kim일 전

    앞에 오프닝 대사 왜 짤랐어 ㅠ ㅠ 그거 보러 다시 들어왔는데 ㅠ

  74. vkook-

    vkook-일 전

    Fighting aespa 💜

  75. Florenz Jrel Lozano

    Florenz Jrel Lozano일 전

    Karina's hair flipping is so satisfying to watch

  76. astrid

    astrid일 전

    lol it's so obvious that winter has extensions. give the girlie something better cmon

  77. Marmar Streaming

    Marmar Streaming일 전

    they all best dancer

  78. 깽토

    깽토일 전

    이 옷 음방에서 입었으면 진짜 멋있었겠다..

  79. aliyaharanjuez

    aliyaharanjuez일 전


  80. aliyaharanjuez

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  81. Şahzenen Al Naser

    Şahzenen Al Naser일 전


  82. Sharlyn Mikee Bernardo

    Sharlyn Mikee Bernardo일 전

    Gissel is chubby

  83. blu lemoned

    blu lemoned15 시간 전


  84. MΛDMΛX

    MΛDMΛX일 전

    i just think that Winter

  85. Amy Mirah

    Amy Mirah일 전

    My bias are usually the face pf the group but for aespa its giselle😍

  86. soothing notes

    soothing notes일 전

    Isn't ning ning wearing the outfit and the same hair colour of blackpink's kill this this love?

  87. hAai HeEllo anYeOng

    hAai HeEllo anYeOng일 전

    @soothing notes its different colors, that's called techwear not blackpink outfit

  88. soothing notes

    soothing notes일 전

    Yea it is Lisa's haircolour of kill this love is same as ningning and rhe outfit is quite similar

  89. hAai HeEllo anYeOng

    hAai HeEllo anYeOng일 전

    no what

  90. Berry Rosca

    Berry Rosca일 전


  91. RJ

    RJ일 전

    Beautiful and talented aespaa 💖💖

  92. RJ

    RJ일 전

    Beautiful giselle 😉

  93. RJ

    RJ일 전

    Beautiful ningning ✨

  94. RJ

    RJ일 전

    Beautiful karina 💟

  95. RJ

    RJ일 전

    Beautiful winter ❄️

  96. RJ

    RJ일 전

    I love aespaaaa ✨✨✨😊

  97. Iji Ya

    Iji Ya일 전

    I love Aespa, they are really a Monster Rookie, but how dare people compare them to BI4CKPlNK ?? They are not even close to Red velvet for now. And btw, no one said that Aespa copying Bl4CKPlNK okay! Haters are just making both fandom into wars. But they cant because there are a lot of Blinkmy

  98. Taehyung's bae

    Taehyung's bae일 전

    Your group is not the standard ,also relax

  99. Iji Ya

    Iji Ya일 전

    I love Aespa, they are really a Monster Rookie, but how dare people compare them to BI4CKPlNK ?? They are not even close to Red velvet for now.

  100. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni일 전


  101. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni일 전


  102. Tiara Zamroni

    Tiara Zamroni일 전


  103. Zahra Aulia Ramadhani

    Zahra Aulia Ramadhani일 전

    MYs keep str3am pls! Vote aespa on SMA & MUBEAT too! Dont be lazy fandom!!!




  105. æspa stan

    æspa stan일 전

    MYs don't be lazy, vote in SMA and MUBEAT. Don't waste time MYs

  106. Marselno Tatipikalawan

    Marselno Tatipikalawan일 전

    Can someone tell me what they say in the beginning? I live for Karina & Winter's moment. They are so funny xD

  107. Airesh Arenoy Montes

    Airesh Arenoy Montes일 전

    taeyeon sobrang galing nang dalawa mong daughters, karina and winter!!!!

  108. Ari

    Ari2 일 전

    the song is nice but they’re not very exciting. there’s not much difference between them and other basic girl groups tbh.

  109. blu lemoned

    blu lemoned15 시간 전

    Wdym about *”there’s not much difference between them and other basic girl groups”* ? Do you think they’re robot girl groups or what like💀... the audacity callin other gg are *”basic”* they are trained for years not just to being called by idk who you are bAsIC. They have their own charm lmao just say you hate aespa and go

  110. Taehyung's bae

    Taehyung's bae일 전

    Then leave??

  111. MISS WHODa

    MISS WHODa2 일 전


  112. أنا أحب القرأن

    أنا أحب القرأن2 일 전

    Yang indo, jangan lupakan lagu khas Indonesia cuma karena lagu di masa depan "lebih bagus" daripada lagu Indonesia dulu :(

  113. Roysa Baby

    Roysa Baby2 일 전

    Powerful girls hands up🔥

  114. mnosh.7 Ren

    mnosh.7 Ren2 일 전


  115. Foodie cool

    Foodie cool2 일 전

    When Karina slapped winter, cuuute

  116. MA Cado

    MA Cado2 일 전

    윈터 이쁘다. ㅎ

  117. no jamjam

    no jamjam2 일 전

    their body proportion is just ✨majestic ✨

  118. Taehyung's bae

    Taehyung's bae2 일 전

    5M !!💪

  119. • tyongf

    • tyongf2 일 전

    Ningning is so pretty🥺

  120. olivia priskha

    olivia priskha2 일 전

    what is teachwear? i dont get it

  121. Alba

    Alba2 일 전

    WTF SM! Ningning's hair looks horrible! Not only in this video, in some other performances too, it looks like you take some of Winter's blue hair extensions and you give them to Ningning, please make more effort!

  122. Maritza Ferrer

    Maritza Ferrer2 일 전

    a part of the choreography looks like one of superm's choreography :0

  123. meruert madievna

    meruert madievna2 일 전

    winter's visuals are unreal...

  124. shangz crepe

    shangz crepe2 일 전

    Did you all noticed they spoil some part of their first comeback?😂

  125. Brigette of aespa SM

    Brigette of aespa SM2 일 전

    Lets gooo 3.2M ✓

  126. richard johnson

    richard johnson2 일 전

    That was good!

  127. PPOP x KPOP

    PPOP x KPOP2 일 전

    Our next goals before the comeback. MAKE THIS aespa CHANNEL REACHED 2 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!

  128. Namisu Su

    Namisu Su2 일 전


  129. Mihyung das Banana ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Mihyung das Banana ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ2 일 전

    O pessoal que deu dislike tem problemas sérios 👁👄👁💅

  130. HanMae Paints

    HanMae Paints2 일 전

    *"Let's all wear long sleeves and not tell Winter"* Stream Black Mamba official mv ya'll! Let's try to hit 200 M views as a gift for their hardwork. ILoveYou MYs!

  131. UniKornzPlay Roblox

    UniKornzPlay Roblox6 시간 전

    Ever since we hit 100 million the views are moving slowly lrts keep streaming and let's vote in sma and mubeat