Alicia Keys & John Mayer - If I ain't got you - Gravity (Better audio quality)

Alicia Keys and John Mayer Times Square 10/9/16

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  1. Tele Opinions

    Tele Opinions2 년 전

    You can tell that Alicia, John, backup singers and musicians love what they do. There's no faking that.

  2. anthony roche

    anthony roche

    This song really made me appreciate the impact a good drummer has on a song. The beat doesn't sound that complicated, but I wouldn't want it to be any more than it is. The timing and every stroke is impeccable. Doesn't overpower the song, it's perfect.

  3. Natalie Edwards

    Natalie Edwards9 시간 전

    This gave me goosebumps, feeling so emotional right now. 2021. Some people want it all........but everything is nothing if I ain’t got you.

  4. gwingcommander


    the intimacy of her performance is striking. She's in the middle of Times Square surrounding by thousands of people, but the way she gently croons into the microphone across those first few bars makes you feel like she's singing just to you. It's gentle and delicate, before striking a high note just as a warning shot of how powerful her voice really is

  5. Sergio diaz pinda

    Sergio diaz pinda21 일 전

    Increíblemente Bello, se ve como todos disfrutan a concho de la magia que lograron, momento único.!!!

  6. Joe Solo un ciudadano

    Joe Solo un ciudadano21 일 전

    La 35 vez que la oigo es un calmante al estrés, mi hija la canta y es padre , Alicia se me hace como ja hija gigante y su rostro es angelical es hermoso, John tipaso humildad de persona y la perfección en toda la banda, excelso, excelso.

  7. Jeff Castillo

    Jeff Castillo2 년 전

    This sounds so unrehearsed and that makes it beautiful. Its blowing my mind how well everything is flowing.

  8. Doc Tow

    Doc Tow

    Esta interpretación es una locura. Todo el mundo está a un nivel insuperable; les salió perfecto y con la esencia de ser un ejercicio entre colegas...disfrutándolo.

  9. Daniela Itida

    Daniela Itida

    perfeição em forma de música!

  10. Fish Fart

    Fish Fart

    Its crazy how many people come back to this everyday... this song is masterpiece!

  11. noufru1


    This is one of my favorite mashups duets ever by two amazing talented artists, such a striking piece of art. I love this so much and I go back to it all the time. The way John Mayer plays his guitar at the end of the song, seems so consumed by music and feels it to the core. I resonate with that. So beautifully done and captured

  12. Alan Pritchard

    Alan Pritchard

    I'm 62, I've heard a ton of music, but nothing quite like this. John & Alicia blend their voices perfectly. What a collaboration... 2 brilliant musicians playing hard-to-reproduce superb music! (Goosebump Central!)

  13. Mububban23

    Mububban233 년 전

    Besides being ridiculously talented, Alicia Keys just looks like the nicest sweetest person in the entire world :-)

  14. Mastinz 10k

    Mastinz 10k

    It’s incridible the energy within this performace!!! Amazing!!!

  15. Carola Fernandes

    Carola Fernandes

    Coisa linda!

  16. DJ Rodrigo Elias

    DJ Rodrigo Elias19 시간 전

    simplesmente perfeito😍

  17. Michelle Hui

    Michelle Hui일 전

    Honestly, the way she just smiles, you can really how in the moment she is. GOD, it makes me smile whenever I come back to this video. Just absolutely raw passion and talent. What an outstanding performance 😍

  18. rob S

    rob S

    Three of the most talented musicians on one stage. They have to do more of these. Such pure love for the music.

  19. Matthew Gioiosi

    Matthew Gioiosi2 년 전

    This is by far one of the best live collabs in the history of music

  20. Mike Magana

    Mike Magana21 일 전

    This kind of music fuels my soul and calms my mind. Love it.