[Artist Of The Month] 'Watermelon Sugar' X 'BLOW' covered by TXT YEONJUN(연준) | July 2021 (4K)

[Artist Of The Month] Harry Styles 'Watermelon Sugar' \u0026 Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton 'BLOW' covered by TXT YEONJUN
[아티스트 오브 더 먼스] Harry Styles 'Watermelon Sugar' \u0026 Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton 'BLOW' covered by TXT 연준

7월의 아티스트로 돌아온 빅전연 최연준🙆
춤출 때 날아다닌다는 거.. 바로 이거거든..
( 1:58 ) 연준이가 또 스춤 찢었네( ˘ ³˘)

* Original Track
- Harry Styles 'Watermelon Sugar'
- Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Chris Stapleton 'BLOW'
* Choreographer: Son Sung Deuk, Lee Byung Eun
* Dancer: TED, BLACK.Q, KINKY, BONO_RYU, jjongii, Myungchul Joh, lily, chemi
* Acrobatic: Baek jae woo, Cho nam gyu, Lee woo bok, Lee jin soo

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    Türk yok mu lan

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    Tubatu TXT6 분 전

    97k to 5m

  6. miniyeonjunie

    miniyeonjunie8 분 전

    We have a new goals for this ! Fastest to 10millions ?? YES WE CAN MOA PLS STRM HARDER

  7. Esra Tekine

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    Dudağında bir şey kalmış yeğennn

  8. Senah

    Senah9 분 전

    less than 100k until we reach 5M. Fighting MOAs!!!

  9. Hueningkai Will Leave TXT

    Hueningkai Will Leave TXT22 분 전

    Forget Artist Of The Month he doesn't even deserve to be Artist of The Day. No dancing skills just twerking with stupid facial expressions & vibes.

  10. Arshia Ayan

    Arshia Ayan10 분 전

    can YOU dance? He is the artist of the Year for me

  11. Jin Ikigai

    Jin Ikigai11 분 전

    Okay troll thank you for the views ~ I beg you to look up what twerking is because Yeonjun didn't twerk in this performance lmao

  12. 토끼수빈

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    You're untalented your opinion doesn't matter

  13. Blink 4ever

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    If u hate someone don't hurt their feelings. Anyway He is better than u

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  15. Presley

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    can't stop watching this !

  16. char b

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    MOA we are now less than 100,000 away from 5M!! please don't give up now! thank you for your hardwork

  17. Hueningkai Will Leave TXT

    Hueningkai Will Leave TXT25 분 전

    As a neutral I can say that Hyunjin & San are better than Yeonjun. Its a fact so pls don't @ me.

  18. xiangling

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    best boy

  19. Pratita Ayu

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  20. Glitterbeards 11

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    I’ve watched this 4 times and it’s even better each time

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    Good morning foxy queens

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    iya bro ganteng

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    Im proud of you ^^

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    Ay askm mükemmelsin

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    😳Welp shxttt

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    please keep on str3aming yeonjun aotm, use as filler to stre@m 0X1 !!! he deserves more than this

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  29. ShamSham

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    He absolutely BODIED this

  30. Andrea Arias

    Andrea Arias59 분 전

    Necesitamos un mínimo de 10M para el comeback Por favor pongan de su parte Compartan si no pueden reproducir todo el tiempo Sobretodo em twitter podemos hacerlo viral y que harry styles lo vea por ejemplo O Ed Sheeran

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    Never get tired of watching this!!

  33. S.esfandyari

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    Man i thought by the time i wake up this would at least reach 4.9m... where are moas??

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    Keep str3aming

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    103k to 5M

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    darling semangat ya

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    I will never get tired of telling you how much I am proud of you!

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    He is a legendary trainee for a reason

  42. Adrielle Chiaki

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    We didnt get 5 million views in one week, but lets keep streaming, LETS GET 10 MILLION VIEWS FOR YEONJUN!!! Moas, fighting!

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    the coolest

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    choi yeonjun is the definition of cool istg

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    let's keep streaming moas🙏🏻❤️

  48. Nana

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    Come on moa hit 5 million

  49. YeOut_Cookie

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    when will they released yeonjun choreo record and fancam???

  50. anzia lenie

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    They will release it later at 11pm kst i guess.during yeonjun’s vlive he mentioned it july24

  51. choi yeonjunwon

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    At 11pm in kst today

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    this is my addiction.

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    Yeonjun is so awesome

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    this guy's a crazy good performer damnnnn

  57. Junnie 913

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    Maybe we can't make our 5M on time but we can make yeonjun faster AOTM performance to reach 1M likes!!!! y3j1 take 3 months to reach 1M likes!!!

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    he’s so cool

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    108k left bfore 5M vi3w!!! 8k gap to 4.9M

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    We can do it!!!

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    9k to 4.9m

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    We are so close to the goal MOAs. Fighting!!!!!

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    Yeonjun just exudes this aura that shouts "LOOK AT ME"

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    Don't stop 5treaming!

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    !!!!!! 109k left !!!!

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    We so close to 4.9M!!

  69. Junnie 913

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    109k left

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    always best

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  72. Garsyta Firgasari

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    I'll never give up on you can't wait for your upcoming amazing performance on august 17

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    esto debería de tener por lo menos 10millones

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    taste like strawberries~

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    Keren bangeeeet, buset dah

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    Omg esto es magia baila genial aparte los efectos visuales todo en general es realmente magia ame el mv 💕💕💕💕

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    111k left

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    Bro i feel illegal to watch this-

  84. Carnessa Billyza

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    Moa, we need to work hard. Yeonjun practice all day, pushing himself so much just for not giving a bad performance for us. We have payback for it, aren't we? So let's str3am harder, don't forget to watch Youngblood Hueningkai cover and Dear Sputnik audio to

  85. AleXtrA

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  86. once you are a stay you have tha stay

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    m jus gonna spam

  87. once you are a stay you have tha stay

    once you are a stay you have tha stay2 시간 전

    well well

  88. minky

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    we all know how hard he worked and prepared for this. no one's gonna do it like 4th gen it boy 🔥

  89. 9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려

    9와 4분의 3 승강장에서 너를 기다려2 시간 전

    Come on,we set a new goal for his AOTM now. Get to 10M in less than 27 days. We have to break a new record. He worked so hard for this.

  90. anzia lenie

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    Yes please let’s do this

  91. Andy Castrejon

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    Hoy tiene q llegar a 5.4m SI SE PUEDEEE

  92. Magan Sarahlenne

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    Because of yeonjun I found that water melon sugar is a masterpiece too.

  93. Aliyah Saad

    Aliyah Saad2 시간 전

    Magic on studio choom less view than this. It's means, yeonjun really nail it. I'm watched reaction for this cover, most of them positively comment on yeonjun and impresse with his performance.

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    4.887.502 ^o^

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    y in yeonjun stands for yEONJUN 4TH GEN IT BOY

  96. Yeon bibi

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    Yeonjun is my role model when it comes to dancing. My respect for him even become higher when I got to know how hardworking he is. He doesn't stop progressing, he keeps on moving forward, doesn't hesitate to learn things he doesn't know and practices hard in order to master what he lacks. That's what I really admire about him.

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    14k to 4.9m

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    114k left

  100. Mar

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    Remember yeonjun was so mentally and physically exhausted while preparing for this and he was so excited to share it w us so please keep streaming, he deserves it

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    so much talent