ATEEZ(에이티즈) - ‘Deja Vu’ Official MV

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Release Date: 2021. 9. 13. 6PM (KST)

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  1. dollyeos

    dollyeos53 초 전

    lets work hard for them!

  2. Wenna Diniz

    Wenna Diniz분 전

    queria 25M hj mas querer não é poder então até os 21M ta longe

  3. don allan omega

    don allan omega2 분 전


  4. Andriana Nea

    Andriana Nea3 분 전


  5. komochi

    komochi5 분 전

    Sounds like gold

  6. M Rivera

    M Rivera6 분 전

    Here a Choice to tell you this song is fireeee, love them

  7. Shalom acham

    Shalom acham8 분 전

    Off to bed for now, continue with the good work Atinys, lots of love

  8. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy7 분 전

    Thanxx, dear. Sweet dreams ♡♡♡

  9. Firuze Hanım'n Kepçük Loey' i

    Firuze Hanım'n Kepçük Loey' i10 분 전

    Jessie izlemişken bir daha gelelim dedik, Hi Baby. :3

  10. Mari T JuHer

    Mari T JuHer11 분 전

    Sigamos atiny! Vamos por más, no te rindas, ateez te ama siempre asi que no des todo por perdido, animo

  11. Britney Prieto

    Britney Prieto12 분 전

    Ya casi llegamos a los 21M

  12. Zeeta Atiny

    Zeeta Atiny13 분 전

    Atinys, todavía confío en ti, se que jamas me decepcionaras esto no es nada para ti, por favor no desistas en el stre4m. Fighting!!!!!!!.

  13. Pxtricix2

    Pxtricix215 분 전

    idk if i'm overreacted or what.. but i still dont believe they have such a huuge duality like this ㅠㅠ

  14. Marina Domínguez Cota

    Marina Domínguez Cota16 분 전

    First time with this group, and they’re soo cool 🙌🏻💜

  15. Jessica Galeano

    Jessica Galeano18 분 전

    Amo esta canción

  16. Lele Stefany

    Lele Stefany19 분 전

    Atiny gajaaaa

  17. Of Nightside

    Of Nightside20 분 전

    the lyrics are so poetic and sensual i love it sfm

  18. Shemariah Maher

    Shemariah Maher21 분 전

    Seonghwa acting all fine and for what :')

  19. Shemariah Maher

    Shemariah Maher22 분 전

    *NOBODY makes MVs like ATEEZ* , just wahhhh

  20. Pao🌸

    Pao🌸24 분 전

    Estoy obsesionada con la canción, la ame!


    ATEEZxBTS27 분 전


  22. Ateez Comeback2

    Ateez Comeback234 분 전

    Let's gooo

  23. SHERIIXaudio

    SHERIIXaudio37 분 전


  24. dennissr1416

    dennissr141637 분 전

    Ateez is so talent. I'm so happy for this comeback. Atiny fighting!!! Mayfly forever!!!

  25. o k

    o k38 분 전

    ateez my beloved

  26. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy38 분 전

    Doing very well, Atiny and friends. Very well. I'm proud of you all. Thanxx for your hard work. Let's keep it up. Remember, if you need a break, please take a break! MWAH. MUCH LOVE ♡♡♡♡

  27. Why Oh Why

    Why Oh Why42 분 전

    Im going to listen not too late thinking the storyline before i fall asleep ^^ good night besties! Dont forget to drink your water

  28. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy40 분 전

    Ooo. Good song good song. Nighty night, dear. Thank you for your hard work today♡

  29. mingi ♡

    mingi ♡47 분 전

    let's pay them back with more v1ews atiny !



    Best Group Boy of 4th generation.

  31. bee 🏴‍☠️

    bee 🏴‍☠️48 분 전


  32. Syuhada Raduan

    Syuhada Raduan48 분 전

    Dereureukkk! Anyone still streaming from D1? I wanna say thank you.

  33. pArTy PaRtY yEaHhh

    pArTy PaRtY yEaHhh37 분 전

    Thank you to you too

  34. Anaëlle S.

    Anaëlle S.42 분 전

    Thank you too ♡

  35. Shan Andy

    Shan Andy49 분 전


  36. neknarf1973

    neknarf197350 분 전

    Fighting for ATEEZ. Let's not take them for granted. We need to repay them for all the hard work, great music and performances

  37. ale sousa

    ale sousa51 분 전

    day 12: fighting atinys!

  38. Isa bel

    Isa bel53 분 전

    Muito maravilhosos

  39. Raheem Oluwafunmilayo

    Raheem Oluwafunmilayo53 분 전


  40. chimmsk

    chimmsk53 분 전

    pagi~ ayo dikit lagi 20,7m

  41. 삐약들이

    삐약들이55 분 전

    Masij setia di sini, semangat semuanyaa jan lupa makan minum yaaa kesehatan nomer satuu~

  42. salsa

    salsa54 분 전

    Semangat jugaaa

  43. mads maclean

    mads maclean58 분 전

    lets pick up the pace atinys

  44. Proud Atiny

    Proud Atiny시간 전

    Atiny please if everyone here is seeing my comment please go and vote in mwave (the site) every vote count ( 1 account =1 vote) i voted with 10 accounts and we still in 3rd place. Atiny please it's true that our Fandom in not as strong as the competitors but if we vote together with many accounts and stream this mv, trust me we can do it.

  45. Jonghyunie

    Jonghyunie시간 전

    Ateez never fails to make a good comeback

  46. Nisrina Virnanda

    Nisrina Virnanda시간 전


  47. salsa

    salsa54 분 전


  48. Fatinatiny 18

    Fatinatiny 18시간 전

    Selamat pagi

  49. Cyrine Khaznadji

    Cyrine Khaznadji시간 전

    Jongho is not here ???

  50. Julia D.

    Julia D.시간 전

    Jongho is in this music video but he's not in dance scenes because he has a knee injury

  51. Cyrine Khaznadji

    Cyrine Khaznadji시간 전

    Why they are 7 ????

  52. Dina C.F

    Dina C.F시간 전


  53. Fatinatiny 18

    Fatinatiny 18시간 전


  54. Lindaci Maria Jeronimo

    Lindaci Maria Jeronimo시간 전

    Ateez ficou tão bem com esse conceito sexy. Acho incrivel que eles tão sempre mudando o conceito, nunca ficam num mesmo conceito de música. Amo isso neles.

  55. Dayana Neyra

    Dayana Neyra시간 전

    Se dan cuenta lo importante que son los digitales, el str34m no es en vano, brinda oportunidades para los wins, hoy perdimos un win por falta de digitales, atiny el primer día nos fue excelente, luego la mayoría abandonó el str34m. Se que podemos lograr muchas cosas vamoos, logramos ganar en muchas pre votaciones, nos falta mayor confianza en lo que hacemos, y el entusiasmo como si cada día fuera el primero de str34m FIGHTING

  56. lili serrano

    lili serrano시간 전


  57. sahar zndi

    sahar zndi시간 전

    Why am i so head is killing me even tho im having party with ateez

  58. Anaëlle S.

    Anaëlle S.40 분 전

    Take some rest Atiny

  59. melody's 313

    melody's 313시간 전

    Why this masterpiece only have 20M in one week? This is a SOTY, guys.

  60. engenious

    engenious시간 전

  61. 에이티즈

    에이티즈시간 전

    good night tinys 665.076

  62. Anaëlle S.

    Anaëlle S.39 분 전

    Good night, rest well~ ♡

  63. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전

    Sweet dreams, love. Thanxx for your hardwork ♡♡♡♡

  64. Akagi Miyamura

    Akagi Miyamura시간 전

    Its 7: 30 am in my country and for god's sake I,m going to sleep now , i was making a big presentation while I was strming but I think added too much aqueous and marine elements to it lol

  65. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전

    Good. Night♡♡♡♡ Thank you for your hardwork. Hope your presentation went well♡♡♡

  66. Rebeca Torrez

    Rebeca Torrez시간 전

    ATINY! A lo que tengo entendido la votacion en vivo en MUBEAT sera mañana sabado a las 15:45 hora en Corea asi que vayan reuniendo 150 beats por cada cuenta para poder obtener los tickets de votacion!

  67. JudMCL Atinylove

    JudMCL Atinylove4 분 전

    @Rebeca Torrez ok, anotado! Muchas gracias!!!

  68. Rebeca Torrez

    Rebeca Torrez19 분 전

    @JudMCL Atinylove si aqui en latinoamerica seria en la madrugada

  69. jennifer martinez

    jennifer martinez34 분 전

    @Rebeca Torrez ohh ok muchas gracias♡

  70. JudMCL Atinylove

    JudMCL Atinylove35 분 전

    Enronces seria en la madrugada verdad? Para poner alarma ☆.☆

  71. Rebeca Torrez

    Rebeca Torrez54 분 전

    @jennifer martinez creo que seria a las 00:45 Pero aun no estoy 100% segura de la hora confirmare cuando lo sepa :)

  72. BTS OT7💜 - Deja Vu OT8⏳

    BTS OT7💜 - Deja Vu OT8⏳시간 전

    Sigamos no sé si estan subiendo las v1st4s pero vamos muy lento

  73. Stacey

    Stacey시간 전

    Amiga, perdón por no stanear a Ateez cuando me los presentaste jaja tqm y perdoooon...

  74. Αν. Μαν.

    Αν. Μαν.시간 전

    I finally received my album and I'm here (again) to celebrate!

  75. Αν. Μαν.

    Αν. Μαν.시간 전

    @Marzipan Fishy thank you!!!

  76. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전


  77. Akagi Miyamura

    Akagi Miyamura시간 전

    I just watched fancams and ,i can't--- 赤木 died today

  78. Alessia forever

    Alessia forever시간 전

    Se que aveces puede ser un poco estresante toda esta situación pero recuerda porque seguimos aquí , es por algún día ver a ateez en lo alto y cuando el día llegue te recordarás por todo lo que tuvimos que pasar para que al fin llegue ese día , así que no te preocupes demasiado que algún día nos reímos de todo esto. Ánimo y a seguir adelante

  79. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전


  80. Sandra López

    Sandra López시간 전

    Me quiero acariciar el cuello con un cúter viendo las vistas entancadas ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  81. jennifer martinez

    jennifer martinez시간 전

    X3 pero tranqui!!

  82. kala26

    kala26시간 전


  83. Mommy Atiny 2.0

    Mommy Atiny 2.0시간 전

    Keep going Atinys! We can do this!

  84. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전

    YES. WE. CAN♡

  85. CKC

    CKC시간 전

    Morning :) Fighting !l

  86. yoya sanz

    yoya sanz시간 전

    Oigan y si lograremos el millón de ventas o como vamos en eso ?? Siento que se ha estancado un poco las ventas

  87. yoya sanz

    yoya sanz시간 전

    Tenemos que subir el DIGITAL SI O SI Y EL STREAM A FULL

  88. Julia D.

    Julia D.시간 전

    So in Fireworks they were under ground and in Deja Vu also... I still don't know what it all mean XD

  89. rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻

    rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻시간 전

    @Marzipan Fishy yeah. It's surely just a prediction. We can't make sure what really happened until KQ publish their own story.

  90. rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻

    rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻시간 전

    @Julia D. thanks Julia. I just explain what i know. Hehehe

  91. Julia D.

    Julia D.시간 전

    @rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻 Wow Rizki you're truly a smartiny

  92. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전

    @rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻 I think that's what many Atiny predicted, yes :D

  93. rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻

    rizki widya_geonbaehaja🍻시간 전

    Maybe deja vu is the prequel of firework. Both in deja vu and ES, you can see the city is still in good condition. But, after bad government take control, the city start to crumble. I think they hide underground to plan some betrayal against the government but they're failed. That's why we get high-end tech bunker in deja vu but we only can see abandoned place on firework.

  94. LinkFreak44

    LinkFreak44시간 전

    Seeing how much they continue to improve their skills never fails to make me lose my mind.

  95. ᄃののズノ乇

    ᄃののズノ乇시간 전

    Nos siguen dando mas oportunidades para darles mas wins, atiny tenemos todo el poder para darles premios. No lo queria decir pq puedo ofender a alguien pero LIT SUPERAMOS A FANDOMS QUE SON EL DOBLE Y TRIPLE DE NOSOTROS EN CANTIDAD CUANDO NOS PONEMOS A TRABAJAR, porque no importa si son 10 contra 10.000 fans de alguien,si ninguno de los 10.000 tiene voluntad y los 10 si,adivinen quien gana al final? Y si,eso ha pasado y gracias a esa voluntad nuestros chicos triunfan y están como están el día de hoy...y siguen creciendo porque atiny no descansa ni ellos tampoco.

  96. Fer Hernández

    Fer Hernández시간 전

    Hagan str34m!!

  97. Jess

    Jess시간 전

    Let’s keep votingggg!

  98. Jess

    Jess시간 전

    You’re all amazing ATINY, my heart swells to be a part of this fandom ☺️☺️

  99. Ai duck

    Ai duck시간 전

    What did I do without dadadara dadadara dadadara In my heart and in my head??

  100. AlsLovely

    AlsLovely시간 전

    40k to 20.7M!!

  101. Why Oh Why

    Why Oh Why시간 전

    If you cant play it, avoid it

  102. Jess

    Jess시간 전

    Streaming til the end da, da da ra~

  103. about yeosang '-elle

    about yeosang '-elle시간 전

    Hoy casi ganamos un 2do win pero perdimos por 449 puntos, esos puntos eran digitales. Realmente, quien quisiera ayudar a conseguir digitales pídame información y yo se la daré, la próxima semana es la Big3 vs Ateez, realmente espero y sepan que ateez no vive de ventas aun y mucho menos de "te amo", viven a base de premios, votaciones y str3am

  104. ateez like sunrise

    ateez like sunrise시간 전

    atinys ,don't forget to v0te for ateez in mwave ,whosfan, idolchamp,starpasss, atinys I'm believe in our power we are strongest fandom ,let's give them second win and more, do you know how happy they will be if we give them 4wins or more ,so atinys let's not waste their hard work and give them what they deserve, and I know that all of you are doing your best ,together we can do the everything, ily all ,FIGHTING

  105. happybear

    happybear시간 전

    657 247 I'm back with my usual account, let's give this masterpiece more vi0000s

  106. Sweet Chaos

    Sweet Chaos시간 전

    Well, it wasn't a bad day to be honest. We can do better tomorrow, or I hope so. Good night!

  107. Sweet Chaos

    Sweet Chaos시간 전

    @CKC thank U! 😊

  108. Sweet Chaos

    Sweet Chaos시간 전

    @Marzipan Fishy last strm!^_^ have a good night/day ♡♡♡

  109. CKC

    CKC시간 전

    Sleep well :)

  110. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전

    Sweet dreams, sweet chaos♡♡♡

  111. Dino zel

    Dino zel시간 전

    hickimseyi goremedim yorumlarda bulamadim

  112. dontbesodramaticffs

    dontbesodramaticffs시간 전

    we need to increase our hourly views!! can we try to get atlest 40k every hour

  113. Marzipan Fishy

    Marzipan Fishy시간 전

    We can certainly try. Let's do it!!!!♡

  114. Hajar

    Hajar시간 전

    655 957

  115. Juanita K

    Juanita K시간 전

    BIG thank you to the editors because they did such an amazing job

  116. Juanita K

    Juanita K시간 전

    the colour scheme is so good

  117. namjoons crab

    namjoons crab시간 전


  118. ATEEZ versión cholo

    ATEEZ versión cholo2 시간 전

    Vayamos por los 21M Ánimo atiny, no se les olvide vot4r

  119. Kathie Martínez

    Kathie Martínez2 시간 전

    No, mamá. Escuchar la misma canción +20 veces por día no es una etapa, es un estilo de vida ¡##¡@¡

  120. khjn glow

    khjn glow2 시간 전


  121. Ghislaine E

    Ghislaine E2 시간 전

    Did they delete views!?

  122. yessi_1117

    yessi_11172 시간 전

    Votaciones abiertas en -Whosfan -Idolchamp -Juntar 150 Beats en mubeat para la votación en vivo. Por favor no suelten el str3am en genie. FIGHTING ATINYS.

  123. ATEEZ versión cholo

    ATEEZ versión cholo시간 전

    También hay vot4cion en starpass vot0 ilimitado Guarden 500 jellys por si llegan a nominar a Ateez

  124. Zanna Doodles

    Zanna Doodles2 시간 전

    every day I'm so grateful that I live in the same timeline as ateez :')

  125. María Gomez

    María Gomez2 시간 전

    My talented boys, I'm so happy because you are in my life

  126. mel

    mel2 시간 전

    vou dar um fever part 3 pra todo mundo que ainda ta aqui

  127. Claúdia Regina

    Claúdia Regina시간 전

    Estou esperando :)

  128. halloween freak

    halloween freak2 시간 전

    I literally beg, please use wooyoung's studio choom aotm cover as f!ller while str3am!ng this

  129. halloween freak

    halloween freak시간 전

    @Naomi c good!

  130. Naomi c

    Naomi c시간 전

    @halloween freak no thank you Im good

  131. halloween freak

    halloween freak시간 전

    @Naomi c they're actually two separate words, i meant to say to use his cover as a filler, because when you're str3am!ng you have to watch 2-3 videos between the one you str3@m (deja vu in this situation) to make the break last around 10-15 minutes and we have a g0al for woo's aotm to reach 10 m¡ll so it's kinda two birds with one stone! feel free to ask if you have more questions ;3

  132. Raheem Oluwafunmilayo

    Raheem Oluwafunmilayo2 시간 전

    Naomi c , they are videos you can watch in between stre3ing, so your views can count. when you watch a video e.g Deja vu, you can watch 4 other videos I.e the fillers, before coming back to Deja vu. you can alternate your fillers too

  133. Naomi c

    Naomi c2 시간 전

    What does cover filler mean ? I want to help

  134. Jennifer Nguyen

    Jennifer Nguyen2 시간 전

    REMINDER TO VOTE ON IDOL CHAMP AND MWAVE/WHOSFAN AND STARPASS!!!! WE ARE SLOWLY MAKING OUR WAY TOWARDS THE TOP, PLEASE DO NOT STOP KEEP PUSHING! just imagine how happy they will be when they receive awards:) they have so much potential to win so much more but us atinys need to stay consistent, i believe we can achieve so much and out beat our competition we have in front of us because it is going to be tough. FIGHTINGGGG ATEEZ ONLY HAS US

  135. Blianca

    Blianca2 시간 전

    Sigamos Atiny, no aflojemos que se lo re merecen! Fighting!

  136. an!: stream wooyoung aotm.

    an!: stream wooyoung aotm.2 시간 전

    perdimos, la verdad es q es una gran decepción y temo que se siga repitiendo, por dios, hagan str34m, el video no dura más de 3 minutos, no sé qué es lo q sucede. así mismo, voten x favor, vamos mal en las tres votaciones. no sean conformistas, es increíble ver cmo soltaron la emoción al segundo día

  137. Nowaydih Kirindongo

    Nowaydih Kirindongo2 시간 전

    How can I become a stan?

  138. Why Oh Why

    Why Oh Why시간 전

    You can start with learning who is who ^^ there are lots of videos on yt

  139. Naomi c

    Naomi c2 시간 전

    Watch a guide to ateez

  140. kkami-까미

    kkami-까미2 시간 전

    siento que aveces se parece un poco a "lo siento" de super junior.. nose me da una vibra. (pd:yo amo a ateez, solo digo no digo que le copiaron)

  141. ATEEZ versión cholo

    ATEEZ versión cholo시간 전

    Jaja es un Deja vu de muchas canciones Tú comentario no parece de hate, tranqui y gracias por venir a ver el MV

  142. Ruru

    Ruru2 시간 전

    We can anything but we need to WORK TOGETHER *PARTICIPATION IS KEY*