BTS CONCERT | 방탄소년단 콘서트 [SUB: ENG/CHN/2017 KBS Song Festival(가요대축제)]

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  1. Lilla Devi Kurniawan

    Lilla Devi Kurniawan12 시간 전

    One of the best Spring Day performances I’ve ever seen so far

  2. jh jm

    jh jm일 전

    지미니 너무 예쁘당

  3. ja ya

    ja ya2 일 전

    아미의 소리에 울컥하네~~~💜언능 다시보자

  4. Sophia Mam

    Sophia Mam2 일 전

    These 7 guys worked extremely hard to get where they are today..2021 Butter🧈is coming!

  5. Lud Zalm

    Lud Zalm3 일 전

    Wow 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  6. Harshita Agrawal

    Harshita Agrawal4 일 전


  7. angel sandil

    angel sandil4 일 전

    We Are Bulletproof, No, Save Me, Run, Spring Day, Blood, Sweat, & Tears, Fire, Idol, DNA, Fake Love, Dope, Boy In Love, Boy With Love, Mic Drop, Mikrokosmos, Dionysus, Black Swan, ON, Dynamite, Life Goes On, oh my, can't wait for our 7 guys perform these LIVE again .Not to forget their other cool songs like Anpanman, Go Go, SpineBreaker, really miss BTS perform in concerts.

  8. angel sandil

    angel sandil4 일 전

    8 years of BTS, 8 years of iconic songs & performances & hits & recognitions & awards & what have you, 8 years of growing relationship between BTS & ARMY, most unbeatable team ever made, 8 years 💜 of I Purple You, Love Yourself, Love Myself, & 8 is a number symbolizing infinity ♾, 7 BTS members plus 1 strong fandom Army equals 8 , infinity & beyond. Thank you BTS for hanging in there for the Army, we need you like we need air to breathe, water to hydrate, blood to live, will to survive. More years of togetherness BTS & ARMY!!!

  9. Yamini Rai

    Yamini Rai4 일 전

    After 3 yrs later why I'm still crying 🥺😭

  10. hee sin

    hee sin6 일 전

    역시 라이브 짱👍👍👍

  11. Tania Paul

    Tania Paul8 일 전

    WOW 🔥🔥🔥

  12. To Toum

    To Toum8 일 전

    We tryst our Bangtanies

  13. Meikhul Donayre

    Meikhul Donayre9 일 전

    Jimin sshiiiiiiii, im so proud of you

  14. Joyce Balbej

    Joyce Balbej10 일 전

    it's 2021 and i'm watching it because yt recommend this to me and of course i'm loving it! BTS THE BEST ever! 🥰💕💜

  15. priyanka bisht

    priyanka bisht10 일 전

    Bts is love and our namjoniiii is just magical

  16. Merlinda Platero

    Merlinda Platero12 일 전

    You guys are truly amazing and good role models for any type of people, young, middle age and old. Your music is so Grand and the message is so pure and wonderful.

  17. 블루지니

    블루지니13 일 전

    울 지미니 리즈🥰

  18. Fronneily Tadena

    Fronneily Tadena13 일 전

    8:45 Yoongi's smile is so sweet 🥺😭

  19. betty boop

    betty boop13 일 전

    It’s awesome 😱🤗😐

  20. Violeta Paula

    Violeta Paula15 일 전

    Seeing in 2021. Both the vocal line and the rap line. They form the BTS group, they are totally incredible. I Love!

  21. Mila Yu

    Mila Yu15 일 전


  22. Hotimah Hotim

    Hotimah Hotim16 일 전

    Bts no1 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  23. Ewa Łukaszewicz

    Ewa Łukaszewicz17 일 전


  24. 까몽

    까몽20 일 전

    애들이 쓰러질 지경인데 서로 잡아 주고 있네요 너무 안스럽다

  25. hallyuaddict

    hallyuaddict20 일 전

    Oh no! Why did I see this only now?!! What a major mini concert!!!

  26. 항상그리움

    항상그리움21 일 전

    KIM tae hyung love YOU♡♡

  27. Issebellea’s Life

    Issebellea’s Life22 일 전

    They mixed up a lot of choreography @ 8:24 I see I need you, BST and a few more

  28. MOA ARMY

    MOA ARMY22 일 전

    Rapline has always been hot for cypher rap.

  29. DALEEN Mostert

    DALEEN Mostert24 일 전

    What about SA.

  30. Sara m

    Sara m24 일 전

    Im greatfull becase i was exist in this world. Same as BTS

  31. wendax1

    wendax125 일 전

    La voz dulcisima de Jhope...enamora 🥰🥰🥰

  32. hesti luh

    hesti luh25 일 전

    My favourite is BTS + Live band. The best

  33. Manya Gongo

    Manya Gongo26 일 전

    2:48 Army screams Taehyung ehhh 😂💜

  34. Cheryl Mae Mojado

    Cheryl Mae Mojado27 일 전

    I love BTS so much💜💜💜💜💜

  35. Nothingbutthebest

    Nothingbutthebest27 일 전

    Love the guitar riff in DNA.

  36. Charlene Benigno

    Charlene Benigno27 일 전


  37. Abd Holiq

    Abd Holiq28 일 전

    Keren bund🤲🙏👍❤

  38. Daniela Velasquez

    Daniela Velasquez29 일 전

    14:35 yoongi walking away after he rapped all that 🤯🤯speechless

  39. lili 52

    lili 5229 일 전


  40. Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.

    Marije's Authentic Channel, Enjoy.개월 전

    I know, very late comment, i wasn't notified at all!!! How far they've come, i'm very proud of everyone of BTS, they r amazing, & will nèvèr b forgotten, Borahae!!!! I hope to see 'em again on here plz.

  41. Тата Коваль

    Тата Коваль개월 전


  42. maricel benedicto

    maricel benedicto개월 전

    Wowww amazing

  43. Dolores Francisco

    Dolores Francisco개월 전

    All of them do their best to the extent that they're out of breath. So lovable, so energetic..Each one of them have talent of their own. Loved all of BTS. Stay healthy, safe. Rest a while, love yourself. God bless all.

  44. Kheyfine

    Kheyfine개월 전

    I fvcking love this performance. Spring day has very special place in my heart. It'll be the song in my funeral for sure

  45. Kheyfine

    Kheyfine개월 전

    Hoseok: Bogoshipda... Me: End me now😭😭😭

  46. Althea Grace Lawson

    Althea Grace Lawson개월 전

    The Big Bang Theory=DNA

  47. venil lovely bolambao

    venil lovely bolambao개월 전

    I got exhausted just by looking at them dance. Amazing boys!

  48. psych x

    psych x개월 전

    Oh my god! The energy.. I would've fainted in fhe first 2 minutes

  49. Bea D

    Bea D개월 전

    I always revisit this of my favourites..

  50. Dn'A FM

    Dn'A FM개월 전

    Never get tired watching my BTS🥰😘👍

  51. cHiina TV

    cHiina TV개월 전

    Yoongi is the epitome of swag. He dance with swag, even when he walks it is full of swag.

  52. Priyanka Patil

    Priyanka Patil개월 전

    this song is one of my fav most most fav...i love this song spring day...borahae...the masterpiece only by bts...

  53. 송은지

    송은지개월 전

    Lost할 때 나한테만 소리 잘 안 들리는 건가..?

  54. TheSeaniemagoo

    TheSeaniemagoo개월 전

    Anybody else thinking about Suga's voice at 16:49

  55. Admini G

    Admini G개월 전

    Idk why but spring day made me cry

  56. Bangternally

    Bangternally개월 전


  57. ayow ayeeen

    ayow ayeeen개월 전

    BTS 💜

  58. Claudina Lewis

    Claudina Lewis개월 전

    Suga walking down the step during their performance of "Spring Day" reminds me of "Deachwita" music video

  59. Gracie Ching

    Gracie Ching개월 전

    Used this for my timeline as my lunch break time during my Work from Home scheme four UIHS (Unisan Integrated High School) Philippines Family... "Spring Day" one of my favorite BTS music...Thank you BTS... 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜👼

  60. Dania Ansari

    Dania Ansari개월 전

    I m crying 😭💜

  61. Dania Ansari

    Dania Ansari개월 전

    18:58 listen the sound of breath it's real voice of them stop saying they lip sync because they don't 😭😭💜💜💜💜

  62. Dania Ansari

    Dania Ansari개월 전

    Proud Army of the BTS 💜

  63. Dania Ansari

    Dania Ansari개월 전

    Please come in Pakistan

  64. Mystic Ocean

    Mystic Ocean2 개월 전

    This came out two days after I started staning BTS this is my favorite song and performance. I’ve seen the performance everywhere I’ve asked from where it was from for 2 years and no one ever told me. I can’t believe I’m barely watching the full thing 3 years later. Now I’m crying. T-T(talking about spring day) being able to watch it all feels nice.

  65. Mystic Ocean

    Mystic Ocean2 개월 전

    Literally all of these performances I’ve seen everywhere but never saw it from where it was 😭

  66. Onet Animal

    Onet Animal2 개월 전

    HOW MANY INTERNATIONAL BTS fans are here ?

  67. 강다혜

    강다혜2 개월 전


  68. June Sparks

    June Sparks2 개월 전

    Stage presence is creative and stylish skillful while attacking you with their charm 💯💎👑❤💜💞🔥

  69. Kassandra Chrysel Umali

    Kassandra Chrysel Umali2 개월 전

    J-hope's vocal you all. We really sleep with his vocal?

  70. Rida Haque

    Rida Haque2 개월 전

    Not today and On have the most difficult choreography

  71. YH Chang

    YH Chang2 개월 전

    They burned the stage.

  72. YH Chang

    YH Chang2 개월 전

    이때 지민이 미모 미쳤다

  73. Violeta Paula

    Violeta Paula2 개월 전

    Who is watching in 2021? This beautiful concert by the BTS group. They every day, they are all cute. They perfect !!

  74. Vũ Trâm

    Vũ Trâm2 개월 전

    Legendary performance in my heart

  75. Ikke Kristian Ngekngok

    Ikke Kristian Ngekngok2 개월 전


  76. white snow

    white snow2 개월 전

    사랑받기 위해 태어난 방탄소년단 💜 사랑받아 마땅하다. 시간이 흘러 2021년에도 전세계를 제패한 글로벌 킹 아티스트 방탄소년단

  77. Symelle Morales

    Symelle Morales2 개월 전

    I think this is also one of the song to embrace during pandemic, especially if youre working abroad and misses the one you love in your own country. This is like actually not giving hope to see the end of pamdemic.

  78. EL E. D. Paz

    EL E. D. Paz2 개월 전

    Binge-watching their year-end performances coz why not??..and yeah, who's still here at 2021?

  79. Frida Guerrero

    Frida Guerrero2 개월 전

    Me siento muy orgullosa al verlos darlo todo a pesar del cansancio :'3

  80. Ddaeng Cypher

    Ddaeng Cypher2 개월 전

    I wish the sound system is as good as my boys talent.. :< their microphones are not that good.

  81. lachimolala

    lachimolala2 개월 전

    THE BIGGEST RESPECT FOR GUYS!!! I can imagine how hard it can be to dance and sing/rap at the same time. It's hard to watch how they dance even they're all covered in sweat and having hard time to breath. It must have been taken so much time and effort to them to get in this condition.

  82. Maria Magdalena Castillo

    Maria Magdalena Castillo2 개월 전

    BTS!!!!!!!!👍💜 2021!!!!!!👍💜

  83. Nga Thach

    Nga Thach2 개월 전

    💜🥰💕😍❤️ BTS

  84. jinda O

    jinda O2 개월 전

    젤 마지막에 슈가 왜그래????? 쓰러지는줄

  85. mamakins

    mamakins2 개월 전

    loving this version of DNA

  86. Emma

    Emma2 개월 전


  87. selenophile7

    selenophile72 개월 전

    The energy they show every performance might need me 10k espresso shots. Bangtan rising Bangtan fighting.

  88. Katrina Galdo

    Katrina Galdo2 개월 전

    Bravo! the performance is amazing, they are best since the beginning of their career..

  89. Yuniathi Yuniathi

    Yuniathi Yuniathi2 개월 전

    ,👇 fighthing is so cuteee euyyyy amazing...not today.. Ara..Ara..🤟👍🤍

  90. efrille moreto

    efrille moreto2 개월 전

    Grabe ako yung napagod para sakanila :( iloveyou boyssss 🥰

  91. Jocie Rollos

    Jocie Rollos2 개월 전

    I hope to attend concert bts😭😭

  92. Chim11Su

    Chim11Su2 개월 전

    A bit disappointed with audio quality here

  93. Vkuk Juntae

    Vkuk Juntae2 개월 전

    BTS best ever Kpop boy band

  94. 최혜영

    최혜영2 개월 전

    봄날 마지막 아카펠라부분에 자세히 들으면 낮게 깔리는 태형이의 저음 너무 좋아요

  95. 새벽별

    새벽별2 개월 전

    So terrible camera working!

  96. Esperanza Algarra

    Esperanza Algarra2 개월 전

    Desde Colombia, que hermoso concierto, los 7 cantan y bailan 😘increible! Son divinos!!No se cansa uno,de verlos y verlos....!Los amo!!💜😘💜😘

  97. Max Capuy

    Max Capuy2 개월 전

    I lOVE song and voice I lOVE bts 7 💜💜💜

  98. Namjoon's left tiddie

    Namjoon's left tiddie2 개월 전

    I'm an army for nearly 5 years now and watching this in 2021 still makes me emotional. The hardwork and effort they put together to show us armys how much they love us is really heartwarming. Performing 5 songs without break for us, you can clearly how exhausted they are especially at the end of Not Today performance. We all know the choreography for Not Today requires a lot of movement and jumping. You can see Hobi and Suga looking like they are gonna collapse and the rest of them breathing heavily. You can clearly see their sweats from performing without break. This is BTS and this why I'm so proud of them💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  99. jorge1969 jorge1969

    jorge1969 jorge19693 개월 전


  100. jorge1969 jorge1969

    jorge1969 jorge19693 개월 전

    BTS ARMY KRposts

  101. Chris Weller

    Chris Weller3 개월 전

    jimin so kind ,sweet ,and you love you all!