Chlöe Performs "Have Mercy" | 2021 VMAs | MTV

Chlöe performs "Have Mercy" at the 2021 VMAs.

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  1. MTV

    MTV11 일 전

    Chlöe Bailey on 'Have Mercy' & Her Solo Debut:

  2. Paula’s Universe *

    Paula’s Universe *12 시간 전

    @Bee The Socialite It’s an insult to state that Beyoncé embodies Prince or MJ. Prince was a musical genius and multi-instrumentalist who stated that he was surprised that Beyoncé even knew basic musical chords. 🤣🤣

  3. HSH

    HSH2 일 전

    @Mariah Campbell agreed

  4. Savannah Yemane

    Savannah Yemane5 일 전

    Wow she did that!! Go Chole!!

  5. Uriel Falcão

    Uriel Falcão5 일 전

    can someone tell me the name of the intro of this song?

  6. Catalina santana

    Catalina santana5 일 전

    @Laura Catha Beyoncé??? Never

  7. Brent Gellineau

    Brent Gellineau44 분 전

    Choreography 🔥🔥🔥 Visuals😍 Character 👊🏾 10/10

  8. Hailey

    Hailey시간 전

    assss sing!!! hhhhhaaa

  9. Michael

    Michael2 시간 전

    Acabou com muitas carreiras 🤭🤭

  10. YungReparations

    YungReparations2 시간 전

    😂😂😂 this is not it

  11. mipsi mips

    mipsi mips3 시간 전

    Beyonce is exploiting them and letting them present themselves in a way she would never present herself. These two sisters are young and impressionable and completely unaware of their real beauty.

  12. trixie mahmod

    trixie mahmod3 시간 전

    another colorist

  13. Nicole Outlaw

    Nicole Outlaw3 시간 전

    She ready👍

  14. Indigo Cosmic

    Indigo Cosmic3 시간 전

    All those vocals being wasted on showing her AZZ. So sick of black female musicians going this route.

  15. Nkanyiso Zulu

    Nkanyiso Zulu3 시간 전

    If Beyonce taught this girl something, its to pre record your vocals and pretend like you're live. Well done tho Chloe. You snatched!

  16. Anne frankly

    Anne frankly4 시간 전

    Such a shame she felt the need to go down this route.... Sighhh

  17. Tabo Faith Silumesii

    Tabo Faith Silumesii4 시간 전

    Last few seconds were soooo cringe. Wow 😞😟

  18. Heather

    Heather4 시간 전

    She killed it even with her tampon slinging

  19. Ramierson Macedo

    Ramierson Macedo6 시간 전

    Não mas ela entregou tudo

  20. julia athalar

    julia athalar6 시간 전


  21. Shayla Basilio

    Shayla Basilio7 시간 전

    This was a great performance, although it could’ve been better if she had worn like booty shorts or something instead of the thong/leotard

  22. Genesys Scott

    Genesys Scott7 시간 전

    deff a ritual

  23. Gaby Soarez

    Gaby Soarez7 시간 전


  24. Magic-Euphory

    Magic-Euphory7 시간 전

    .Super and now my Magic-Ona na nana. :

  25. Marissa Lopes

    Marissa Lopes7 시간 전

    Her voice sounds great live

  26. deleons812

    deleons8127 시간 전

    If u on your cycle why wear what u had on gurl.. The tampon string.. 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽 Really. Stick a fork in it! I am done!

  27. sasha facety

    sasha facety8 시간 전

    She's copying Beyonce in everything it's annoying. Like girl be yourself

  28. Hendrix Daniel

    Hendrix Daniel9 시간 전

    Her breath control is insane

  29. Nxbula

    Nxbula9 시간 전

    "All this assets in my jeans" That's how to make a good clean version ngl

  30. Very Spiritual

    Very Spiritual9 시간 전

    We already have a Beyonce we do not need another one… everything is copied. No originality.

  31. Johnnie Walker Keeps walking

    Johnnie Walker Keeps walking9 시간 전

    This performance give me Beyonce vibes

  32. Jordan Ortiz

    Jordan Ortiz9 시간 전

    She is so talented like !!!

  33. S Howard

    S Howard9 시간 전

    Dang was she possessed by a demon?

  34. enterdamanery

    enterdamanery10 시간 전

    Im calling it now. The dance break is gonna be to her and this song what the dance break is in Diva for beyonce

  35. Cami Mortimer

    Cami Mortimer10 시간 전

    I am begging y’all to wake up. Chloe is being encouraged to perform sexually under the guise of “sexual and female empowerment” “self-expression” and “artistry.” She innocently believes that she is doing this for her own sake and I don’t blame her, but she is falling into a trap

  36. Lari Dias

    Lari Dias11 시간 전


  37. Lari Dias

    Lari Dias11 시간 전

    Mais de dez anos cantando, agora chegou sua recompensa garota.

  38. Sahgee

    Sahgee11 시간 전

    Her passion is everything. You can see it, you can feel it.

  39. Sahgee

    Sahgee11 시간 전

    Yo. SHE KILT THIS! She is destined to be a super star. Next Beyonce: here. Nah, wait- she's the first Chloe 👑

  40. Nneka Coleman

    Nneka Coleman11 시간 전

    Yessss Chlöe Baby Push through honey Yessss I love everything about this performance she killed it periodddd & vocals was on point with all the dance movement!!!!! 👏🏽🥰💖🥵🔥🥵💖💯

  41. Pearlie The Girl

    Pearlie The Girl11 시간 전

    Ok hunny

  42. Arnaldo Cruz

    Arnaldo Cruz12 시간 전

    I don't think she is actually singing, the lip sync is almost perfect but you can see the parts where she is out of sync, but it was an amazing performance!

  43. Mystics Soul's Sanctuary

    Mystics Soul's Sanctuary2 시간 전

    She sings live all the time. This isn't like the studio version with the certain parts. She switched up some adlibs.

  44. Jaden

    Jaden12 시간 전

    Why do people hate on her I really want to know

  45. Carmen M

    Carmen M17 시간 전

    Very nice voice but the performance was not great at becomes tired to watch these beautiful women doing the same performances that so so many others have already done....the booty shaking nonsense that is so tired already....and to think family members, dad, and other family members were there to see that? ...I give credit to the family for being supportive but the performance...come one now!!!

  46. Elizabeth Beavers

    Elizabeth Beavers18 시간 전

    Bored. A Beyoncé cover.

  47. Rich Sage

    Rich Sage18 시간 전


  48. Mystics Soul's Sanctuary

    Mystics Soul's Sanctuary2 시간 전


  49. Michelle Driskell

    Michelle Driskell19 시간 전

    illuminati energy....signed n sold

  50. Josalynn Genereux

    Josalynn Genereux19 시간 전

    The beat specifically at 1:11 is soo good. It’s been stuck in my head for like 2 days.

  51. Subbrena Curtis

    Subbrena Curtis19 시간 전

    Nothing authentic….. pure Beyoncé

  52. Pink Dynasty

    Pink Dynasty19 시간 전

    3:13 3:20 3:36

  53. Mystics Soul's Sanctuary

    Mystics Soul's Sanctuary2 시간 전


  54. SalemFU

    SalemFU20 시간 전

    I can see where people are saying its a bit unpolished but I kind of appreciate that... we're so used to seeing people front that they're perfect and acting like they are above improvement and owning their human-ness and just pretending to enjoy their craft and* focusing on fame-hunting and attention-hooking.. we've got/we're getting to watch her and her sister grow and refine and improve and really become more and more talented even from a point of already being so immensely ... I mean what do you say? they're legend seeds being tutored by a fully bloomed legend... I dont know if they could be less than stellar even if they tried. constructive observation aside, however, as much as I am str8 addicted to the MV of this, I 'm kind of digging the harder-hitting vibe this time around, too! I'd love to see her pull a Doja and self remix this in this style. overall, it's great seeing two young people who truly love what they do putting in the hard work and really getting to celebrate their accolades... well deserved accolades... and its great to see them each have projects where they're getting to stretch out their wings and show their bamf feathers individually, too!

  55. Naja Areil

    Naja Areil20 시간 전

    The vocals 😍 even on the ground moving around


    SUPERMOM LOVE20 시간 전


  57. Andy

    Andy21 시간 전

    She’s done sold her soul

  58. olumide oluwakemi

    olumide oluwakemi21 시간 전

    Beyonce really mentored them well

  59. Anna Joned

    Anna Joned22 시간 전

    It's one thing to admire or be inspired by some1, but to be a carbon copy? And musicians do get compared but there is a such thing as being different. Why not set the standard or change things. I know there's some ppl who act like they'd give their kidney to Beyonce. Why not be original. If not she might as well just change her name from Chloe to Beyonce.

  60. Rain Drops

    Rain Drops22 시간 전

    Should’ve stayed a group

  61. King Joshwae’

    King Joshwae’23 시간 전

    Yassssss Bihhhhhh

  62. abisola moses

    abisola moses23 시간 전

    You know that’s Bey’s prodigy

  63. Lyrics&Music

    Lyrics&Music23 시간 전

    i cant get saintox meme out of my head

  64. tee daniels

    tee daniels23 시간 전

    Beyonce definitely wrote this, she's behind this performance 100 percent..

  65. Dev Sawyer

    Dev Sawyer일 전

    oh my goodness a LEGEND

  66. ngbm01

    ngbm01일 전


  67. Jordan Jackson

    Jordan Jackson일 전

    Trash. Absolutely hate the way she enunciates words when she sings sounds absolutely horrible

  68. Mystics Soul's Sanctuary

    Mystics Soul's Sanctuary2 시간 전

    Talking about enunciates 🤣🤣🤣 you mean the Beyonce influence?

  69. ngbm01

    ngbm01일 전

    Mk ultra iluminatis

  70. Maria Maria

    Maria Maria일 전


  71. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy일 전

    She killed this everyone was talking about the end but baby girl deserves her credit

  72. Shane

    Shane일 전

    Chloe is the next Beyoncé. She sounds just like her and her movements are alike. B is passing the torch.

  73. Jay B.

    Jay B.일 전

    Lawd Have Mercy🔥🔥🔥🔥

  74. zijuiy wttuy

    zijuiy wttuy일 전

    she need to define herself and find herself first instead just beyonce prodigy

  75. Victor Martinez

    Victor Martinez일 전

    I'm OBSESSED with this

  76. Rikko

    Rikko일 전

    Damn you Go Girl this is Amazing hell Yeah Cloe! 🔥🎶❤️👌


    BIG BATES일 전

    I see the next Beyoncé in her.

  78. QMS

    QMS일 전

    They got her...SHE HAS SOLD HER SOUL..

  79. Adolpho Casillas

    Adolpho Casillas일 전

    I saw a video where someone said this was a fame spell or something. Was kinda interesting. She's entertaining tho!

  80. Adolpho Casillas

    Adolpho Casillas12 시간 전

    @Carmen Johnson I never stated it was my opinion. Only that I saw an interesting video stating this. You are really the ignorant one. Also I don't care care what she does. I don't know the woman, she doesn't put money in my pocket, and in 10 years there will be a new Chloe for a new generation to be delusional over. Pipe down sir/madam.

  81. Carmen Johnson

    Carmen Johnson일 전

    you sound dumb... its music, listen or move tf around

  82. Jade

    Jade일 전

    DEMONIC! that's someones daughter.

  83. yangyang paved the way for your favs

    yangyang paved the way for your favs일 전

    shut up 😐

  84. Carmen Johnson

    Carmen Johnson일 전

    girl stfu

  85. Paris Brown

    Paris Brown일 전

    She did that 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. Sweet Disposition

    Sweet Disposition일 전

    she had a lot of energy

  87. Reece Downey

    Reece Downey일 전

    You can tell she’s Beyoncé’s protégé

  88. Apulo Achumi

    Apulo Achumi일 전

    She done her ritual 💅🏾😌

  89. ngbm01

    ngbm01일 전

    mk ULTRA

  90. Mina Lombardy

    Mina Lombardy일 전

    All I can see is sasha fierce.... dance, voice all everything just like Beyonce.

  91. Nykeda Saunders

    Nykeda Saunders일 전

    This was good but it's alot like what beyonce would do. Be more original. But I liked the song and the performance

  92. Jada Smith

    Jada Smith22 시간 전

    beyonce was literally her mentor

  93. yangyang paved the way for your favs

    yangyang paved the way for your favs일 전

    well duh beyonce was her teacher

  94. c h

    c h일 전

    You big mad or little mad

  95. pennydink72

    pennydink72일 전

    Not feeling the over sexualizing these ladies keep jumping on. They don't pimp out the white girls like this at all. Don't like it no matter who it is Beyonce, Megan etc. All very talented in their own right! If you coming from the stripper scene(City Girls, Cardi B etc.) then I can understand but where are OUR good girls anymore? Geez! Sisters been #1 bodies been bangin and we been dancin and sangin day one! Trying too hard (WHY) or exploitation?

  96. K Noelle

    K Noelle일 전

    Pink is a satanic color. Why is this entire awards show so pink??? Creepy af. She seems so possessed.

  97. Mystics Soul's Sanctuary

    Mystics Soul's Sanctuary2 시간 전

    Pink? 🥱🥱🥱

  98. shygurl_ MOE

    shygurl_ MOE일 전

    she need to define herself and find herself first instead just beyonce prodigy

  99. c h

    c h일 전

    You little mad or big mad




  101. Star Johnson

    Star Johnson일 전

    She’s so talented, but I don’t understand why the music industry always has to have a demonic agenda. Look at the background… fire, darkness, she’ll be selling her soul soon if she didn’t already. Sad.

  102. Miah La’Kendra

    Miah La’Kendra53 분 전

    I totally agree people don’t understand about this stuff it’s very serious … even if she was a “Christian” you wouldn’t allow this to happen well a true Christian… every thing about this Dominic me growing up we never celebrated Halloween because nothing about GOD is in that.. imma a preacher’s daughter and I know about this type of things people get so offended because they don’t want the truth … I feel like she already sold her soul they have a video of her crying and be tired after her performance.. she looked exhausted that’s what happens when demons take over your body … and think about it Beyoncé is a devil worshipper and she mentor her sooooo… yeah

  103. Ronnie S

    Ronnie S19 시간 전

    The stage set was to add to the effect of being “fierce” or something..... not no demonic agenda lmfao pls get out of here she is a proud christian

  104. Kinda Random

    Kinda Random일 전

    Yes but the germs on the mic tho

  105. Kim Gipson

    Kim Gipson일 전

    She sound way better thy say beyounce jealous of her

  106. Jason Hernandez

    Jason Hernandez일 전

    Am I the only one who can see the tampon from the front and the back like the doja song?

  107. Harrybrownmusic

    Harrybrownmusic일 전

    Shut up she’s a woman it’s normal

  108. Ray Fra

    Ray Fra일 전


  109. Erika Lee

    Erika Lee일 전

    Love her, felt like I just watched Beyoncé!!!

  110. Malviena Hb

    Malviena Hb일 전

    Это искусство? Повернуться к зрителям задом и нагнуться.....

  111. Carmen Johnson

    Carmen Johnson일 전

    Why this video isn't Trending ??????

  112. Chelsya Muatchinguenje

    Chelsya Muatchinguenje일 전

    New Beyoncé

  113. Chris Messina

    Chris Messina일 전

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Beyoncé discount version.

  114. vanessa rios

    vanessa rios일 전

    It's a NO from me pinky lee

  115. joanne mclean

    joanne mclean일 전

    Those are Beyoncé children

  116. Ashley Beauty Official

    Ashley Beauty Official일 전

    F da HATERS 👏👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥🔥💚

  117. Mann Hein Kyaw

    Mann Hein Kyaw일 전

    A total Beyonce energy delivering

  118. Snipe

    Snipe일 전

    I just came too see what that mouf do 😭 heard she was on that Jill Scott 3000

  119. Claymore007

    Claymore007일 전

    I love this song. The chorus has a bollywood vibe. I can definitely see a Bollywood choreo to this.

  120. Biruh Alemayehu

    Biruh Alemayehu8 시간 전

    👎no black naver see or copy from Bollywood or k pop the whole world is the one copy black American dance genar chorus hair style etc

  121. Yaisa Ford

    Yaisa Ford일 전

    we've seen this performance from chloe for years now. That was not original at all. She is just a mixure of Beyounce siging and dancing like Meg the stallion & beyounce so she did good but we've seen it for a while now let's be honest.

  122. OG OndaTrak

    OG OndaTrak일 전

    Nice ritual

  123. GEMINI 1978

    GEMINI 1978일 전

    Beyoncé 2.0

  124. Theina 4 ever

    Theina 4 ever일 전

    its giving beyoncé twin

  125. Charles

    Charles일 전

    Young Beyonce

  126. Sleepyhead

    Sleepyhead일 전

    Amazing! The dance break at the end is fireee 🔥