Day & Night

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Day & Night · 정승환
START-UP (Original Television Soundtrack) Pt. 2
℗ (주)블렌딩
Released on: 2020-10-18
Lyricist: Taibian
Lyricist: Park Sejun
Composer: 서동환
Composer: 정승환
Arranger: 서동환
Arranger: 제휘
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  1. myra de zilva

    myra de zilva개월 전

    I'm sad, you're sad, we're all sad, but that's okay :')

  2. andrea b.

    andrea b.개월 전

    this song reminds me to dalmi's father, so now i cry everytime i listen to this istg it was one of the best acting i've ever seen, he made my heart hurt for him for real like never before, i applaud kim joo heon, he is brilliant and i really want to check more of his work

  3. Kanamthailiu Ruangmei

    Kanamthailiu Ruangmei개월 전

    Nam joo n suzy😘😘

  4. Bella Vlog

    Bella Vlog개월 전

    I cried 😭😭😭

  5. Gail Jimenez

    Gail Jimenez개월 전

    :( ive been following this drama since the date it was released but now am just a sad potato listening to their ost..... it became a habit of mine to wait for new eps. :( just sad so sad

  6. Gamer boy Den

    Gamer boy Den개월 전

    this song is a good song to vibe to

  7. Marbee Antaran

    Marbee Antaran개월 전

    Whenever this songs plays, all that goes in my head is how Dal Mi’s father passed away, in a bus seat. His excitement to head home and tell his mom and Dal Mi the good news. His phone with his family’s picture as the wallpaper, in his hands, as the bus runs on the road covered with cherry blossom petals.

  8. Namirah Fatmanissa

    Namirah Fatmanissa개월 전

    Me, too T T too sad T T

  9. tikky cosmetic

    tikky cosmetic개월 전


  10. Ariadna IG

    Ariadna IG개월 전

    Quería que se quedara con Han Ji-Pyeong pero bueno jajjaja siempre me pasa lo mismo, me enamoro de los actores secundarios, me enamore desde la primera ves que lo vi jsjjs :( esta muy bonita la canción pero creo que ya no volveré a ver doramas porque siempre lloro xdxdxdx ntc hermosooooooooooooo

  11. Anggi Yudistia

    Anggi Yudistia개월 전

    So sad when im listen this song. Its touch me ❤️❤️

  12. Triyas Afrilia

    Triyas Afrilia개월 전

    merinding kudu nangis inget perjuangan jipyeong dari kecil yg udah gak sama orang tau :') nyesek banget



    Best song of the year 👍

  14. Only shines

    Only shines개월 전

    AMO esta canción al nivel de no poder parar de escucharla ❤ estoy muy agradecida de que allá llegado a mí a través de este hermoso kdrama ❤ ... como me hacen llorar.

  15. Silvi Cori

    Silvi Cori개월 전

    Aquí llorando

  16. 8717KC

    8717KC개월 전

    I love this song. I don’t understand the lyrics, but each time I hear it I think of Nam Dosan expressing his pain when he was talking to Dalmi. That scene made me cry a lot!

  17. Flor swand

    Flor swand개월 전


  18. Fab Xie

    Fab Xie개월 전

    too precious

  19. Hariyanti Ririn

    Hariyanti Ririn개월 전

    Thank for this ost,i love this song💙

  20. 김김영희

    김김영희개월 전

    이 노래는 달미랑 지평이 어린시절 테마곡인데....

  21. MikMik Mak

    MikMik Mak개월 전

    I wish my Grandma is still alive. There are things I wish I was able to tell her. She would say how much she loved me and how much I mattered to her. And in the end, I was the one who closed her eyes. I was there when she was in pain but hid all those in a smile. I was there when she had so much. I was there when she got none. She was there when I was breaking. She was there when the world is not being fair to me. She was there, seeing me achieve all the things I wanted to grasp. She was there when I complained about life. She was there assuring me that all things will be fine. But I failed to be there when she fell from her bed and almost lost her consciousness. Those remaining days were the most painful days of my life. I hate how she held my hand and kissed it. It just hurt me seeing her in that state. "Start Up" taught me about time. Indeed we should tell everyone how much they mean to us before they go. To my grandma, I promise that I will continue to grow and be a better person. I miss you so much. You will forever have a space in my heart. - Ash

  22. alyssa sarah

    alyssa sarah개월 전

    ur so strong ,, i hope ur doing fine :)

  23. PatchiWabi

    PatchiWabi개월 전

    It's 3:45 for me :(((((((((

  24. izz place

    izz place개월 전

    One of my favourite ost nowadays. Trying so hard to able singing it... Coz it is in korean 😅

  25. athena

    athena개월 전


  26. Joy Rek

    Joy Rek개월 전

    Amo su voz realmente pense mucho al escuchar la cancion me conmueve demasiado y me da gans de llorar ,siento que no se me olvidare de esta cancion nunca ya que es una de mis favoritas amo su trabajo y por llegar a mi

  27. Jelly Powder

    Jelly Powder개월 전

    first time i hear this song i think it's jannabi but isn't :v

  28. wlleshpozhr

    wlleshpozhr개월 전

    Others: I’m so sad for Jipyeong/Dosan Me: I’m so sad for injae and dalmi’s father :( he deserves every good things in life

  29. wlleshpozhr

    wlleshpozhr개월 전

    @KumaTV Me too!!! I hate the writer so much for treated him like that. He deserves more :(

  30. KumaTV

    KumaTV개월 전

    @wlleshpozhr I just feel sorry for Ilpyeong, thats all. I liked his character and he got neglected at the end.

  31. wlleshpozhr

    wlleshpozhr개월 전

    @KumaTV That’s what makes Dosan’s personality is so relatable to me. I understand why he is the way he is. He’s just a normal guy with insecurities, just like the rest of us. He failed many times, learned from it, and tried again. We are him sometimes in our lifes. That’s why people feel sympathy for him. Just because Jipyeong has no family or lonely doesn’t mean he needs someone to fill that empty space inside him. Sometimes the best company is ourselves. He’s successful and has many connections, he could’ve used that to make friends but no, his personality limited himself to build a relationship with other people. He’s alone because he chose to. I don’t understand why you only see Dosan’s flaw. All characters have their own flaws. And it’s just not right to compare it since we’re all different individuals with different pasts and personalities. AND this drama isn’t just about love triangle. It’s not even worth to fight about lol. Look at the bigger picture. It’s about young generations trying to build their own carriers. There’s so many things we can learn from it to start a business.

  32. KumaTV

    KumaTV개월 전

    @wlleshpozhr Dosan had problem with self esteem and thanks to Jipyeong and others, he solved them. Jipyeong had no family and was lonely and nothing changed there. It was obvious that Dosan will get the girl, but this competition for Dalmi was the pivotal part of the drama. At least for me.

  33. wlleshpozhr

    wlleshpozhr개월 전

    @KumaTV I agree about Injae, it’s such a waste. I can’t believe the writer wasted their characters like that :( But c’mon... it’s only a drama lol I don’t understand why you have this energy to compare someone’s pain. Let people feel whatever they want. I believe we watched the same drama. And you should’ve known all the characters’ trauma and past life. Just because Dosan got the girl, it doesn’t make him isn’t worth being sympathy for. And just because Jipyeong didn’t get the girl, it doesn’t mean he’s not a great character. Dalmi isn’t a trophy you know. Getting the girl isn’t the point of this drama 😂

  34. Leibi NG

    Leibi NG개월 전

    Desde que conocí a Jung Seung Hwan a través de la serie Another Miss Oh, lo hice uno de mis favoritos. Gran, gran aplauso.

  35. nasywa alyssa

    nasywa alyssa개월 전

    literally cryin.

  36. Arvin Aquino

    Arvin Aquino개월 전


  37. Patrick Andre

    Patrick Andre개월 전

    I fell in love with this drama and to this ost!!

  38. silent walks

    silent walks2 개월 전

    Rip my tears

  39. Marc Anthony Mateo

    Marc Anthony Mateo2 개월 전

    Now this is my second fav after If it is you (Another Oh haeyoung ost)

  40. keycee_keys

    keycee_keys2 개월 전

    Team Dosan taas kay🙋🙋🙋

  41. Ilana azevedo

    Ilana azevedo2 개월 전

    One of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in Jung Seung Hwan's life and voice is even more delicate. I love this song so much.

  42. Rahaf Walid

    Rahaf Walid2 개월 전

    its funny that any drama jung seung hwan sings an ost for, I HAVE TO WATCH

  43. Anuary Reign Sonza

    Anuary Reign Sonza2 개월 전

    it is literally made me sad huhu :< #teamjipyeong

  44. Ariadna IG

    Ariadna IG개월 전

    jajjaja yo te apoyo :D

  45. Bon Bon

    Bon Bon2 개월 전

    I hope he would make an english version.

  46. Bon Bon

    Bon Bon2 개월 전


  47. Karl Ibardolaza

    Karl Ibardolaza2 개월 전


  48. jorge tapia

    jorge tapia개월 전


  49. yuxuriha nemo

    yuxuriha nemo2 개월 전

    This song became my favorite song lately....I literally fall for his voice....idky whenever I listen to this song I always think about ji pyoung and that makes the song even loveable. Idc what you think this song is for ji pyoung ( kim seon ho) for me. ✌🏼

  50. lidiawati _

    lidiawati _2 개월 전

    lagunya sedih banget:v


    HEBEYEN2 개월 전

    like it

  52. Hania Sanchez

    Hania Sanchez2 개월 전

    team Nam Do-San o team Han Ji-Pyeong

  53. jorge tapia

    jorge tapia개월 전


  54. athena

    athena개월 전

    Do san♡

  55. Liz Florentin

    Liz Florentin2 개월 전

    Team Han ❤❤

  56. G E

    G E2 개월 전

    han ji pyong because he was the one who wrote the letters

  57. sekar ayu mustikaningtyas

    sekar ayu mustikaningtyas2 개월 전

    Siapa penyanyinya ya, suaranya merdu enak di dengar menjelang tidur

  58. nurin batrisyia

    nurin batrisyia2 개월 전

    his name is jung seung hwan

  59. zafeerah radzi

    zafeerah radzi2 개월 전

    love this song 😭😭😭❤️

  60. Marci

    Marci2 개월 전

    Su voz es realmente relajante, alivia mi corazón. 💜✨💜

  61. 맘천사

    맘천사2 개월 전

    노래를 듣고있는동안 날 그시간 어디로 데리고 가는것만같다...!

  62. Jazmín Zúñiga

    Jazmín Zúñiga2 개월 전


  63. Schindley Knayle Almanza

    Schindley Knayle Almanza2 개월 전

    I am programmer or developer too who is watching this story is motivation for developers and programmers ❤🤗

  64. woof woof

    woof woof2 개월 전

    good luck on your career! i wanted to be one too when i was in high school but had a change of heart in college. I am now a pharmacy student

  65. Stephany Vargas

    Stephany Vargas2 개월 전

    I feel like I heard this song in another k-drama, but I don't remember it, because it's a beautiful song that I love or maybe I'm crazy for thinking about this I'm sorry

  66. Nur Novilina

    Nur Novilina2 개월 전

    same with me, this song sound familiar, but not sure when I heard that

  67. K D

    K D2 개월 전

    OSTs are exclusive to only 1 K-Drama. Other K-Dramas won't be able to use it. :)

  68. Stephany Vargas

    Stephany Vargas2 개월 전

    Siento que escuché esta canción en otro k-drama, pero no la recuerdo, porque es una canción hermosa que amo o quizás estoy loco por pensar en esto lo siento

  69. Stephany Vargas

    Stephany Vargas2 개월 전

    @Laura Jimenez esque la cancion es muy linda, creo q me parecia q la conocia porque es muy comoda y recomfortable

  70. Laura Jimenez

    Laura Jimenez2 개월 전

    no estoy muy segura.. primera vez que yo lo escucho en start-up

  71. Sabar Design

    Sabar Design2 개월 전

    Janjanhan ullimieotji Neul eoduwotdeon Nae sesange bichi naeryeotji Neon geugeol alkka Ttaeroneun silbaram gachi Mundeuk tteoolla Miso jinneun yet chueok gachi Neon naege wasseo Day & Night Urin geu georimankeum Meon gireul dora mannajin geol Kkok ango sipeo Ne jichin haruga Swil su inneun Kkok nayeosseumyeon hae Gakkeumeun uulhaejyeotji Malhal su eopseo Nae mam sogen biga naeryeotji Neon arasseulkka Neol ilneun kkumeul hemaeda Kkaemyeon gipeun hansum geu dwiro Gaseum aryeowa Day & Night Gojak geu georimankeum Meon neoreul bomyeo apahago Sumaneun bamgwa Deo maneun nat dongan Saranghan nareul Ara jugireul Malhae jugireul Haega tteugi baro jeon saebyeogi Gajang eoduun georago Oh Day & Night Geu georimankeum Meon gireul dora mannajin geol Kkok ango sipeo Ne jichin haruga Swil su inneun got Kkok nayeosseumyeon hae

  72. michael angelo corpuz

    michael angelo corpuz2 개월 전

    A masterpiece

  73. Vera Li

    Vera Li2 개월 전

    Wonderful song Jung Seung Hwan .

  74. Yessha Ishy

    Yessha Ishy2 개월 전

    I'm falling in love with this 💖💖😭💗 This is sooo nicee💜💜

  75. Micaela Caliz

    Micaela Caliz2 개월 전


  76. Nbl gaming

    Nbl gaming2 개월 전

    someone plzzz translate this this song😍😍

  77. Leena Ginting

    Leena Ginting2 개월 전

    Can someone give the english translation?. Love this song.

  78. Kloweeepie

    Kloweeepie3 개월 전


  79. 지금처럼

    지금처럼3 개월 전

    너무좋네요 승환님 항상 응원합니다^^~~♡

  80. Wendy Nicole

    Wendy Nicole3 개월 전

    🥺Me encanta mucho esta canción, gracias por tener una hermosa voz y aliviar el dolor, realmente tu voz es mágica....oppa! 🥺🥺

  81. Ami Rahmi

    Ami Rahmi3 개월 전

    I'm always waiting for your new songs to come out, thank you for treating this longing ❤️

  82. fly light

    fly light3 개월 전

    y'all so lucky to hear seunghwan's voice

  83. Kirana Cipluk

    Kirana Cipluk3 개월 전

    Bagus bgt lagunya😍😍😍yakin psti gagal move on lgi krn ost nya

  84. 노윤숙

    노윤숙3 개월 전

    자꾸 듣게 되는 노래 노래가 넘 짧게 느껴져요.

  85. 우연

    우연3 개월 전

    잔잔한 울림이었지 늘 어두웠던 내 세상에 빛이 내렸지 넌 그걸 알까 때로는 실바람 같이 문득 떠올라 미소 짓는 옛 추억 같이 넌 내게 왔어 Day & Night 우린 그 거리만큼 먼 길을 돌아 만나진 걸 꼭 안고 싶어 네 지친 하루가 쉴 수 있는 꼭 나였으면 해 가끔은 우울해졌지 말할 수 없어 내 맘 속엔 비가 내렸지 넌 알았을까 널 잃는 꿈을 헤매다 깨면 깊은 한숨 그 뒤로 가슴 아려와 Day & Night 고작 그 거리만큼 먼 너를 보며 아파하고 수많은 밤과 더 많은 낮 동안 사랑한 나를 알아 주기를 말해 주기를 해가 뜨기 바로 전 새벽이 가장 어두운 거라고 Oh Day & Night 그 거리만큼 먼 길을 돌아 만나진 걸 꼭 안고 싶어 네 지친 하루가 쉴 수 있는 곳 꼭 나였으면 해

  86. marjan ashrafi

    marjan ashrafi3 개월 전

    Love this Drama and this amazing OST. His voice is so unique ♡

  87. 지니지니

    지니지니3 개월 전


  88. 정유미

    정유미3 개월 전

    나에겐 선물같은 노래♡♡♡

  89. Zizy Myza

    Zizy Myza3 개월 전


  90. Ayten Aydın

    Ayten Aydın3 개월 전


  91. eunsook kim

    eunsook kim3 개월 전

    정승환님 노력하는게 보여요~ 노래의 폭이 넓어진거 같아요 계속 지켜보며 응원합니다 70살 까지만 노래해주세요

  92. Celese Ishizu

    Celese Ishizu3 개월 전

    Beautiful song Seunghwan!

  93. Jamie Sematat

    Jamie Sematat3 개월 전

    Who is singing??? How dare he made me cry?? I haven’t even watch the drama yet and I’m this emotional 😭

  94. some90sKid

    some90sKid개월 전

    Bet you cried a river watching Ep 1 hahaha

  95. LUV U

    LUV U2 개월 전

    he is Jung Seung Hwan

  96. 깐따삐야

    깐따삐야3 개월 전

  97. Hedgehog 65

    Hedgehog 653 개월 전

    I love his voice 😊

  98. りょうこ

    りょうこ3 개월 전

    Netflixでこのドラマまだ観てない!Σ( ̄□ ̄;)! チョン スンファンさんが歌ってたんですね~必ず観ます!!

  99. Diana Nainggolan

    Diana Nainggolan3 개월 전 ost. Great...

  100. 서정호

    서정호3 개월 전

    mcthemax-사랑의시가 떠오른다

  101. Zaida Meutia

    Zaida Meutia3 개월 전

    oppa.... I like it 😍😍😍

  102. Kailang Lin

    Kailang Lin3 개월 전

    idk why are there so little likes and comments, it's sad :(

  103. funkystyle

    funkystyle3 개월 전

    There are 2 other videos with more viewss/comments.

  104. Hedgehog 65

    Hedgehog 653 개월 전

    You're right. I don't get it, either...

  105. 문경애

    문경애3 개월 전

    달달하고 따뜻하다 너무 좋아요

  106. 미루나무

    미루나무3 개월 전

    믿고 듣는 정승환❤ 목소리 너무 좋아요