Dozen of Years with SHINee - SHINee 12th Anniversary

Dozen of Years with SHINee - SHINee 12th Anniversary
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  1. Laila World

    Laila World28 일 전

    Dear SHINee oppadeul, "Taemin oppa, Minho oppa, Key oppa, Jonghyun oppa, Onew oppa, SHINee oppadeul." Panggilanku untuk kalian dari awal jadi SHAWOL :"v , waktu itu kelas 7/8 SMP. Waktu berlalu cepet banget, sekarang aku +24. Pokoknya sayang banget sama kalian. Makasi udah nemenin aku dari umur belasan lewat karya-karya/talenta kalian. Selalu dukung kalian dalam berkarya sampai kapanpun. With Love, Shawol Indonesia

  2. Jehan Larasati

    Jehan Larasati개월 전

    Always love you shinee

  3. Joss

    Joss개월 전

    Estoy llorando 😢, el primer grupo que conoci y me enamoró

  4. Anninda Restu qonaah

    Anninda Restu qonaah개월 전

    Shinee ot5 always

  5. 5Babes

    5Babes개월 전

    Dozen more to come 💎💚


    KAVITHA R2 개월 전

    우서한 직 업 SMT

  7. Nur Hayati

    Nur Hayati2 개월 전

    Fix nangis gue

  8. xwingman 23

    xwingman 232 개월 전

    Did they disbanded? :(

  9. Karen Ccama

    Karen Ccama2 개월 전

    Mis bebés 😭😭😭😭😭😭❤

  10. Hinata Hnv

    Hinata Hnv2 개월 전

    miss u jonghyun 💕

  11. Yanet Contreras Nuñez

    Yanet Contreras Nuñez2 개월 전


  12. Ece Chanbaek

    Ece Chanbaek2 개월 전

    I am cryingggg

  13. Rara Taufiq

    Rara Taufiq3 개월 전

    12 years and more will always be by your side

  14. 딸기

    딸기3 개월 전

    같이 천천히 오래 걸어가요 오래오래 봐요 사랑해요 5늘처럼 2렇게 5래보자

  15. Aulia Fauziah Putri

    Aulia Fauziah Putri4 개월 전


  16. Diyora Bahodirxojayeva

    Diyora Bahodirxojayeva4 개월 전

    Onew the best one always and forever

  17. chocolate cheese

    chocolate cheese4 개월 전

    Awal suka SHINee tuh karena SNSD. Jadi SHINee tuh boygroup pertama yg gw suka. Dan abis suka mereka berdua(SNSD,SHINee) lanjut ngubek-ngubek SM entertainment,, dan SM stan sampai sekarang 😌...

  18. Channa Din

    Channa Din4 개월 전





  20. Sara Ahadi

    Sara Ahadi4 개월 전


  21. ellamegan

    ellamegan4 개월 전

    i don't stan shinee and never have, but this group sure does make masterpieces. they have broke the 7 year curse even though their hardships. shinee really are one of the best and iconic boy groups, and shawols are such an unproblematic, appreciative, kind fandom. thank you shinee

  22. Bank Racing

    Bank Racing4 개월 전

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  23. Bucindojun

    Bucindojun4 개월 전

    My bling bling 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  24. lance mac

    lance mac4 개월 전

    i miss them so badddddd

  25. Clara Cristal

    Clara Cristal4 개월 전

    Extraño al bebé Jonghyun lo amo besos al cielo 😍😍😍😍🇬🇹

  26. Sonia

    Sonia4 개월 전

    Compared to many of you guys I came late to shinee, but this proves that their music and everything they do is staying wonderful, great and attractive throughout all these years...let's support all their comebacks !... Teamin's coming soon, can't wait !!! 🤪🤪🤪

  27. Short kpop videos

    Short kpop videos5 개월 전

    Jonghyun 😭 fighting shinee

  28. Skye Lockwood

    Skye Lockwood5 개월 전


  29. dergal mohamed

    dergal mohamed5 개월 전

    I'm crying what can to told him they are our hope showels forever 💙




  31. Sania Khan

    Sania Khan5 개월 전

    The return of shawol since 2008

  32. Sania Khan

    Sania Khan5 개월 전

    SHINee Members are Onew (lee jinki) Minho (Choi minho) Key (Kim ki-bum) And taemin (lee taemin) Former member Jonghyun Kim jong-Hyun 1992-2017 Forever shinee and shawol since 2008

  33. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMY5 개월 전


  34. Nurul Fitri

    Nurul Fitri5 개월 전

    SHINee...i hope to see you forever in my life...miss you sooo much...saranghae...💙💙💙💙💙

  35. Noor Laila Syahputri

    Noor Laila Syahputri5 개월 전

    i love them so much ❤❤

  36. R1 Iván

    R1 Iván5 개월 전

    And jonghyun ? :C

  37. nimzdr _

    nimzdr _5 개월 전


  38. nayare

    nayare5 개월 전

    5HINee girl get into itttttt yassss

  39. Happy Me

    Happy Me5 개월 전


  40. Abi Abi

    Abi Abi5 개월 전

    5hinee 🌟❤🌟❤🌟❤🌟❤🌟❤🌟

  41. Kimberly Mendoza

    Kimberly Mendoza5 개월 전


  42. Naila Kamana

    Naila Kamana5 개월 전

    Not to be rude or insensitive but can someone tell me what the background music is please?

  43. Eraser Sen

    Eraser Sen4 개월 전

    It's SHINee's song Life.

  44. aniv_le

    aniv_le5 개월 전

    Kangen banget dah

  45. Locket MVP

    Locket MVP5 개월 전

    Hey SM you might wanna hide Jonghyun's face on this tribute, but he is in all Shawols hearts forever!

  46. Lorena Gonzalez

    Lorena Gonzalez5 개월 전

    SHINee forever five 😭❣😍OT5❣😍😭😘

  47. Dwi Rahma

    Dwi Rahma5 개월 전

    Shinee world😙😙😙😙😙😙

  48. Haning Maila

    Haning Maila5 개월 전

    I'm crying

  49. Nurfrida Aini

    Nurfrida Aini5 개월 전


  50. Replay Shinee

    Replay Shinee5 개월 전

    happy 12th anniversary i will always love you 5hinee forever

  51. Anh Trần

    Anh Trần5 개월 전

    Từ lúc bắt đầu nghe kpop là đã nghe nhạc shinee 💖💖💖 chúc mừng kỉ niệm 12 năm

  52. Jae Brix

    Jae Brix5 개월 전

    ♡5HINee 4ever♡

  53. Eli aka die Geile

    Eli aka die Geile5 개월 전

    I‘m starting to tear up. This breaks my heart somehow. I love you and I always will❤️❤️

  54. Rinielle 아리엘 Choi

    Rinielle 아리엘 Choi5 개월 전

    My favorite Group ever.

  55. Septina Wulandari

    Septina Wulandari5 개월 전

    Jonghyun, i miss you so much

  56. Gusti Ayu Sari

    Gusti Ayu Sari5 개월 전

    While watching this, I am still put Jonghyun on it. Even there is several video which just 4 members, I am still look for Jonghyun on it. Even he isn't my bias :))

  57. MVP Diana

    MVP Diana5 개월 전

    Its funny SM trying to "hide" Jonghyun when he IS in all Shawols hearts, SHINee history, videos, pictures, tv serials and music. Can't delete the 10 years Jjong gave to us. Anyways, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to our 5 legends! and cant wait for Minho to say "SHINee IS BACK!!!"

  58. · Carvalho ·

    · Carvalho ·5 개월 전

    Se era pra me fazer chorar, deu certo

  59. Debra Johnson

    Debra Johnson5 개월 전

    SHINee forever 💎💎💎💎💎

  60. Kookie Got Me Shooky

    Kookie Got Me Shooky5 개월 전

    5HINee forever and always 💕

  61. Kim Mizuki Oficial. 미즈키

    Kim Mizuki Oficial. 미즈키5 개월 전

    💞😖 종현이 그리워요

  62. Alyssa A.

    Alyssa A.5 개월 전

    My first ult group. HAPPY 12th ANNIVERSARY, SHINEE!

  63. Darielle Minguito

    Darielle Minguito5 개월 전


  64. Karen shawol

    Karen shawol5 개월 전

    SHINee forever 💕💕✨✨✨✨✨💕💎💎💎💎💎💕✨ 💕✨💕

  65. joeys NaRock

    joeys NaRock5 개월 전

    Beautiful. Touch my heart deeply. I wish them the best for the future. And, may Jonghyun be rest in peace watching and bless Shinee from above. Can't wait for their cb

  66. Ilham Imran

    Ilham Imran5 개월 전

    I still remember them they were the first boy band that i knew and stan. It was before k-pop was even popular I really can’t believe it’s been 12 years since they debuted though i only know then for 8 years it’s a wild ride and they have gone through so much.

  67. Eva Quispe Verastegui

    Eva Quispe Verastegui5 개월 전

    I Love You ♥️

  68. exo. Blue_sky

    exo. Blue_sky5 개월 전

    I love you Jonghyun, lovely shinee

  69. vidy Yulianingtyas

    vidy Yulianingtyas5 개월 전

    I love you guys ❤

  70. Maya Andriani

    Maya Andriani5 개월 전

    Beautiful video but no Jjong focus, so sad, SHINee is five ❤️💔

  71. VaTaeXX

    VaTaeXX5 개월 전

    My number one forever

  72. J* B.I. love 4ever

    J* B.I. love 4ever5 개월 전

    I miss them so much.😥❤

  73. Sweety Kumbhar

    Sweety Kumbhar5 개월 전

    SHINee! 6 years ago I am listened 1st song (Ring Ding Dong )...❤💜 That song like electrifying 💥 Then I know about K-pop music... Thank you so much Shinee. 🌸 Love You a lot. 💙... From India 🇮🇳

  74. Sarinha Cardoso

    Sarinha Cardoso5 개월 전

    Esses meninos realmente brilham, estamos ansiosos pela volta.

  75. Rosés Soo

    Rosés Soo5 개월 전

    I was six years old when I found SHINEE. I can't listen to anything that doesn't have Jonghyun in it...It makes me cry. Jonghyun, Goo Hara, and Sulli... It's not fair that we have to lose people to s***ide. I know they're in a better place, I'm happy that they are finally free from all the stress in pain..I miss them.

  76. P경히

    P경히5 개월 전

    12년간 언제나 항상 샤이니만 쭈욱~ 사랑함🥰💚 우리 오래오래 함께하자💎 빛나는 샤이니 사랑해💚

  77. Alia euphori

    Alia euphori5 개월 전

    Congratulations Joghyun oppa Minho oppa Key oppa Onew oppa Taemin oppa Saranghaeyo Keep going Lots of love from shawol 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  78. Nihad Minoz

    Nihad Minoz5 개월 전

    The legend 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  79. Сабия Акаева

    Сабия Акаева5 개월 전

    that group showed me the k-pop world. thank you, Shinee.

  80. Isabelle Peng

    Isabelle Peng5 개월 전

    Only been a shawol for 8-9 years, but the best 8-9 years of my life. Happy 12th anniversary!

  81. hayeon park

    hayeon park5 개월 전

    5 forever

  82. Tendolma Riwoche

    Tendolma Riwoche5 개월 전

    Happy 12th anniversary Shinee. 😭

  83. Ani Halimah

    Ani Halimah5 개월 전

    Rindu kalian ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  84. Juliani

    Juliani5 개월 전

    Shinee ber 5 selalu di hati gak sabar nunggu comeback dari wamil 😭


    ARMY MOA BLINK STAY maily5 개월 전

    Felicidades shinee 😊❤

  86. Achamaly29

    Achamaly295 개월 전

    I could have never imagine that SHINee would become my fandom for 12 years, but it did! Wow! Time really flies... I remember watching their debut video Replay for the 1st time and laughing because they had funny look-alike hair cuts and after that I couldn't separate from them because they were really an AMAZING group! You can say it was love at first sight 😍. I'm proud to be a SHAWOL for so many years! And proud to have met all this talented, awesome, young men. Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho, Lee Taemin, SHINee! #12years #SHINee #20080525 #20200525 #SHAWOL #HWAITING

  87. ASIYAH אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ

    ASIYAH אשׁה ᬅᬰᬄ5 개월 전


  88. Nana Jae

    Nana Jae5 개월 전

    I have never stopped supporting SHINEE, they are like a part of my life.

  89. Pipit teu

    Pipit teu5 개월 전

    thank you for always there.... it;s been 11 years i become a shawol and i'll always be a shawol FOREVER

  90. candead

    candead5 개월 전

    wow that makes me sad and happy at the same time

  91. 이지여미

    이지여미5 개월 전

    No matter how many groups I will come to love, SHINee will always have a special place in my heart. Been here since Juliette era and I never regretted stanning them ever since. I love you, boys! *SHINee is 5 forever.*

  92. Locket Cass

    Locket Cass5 개월 전

    SM even if you dont show his face on this tribute, for us Shawols, SHINee will always be 5 and Jonghyun will always be part of SHINee! Happy Anniversary to Lee Jinki, Kim Jonghyun, Kim Kibum, Choi Minho and Lee Taemin!

  93. Nishinoya Yucorpz

    Nishinoya Yucorpz5 개월 전

    Wow, has it really been that long? Time surely flies fast🥺. It's been a rollercoaster ride up until this moment.

  94. Nancy Contreras Nova

    Nancy Contreras Nova5 개월 전

    I love you ..

  95. Yazgul Yusupova

    Yazgul Yusupova5 개월 전

    Так люблю их, до слез... Шайни❤️

  96. Blue Moon Note

    Blue Moon Note6 개월 전

    Thank you for these 12 years, I love it

  97. Debbie L

    Debbie L6 개월 전

    Background music pls🙏🙏🙏

  98. DAM

    DAM6 개월 전

    Thank you SHINee for always be with us. I will always be there for every comeback that you guys will do like i do before.

  99. 陳彥華

    陳彥華6 개월 전


  100. itsrohman official

    itsrohman official6 개월 전


  101. hafsa MOARMY 4ever

    hafsa MOARMY 4ever6 개월 전

    Happy Anniversary to my lovely oppas. may this love stay forever. No matter how old this love is, it will never end. #SHINeeOT5forever #ShawoolForever #SHINeefighting