DPR IAN - No Blueberries (ft. DPR LIVE, CL) OFFICIAL M/V

DPR IAN - No Blueberries (ft. DPR LIVE, CL) OFFICIAL M/V - [Single]

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  1. Dream Perfect Regime

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  2. Shigi Skaria

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  3. Um Bothered

    Um Bothered일 전

    Omg you're amazing I'm thankful I listened this Today

  4. Adrian Mendoza

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  5. Chrislynn J

    Chrislynn J8 일 전

    Periodtttt 😂😂😂😂this bussin

  6. Dayana Aroche

    Dayana Aroche9 일 전

    If it was the best you could do and keep putting all your strength, all three are incredible 🔥 🔥 🔥

  7. Valkyrie Valkyrie

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  8. 이혁재

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    홍다빈 제발 베인 안경 벗어

  9. Kin Franco

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  10. R M

    R M13 시간 전

    Does anyone know if he actually hates blueberries or

  11. R M

    R M13 시간 전

    The title got me thinking if that “NO POMEGRANATES” video where the little lady screams “no, no, NO NO NO NO POMEGRANATES”

  12. Asmr Raven

    Asmr Raven16 시간 전

    Streaming you sir

  13. violette

    violette17 시간 전

    pourquoi j'ai eu peur quand la prod a commencer

  14. Loana Natasha Carballal

    Loana Natasha Carballal17 시간 전

    The best fucking song of the year

  15. uniqkai ig

    uniqkai ig19 시간 전

    you're telling me that i just watched an entire movie masterpiece in five minutes? y'all have no chill. NO CHILL.

  16. 심새은

    심새은일 전

    나 가끔 이거 뮤비 틀어놓고 공부하거나 책 읽는데 이거 앞에서 둥둥 동딩 이런 무서운 음악 나올때도 듣고 계속 나오기를 기다리고 있는데 안 나올 때 꺼졌나하고 보면 항상 노래 나옴ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  17. Priscilla Heloisa

    Priscilla Heloisa일 전

    No Blueberrys Because is Cherrys

  18. idontknowhatodo

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  19. Aurora

    Aurora일 전

    I’m new and fck I’m glad I found my way here

  20. Laras Bate

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  21. Laras Bate

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    O B R A D E A R T E



    M A G N I F I C O

  24. Megumi Hoshi

    Megumi Hoshi2 일 전

    Is it too much to ask for a DPR and Epik High collab?

  25. 안미영

    안미영2 일 전

    이게 뭐야....? 자기야.... 존나 잘생겼어 ㅅㅂ 개 섹시해 오퐈 가지고싶은거 다 가졌어... ㅁㅊ

  26. Why Do I Have To Tell You

    Why Do I Have To Tell You2 일 전

    I really love this song ;)

  27. Space shower music awards Vote idol pick

    Space shower music awards Vote idol pick2 일 전

    I like this song,beautiful song

  28. Chi Renzi

    Chi Renzi2 일 전

    Everything about this is perfect

  29. AAJ Gutierrez

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  30. Aisha

    Aisha2 일 전

    1:25 after this scene I couldn't help but think throughout the entire video "did he wipe his hands????? he literally put his fingers in his hair and touched his cap. great now he has sticky ice cream stains everywhere"

  31. シCherryBomb

    シCherryBomb2 일 전

    Yeah yeah i got the youtube premium

  32. witchy_mommy_ 113

    witchy_mommy_ 1132 일 전

    Man... I love this song and visual, but I REALLY can't stand negligent firearm handling. Fake, real, unloaded, charged it doesn't matter . You should ALWAYS treat a gun like it's loaded and the safety is off, this is just a bad influence and really unsafe... which kind of ruins the whole video for me.🙃

  33. AAJ Gutierrez

    AAJ Gutierrez2 일 전

    Samee😩this whole song got me speechless

  34. Sam Daymore

    Sam Daymore2 일 전

    I don't know what Blueberry tastes like,( never had one). After listen and seeing this I don't think I ever want to. LIKE EVER. LOVE THE SONG! AND THE GRAPHICS

  35. 김예린

    김예린2 일 전

    썸넬 잔나비 최정훈인줄~~~머쓱^^

  36. Fantasy

    Fantasy2 일 전

    CLs voice man since 2009 🤌

  37. Fantasy

    Fantasy2 일 전

    This song doesn’t hit right without the intro. It’s just a way for me to prepare for this groove.

  38. prisoner aeong

    prisoner aeong3 일 전

    bro u cute

  39. Alexandra Kelemen

    Alexandra Kelemen3 일 전

    The song: ☺🌸🍨 The MV: 🖤☠🔫



    La gente tiene que saber de DPR IAN 👌🏼

  41. Spooky Tini

    Spooky Tini3 일 전

    The way he says “here we go AGĖHüŃ” 🥴🥴🥴🥴

  42. Spooky Tini

    Spooky Tini3 일 전

    .5 million of these views are mine

  43. Siti Aishah Z

    Siti Aishah Z3 일 전

    I love this a lot

  44. Jalyle Centeno

    Jalyle Centeno3 일 전

    This is a bop😍

  45. Valeria Cordero

    Valeria Cordero3 일 전

    ¨ I wonder what this link can take me too¨

  46. Nala

    Nala3 일 전

    They’re just overwhelmingly talented it’s unreal, I want this song and mv tattooed on my forehead🖤

  47. Sahar Arrayeh

    Sahar Arrayeh3 일 전

    But your voice might just kill me

  48. le jiujiu

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  49. Saiko senpai

    Saiko senpai3 일 전

    Leason for today Don't throw away ur blueberry or else the blueberry monster will get you

  50. 거북이

    거북이3 일 전


  51. noah sparkes

    noah sparkes4 일 전

    I started of this video with a dog and a cat. Now I have a wolf and a lion.



    woow CL

  53. Mae

    Mae4 일 전

    i wish i could see a movie of this

  54. Blue Gimchi

    Blue Gimchi4 일 전

    1:41 start

  55. Pinkypie311

    Pinkypie3114 일 전

    Imagine hitting your finger on that spoon like “That’s gotta hurt!”

  56. 함모세

    함모세4 일 전

    형 사랑해

  57. Matt Xavier

    Matt Xavier4 일 전

    1:45 bossa nova/samba Brazil kicks in

  58. Sra. Santorski

    Sra. Santorski4 일 전


  59. Fantasy

    Fantasy4 일 전

    I just love DPR LIVE’s rap

  60. Fantasy

    Fantasy4 일 전

    I just love DPR IANs character role here

  61. Fantasy

    Fantasy4 일 전

    happy that they found each other :)

  62. :D계란 보이

    :D계란 보이4 일 전

    I think the monster is his inner demons and live is trying to help him get away and be happy

  63. Bame Ndibo Phaladze

    Bame Ndibo Phaladze5 일 전

    i swear, am still mad..LIKE HOW IS IT THAT, THIS MV HASN'T REACHED 55MIL VIEWS/LIKE GODDAMIT, the song is freaken coollll, the visuals OMMMGGGGGGG and everybody featuring in this song ARE MY FAVS... People should really start acknowledging independent artists.

  64. Zoë

    Zoë5 일 전

    when the music video is actually the best thing ever director is bae i don't know them but know i know they're bae

  65. Jason Hong

    Jason Hong5 일 전

    Sata bro

  66. J H

    J H5 일 전

    Great, Imma have nightmares about blueberries now

  67. S⃨o⃨f⃨i⃨

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  68. tee

    tee5 일 전

    this is fcking amazing what the hell 😭

  69. Vallie Gally

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  70. Vallie Gally

    Vallie Gally5 일 전

    q linda vos

  71. Vallie Gally

    Vallie Gally5 일 전

    ian de amo

  72. Vallie Gally

    Vallie Gally5 일 전

    hola q lindo pelo tienes

  73. Hong Anh Nguyen

    Hong Anh Nguyen5 일 전

    the fact that this vid only has 2.4 million views really triggers me now...

  74. Alice Potter

    Alice Potter6 일 전

    Just found this artist. I love this, adding it to my favorites playlist.

  75. Justine

    Justine6 일 전

    We all have this one person we dedicate this song to

  76. Kath Shyrley

    Kath Shyrley6 일 전

    Temazo!!!💜 No la dejo de escuchar.

  77. Sholu Akimara

    Sholu Akimara6 일 전

    This is giving me Richard Ramirez “the night stalker” vibes and I LOVE IT! 💙

  78. Fantasy

    Fantasy6 일 전

    This satisfies my ears

  79. peace minus

    peace minus6 일 전

    I saw cl I clicked

  80. 니제

    니제7 일 전

    2 months in, this is aging like fine wine ✨

  81. Sata Mukh

    Sata Mukh7 일 전

    So I just realized this music video is a continuation of “so beautiful “

  82. Ryan

    Ryan7 일 전

    No blueberries, but a lot of swag

  83. kookielovershine099

    kookielovershine0997 일 전

    I wonder why CL looks so close to DPR, especially IAN. I've never seen her close to anyone other than Bigbang, I mean, she allowed him to be the male lead in her MV and she even appeared in his MV and this song too. No matter what kind of relationship they are I hope their relationship will last a long time. I'm glad CL has new friends because her oppa (Bigbang) have grown up and are married or busy in their business.

  84. Skid Do

    Skid Do7 일 전

    Very proud CROWN here! 😊

  85. Eniting

    Eniting7 일 전

    I'm guilty that I'm watching this for free, like 😭 Omg this is a masterpiece 🥺♥️

  86. Siti Aishah Z

    Siti Aishah Z7 일 전

    This song, the mv, the aesthetic is DOPE 🔥🔥🔥

  87. AelinG

    AelinG7 일 전

    this is the coolest MV i watched for a long time and the song goes straight onto my playlist

  88. Trend Hero

    Trend Hero7 일 전

    so was it the drugs in the beginning that made him trip out? lol

  89. Polar Bear

    Polar Bear7 일 전

    노래가 너무 좋다 ㅎㅎ 중독돼서 계속 듣고다닐듯

  90. Fouku Ichna

    Fouku Ichna7 일 전

    This whole MV: RUN FOR YOUR LIVE

  91. Yoriko Hana

    Yoriko Hana7 일 전

    That's voice cl? Caelincl ex 2ne1 really? I miss her so much

  92. Liagri F

    Liagri F7 일 전

    It looks better than some movies...

  93. SingulariTae inix

    SingulariTae inix7 일 전

    DPR music just hits different.

  94. Leila Garcia

    Leila Garcia7 일 전

    Literalmente arte Arte Arte!!✨ La flashe al principio pero me encanta

  95. 이영은

    이영은7 일 전

    연기 개잘한다

  96. Isha Creates

    Isha Creates8 일 전

    Holy shoot. The quality. The acting. The song. The storytelling.. damn. Mindblown!

  97. 황인범

    황인범8 일 전

    중독됬읍니다 하루에 100번이상 안들으면 현기증이나요,,, 이거들으면서 롤하고있습니다

  98. Denim Jacket BB MaRia

    Denim Jacket BB MaRia8 일 전

    This is the perfect example of artist being here for the music and the music only, when you can see all the effort in their producing and making of their songs and music video

  99. Crissanta Monika

    Crissanta Monika8 일 전

    dewan perwakilan rakyat ;)

  100. TOPIK TV

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  101. Damien Landau

    Damien Landau8 일 전

    This song and music video especially is truly incredible. Wow well done DPR

  102. Cass Cozyboy

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  103. FI Filalo

    FI Filalo8 일 전

    This is so underrated

  104. MeatSandwich

    MeatSandwich8 일 전

    any similar music like this? this is so good oml i can't get enough of it

  105. Baekookie

    Baekookie8 일 전

    Ok I am your new fan within 45 seconds of this

  106. Khushi Barman

    Khushi Barman8 일 전

    I dint know how many time I've been seen this song...wanna hit the like sign again and again...

  107. x. dad0

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