Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'BEcause' MV

Dreamcatcher(드림캐쳐) 'BEcause' MV

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  1. س م

    س م14 분 전

    26 😍

  2. Koala Twins

    Koala Twins31 분 전

    i didnt like this song at first but now i love it is so catchy- i think i will stan this group. BECAUSE I LIKE YOU I LIKE YOU



    Welcome to the dreamworld~


    NOUR JOONG38 분 전

    BEcause I love Dreamcatcher

  5. stream BEcause

    stream BEcause39 분 전

    Today is minx's 7th anniversary. If minx was never made then dreamcatcher never exist. Also a big Thank you to that person who thought about making dreamcatchers like group. 💖💖💖💖

  6. aavanya1

    aavanya1시간 전

    BEcause I love you~ ♡

  7. kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️

    kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️시간 전

    InSomnia, keep sCreaming please! And vote jiu on kingchoice

  8. stream Queendom and Psycho by Red Velvet

    stream Queendom and Psycho by Red Velvet시간 전


  9. 𝓛𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓶𝔂 𝓵𝓾𝓼𝓽  🎫

    𝓛𝓸𝓼𝓽 𝓶𝔂 𝓵𝓾𝓼𝓽 🎫시간 전

    Started my day with wind blows , now I am here

  10. Priska Dilla🥂

    Priska Dilla🥂시간 전

    Hi, Somnies^^ Fighting^^ Atiny dropping by~

  11. Priska Dilla🥂

    Priska Dilla🥂15 분 전

    @Rio Nardi yeah, Both are masterpieces

  12. Priska Dilla🥂

    Priska Dilla🥂15 분 전

    @Hajar with pleasure, bestie^^

  13. Rio Nardi

    Rio Nardi16 분 전

    Deja vu DC 🤝 Deja vu ateez

  14. Hajar

    Hajar35 분 전

    Hiii thank you for your help, I'm also strming fireworks and deja vu

  15. rramos

    rramos시간 전

    im addicted to gahyeon's expressions

  16. stan talent stan dreamcatcher

    stan talent stan dreamcatcher시간 전

    The look on your face is like ocean view is still giving me chills

  17. Full Moon

    Full Moon시간 전


  18. Momo's Sneeze💌

    Momo's Sneeze💌시간 전

    Handong and SuA: Forever mine sumgyeolkaji da (even all your breath) forever mine InSomnia:YES BABIES YES

  19. Mahivar Kakkera

    Mahivar Kakkera2 시간 전

    The bridge is a MASTERPIECE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Dreamcatcher FOREVER 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  20. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong2 시간 전

    YT is so weird. Sometimes, I can transfer My language, sometimes can transfer Korean. Damn it

  21. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong2 시간 전

    remember to vote JiU on King Choice website every hour 🙏 chase top 1

  22. Yeri Best Girl

    Yeri Best Girl2 시간 전

    Remember to vote for Jiu in king choice

  23. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong2 시간 전

    keep to scream, guys. Don't stop

  24. Sincerely Jules

    Sincerely Jules2 시간 전

    They didn't get the first win but the fanbase is growing bigger , that's quite a surprise

  25. GLaw Somnia

    GLaw Somnia22 분 전

    Its a surprise that the fanbase is growing?

  26. Midzysomnia ⛲💧

    Midzysomnia ⛲💧2 시간 전

    Midzy st3@ming attended day 14 ⛲

  27. rere game

    rere game2 시간 전


  28. Chloe B

    Chloe B2 시간 전

    My favourite girls actually are 7 years in a group, happy anniversary minx we love you too

  29. Afrina Nadhirah

    Afrina Nadhirah2 시간 전

    thumbs up

  30. OT7 InSomniArmy

    OT7 InSomniArmy3 시간 전

    This song owns my thoughts now bcoz of how much I've listened to it as it should.

  31. Wyn Ashley Camagos

    Wyn Ashley Camagos3 시간 전

    how can all of tehm still look cute in a horror concept music video??????!!!!! like what???????!

  32. dreamcatcher soty " BEcouse"

    dreamcatcher soty " BEcouse"시간 전

    This not cute is just a joke

  33. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago2 시간 전

    Like yes 🤡 gahyeon said its a cute mv...then it is for us 🤡..(.u won't get what i talked about here 😂 ) ... So you like cute concepts 🤔 why don't you check out " why did u come to my house "

  34. Farita Tiam

    Farita Tiam3 시간 전


  35. Eheheh

    Eheheh4 시간 전

    Love youuuuu

  36. Sofia Coloma Maestre

    Sofia Coloma Maestre4 시간 전

    The video is really well done. The shots and camera movements are very successful. Makeup also plays a very important part, I like how each artist is characterized differently, albeit in a subtle way. The song as such is wonderful, the choreography is also 10. Of course the girls display everything in an excellent way. The lighting and special effects must also be recognized, as well as the chosen settings. Something that I really like that differentiates itself from other groups is the facial expressions of the artists. In other videos you could already appreciate their body control through dance, but I really like that they can put another face that is not a porcelain doll, however I would like to see even more expressiveness, I think it would give a lot of life to the whole performance and You can see that young people have a lot of potential to do a practically perfect job.

  37. Jvn 1407

    Jvn 14074 시간 전

    One of the best songs i've ever heard by the best girlgroup in my opinion

  38. Dennis Blidzy

    Dennis Blidzy4 시간 전

    30m faster ♡

  39. Bia

    Bia4 시간 전

    27M let's goooo

  40. Deja Vu

    Deja Vu4 시간 전

    Atiny here. Str2aming for Dreamcatcher

  41. Yeri Best Girl

    Yeri Best Girl2 시간 전

    Thank you atiny

  42. Kim Minji

    Kim Minji4 시간 전

    Thank you Steaming both dejavu by ateez aand dc

  43. Orianna

    Orianna5 시간 전

    26M fighting Somines

  44. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    OK so we need50million on odd eye If our daily screams be 250k to 200k we could easily reach that ...idk if the rumors are true or not about mama (the snake) gonna invite groups which have 50million jius on a MV ....

  45. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong4 시간 전

    In fact, we are screaming many jius of Odd eye, but it is so slow...I have no idea that

  46. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong5 시간 전

    remember to vote JiU on King Choice website every hour. we can chase top 1, show our power

  47. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong5 시간 전

    Let's go to 27M, run up, guys

  48. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    My comments are getting deleted ...susan ssi ...tell your pet I'm not a bot or whatever ... Nd somnies been reporting an id for a month now....y don't your pet just blocks that id or delete its comments

  49. Yeri Best Girl

    Yeri Best Girl2 시간 전

    The comments were 108k few days ago. But I checked again and it was 107k. Yt deleted a bunch of comments.

  50. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    @aashnaa#TWICETOBER I'm still seeing his comments ... 🤡 yt just deleted spam comments I guess

  51. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    ikr😭😭 I hope yt deletes the rxxxxxx guy's ID

  52. katto

    katto5 시간 전

    keura became literally kurey

  53. Muhammad Faiz

    Muhammad Faiz5 시간 전

    yeah 26M Jius

  54. armyatiny_1813

    armyatiny_18136 시간 전

    Happy 26m! I'm really late since I just woke up but we finally hit 26 million after a long ride.

  55. Christian Huanca

    Christian Huanca6 시간 전

    Parabéns meninas ❤❤❤❤amei o mv

  56. Christian Huanca

    Christian Huanca6 시간 전

    Vamos divulgar mais a música ok

  57. Swapnarani Sasmal

    Swapnarani Sasmal6 시간 전

    Guys... Seeking for help. I'm getting only translation in Korean in comments box. Even if I'm watching some other languages, I'm getting the Korean translation only. I want my English translation back T_T. What to do? Help me.

  58. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    Check ur google settings maybe 👀

  59. Vu Nguyen

    Vu Nguyen5 시간 전

    My is english

  60. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    I will try to remove all youtube updates and then update again, I'll let you know then.

  61. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    I checked, and yes..every Korean comment has a space like " " and shows no option such as "translate by google"

  62. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    ??? Hmm it's English for me..though I haven't checked it once again..you must've changed your system region settings??

  63. Swapnarani Sasmal

    Swapnarani Sasmal6 시간 전

    Don't slow down guys... Vote for JiU every hour on KingsChoice.

  64. M. Hm3n

    M. Hm3n6 시간 전

    Just like a beautiful painting

  65. Koko Jojo

    Koko Jojo7 시간 전

    Please Vote on kingchoice for JIU please we are close to 1st place please Comment scream all videos of DREAMCATCHER

  66. kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️

    kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️7 시간 전

    Sorry! I h*te yt!

  67. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong7 시간 전

    alldaylong scream and vote JiU on King Choice website 👌

  68. DEUKAE stan

    DEUKAE stan7 시간 전

    🐰🕊🐺😸🐶🐼🦊 💕💖

  69. Fira Husniyah

    Fira Husniyah7 시간 전

    We really work hard everyday but yt probably doubting us if these vius are real or not :'

  70. Full Moon

    Full Moon7 시간 전

    so good 26M keep screaming to 27M

  71. dream Catcher

    dream Catcher7 시간 전

    Yorumlar silinmiş

  72. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom7 시간 전

    damn yt we're not bots :'(

  73. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom7 시간 전

    When you see me, smile for me😊 SMILE FOR ME 😤

  74. stream BEcause

    stream BEcause8 시간 전

    Yesterday we had 108k comments and now 107k what thee!!!

  75. Yeri Best Girl

    Yeri Best Girl2 시간 전

    This is the second time this has happened.

  76. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    Ikr 😑

  77. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong7 시간 전

    Maybe, Yt delete the haters comments

  78. Fira Husniyah

    Fira Husniyah7 시간 전

    Yt is a hater???

  79. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER7 시간 전

    I had 500+ comments in DC channel and my google account GOOGLE de-activated yesterday TT so I think maybe that's the reason

  80. Pandora

    Pandora8 시간 전

    Please we need odd eye to reach 50m

  81. Crappy.G

    Crappy.G8 시간 전

    BEcause road to 30M and Odd Eye road to 50M

  82. maria bahlawan

    maria bahlawan8 시간 전

    so talented.

  83. AGC kpop

    AGC kpop8 시간 전

    26 M

  84. aripocari

    aripocari8 시간 전

    Gahyeon’s smile gets me everytime ❤️🌹

  85. V.I.PInSomnia Forever

    V.I.PInSomnia Forever8 시간 전

    26m✓ Let's go 30m

  86. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER8 시간 전

    My account got deleted, thanks to my 12-year-old cousin. I'm crying. Whenever I try to say something yt deletes the comment

  87. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    @Neha I believe that's also the reason the comment section is 107k now from 108k yesterday

  88. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    @Neha yes TT

  89. Neha

    Neha5 시간 전

    Oh so thats why the comments got deleted, you must have had 1k+ comments I guess 🤔 Anyways protect your new account from your cousin 😆

  90. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER7 시간 전

    @Cherry Blossom I can't even log in it says you're too small to be using google services try again 😭😭

  91. Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom7 시간 전

    @aashnaa#TWICETOBER oh I see, that's weird! :0

  92. 구경꾼

    구경꾼8 시간 전

    진짜 소름 쫙 돋는다...너무좋다

  93. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago2 시간 전

    🙂check out boca or chase me , goodnight MV by them

  94. insomnia Dream love

    insomnia Dream love9 시간 전

    26m cheers cheers cheers cheers cheers

  95. Baby Rose🌹

    Baby Rose🌹9 시간 전

    QUEENS 😍😍

  96. Subaru x

    Subaru x9 시간 전

    Here for my daily dose of dreamcatcher 😌.

  97. K Betancourt

    K Betancourt9 시간 전

    Deuke fighting!

  98. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong9 시간 전

    Remember to vote JiU on King Choice website every hour, thanks. Stay safe and health. Have a nice day

  99. Sai Wong

    Sai Wong9 시간 전

    Hi, all insomnia. I'm back from my busy working. Now, I can scream. Let's keep to scream together. Don't stop and never give up. We can get 27M and scream 80k up jius every day. Fighting together

  100. YASH

    YASH9 시간 전

    Girls Planet 999. • I'm So So So Happy 😘 In Ep.7 - Our Girls have Won the 'You & I Dream The Same' Round! Yes None other than our Fu Yaning, Mashiro & Jiwon. This is literally the Perfect Team in the Whole Show 🤩 They have Performed ITZY - Mafia In The Morning with Rock Style as Suggested by Fu Yaning and also they Choreograph the Song even they if just have to Present their Vocals but Still they Showed a Perfect Performance Tonight with their Story and those High Notes!!! Aaaa What can I Say! I literally can't Stop Appreciateing them, These 3 Girls have Slayed & Killed the Performance! Insomnias I Strongly recommend y'all, Go and Watch {FU YANING} {MASHIRO} {JIWON} Stage. Even It's the Most Viewed Performance Go and Check It Out. You will Not Regret 😘

  101. YOOH

    YOOH시간 전

    Don't forget Yurina too. She sang 'Lullaby' on her introduction.



    I'm still wondering if Fu Yaning and handong know each other since both of them were joining YWY2.

  103. kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️

    kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️9 시간 전

    Vote vote vote please!!

  104. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago10 시간 전

    Y'all vote for jiu on king choice...and then comment on esquire KRposts section Fighting

  105. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    @aashnaa#TWICETOBER ohhh I see 👀...damn

  106. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    @soumya Rai • 100 years ago before that ID it was siyeon-ing(it was also aashnaa but changed it to siyeon-ing a few years later) and that ID was since 2015😭

  107. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    @soumya Rai • 100 years ago it was always "aashnaa"

  108. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    @aashnaa#TWICETOBER wait what was your old id name 🤡 I'm confusiyeon now

  109. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER5 시간 전

    @soumya Rai • 100 years ago mehhh don't even ask my exams are also going on, Today was supposed to be science exam but it got postponed as of "heavy rain" when the outside is super sunny..the government of my state is really d.mb, like really 💀

  110. Thelmar Reyes

    Thelmar Reyes10 시간 전

    Just Continue to support BEcause fighting somnies

  111. Thelmar Reyes

    Thelmar Reyes10 시간 전

    Vote for jiu in kings choice

  112. Yubin and I

    Yubin and I10 시간 전

    Cmon guys, vote Jiu on kingchoice, we need at least 65k more to get the 1st place😣

  113. Yubin and I

    Yubin and I4 시간 전

    @Vu Nguyen yeah now the difference between them is 50k, but still kinda lacking

  114. Vu Nguyen

    Vu Nguyen6 시간 전

    Dont worry the gap keep getting smaller , with this pace we will catch up

  115. lavinya yaghaz

    lavinya yaghaz10 시간 전

    26milyon tebrikler tebrikler tebrikler tebrikler tebrikler

  116. MarzipanFish

    MarzipanFish10 시간 전

    Hi InSomnia. Atiny here. Just really wanted to say a huge thanxx to you all. I see a lot of InSomnia in the cs of Deja Vu. Thank you for always showing Ateez and Atiny great support. It is deeply appreciated.

  117. Endang Setyorini

    Endang Setyorini11 시간 전

    yooo, this is so freaking GOOD😭i've ever heard that this song is adaptation from movie "US" i didn't is that true or not, but this song is...I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GIRLS

  118. I'm whipped cream for JiYoo

    I'm whipped cream for JiYoo11 시간 전

    26 mil 😭😭😭

  119. Ricardo

    Ricardo11 시간 전

    I prefer Purple Kiss.

  120. Crappy.G

    Crappy.G8 시간 전

    Ricardo Duenas back at it again!

  121. aashnaa#TWICETOBER

    aashnaa#TWICETOBER8 시간 전

    And I prefer dreamcatcher, always

  122. aripocari

    aripocari8 시간 전

    no one asked

  123. Оооошошоо

    Оооошошоо9 시간 전

    А блин, я тебя уже видела. Юморист

  124. Оооошошоо

    Оооошошоо9 시간 전

    @Ricardo purple kiss это хэллоуин для детей. Даже близко не стоит с концептом и идеями Dreamcatcher. Не извиняюсь)

  125. Sergio Siller

    Sergio Siller11 시간 전

    This may be a slower pace than we originally hoped for, but it’s great to see Insomnia continue to support “Because”!

  126. Yan_k

    Yan_k11 시간 전

    let's go 27

  127. marwos 555

    marwos 55512 시간 전

    Congratulations on 26 M! Love you!!

  128. Brenda

    Brenda12 시간 전

    This is my daily air I need to watch it or else I won’t live

  129. h. k. Noise

    h. k. Noise12 시간 전

    The flowers around the chair now makes me think of the new scents. Actually the saddest part of being allergic to roses, is I can't use anything with a rose base either, or even be around others who do. And that includes all 7 scents.

  130. I Am A Shape

    I Am A Shape12 시간 전

    Ever since first watching this I have thought extensively about dami with the lace pattern on her face

  131. kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️

    kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️12 시간 전

    Please vote jiu on kingchoice

  132. kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️

    kim_yoohyeon wifey ❤️12 시간 전

    Keep str.ming, SOMNIES 💕

  133. Alex

    Alex12 시간 전

    Te amo canción sutilmente elegante y aterradora, eres como ese nuevo webtoon de los gatitos, cute y angustiante al mismo tiempo.

  134. musictherapy 🧸

    musictherapy 🧸12 시간 전

    I bet everyone already forget one of dreamcatcher's iconic performance Who still remember "resentment" here

  135. soumya Rai • 100 years ago

    soumya Rai • 100 years ago5 시간 전

    Oh yes 💀damn

  136. ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀɪsʜʏɪɴɢ 🥂 🕊

    ɴɪɢʜᴛᴍᴀʀɪsʜʏɪɴɢ 🥂 🕊10 시간 전

    That hooks back my memories

  137. 𝑝𝑖𝑐𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑞𝑢𝑒

    𝑝𝑖𝑐𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑞𝑢𝑒10 시간 전

    Woah a long time ago

  138. h. k. Noise

    h. k. Noise12 시간 전

    Oh yeah. Such a good cover. You know it is good when DC takes a song like that, and makes it sound so good.

  139. Multi DREAMS 🪄

    Multi DREAMS 🪄13 시간 전

    We are not over yet We just started our new journey

  140. jk ha

    jk ha13 시간 전


  141. muzka

    muzka13 시간 전

    0:39 i just looooove sua's smile here

  142. 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫 🧊🫐

    𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫 🧊🫐13 시간 전


  143. 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫 🧊🫐

    𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫 🧊🫐13 시간 전


  144. 𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫 🧊🫐

    𝐃𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐞𝐫 🧊🫐13 시간 전