EDG's CAM丨Reaction of Worlds 2021 Group Draw Show丨Meiko: why is Jankos trolling here?


  1. PoLz

    PoLz9 일 전

    Wow, these guys are so cool, my fav LPL team at worlds for sure, EDG 胜利🔥

  2. Sayonaralovelife

    Sayonaralovelife10 일 전

    JunJia with the one liners. My man knows what he wants. I love this content

  3. Berserk Guts

    Berserk Guts11 일 전

    The amount of glasses in one room😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. 李怀诚

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  5. ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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    you have this content all along!? sorry for being late then

  6. Cliff Ford

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    wowww edg vlogs are so well-made really enjoyable to watch any one of them

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  8. 鼠狼狈为虎猪与

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  9. Reyyuh !!

    Reyyuh !!19 일 전

    Missin the ahq vs edg every worlds

  10. John Ray Tiangco

    John Ray Tiangco19 일 전

    3:34 Insert lyrics "Kimi no toriko ni natte shimai ba kitto~~"

  11. Hide on weed

    Hide on weed20 일 전

    Mmmm bueno. No hablo taka taka

  12. Cristian Araújo

    Cristian Araújo21 일 전

    edg vai ganhar o mundial

  13. Angel Quinayas

    Angel Quinayas21 일 전

    Hey you, you have fans arround the world, please captions

  14. Víctor González

    Víctor González21 일 전

    Saludos desde Mexico🇲🇽!

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  16. Ivan Lou Granada

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  17. Yuxin Wang

    Yuxin Wang22 일 전

    Meiko totally make this reaction video more funny haha.

  18. Paulo Salazar

    Paulo Salazar23 일 전

    HAHAHA i love this video man thx for the content.

  19. Dániel Pap

    Dániel Pap23 일 전

    Lol group of death for lec is undisputable Group A. Its interesting they are sayimg C and D. That says something about FNC and MAD. I also think outside of Europe RGE does not seem so underdog.

  20. H. xL

    H. xL21 일 전

    Usually a group of death is a group when you cant tell who is gonna advance to quater. All 4 teams has chance to be 1st in C / D. Im not trying to shit on LEC but Rogue is not gonna be able.

  21. Una

    Una23 일 전

    edg vs dk hopium yuqi buff vs sunmi buff

  22. James Reveres

    James Reveres23 일 전

    I bet my entire life savings in pick ems for EDG. Don't make me lose my house and car.

  23. Eduard Olleres

    Eduard Olleres23 일 전

    Comeback game edg Vs t1

  24. 张风

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  25. Yaguar

    Yaguar24 일 전

    "he inted his own region" KEKW

  26. Jon X

    Jon X24 일 전

    Cheers from Spain 💘 Welcome to the Europe

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  28. J Jiang

    J Jiang23 일 전

    @oole Gg 原来如此

  29. oole Gg

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  30. VitaPumpkin

    VitaPumpkin25 일 전

    cant win without KOREANS

  31. 5AM Rise

    5AM Rise24 일 전

    with KOREANS still cant win

  32. 평생위즈원

    평생위즈원25 일 전

    플랑드레 펜타킬 하겠네~

  33. Paul Oliver

    Paul Oliver25 일 전

    Yuqi jajajaja te amo

  34. Beefwelliington

    Beefwelliington26 일 전

    "All the groups are balanaced" Rogue with DWG and DRX haha

  35. Beefwelliington

    Beefwelliington25 일 전

    @陈雨子 I beat you was the kid in school that told other kids santa isnt real

  36. 陈雨子

    陈雨子25 일 전

    Beefwelliington and r instead of p

  37. Beefwelliington

    Beefwelliington25 일 전

    @陈雨子 I kow I just presed d instead of f

  38. 陈雨子

    陈雨子25 일 전

    its fpx tho

  39. Ming Xu

    Ming Xu26 일 전

    Biu Biu Biu Biu Biu

  40. Kim Wu

    Kim Wu26 일 전

    Flandre X songyuqi ship

  41. PAJ0

    PAJ026 일 전

    Why tehy all look alike they are gay?

  42. Aditya Nashikkar

    Aditya Nashikkar26 일 전

    Didn’t expect Yuqi to show up at the end. I love her.

  43. panner11

    panner1126 일 전

    Yuqi out of nowhere. Not what I was expecting when I clicked on the video.

  44. heart qian

    heart qian27 일 전

    Biu Biu Biu!

  45. 周偉文

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  46. Ming Xu

    Ming Xu26 일 전

    到贤 和 多多 是 viper 和 scout

  47. Ming Xu

    Ming Xu26 일 전

    scout viper 韩国人 scout 中文很6,viper 目前刚来一年学的也不错了 发音很准

  48. Akoashi

    Akoashi27 일 전

    Funny video ! xD Greetings from Poland ! Hope to win EDG!

  49. Loops

    Loops27 일 전

    Is the girl at the end a Chinese Celebrity or something? And good luck EDG.

  50. Loops

    Loops24 일 전

    @汉服 oh thank you for the detail information. It makes sense now ^.^

  51. 汉服

    汉服24 일 전

    Yes she is a chinese celebrity in a kpop group and Flandre is a big fan. That's why Scout and the others are making fun of him and cheering him up in the same time by saying that she is going to watch the games and cheer for him haha that's cute.

  52. Loops

    Loops25 일 전

    @JamesWen-文乐然 Oh I see she is beautiful!

  53. JamesWen-文乐然

    JamesWen-文乐然25 일 전

    She's a famous kpop idol

  54. Bomel Bruno

    Bomel Bruno27 일 전

    I laughed my ass off🤣🤣. Loved the EDG player reaction. Nice video

  55. Michal Good

    Michal Good27 일 전

    go Edg hope for good games against T1 and ofc good games in BO5

  56. ToEd3n

    ToEd3n27 일 전

    lets go EDG!

  57. Axel Cisneros

    Axel Cisneros27 일 전

    Wtf Yuqi????? LOL

  58. Hieu Minh

    Hieu Minh27 일 전

    VietSub pls

  59. Any How

    Any How27 일 전

    Flandre wife buff when

  60. acceptRUSH

    acceptRUSH27 일 전

    Here for jankos's face XD

  61. Lello97Leo

    Lello97Leo28 일 전

    If Yuqi is rooting for EDG I'm going to root for them too :)

  62. SoMoXii

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  63. Liu Rya

    Liu Rya28 일 전

    Thank you for the sub❤️❤️

  64. Naofumi

    Naofumi28 일 전

    Ssumday getting recognition that he deserves!

  65. just yza

    just yza28 일 전

    that smile flandre can't hide when gidle yuqi came for a video greeting LMFAOOOOO

  66. renso musni

    renso musni28 일 전

    Very happy to see Yuqi at the end😍💖

  67. Gally D Soloist

    Gally D Soloist28 일 전

    EDG 加油!💜 Yuqi buff is with you 💪

  68. TheLonliestMonk

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  69. 宜中Life

    宜中Life28 일 전

    Where is psg

  70. tempo ejqkrjrjek2

    tempo ejqkrjrjek225 일 전

    Group C

  71. Aaron

    Aaron28 일 전

    It is so hilarious that Scout keeps repeating 'Group C' lol

  72. Howie Chang

    Howie Chang28 일 전

    cuz that's a curse word in korean

  73. Rb fw

    Rb fw28 일 전

    I love that they brought up ssumday

  74. random neet

    random neet28 일 전

    meiko really know what group off death is. hoping for a good match between t1 and edg

  75. VI

    VI12 일 전

    tbf it's the closest thing we have to one, or maybe group D... group A and B are ez claps, FPX/DK and EDG/T1 have zero chance of not making it

  76. md maximoff

    md maximoff28 일 전

    Hello Edg haha, hi to handsome viper

  77. Liquid Pro

    Liquid Pro28 일 전

    6:36~~~A hidden egg...Scout said: C ba..means group C and same pronounciation of xiba(씨발)....he is so funny man

  78. 재혁

    재혁28 일 전

    From Korea, we support Scout and Viper and EDG Good luck at worlds

  79. Sopheaktra Neth

    Sopheaktra Neth28 일 전

    They seem more interested in Jankos's face than the draw itself. 😂

  80. Tibull 15

    Tibull 1528 일 전

    Good team never bother on group draw, but bad time needed em so much, hahaha

  81. Quan Li

    Quan Li28 일 전

    biu biu biu biu biu

  82. G G

    G G28 일 전

    EDG 멤버들 다 비슷하게 생겼다

  83. Ming Xu

    Ming Xu26 일 전

    I just realized they all have glasses too 😂

  84. mison 2

    mison 228 일 전

    바이퍼 스카웃이 일란성 쌍둥이 수준..

  85. rolan dumapit

    rolan dumapit28 일 전

    EDG Jiayou !!

  86. rolan dumapit

    rolan dumapit28 일 전

    EDG jaiyhou

  87. 김요엘

    김요엘28 일 전

    바이퍼 화이팅

  88. Niero

    Niero28 일 전

    nahhh you can't give Flandre a mental boost like that, that's not fair xD

  89. dercy nessa

    dercy nessa29 일 전

    Thank you for the subs!!! 😊 Excited for Group B matches. 🔥

  90. thinh nguyen

    thinh nguyen29 일 전

    good video

  91. Renzi Kalaw

    Renzi Kalaw29 일 전

    5:21 "He inted his own region" LMFAOOOOO

  92. Born Chiller

    Born Chiller29 일 전

    Meiko cracks me up ahaha

  93. Stan

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  94. Grigagon seram

    Grigagon seram29 일 전

    Awesome Reaction, thank you

  95. Neverland Enrico

    Neverland Enrico29 일 전

    Yuqi !!

  96. Jesper D.W

    Jesper D.W29 일 전

    Lucian: I know it, I’m his only crush.

  97. 우리

    우리29 일 전

    롤드컵 화이팅😭😭😭

  98. WTF MMA

    WTF MMA29 일 전

    This is probably the best reaction video I have seen yet. They seem cool, i'll be rooting for you guys!

  99. TheAlloz _

    TheAlloz _29 일 전

    Thank you for the upload and translation :))))$

  100. UglyhoodRAT

    UglyhoodRAT29 일 전

    EDG won't make it out of groups. Sorry guys.

  101. clac clac

    clac clac26 일 전

    @UglyhoodRAT you have no idea how strong is EDG. Like rly admit it you talk about unknown subject

  102. Ming Xu

    Ming Xu26 일 전

    @UglyhoodRAT Yeah NA is worse than wildcard so they good

  103. UglyhoodRAT

    UglyhoodRAT26 일 전

    ​@Ming Xu EDG lost to wildcards before relax mate.

  104. Ming Xu

    Ming Xu26 일 전

    They got NA and PCS 2nd seed or wild card in their group bro… no way they don’t make it out lol

  105. clac clac

    clac clac29 일 전

    watching highlights of major leagues playoffs and talking hmm?

  106. Khyléē Flõrês

    Khyléē Flõrês29 일 전

    Lpl teams don't care about the draw 👍🔥

  107. matthew skullblood

    matthew skullblood29 일 전

    POV you're the team that makes it a group of death

  108. Dayne64

    Dayne6429 일 전

    how is vipers chinese?

  109. DangerDonger

    DangerDonger29 일 전

    He did use chinese in this video when talking to teammates and it doesn't sound bad.

  110. Dayne64

    Dayne6429 일 전

    @陈雨子 ah okay, thanks

  111. 陈雨子

    陈雨子29 일 전

    I’d say it’s pretty good but I don’t know why he didn’t use Chinese in this video but normally he use Chinese to conversation in daily life

  112. Catherine

    Catherine29 일 전

    Loving the confidence damn good

  113. MYOUI'S

    MYOUI'S29 일 전

    Last year DK won coz of Sunmi buffs now will EDG win with Yuqi buffs?

  114. billy joe

    billy joe29 일 전

    Yuqi buff incoming

  115. Ethan Stratton

    Ethan Stratton29 일 전

    EDG really know what they’re doing

  116. Vegan Christian

    Vegan Christian29 일 전

    scout doesnt seem Korean anymore lol

  117. Infornography

    Infornography29 일 전

    flandre kind of reminds me of caps

  118. Eat MoMo

    Eat MoMo29 일 전

    Why the fuck is there so much background noise ? Are they in a gaming house or a fish market ?

  119. Denise X

    Denise X29 일 전

    I've wanted three times from bilibili to Weibo to KRposts. It's so funny.

  120. Islas Ortega Ximena Betsabé

    Islas Ortega Ximena Betsabé29 일 전

    Go go go, let’s go for that win my boys! You can do it ❤️❤️

  121. Franzisko Maren

    Franzisko Maren29 일 전

    Thank you for subtitles!

  122. Taeyeon Kim

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  123. Sebastián Pérez

    Sebastián Pérez29 일 전

    I didn't know EDG did content with english subs! Thanks a lot :D

  124. Mephistopheles

    Mephistopheles29 일 전

    I watched every team's reaction and everyone's just cracking up at Jankos 😂😂😂 Jankos is so hilarious man

  125. Meed Ways

    Meed Ways24 일 전

    Bro the same

  126. Danial Danish

    Danial Danish25 일 전

    @Mephistopheles yeah at least the ''4 dogs '' on his team has won a msi and have been in world final

  127. Aditya Nashikkar

    Aditya Nashikkar26 일 전

    Bro same. I’m just watching every teams reaction to Jankos’s facial expressions while drawing groups. 🤣🤣🤣

  128. Human1165

    Human116527 일 전

    @xPope they didnt do one, theyre already at iceland practicing. it would of been uploaded by now if they did lol.

  129. guanj3

    guanj327 일 전

    Many Chinese viewers adore him. At least I am!

  130. Johnny Huynh

    Johnny Huynh29 일 전

    EDG with the Yuqi buff. EZ clap

  131. Ayime

    Ayime14 일 전

    @Naoyama VII they are Fan, so for sure the EDG management pay yuqi to make that video

  132. Naoyama VII

    Naoyama VII26 일 전

    @Ayime I see, thankss

  133. Ayime

    Ayime27 일 전

    @Naoyama VII She is member of Kpop Group (G)I-dle

  134. Asher M

    Asher M27 일 전

    She is probably bluffing them to their deaths lol... Yuqi fighting!

  135. Naoyama VII

    Naoyama VII27 일 전

    sorry but may I ask who's that girl?

  136. AJ MAMORA

    AJ MAMORA29 일 전

    Yuqi in the end though so cute

  137. Purplepulp

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  138. _ Elymmen

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  139. Yixuan Li

    Yixuan Li29 일 전

    Yuqi at the end didn't expect it at all XD

  140. Trippin

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    Same haha