How do you feel about NCT 127's comeback after 459 days? by W Korea

How do you feel about NCT 127's comeback after 459 days? (feat. NCT 127, who are serious about Celine, and W, who are serious about NCT 127) by W Korea

The long-awaited group interview is happening now?! From small stories about how they've been doing to how they've been preparing for the comeback, and what they want to say to the members who've worked hard! It has been beautifully captured with the behind-the-scenes of the digital project with W and Celine.
00:00 CELINE X NCT 127 BY WKOREA digital pictorial making
00:26 Q. How about today's photoshoot?
02:20 Q. How was your comeback preparation?
03:55 Q. What would you like to say to the members who worked hard preparing for your comeback?
04:56 Group interview with NCT127 members!
05:14 Q. What are you into these days?
06:05 Q. What do you hear the most these days?
06:52 Q. Could you introduce the new song 'Sticker'?
07:07 Q. How would you describe 'Sticker' with five letters?
07:22 Q. Pick a killing part from 'Sticker!'
07:33 Q. What would you like to say to NCTzens?


  1. W KOREA

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    English subtitles have been completed. Enjoy watching with subtitles on in Settings! Thank you for waiting, international fans!😊

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    Thank you for Eng Sub

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    Thank youuuu

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    Thank you so much W KOREA!!😭👍🏻❤️

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    Aahhh thank you so much for the kind consideration and for having NCT 127💖

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    Thank you so much!!!

  7. Cayna

    Cayna일 전

    I love to see nct with animals .. And as a horsegirl this was a treat.. Jaehyun talking about his experience was nice to listen to. I hope he had a good time on set and Benjamin too…

  8. Cutie Pie

    Cutie Pie9 일 전

    Speaking about the 'Sticker' album, Taeyong says: "The album should have a song that's your taste." I love the way he communicates promoting the group so well.

  9. Apple Rose

    Apple Rose19 일 전

    Okay so I'm here to talk about Jaehyun's answers. The Horse and 1,2,3,4 are so freaking hilarious. He never fails to say such funny things with a straight face. HAHAHAHA....

  10. I​ love​ Taeyong​

    I​ love​ Taeyong​19 일 전

    Oh​ Taeyong​

  11. Auni Aris

    Auni Aris20 일 전

    Taeyong look so good despite wearing an outfit that look similar to dwayne Johnson old outfit..

  12. Kathleen Stocker

    Kathleen Stocker23 일 전

    NCT 127 comeback is a mind blower. They never, ever disappoint and always add excitement to whatever they do.. and I agree with everyone's praise for Lee Taeyong. He has beauty that radiates from the inside out.💚and thank you for the subtitles for us international nctzens.

  13. Lena Sianturi

    Lena Sianturi24 일 전

    Jaehyun look so good

  14. NY L

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    이 화보집 언제 발매됩니까

  15. I B

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    Jaehyun can definitely start a model career wow

  16. Baraa daod

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    I’m obsessed with yuta’s full lips 4:22

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    the members: talking about anything jaehyun: *benjamin*

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    비주얼 ㅎㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ ㄷ

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    There isn't visual hole in this group indeed.

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    Omg los looks de Jaehyun y Taeyong, les quedan divinos

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    They’re so precious…

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    My Prince hellow

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    Taeyoung is really good at speech. Yokshi uri leader!

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    Lucky to be NCTzens

  27. dam van

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    Haechan is soooo attractive, my eyes can't stop looking at him 😭😭 And yess, he's a genius.

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    My Jungwoo is so handsome 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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    JAEHYUN is the most beautiful man in the world.

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    마크 단독 화보도 언젠가 보고 싶어요ㅠㅠ 우리칠 이번 화보도 너무 잘 나왔구 앞으로도 더블유 코리아 엔시티와 협업 많이 해주세용

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    Thank you wkorea with nct127 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  32. Chelsea Chen

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    why is no one talking abut jaehyun's 1, 2, 3, 4?!?!? that was GOLDEN

  33. whos me

    whos me29 일 전

    taeyong ure so goddamn henzem ugh

  34. annyeong_nini 안녕 니니

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    CELINE은 협업하기에 적합한 그룹을 선택했습니다. CELINE은 NCT 127의 캐릭터와 스타일이 잘 어울린다. 나는 이 옷 컬렉션을 정말 좋아한다. NCT 127이 곧 CELINE의 브랜드 앰버서더가 되기를 바랍니다. 협력해주셔서 감사합니다

  35. Farry

    Farry29 일 전

    Has jaehyun always been this funny??? I’m a sunflower but lately jaehyun has been stealing my attention when he talks xD (sorry haechan i still love you the most) Oh right this was a fashion interview. Everyone looks gorgeous of course. Jungwoo and johnny’s hair, doyoung’s usual chic look (GOD PLEASE), mark with his swag, yuta i really need you in a drama (like RIGHT NOW), taeil and his mysterious but cute charm, taeyong simply being his model self, and lee haechan with his body proportion djsndjdnhdb Nct 127 fighting!

  36. Farry

    Farry29 일 전

    @rinar phi ahhh i see xD i couldn't really watch all their contents even tho i liked them since debut hshshs thanks for the info!

  37. rinar phi

    rinar phi29 일 전

    yes especially in their predebut-rookie days until 2019 maybe now he's back to his old self

  38. noona.condition EXO SHINEE RV NCT SUJU BTOB

    noona.condition EXO SHINEE RV NCT SUJU BTOB29 일 전

    It's been years but their visuals are breathtaking

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    Johnny Suh in this styling.... a literal prince

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    taeyong's visual is insane. he's the most handsome man

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    I don't know how many times I have watched this video, I still get amazed by Taeyong's aura and charisma... He is just too amazing in everyway

  45. Rachel

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    All the comments about Taeyong KING

  46. zahrotul musyayadah

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    Yuta the most handsome man i have ever seen!

  47. Numa Shabbir

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    Yuta's overflowing charisma and visuals are no joke!

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    Aww bby ❤️❤️

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    Lee Taeyong is beauty and elegance personified

  50. neo got my love

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    all good comments is about taeyong and i agree with them

  51. Willow Springs

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    Jaehyun Jungwoo and Yuta and Mark fit this vibe so well.

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    Never get tired of seeing taeyong's face instead I'm always surprise I mean I've been a fan since a long time now but taeyong's visual is unreal but real how come?

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    we really excited about the comeback

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    Take care Mark!!! 🥺🥺💚💚

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    Nine prince so handsome

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    Everyone in the comments praising Lee Tae-yong (as we should)

  58. dhiley archie

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    At this rate I'm surprised that SM won't plaster Taeyong's face in countless magazines, let him be the brand ambassador, or collaboration in creative design. He's not only embodied CELINE collections, but he also very passionate and talented in customising items.

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    they look so classy in those outfit ! love them

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    Every members visual is insane, Like just look at them.

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    Thankyou for making our lives better & better 💚 NCT FIGHTING! CZENNIES FIGHTING!

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    Taeyong's visuals are magnificent 😍 Straight from heaven!

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    Mark is the one who always takes my breath away

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    Okay but why does this remind me of next top neo model 😅

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    For real.

  67. L LW

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    slap the haters who said that nct has no visual with this video

  68. Blesvimir Denice Nocum Uy

    Blesvimir Denice Nocum Uy개월 전

    1:28 doyoung sweetie, you just did a musical in a victorian era, what do you mean it's hard?

  69. Willow Springs

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  70. Dimple Pradhan

    Dimple Pradhan개월 전

    No matter what kind of music you like the album should have a song that’s your taste !

  71. Fauziah Rahmah

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    Why do men's wear always so pretty especially the top 😂

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    6:09 look Mark’s face 😂

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    Taeyong is the most handsome man i've ever met. I love everything about him.

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    I love you NCT 127, you guys always increase your abilities, Thank you W KOREA!!

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    Love the outfits... They all look so handsome.

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    jaehyun rly has that fresh and calming aura im gonna faint

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    cant wait to see another jaehyun x w korea

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    deeply in love with jaehyun looks! thankyou celine and w magz korea for having him n 127 😍

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    jaehyun's posture..... im in love

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    pls send help i just can't take my eyes of jeong jaehyun

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    jaehyun's aura rly shining bright, it heals me every time i see him on black n white outfit, not to mention his comma superior hairstyle 😭❣️

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    dropped my jaw over jaehyun's visual

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    that jeong jaehyun man, he's so good........

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    this is really everything, i mean they put an ethereal prince jeong jaehyun with a white gorgeous benjamin?! want another bnw photoshoot w jaehyun n horse at W korea 😫❤️

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    i just love how every comment is about Taeyong. He deserves all the praise he gets, not only for his beauty and handsome face, but for his talent and aura, he is a great dancer, singer, rapper, visual, center and leader

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    they all look wonderful but Yuta always steals my glances and me sighs!

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    Thank you WKorea! We really love this digital project Celine x NCT 127! The video and pictures came out really well. It's all pretty and suits with the Teen Knight Poem Celine Menswear FW21 collections theme! Hope to see another pictorials with NCT 127 again soon! 💚

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    Taeyong you perfect ❤️❤️❤️😍💋💋💋

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    다들 너무 잘 생겼어 너무 멋있다🥲🤌💚

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    서쟈니 진짜 미친듯이 잘생겼고 매력 철철 넘치는데 남들이 잘모르는거 너무 맘터짐ㅠ 나만 알고 싶은데 남도 알았음 좋겠어ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

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    Are they an idol? I am pretty sure they are a model :)

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    Taeyong is just The Man of every girl's dream.

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    jung jaehyun omgg

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    the boys look soooo good omg 😭😭

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    i like how every comment is about taeyong but ahhhhh visuals for sure

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    everyone looked so amazing!!! all of them deserve all the compliments!!

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    Спасибо за английские субтитры

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    TAEYONG!! 😍😍

  104. 펭랑해

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    예전부터 잡지 읽는 것을 좋아했지만 더블유 코리아는 제게 더 특별합니다. 제가 NCT127의 팬이 되고 처음 구매했던 잡지가 쟈니와 재현이가 참여했던 2020년 5월 잡지였거든요. 지금도 종종 꺼내서 읽어보고, 지난번에 장마가 왔을 때 그 잡지가 혹시 습기를 먹을까 봐 옮겼을 정도예요. 그리고 쟈니는 너무 멋진 사람이지만 더블유 코리아와 함께 할 때면 더 멋지게 느껴지는 것 같아요. 항상 쟈니를 더 예쁘게 표현해주셔서 감사합니다. 더블유 코리아의 번창과 건승을 기원합니다. 🙂❤

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    taeyong was really handsome. my eyes only glued to him since debut

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    They look g o r g e o u s. And I love Heachan's appreciation here😁

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    NCT 127 is the blueprint of future kpop

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    Doyoung the pure blood Slytherin!!!!!!

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    As usual the comments section is filled with praising taeyong and im living for it