(ENG) 지금 흐르는 게 땀인지💦눈물인지..💧 (with 투모로우바이투게더)

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  1. Susy Min Yoonji

    Susy Min Yoonji17 일 전

    Lee Hyun & TXT They so Handsome and so cutie😭😍❤💖

  2. gillyweedniharry

    gillyweedniharry25 일 전

    These posts are making my interest in TxT grow.

  3. prajaktapjr1

    prajaktapjr1개월 전

    TXT’s behaviour is always the BEST to their SENIORS 😭❤️ I love them a lot 🥺

  4. Nabila A. Wid

    Nabila A. Wid개월 전

    Please make some content with BTS and TXT in one frame,, i really miss Big Hit Family


    XIA-MINTAE개월 전

    Seeing Lee Hyun work this hard, makes me appreciate all the work everyone does for our artist!! Thank you for showing us all you're hard work behind the scene Hyunnie!!

  6. Amber G.

    Amber G.개월 전

    This was so entertaining, and Lee Hyun’s beautiful voice while he was working was so beautiful.

  7. c l

    c l개월 전

    Jam session with you and TXT, pls

  8. Ren Ice

    Ren Ice2 개월 전

    Hyunie's so cute LOL

  9. Ledyvale09

    Ledyvale092 개월 전

    dios lo amo su dedicación que le pone a su canal y mostrándonos que es un hyun muy querido, mataría por los albúmenes de atras de el BTS

  10. Boop Imagination ❤️

    Boop Imagination ❤️2 개월 전

    Me encanta este canal

  11. kook jun

    kook jun2 개월 전

    They are so cute

  12. Hana Jannah

    Hana Jannah2 개월 전

    OMG i love when you interact with Hybe Artist. Anw Hyuka so cute 😭😭😭 I hope u make video with seventeen member too, plss ❤

  13. Arenna Maya

    Arenna Maya2 개월 전

    I used to appreciate the staff but now I love them.. look at how hard their work were.. also lee hyun are working hard .. he's so cute

  14. suflex

    suflex2 개월 전

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  15. Aleen Aris

    Aleen Aris2 개월 전

    That photo retouch? I feel him :"

  16. iheidunige

    iheidunige2 개월 전

    사진 편집할때 계속 뒤에 보이는 귀하디귀한 방탄 메모리즈 14, 15 재고들... 제발 하나만 구매하게 해주세요오 ㅠㅠㅠ

  17. Rose Soares

    Rose Soares2 개월 전

    Me inscrevi, porque achei você muito humilde💕e porque Yeonjun pediu lindamente😍

  18. Rose Soares

    Rose Soares2 개월 전

    Brasil💕💕assisti hoje!!! Achei linda a interação...txt show de simpatia, gostei muito de você de ser sorridente😄

  19. Lian K

    Lian K2 개월 전

    엔터 사진쪽 관심이 있었는데 혀니님 덕분에 잘 알고 갑니다!!감사해요!!👍앞으로도 열심히 해봐야겠네요!특히 인물포토샵~ㅎㅎ

  20. hj Jo

    hj Jo2 개월 전


  21. Yoongi’s Coffee addiction

    Yoongi’s Coffee addiction2 개월 전

    Kai and yeonjun are too nice , they’re all so sweet

  22. Lizbeth Sire

    Lizbeth Sire2 개월 전

    Necesito subtitulos en español!!!!

  23. chagichagz

    chagichagz2 개월 전

    hyunie combo make a video at the gym with bts & txt please skskskks it must be so fun to watch!!

  24. Dhvani Garg

    Dhvani Garg2 개월 전

    No one: Yeonjun: hYuNie coMbo TV Lmao

  25. anisa dwi

    anisa dwi2 개월 전

    love love

  26. Jessica Richardson

    Jessica Richardson2 개월 전

    11:37 is the epitome of "i don't even care anymore" while still studying hard to get your A in college🤣

  27. Rose Mary

    Rose Mary2 개월 전

    I love to see bighit artists interaction videos so much... Thank you for this video 😁💖

  28. Susan Sergeant

    Susan Sergeant2 개월 전

    So much is done behind the scenes. This really gives us a new appreciation for the whole team!! Great video!

  29. Jennifer Calderon

    Jennifer Calderon2 개월 전


  30. chimyp 12

    chimyp 122 개월 전

    How cute yeonjun in here🤣

  31. Amaliah Nur Firdaus

    Amaliah Nur Firdaus2 개월 전

    Please do a content with Bang PD-nim. I think it will be fun

  32. fatimita orellana

    fatimita orellana2 개월 전

    I love this

  33. 오방토

    오방토2 개월 전

    ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워

  34. Ute Mnf

    Ute Mnf2 개월 전

    yeojun so cuteeeee😭😭

  35. Sarah Almeida

    Sarah Almeida2 개월 전

    Lee Hyun took the job very serious, a lot of respect for it, i would laugh the whole time

  36. Jhordan Sac

    Jhordan Sac2 개월 전

    Hahhahahaha cute 😍😍😍😍

  37. ペコ

    ペコ2 개월 전

    please please edit Japanese subs, Mr. Lee. I'd like Japanese MOA to watch this video. I'm ready to send you Japanese subs!

  38. blacksorbet

    blacksorbet2 개월 전

    thank you so much for uploading this! i always wonder how does photoshoot works and this really help me to understand more about photoshoot. suddenly got interested in photography~

  39. Paula Toledo

    Paula Toledo2 개월 전

    Ame ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

  40. Triz 023

    Triz 0232 개월 전

    Does anyone know where is this blog he is putting TXT´s pictures on? I can´t seem to find it!

  41. Summer Avila

    Summer Avila2 개월 전

    Lee Hyun your the best 😊

  42. sakshi dev

    sakshi dev2 개월 전

    Lee hyun-nim is so smart, I would've start panicking for learning and performing in such short time 😌keep it up!! Hyunie combo fighting ✌✌✌

  43. Aidana Zhandos

    Aidana Zhandos2 개월 전

    Lee Hyun is THE BEST old brother for [hype babies], his doing such a great photoshoots nd [behind works].

  44. Elvyra Sofea

    Elvyra Sofea2 개월 전

    Hi..anybody know what album below summer package ..that one with white cover

  45. Bangtan Girl

    Bangtan Girl2 개월 전

    Can we all give 💕 to all the staff member that work so hard everyday! Thank you for all your hard work HYPE STAFF 💕💕💕

  46. be a good human

    be a good human3 개월 전

    i need bighit family work out at hybe's gym so bad

  47. Xxjgssx

    Xxjgssx3 개월 전


  48. angel

    angel3 개월 전

    please make a video with svt & nuest since they're part of hybe labels 🥺

  49. angel

    angel3 개월 전

    please make a video with svt & nuest since they're part of hybe labels 🥺

  50. Kanchan Bhalia

    Kanchan Bhalia3 개월 전

    The face of soobin when they all together said he will give pay check was hilarious 😆😆 Such a cutie they are😍😍💜

  51. Kanchan Bhalia

    Kanchan Bhalia3 개월 전

    Lee Hyun you are doing great.. As always you are great entertainer weather as singer or this.. We all will root for you Fighting 💜💜😁😘

  52. Seychelles Kim

    Seychelles Kim3 개월 전

    Wow I really love this kind of content, I'm not just being entertained but I also learned stuff! Salute to staffs who really worked behind artists!

  53. purple kore

    purple kore3 개월 전

    Good job, Lee Hyun-nim

  54. Alvie V

    Alvie V3 개월 전

    So many things happen behind the scenes right.. Fighting to all Hybe team!

  55. Ada

    Ada3 개월 전

    Sajaknim and other staff seems to be so nice!

  56. Taebear ♡

    Taebear ♡3 개월 전

    7:39 The albums at the back😳,plz can i have one ?😭

  57. Chhavi Pandey

    Chhavi Pandey3 개월 전

    Lee hyun is so cuteeeee 😭🥺

  58. Jhasbemine

    Jhasbemine3 개월 전

    Thank you for your hard work LeeHyun :))

  59. Ninzie

    Ninzie3 개월 전

    I love how he interacts with everyone, such a kind hearted person. Also, i cant help but notice the STACKS of sold out BTS merch behind him :( lol

  60. Mine Tovar

    Mine Tovar3 개월 전

    Hahahaha i don't know why but i found it funny see you strugle with everything 😂 you're funny 4 sure 😂👍💜

  61. cche16

    cche163 개월 전

    they're so cute. all of bh's artists are so close and they love lee hyun. he's very kind and friendly. he's a good senior to lean on and admire. bts learned from the best. txt are such sweethearts.

  62. Nor Farihah Naser

    Nor Farihah Naser3 개월 전

    Must've been so hard for him to learn all new things in one day, but he did it very very well.

  63. JIN ee

    JIN ee3 개월 전

    유툽 컨텐츠로ㅋㅋ소속사 후배 아티스트를 출현시킬 수 있는 선배가 있다?!!!ㅋㅋㅋ 여윽시 비킷 정도전ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  64. Lakshmi Kumavat

    Lakshmi Kumavat3 개월 전

    Mannnnnn how do we get job at hybe

  65. Jes Miscellaneous

    Jes Miscellaneous3 개월 전

    Woah. They’re really making him earn the $$ 😂 his work is legitimately what a day in a copywriter’s/social media contents manager would be like. Goes to show that the ability to take good pics, edit them and write is an important skill

  66. Calaii

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  67. Izz A

    Izz A3 개월 전

    I've seen the pictures. Lee Hyun did a very very good job!! He was working so hard.

  68. Bernadeth Arceo

    Bernadeth Arceo3 개월 전

    Lee Hyun oppa did a good job! He's very passionate and dedicated. Let's support this person, he's a genuine person. Borahae oppa😘😘💜

  69. Nadia Tun Siddika

    Nadia Tun Siddika3 개월 전

    Lee Hyun is too cute.. and the txt babies LOL Hyunie Combo aungghh

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  71. Mari

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  72. outofthisworld93

    outofthisworld933 개월 전

    I really like this kind of videos, because they show the hard work that's behind a lot of jobs that may seem simpler when we think about them. I'm glad Hyun decided to experience it first hand and is sharing it with us. Lee Hyun, fighting! P.S. Please, can somebody send me some of the merch that was on that shelf behind Hyun while he was editing the photos? Thanks. xD

  73. My PurpleHeart

    My PurpleHeart3 개월 전

    I just Subscribed to Mr Lee Hyun ,Hardwork to your contents are very entertaining and so sincere, thank you

  74. larami

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  75. Reshma Naidu

    Reshma Naidu3 개월 전

    Manifesting gym vlog ft. Txt and bts 🧘🏽‍♀️

  76. Saadia Islam Noor

    Saadia Islam Noor3 개월 전

    I must say he is really working so hard

  77. ahya qlao

    ahya qlao3 개월 전

    I'm starting to think that every bighit artist (lee hyun, bts, and txt) made exercising and going to the gym as a hobby.

  78. Aisha Naseer

    Aisha Naseer3 개월 전

    I only see bts albums. They have so many. Big hit must do a huge giveaway

  79. Stream Loser lover NOW

    Stream Loser lover NOW3 개월 전

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    akatsukira3 개월 전

    Lee Hyun's photos and blog post: m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.naver?volumeNo=31652272&memberNo=51325039

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  85. Jey Cps

    Jey Cps3 개월 전

    You are naturally funny without realizing it. 💜 I learned some things too as I like photography and dabbling in retouch software.💜 P.S would be nice if you could provide Eng. Titles. You have non Korean fan here.

  86. marielle liguez

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  87. marielle liguez

    marielle liguez3 개월 전


  88. Team Kim Seokjin vs Team Seokjin Kim🏃BTS

    Team Kim Seokjin vs Team Seokjin Kim🏃BTS3 개월 전

    You did a great job. Bighit give him a comeback.

  89. 2ndtime Around

    2ndtime Around3 개월 전

    Yeonjun and Taehyun are naturally funny. So nice to see you interact with the boys Hyun!

  90. purplevhope

    purplevhope3 개월 전

    Where can I see the pics Hyun took? 🤭💕

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    Gkookie723 개월 전

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    BTS // FANDOM T V3 개월 전

    Your such a loving and caring senior 🙂🙂🙂

  93. Evageliar

    Evageliar3 개월 전

    Wow, I love the content that show the process of the work. Very motivate! Lee Hyun is awesome! 🖤

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    랄라달3 개월 전

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    Lee Hyun and the bighit staffs being boastful lmao no wonder the artists are like that too ㅠㅠ (i mean in a sarcastic way)

  98. Anime lovers

    Anime lovers3 개월 전

    learned a lot

  99. cherry xX

    cherry xX3 개월 전

    "Please don't look forward to it but enjoy it if it was ever uploaded" lmao

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