GIANT PINK 자이언트핑크 'Burn Out' MV

GIANT PINK's new single "Burn Out" is out!
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GIANT PINK 자이언트핑크 'Burn Out' MV ℗ SM Entertainment, All I Know Music


  1. Tengku Ashraf

    Tengku Ashraf일 전

    Kok aku baru tauuu

  2. piya hardasani

    piya hardasani2 일 전

    sounds like follow by monsta x

  3. Maria Neighbor

    Maria Neighbor3 일 전

    omg this goes so hard i love it

  4. 이름없다

    이름없다8 일 전

    훅 멜로디는 좋은데 그걸 못살리네ㅡㅡ 플로우가 영 개떡

  5. Cyan D'Anjou

    Cyan D'Anjou8 일 전

    omggg she's incredble

  6. Mihály Hanics

    Mihály Hanics8 일 전

    I think she got married, I saw it from Sohlhee's Instagram story. Congratulations! (or is it not her? is she just also attending?)

  7. Ma'Niaya Childs

    Ma'Niaya Childs6 일 전

    No she got married

  8. yeolwo

    yeolwo13 일 전


  9. NeCaTi Sökmez !

    NeCaTi Sökmez !15 일 전

    Look like Jessi OMW... SM you're cool fighting!!! Giant Pink this girl loves you so much!!!!

  10. livia Esteves

    livia Esteves15 일 전

    Plmds ensinem a SM promover essa música incrível

  11. Selene Van Der Nix

    Selene Van Der Nix16 일 전

    Since when did YG's basement changed it's name to "SM"? Loving her husky voice thou 🖤

  12. SHaDOW

    SHaDOW20 일 전

    Does that beat kinda sound like the beat from waiting by Serena or is it just me...? Anyways I love the song💜

  13. Advy

    Advy20 일 전

    Who is the queeeen dudeee

  14. Michelle Chu

    Michelle Chu20 일 전

    I'm surprised because this seems more YG than SM but that's fine cause I'm loving this. It's too bad the promotion for Giant Pink is so bad. KRposts recommended this to me 3 months after the video gets released! I guess better late than never though.

  15. MiCha Edra

    MiCha Edra21 일 전

    I don't know who is she but her flow is WOW

  16. Chiara Dal Col

    Chiara Dal Col22 일 전

    Kaachi has a better mv than this.. I-

  17. Justin Zar

    Justin Zar23 일 전

    Like it

  18. Justin Zar

    Justin Zar23 일 전

    She look like Cl

  19. SabyWayV WongYukHei

    SabyWayV WongYukHei23 일 전

    I never listen this song, but I think it's so hard masterpiece if have a great support

  20. Stalgic Kris

    Stalgic Kris24 일 전

    GiantPink is signed to SM................ they must not care about promoting her cause I NEVER KNEW.

  21. Nahir Vilca

    Nahir Vilca24 일 전

    Se merece más reconocimiento, tiene mucho talento.

  22. Nahir Vilca

    Nahir Vilca24 일 전

    Reina, su rap es increíble.

  23. Diana Herciu

    Diana Herciu24 일 전

    I love her voice timbre

  24. Wonho's Mbb

    Wonho's Mbb26 일 전

    Reminded me a bit of Follow by Monsta X

  25. Maffi Does Makeup

    Maffi Does Makeup27 일 전

    This is my ringthone now 🥰 she s such a boss bit*h ,love her so much 🔥🔥🔥

  26. 黄山

    黄山29 일 전

    ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee lit af

  27. 31_Vera Nabillah

    31_Vera Nabillah개월 전

    sorry to say, but the chorus part instrument is very similar to MONSTA X's "follow"

  28. 31_Vera Nabillah

    31_Vera Nabillah3 일 전

    geminice and for what?

  29. geminice

    geminice4 일 전

    Okay and?

  30. // yora in neverland //

    // yora in neverland //개월 전

    Wait why doesnt this have at least a million???

  31. Aysel Ibr

    Aysel Ibr개월 전

    Chorus reminds me of monstax - follow lol

  32. namjoonssecretary

    namjoonssecretary개월 전

    I didn't even know she's in sm

  33. A. Smith

    A. Smith개월 전

    She needs to go to PNATION.(She jessi like )

  34. dance and other random stuff

    dance and other random stuff개월 전

    she IS GORGEOUS!!!!!! wow

  35. Anya xx

    Anya xx개월 전


  36. Lille Opror

    Lille Opror개월 전

    Sm promoveu ela igual a cara deles, mds, n fazia ideia da existência dela, oto MT chateada pq ela é incrível!!!

  37. pdusagi

    pdusagi개월 전

    I think SM is bad at promoting female artists. They seem to focus more on the male artists. I wish they promoted their female groups more or equal to their male groups. She deserves better promotion. :)

  38. jaydochi

    jaydochi개월 전

    Why am I JUST finding out about her wtf sm

  39. •lady lee•

    •lady lee•개월 전

    SM sorry to say.... Gila ini pedas bgt cuy,she deserves to get more promotion!

  40. Ali

    Ali개월 전

    I'm just coming across this, wtf, why have I never heard of her before, she's S I C K.

  41. Kassa Music

    Kassa Music개월 전

    Sounds like Follow by Monsta X... but agreed, she could be much bigger

  42. Maffi Does Makeup

    Maffi Does Makeup개월 전

    Wah . . Her voice 😍 amazing song , i love it

  43. Yeri’s Pilates Teacher

    Yeri’s Pilates Teacher개월 전

    Sm get her tf outta the basement before I find a way to do it myself

  44. Allie q

    Allie q개월 전

    I’ve never heard of her this is such a shame but this song is great and so is she 🥰

  45. vanterrific

    vanterrific개월 전

    sm's promotion is so bad that i didn't know she was in the company, much less that she had a comeback. STAN GIANT PINK AND SUPPORT THE QUEEN

  46. Ali Cheng

    Ali Cheng6 일 전

    @That sensitive psychopath yep thats what i kinda said lol her company has to promote her more bc aikm was aikm before sm bought it over

  47. Mutaz

    Mutaz6 일 전

    I thought it was a new gg!😆

  48. That sensitive psychopath

    That sensitive psychopath11 일 전

    @Ali Cheng Label V was solely created to promote a group SM created with artists they trained and the whole shabang, Label V is a sort of legal loophole so SM manages their Chinese affairs without risking a controversy due to the fragile relationships of China and Korea and still be an primary overseer of WayV activities in China, WayV's and Giant Pink are two different cases, SM isn't responsible for promoting her because their exclusive contract must state otherwise, I am sure her company still has the rights to promote her, as her contract is with them.

  49. Ali Cheng

    Ali Cheng14 일 전

    shes signed under a subsidiary so SM doesnt promote her, the subsidiary takes the wheel on this one. but recently SM has been promoting for subsidiaries, like label V and this one ig so we can't really blame SM?

  50. Yvette Forto

    Yvette Forto26 일 전

    yeah makes me believe what most SM group fans are saying now- SM is really bad in promoting their artists huh tsk tsk

  51. Loup Da Costa Faro

    Loup Da Costa Faro개월 전


  52. baby moonchild

    baby moonchild개월 전


  53. Rachie

    Rachie개월 전

    i'm so in love with her omg

  54. Mairead Elshaug-Betson

    Mairead Elshaug-Betson개월 전

    She's so pretty, I need to catch up on kpop but there's just too much

  55. makiavelikatou

    makiavelikatou개월 전

    He looks a lot like CL , no ?

  56. geminice

    geminice24 일 전

    He? That's a woman

  57. MY-2NE1-IS-EPIK

    MY-2NE1-IS-EPIK개월 전

    Been a while since I head from her? Where is her promotions at? I love her voice!

  58. Lea Davids

    Lea Davids개월 전

    At first I thought this was her debut song because it was never in my recommendations... like I Stan many SM groups... I’ve never noticed her before, SM is not promoting her enough.... as always

  59. Angerie Facesu

    Angerie Facesu개월 전

    Her voice is so mature and crisp it’s really nice to listen to!

  60. puff paff

    puff paff개월 전

    It was insane, i like it

  61. 화나?어쩔껀데

    화나?어쩔껀데개월 전

    외국인 반응: " 스엠 홍보 드럽게 못하네 ", " 자핑을 더 밀어줘야한다 " , " 그녀에게 지원이 부족한거 같아요 " , " 오.. 그녀는 여왕이야! " , " 그녀는 더 많은 팬을 가질 자격이 있어 " 결론은 스엠은 자핑을 더더 밀어줘라

  62. E B

    E B개월 전


  63. 여승은

    여승은개월 전

    언프보고 미스틱인줄 알았는데 에스엠이였어?..... 대박

  64. Maryjane Arcayera

    Maryjane Arcayera개월 전

    A queen.

  65. /account

    /account개월 전

    I listen it every morning 🙏

  66. YeonJun's sexy Nostrils

    YeonJun's sexy Nostrils개월 전

    she's so underrated omg

  67. /account

    /account개월 전

    This is so powerful !!!!

  68. Pinkrevenge101

    Pinkrevenge101개월 전

    Wth I thought the intro was ridin

  69. /account

    /account개월 전

    She's a living goddess !!!!!!

  70. Makavaize

    Makavaize2 개월 전

    Greetings from Turkey i love korean rap and this queen too

  71. Antonella Sirica

    Antonella Sirica2 개월 전

    she deserves better

  72. Milou van Vulpen

    Milou van Vulpen2 개월 전

    i did nOt expect that raspy voice and im all here for it

  73. Bored with the world

    Bored with the world2 개월 전

    this song is FIREEEE

  74. Kiki Rauha

    Kiki Rauha2 개월 전

    best rapper girl that sm had

  75. Jennifer

    Jennifer2 개월 전

    SM needs to promote her betters, her talent can’t go wasted

  76. Forever young

    Forever young2 개월 전

    Aí que musica boa não consigo para de ouvir

  77. Lali_ Crossing

    Lali_ Crossing2 개월 전

    Her Giant day will come!

  78. A-TomsFabulousHair !!

    A-TomsFabulousHair !!2 개월 전

    I keep forgetting GIANTPINK got that deep beautiful voice. She a QUEEN

  79. Visal

    Visal2 개월 전


  80. Be Better

    Be Better2 개월 전

    Yup 👍🏼

  81. Veronica Fellass

    Veronica Fellass2 개월 전

    SM get her to the better hands. She deserves more. My queen Burn Out

  82. 마현Mahyun

    마현Mahyun2 개월 전

    wait am I still on sm channel? wtf sm is doing with a soloist rapper?? she deserves mooooore

  83. theanao thea

    theanao thea2 개월 전

    love uu

  84. mardenhill

    mardenhill2 개월 전

    jjeol-eo! jang-deng!

  85. Despina

    Despina2 개월 전

    Zurnayı da kaptırdık aw

  86. BiancaDeAnglo97

    BiancaDeAnglo972 개월 전

    a bit weak on the visuals tbh for this bop :( shame

  87. Maksudi Maksudi

    Maksudi Maksudi2 개월 전

    i don't understand with SM

  88. emovantae.

    emovantae.2 개월 전

    she's so underrated omfg.

  89. harty Nicole

    harty Nicole2 개월 전

    Dang! Giant Pink is new to me but her music is 🔥🔥🔥

  90. Laetitia Th

    Laetitia Th2 개월 전

    GiantPink is signed under SM??? Why am I so late

  91. 김서진

    김서진2 개월 전

    유튜브 이쯤되면 번역기능 만들어줘라

  92. Adrian Szaj

    Adrian Szaj2 개월 전


  93. t0xicboi

    t0xicboi2 개월 전


  94. song lee

    song lee2 개월 전

    تستاهل شهرة اكثر

  95. Bloody Lilly

    Bloody Lilly2 개월 전

    Просто шикарна!!! *0*

  96. DE AN

    DE AN2 개월 전

    Giant Pink is from SM?

  97. имя не важно

    имя не важно2 개월 전

    omg, she's cool👀

  98. توفي 2000

    توفي 20002 개월 전

    هذي محبوسه في قبو الاس ام

  99. Ashish Mishra

    Ashish Mishra2 개월 전

    I like how it starts with the music from her last release 'Mirror', like so you've been jamming it till now, but now we have a new era!

  100. Ellie

    Ellie2 개월 전


  101. kiyo mi

    kiyo mi3 개월 전

    양홍원이랑 콜라보함가자

  102. Sarahi Vrit

    Sarahi Vrit3 개월 전

    Soy yo o la canción casi suena igual a la de MONSTA X 🤠👌

  103. t0xicboi

    t0xicboi3 개월 전

    Eso es porque han usado el mismo beat. Monsta X, Prince Royce, GiantPink, lo han usado. Ese beat es libre por lo que no puede considerarse plagio

  104. CharmWii JK

    CharmWii JK3 개월 전

    자핑 목소리가 진짜 너무 아깝다.. 진짜 딱 맞는 노래가 나타나면 대박일텐데

  105. 비지니

    비지니2 개월 전

    ㅇㅈ.. 막 아이돌이나 연예인? 같은 끼가 있는거 같진 않던데 대중적 가수보다 그냥 랩스킬 갈고 닦아서 힙합 레이블 들어갔으면..

  106. Farah Hind

    Farah Hind3 개월 전

    I've just found about her she's amazing what is SM doing seriously!!

  107. Aniya Camble

    Aniya Camble3 개월 전

    Because she is not under sm

  108. Aniya Camble

    Aniya Camble3 개월 전

    No its what her company is doing to her

  109. adriel ginting

    adriel ginting3 개월 전

    ciiiiiiiiieeessss this one hit hard !!!!!

  110. Alma Mater

    Alma Mater3 개월 전

    The views deserve to go higher

  111. dirtydogg231

    dirtydogg2313 개월 전

    Need English subtitles for this video

  112. Regar Sirrgar

    Regar Sirrgar3 개월 전

    Keep watching

  113. Lyht L

    Lyht L3 개월 전

    Wow great rockin voice 😍♥️

  114. UniBooKitty 14

    UniBooKitty 143 개월 전

    Just finding this artist now. Her voice sounds familiar and I’ll start supporting now.