Giants vs. Cardinals Game Highlights (7/17/21) | MLB Highlights

Giants vs. Cardinals full game highlights from 7/17/21

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  1. 하세리듬 HASE RYTHEM

    하세리듬 HASE RYTHEM2 개월 전

    I’m korean. KK is a member with ryu of the 2008 Beijing Oympic gold medalist!

  2. H. Crespo

    H. Crespo2 개월 전

    김광현 믿었다고!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nv2020

    Nv20202 개월 전

    김광현 kk

  4. 햄찌tv

    햄찌tv2 개월 전

    일찍 갔으면 ㅜㅜ

  5. 남성현

    남성현2 개월 전

    KK광현 가족들 있으니 더 힘내서 던진것같네 승리 너무 멋졌어~~ nice pitch👍👍

  6. 이원영

    이원영2 개월 전

    김광현 선수 최고!!!

  7. priZm is bored

    priZm is bored2 개월 전

    I was at this game

  8. michael david

    michael david2 개월 전

    Over 20 routine groundouts, fly balls, and strikeouts that have no bearing on scoring are highlights? This video should have been about 3-4 minutes long.

  9. 이루리

    이루리2 개월 전


  10. 레알용

    레알용2 개월 전

    Great KK!!

  11. PIC

    PIC2 개월 전

    KK is on fire! Great defense by the cards!! Let's go redbirds!!

  12. JackGeezy

    JackGeezy2 개월 전

    The Dodgers are coming

  13. Bo J.

    Bo J.2 개월 전

    Giants didn't even hit that poorly, just happened to hit right into the shift almost every time

  14. 혀니혀뉘

    혀니혀뉘2 개월 전

    김광현 화이팅~!

  15. Ethan Snyder

    Ethan Snyder2 개월 전

    I was there it was an awsome night

  16. 임석근

    임석근2 개월 전

    솔로 홈런 투런 홀런

  17. PI SAS

    PI SAS2 개월 전

    Damn KK! Killer slider

  18. Alejandro Lee

    Alejandro Lee2 개월 전

    Let's go kim !!! 💪 Orgulloso de Corea !!

  19. KrumpetKingz

    KrumpetKingz2 개월 전

    Down our entire infield, posey, belt, lastella, crawford, longoria, dang were even running out of commentators this could be a rough stretch

  20. 이주연

    이주연2 개월 전

    지금 이대로 쭉 가자!!

  21. 캔디은비

    캔디은비2 개월 전

    광현 김 화이팅

  22. berger21488

    berger214882 개월 전

    Bro'Neill going oppo!

  23. Alex Oh

    Alex Oh2 개월 전

    Molina is a legend.

  24. Ben Hur

    Ben Hur2 개월 전

    Go KK!!!

  25. sysh

    sysh2 개월 전


  26. 불도져

    불도져2 개월 전

    미쳣다 김광현 존나 자랑스럽다

  27. 꽃마차

    꽃마차2 개월 전

    자랑스럽다 kk

  28. 프리패스

    프리패스2 개월 전

    편집 개 못하네

  29. Red Bae

    Red Bae2 개월 전

    KK ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  30. 이혁재

    이혁재2 개월 전

    Kim 👍

  31. Russell Stewart

    Russell Stewart2 개월 전

    Let win this next game 😀

  32. Songhee Hong

    Songhee Hong2 개월 전

    Proud of KK🤟

  33. 붉은장미

    붉은장미2 개월 전

    Great Kim

  34. 권씨

    권씨2 개월 전

    It would be the best if his average speed came out as it did in KBO. (94~96mph) Go~ KK!

  35. 嗨你好

    嗨你好2 개월 전


  36. Tony Nelson

    Tony Nelson2 개월 전

    Can Kim please start for us I'd like our chances of getting back in the division with him starting ah wait a minute still need to fire Jeff buttcrack Albert FYI/ our hitting coach.

  37. Tony Nelson

    Tony Nelson2 개월 전

    @Ryan Rampage that's why all our coaches need to be fired they were guarenteed losses everytime we started him.

  38. Ryan Rampage

    Ryan Rampage2 개월 전

    @Tony Nelson I tried to give the kid the benefit of the doubt. He’s just.. well there’s no other way to say it. He’s awful. He hasn’t adjusted to the big leagues. He can’t locate. His stuff isn’t impressive. He’s basically useless for us

  39. Tony Nelson

    Tony Nelson2 개월 전

    @Ryan Rampage no questions Oviedo shouldn't even be in mlb

  40. Ryan Rampage

    Ryan Rampage2 개월 전

    I think our other pitchers are a problem as well. Especially Oviedo. But yeah, Albert needs to frikken go. Been saying this for a while. We didn’t have much of a problem hitting when Big Mac was our hitting coach

  41. Little things amuse little minds

    Little things amuse little minds2 개월 전

    KK : Hehe, you can't go away further, Giants 🤪

  42. 이겨울

    이겨울2 개월 전

    kim nice!!!

  43. 일해라절해라

    일해라절해라2 개월 전

    nice one sony nice one kwang hyun

  44. ING LIV

    ING LIV2 개월 전

    I love you korea

  45. 지수덕후♥

    지수덕후♥2 개월 전

    KK Good pitching!!

  46. Ellen Sheen

    Ellen Sheen2 개월 전

    Congratulations KK and Kim's lovely family!👏👍🏻😉😘 What a great pitching!🔥🔥🔥 A very happy to watching!😉😘 Thanks KK!!!👏👏👏👏👏👍🏻😉

  47. Matt Morrill

    Matt Morrill2 개월 전

    Good game. Giants had opportunities, cant win them all but if theyre going to lose a game, at least they had chances to win it.

  48. Matt Morrill

    Matt Morrill2 개월 전

    @Ryan Rampage cheers to the rubber match. Ill be watching live.

  49. Ryan Rampage

    Ryan Rampage2 개월 전

    Can really say the same about the cardinals in game 1. Had baserunners and couldn’t score. Literally out hit the giants and couldn’t score more than 2 runs 🤦🏻‍♂️

  50. 장타5호

    장타5호2 개월 전

    스포티비 쳐냐

  51. 킴라임

    킴라임2 개월 전

    김광현이 최고다!!!!!!!

  52. 스탱포

    스탱포2 개월 전

    몇년만 더 빨리 갔더라면...더 잘했겠지요?

  53. Yoshi Samurai

    Yoshi Samurai2 개월 전

    Thank you for stopping the Giants by Kim Great job dude

  54. 남극펭귄

    남극펭귄2 개월 전


  55. 해바라기

    해바라기2 개월 전

    김광현 👍👍👍👍👍 항상 응원합니다 ^^

  56. 이뮤__

    이뮤__2 개월 전

    Just simple dominance, KK Kim!

  57. ekool

    ekool2 개월 전

    GG Cards. Well played

  58. ¡El Tizón Deportivo!

    ¡El Tizón Deportivo!2 개월 전


  59. Chas Stone

    Chas Stone2 개월 전

    Ok Tyler subtract your homer, cost 1, n stay down n thru, let it happen, nice job jamming him inside thou. Arenado trying to get 2 Homer's in 1 swing, relax n let it happen, trust it, sigh back n is it forward. Goldy amassing. Wheres eddy ? How we hit into the pitch into thier played position i.e. can we be smarter? Pitch designed for you to hit it there..u by a angle Carlson but Schildt finally has him in RF where lefty's really should play. He needs to get pissed at bat an get a dam 4 for 4 day. Bunt Bader n if you want to waggle that's fine but always be sure your waggle is backflow towards front flow before that ball is released....I don't know how they do it with check swings this year cuz I hate it..never seen him line one over 1st base for a triple? Yadi is a legend n saved the pitch nobody's really took for granted but could of been passed ball..need to keep him fresh..hellsly fine, has movement no doubt kid..letm look. KK is clever n hard to read but got lucky near the 3 weeks vital for Redbirds..need a 65 to 70 percent win ratio to remain in it .. costly 1st half of some complete stupidity

  60. India Simon

    India Simon2 개월 전

    ranked 3rd no runs allowed of korean pitchers! (hyun jin ryu on 2nd)

  61. Fuck Xi JinPOOH Va-china

    Fuck Xi JinPOOH Va-china2 개월 전

    The Bird flew over the Giants and it made Descla-funny...🤭😷🤟🤘

  62. 정혜원

    정혜원2 개월 전


  63. Dash4U Son

    Dash4U Son2 개월 전

    Super Kim’s KKK

  64. 영상편집연습

    영상편집연습2 개월 전

    킹 광 현!!!

  65. John K

    John K2 개월 전

    Kims FTW

  66. LastTempoInParis

    LastTempoInParis2 개월 전

    Small ball game but a good pitcher duel ! Don't mind about the Cardinals let's focus for the next 4 games .

  67. 허승용

    허승용2 개월 전

    무실점 기록 깨진건 아쉽구마잉 수비실책...

  68. Jovan

    Jovan2 개월 전

    Wow the Cards can win!!! Smdh

  69. Preacher Man Sports

    Preacher Man Sports2 개월 전

    As a Dodgers fan, cardinals are literally my 2nd favorite team, and thank you for beating the giants

  70. 최용준

    최용준2 개월 전



    SONG STAR2 개월 전

    화질 실화냐

  72. Jeremie Amsallem

    Jeremie Amsallem2 개월 전

    Goldschmidt really is heating up

  73. David Kim

    David Kim2 개월 전

    오늘은 kk가 별 위기 없이 던진 것 같다

  74. 킴실장

    킴실장2 개월 전

    🇰🇷광현ㅡ5승 축하. 후반기 달려보자!! 오늘 수고했다👍

  75. S.S. Chapter 22

    S.S. Chapter 222 개월 전

    I'm really hoping Ryan Helsley (Happy 27th Birthday) can find the stuff he had in 2019 again. His walk rate has increased by almost 50% in this season, he has lacked control and I hope he can find that control that had him looking like a future setup guy again

  76. 내창고

    내창고2 개월 전

    OK, the Giants lineup is not at the best condition now but for Kim beating Gausman and DeSclafani at consecutive pitching duel is something.

  77. Corn Dog

    Corn Dog2 개월 전

    Kim owns the Giants!

  78. MJ Kwon

    MJ Kwon2 개월 전

    Let's go Kim Kwang Hyun !!

  79. Corn Dog

    Corn Dog2 개월 전

    Another dominant performance by KK Kim! He's looked so good these past few starts. Let's go Redbirds!

  80. 황승원

    황승원2 개월 전

    Great pitching duel!

  81. S.S. Chapter 22

    S.S. Chapter 222 개월 전

    Kwang Hyun Kim has been in complete control here last three starts making 2020 look like it wasn't a fluke, to those who said he couldn't do it in 2021, watch him. O'Neil abusing a baseball, hopefully he can do that 13 more times at least this year When Carlson was running back on that ball in the 6th I got flash backs to a certain famous triple and Nelson Cruz jumping and missing the ball with 2 outs and 2 on and 2 strikes in a no doubles defense allowing Pujols to score from second with Berkman following close behind him, but Carlson made a nice catch

  82. LukeyDukey

    LukeyDukey2 개월 전


  83. Greg Hayes

    Greg Hayes2 개월 전

    Man the color guy does sound hammered or stroked out ….do st. Louis fans like hun ? Really interesting

  84. Lisa

    Lisa2 개월 전

    @RinkyDink Productions He is retiring after this year, his 50th.

  85. Greg Hayes

    Greg Hayes2 개월 전

    @RinkyDink Productions all good …STL has good fans for sure ….always tough for the giants

  86. RinkyDink Productions

    RinkyDink Productions2 개월 전

    @Greg Hayes He doesn't do TV much anymore, mainly just the Cards AM radio broadcasts, so that might be why

  87. Greg Hayes

    Greg Hayes2 개월 전

    @RinkyDink Productions I kinda like him now ….thanks all for the input . I’m suprised I’ve never heard him

  88. Ryan Rampage

    Ryan Rampage2 개월 전

    He used to be quite entertaining. Now he just sounds like he’s on a lot of meds to mellow him out and he’s about to fall asleep in the 6th

  89. DH H

    DH H2 개월 전

    김광현 진짜 대단하다 👍

  90. Greg Hayes

    Greg Hayes2 개월 전

    He’s becoming a giant killer

  91. 올림픽 축구

    올림픽 축구2 개월 전

    Good job kk

  92. 응애

    응애2 개월 전

    이게 하이라이트지 좆포티비는 뭐..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  93. 글사랑

    글사랑2 개월 전

    Is Darin Ruf in slump now? So sad.

  94. Kevin Ko

    Kevin Ko2 개월 전

    kims slider seems to be a plus plus pitch. no fast stuff but the movement is so nasty when it comes in with a nice location

  95. 이현철

    이현철2 개월 전

    진짜 메이저리그 중계권 스포티비 대참사다.. 샌프란시스코 원투펀치상대로 연승이라니, 팀분위기도 연승흐름 기대합니다.

  96. 그런날

    그런날2 개월 전

    @최민영 이게 맞지. 거지근성 ㅋㅋ

  97. 최민영

    최민영2 개월 전

    보지마라 그지들아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 중계권료는 뭐 땅파면 나온다냐? ㅋㅋㅋ 그동안 엠비씨가적자 ㅈㄴ보면서해왔던건데ㅋㅋ하여간 호의가 계속되면 권리인줄알아요 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  98. jh Y

    jh Y2 개월 전

    미친거 아니냐? 하일라이트도 못 보게해서 유튜브 영어로봐야함? 국보급 투수 둘 영상 막는 미친 방송사~ 돈이 썩어도 안 볼란다

  99. 김지훈

    김지훈2 개월 전

    코로나로 힘든시기에 개포티비 너무하네

  100. 이현철

    이현철2 개월 전

    @허승용 장점이1도없네요ㅋㅋ 국내스포츠중계도 노답이고..

  101. David Weiss

    David Weiss2 개월 전

    pretty boring game

  102. Ryan Rampage

    Ryan Rampage2 개월 전

    What?! It was a well pitched game and it was a 2 run game with the tying run on 1st to end the game🤦🏻‍♂️

  103. manny ortega

    manny ortega2 개월 전

    Flores slower than my 84yr old grandpa

  104. james Park

    james Park2 개월 전

    I wish he could pitch 94~96mph...Actually he did at KBO Go Go KK

  105. 이남우

    이남우2 개월 전

    Yes~ He did...

  106. 하얀색

    하얀색2 개월 전

    스포티비 보다가 오신분ㅋㅋ

  107. 허승용

    허승용2 개월 전


  108. 지려따

    지려따2 개월 전

    저요 ㅋ

  109. 고샤론

    고샤론2 개월 전

    이게 나라다

  110. 김준성

    김준성2 개월 전

    이게맞지 ㅋㅋ

  111. Seungmin Cho

    Seungmin Cho2 개월 전

    와 9분 ㄷㄷㄷㄷ

  112. Philip Buchanan

    Philip Buchanan2 개월 전

    Jacob degrom got to watch out for kwang Hyun Kim

  113. Philip Buchanan

    Philip Buchanan2 개월 전

    @Jaxon 🐐ok

  114. Jaxon 🐐

    Jaxon 🐐2 개월 전

    @Philip Buchanan ok dang, thought u was being serous, plus all I said was deGROM is better. No need to call me a bum

  115. Philip Buchanan

    Philip Buchanan2 개월 전

    @Jaxon 🐐 is was a joke bum

  116. Jaxon 🐐

    Jaxon 🐐2 개월 전

    Degrom is better

  117. DaftKing

    DaftKing2 개월 전

    Giants should trade for Kim

  118. L N

    L N2 개월 전

    김광현 !

  119. Christopher Orrante

    Christopher Orrante2 개월 전

    Yes! Good job Cardinals. And keep losing Giants. You can be a wild card team

  120. Jason Scott Lee

    Jason Scott Lee2 개월 전

    Good job,K.H.Kim!(잘했다,광현아!)

  121. idiot

    idiot2 개월 전


  122. 박지현

    박지현2 개월 전

    KK is pertectly back!! Welcome~!!

  123. Pakram26

    Pakram262 개월 전

    Reyes with the sticky stuff? 🤔@8:50

  124. Ryan Rampage

    Ryan Rampage2 개월 전

    Bro really? He’s looking at the sequence card lol

  125. LukeyDukey

    LukeyDukey2 개월 전


  126. Andres Perez

    Andres Perez2 개월 전

    Miss motte as stl closer 😀😃😄

  127. 전당포 아저씨

    전당포 아저씨2 개월 전

    Come on KK

  128. ML

    ML2 개월 전

    kim and reyes are great pitchers. im not mad at this loss at all. back at it tomorrow

  129. Ryan Rampage

    Ryan Rampage2 개월 전

    KK is finally starting to come around for us. I just wish waino could’ve done the same. Reyes been pretty much lights out this year. Finally able to stay healthy after like 4 years.

  130. Alex Curran

    Alex Curran2 개월 전

    I love all the new Cardinals fans from Korea. KK has been a great for us.

  131. No ala

    No ala2 개월 전

    @Gavin Scott maybe, he said 'korean ace'

  132. Gavin Scott

    Gavin Scott2 개월 전

    @ᄉᄂ flaherty is

  133. ᄉᄂ

    ᄉᄂ2 개월 전

    l love kk he is our ace

  134. 키탄

    키탄2 개월 전

    김광현 선수 많이 사랑해주세요~

  135. Beenzino Real

    Beenzino Real2 개월 전


  136. 승규인데

    승규인데2 개월 전

    KK's kids are so cute 😍

  137. Maliguna Guno

    Maliguna Guno2 개월 전

    광현아!! 수고했다!! 멋지도 자랑스럽고 쮺~~ 가자!!

  138. 조마구

    조마구2 개월 전

    오오 한글 반갑

  139. 승준

    승준2 개월 전

    한글댓글 뭔가 반갑 ㅋㅋ

  140. Luis S.

    Luis S.2 개월 전

    Giants lose. California wins!

  141. Hyeon Seo Shin

    Hyeon Seo Shin2 개월 전

    김광현 나이스~!

  142. Cactus Juice

    Cactus Juice2 개월 전

    Giants run the NL West tho