GINJO 'The Riot (Feat. TEN, XIAOJUN of WayV)' Promotion Video

GINJO's new single "The Riot (Feat. TEN, XIAOJUN of WayV)" is out!
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GINJO 'The Riot (Feat. TEN, XIAOJUN of WayV)' Promotion Video ℗ SM ENTERTAINMENT, Scream Records


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  3. Azzahra Khoirunnisa

    Azzahra Khoirunnisa일 전

    wow i just know this like 5 min ago and it's cool

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  7. ぎね

    ぎね4 일 전

    1:40 😭

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  9. halo saya

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    Love xiaojun

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    935.277 goal 1 M

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  12. Zemiya C.

    Zemiya C.6 일 전

    Didn't know this song existed until now o_o I'm nctzen and i not love Ten and Xiaojun BUT DAMN THAT DJ STRIKES WITH TALENT AND VISUAL

  13. Aunna Hana

    Aunna Hana6 일 전

    Ten 💙💙

  14. Rachmania 14

    Rachmania 146 일 전

    Love you

  15. siwonlover choi

    siwonlover choi6 일 전

    Ten and Xiaojun so cool

  16. Baby Mobile

    Baby Mobile6 일 전

    Perfect Ten #TenisTen

  17. Baby Mobile

    Baby Mobile6 일 전

    Ten's my everything.

  18. Bbe Bbe

    Bbe Bbe6 일 전

    Coming back here after Xiaoten owning MAW and 90's Love

  19. Ausanee Jun

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  20. Ausanee Jun

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  21. Namuhnon Unless

    Namuhnon Unless7 일 전

    love this

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    close to 1M!!

  23. Taeyong Bubu

    Taeyong Bubu7 일 전

    Como es posible que ni 1M tenga este video???

  24. Taeyong Bubu

    Taeyong Bubu7 일 전

    Lvd Xiaojun vocal king ,alta vos preciosa se carga este pibe

  25. Taeyong Bubu

    Taeyong Bubu7 일 전

    Chales, porque chingados me vengo enterando recién de las colaboraciones de los integrantes de WayV con otros artistas de SM

  26. spearb

    spearb7 일 전

    Türkler burda mısınız

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  28. deolinda citrani

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    ayok satu jt yok

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    Go to 1 Million

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    _930.101… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  34. halo saya

    halo saya10 일 전

    This song is very beautiful with the blend of Xiaojun's vocals. Let's make this a million

  35. halo saya

    halo saya10 일 전

    yok ayo 1 m

  36. Salsabila Fauziah Rahayu

    Salsabila Fauziah Rahayu10 일 전

    Thankyou ginjo for making a great music. It fits me so well

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    De mis favoritos

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    Xiaojun you look so handsome

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    tunnel wayvision15 일 전

    Let’s get this to 1M for ten and xiaojun

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  47. 無限的我「Limitless」'ın kızı

    無限的我「Limitless」'ın kızı16 일 전

    hala burada olan birileri var mı ehheehheh

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    _922.219… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  52. Marzena

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  53. jisoo vogue

    jisoo vogue19 일 전

    the music is amazing and the vocals are amazing this is what I call an amazing song btw, I really like ten's smile

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  60. siwonlover choi

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    Ten very perfect idol

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    _915.698… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  62. Aral Kelly

    Aral Kelly26 일 전

    Im having a bar and imma play this everynight ❤️

  63. Jiha Ali

    Jiha Ali27 일 전

    Ten vocal improves so much. My boy tennnnnnn And xiaojun vocal tooo

  64. O P

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  65. Nahir Vilca

    Nahir Vilca27 일 전

    Colaboración de alta resolución.

  66. Esme

    Esme27 일 전

    You are very talented, why is this MV very short? Thank you guys!!!

  67. javlatua

    javlatua27 일 전

    xiaojun king

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    _913.683… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  69. Shrix J

    Shrix J27 일 전

    Ten's eyes!! Wow

  70. Shrix J

    Shrix J27 일 전

    Wow ten and xiajun vocals! And especially their English wow! And visuals

  71. Bana Hamed

    Bana Hamed27 일 전

    Let’s get it to 1M...come on guys we can do it

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    _912.360… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  73. TORA Jayne

    TORA Jayne29 일 전

    I legit don’t understand how people can sleep on this track

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    Imah Imah29 일 전

    Please 1M

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    My kind of RIOT!!!!!!! GO Ten and Xiaojun

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    _910.380… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  78. NCT Enthusiast

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    I still hasn't get over this song, the way that this song was release before my bday, and when it was release I was literally partying with myself while the speaker is at 100%

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  80. Alie Marie

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    Tenten (/^-^(^ ^*)/

  81. Eternallyv

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    Cada vez más cerca vamoo

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    _906.607… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  84. Thuane Conceição

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    Ten my love!!!

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    _905.775… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  86. Lucas K-Rocker

    Lucas K-Rocker개월 전

    De vez en cuando me escuche este temazo de Ginjo

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    _904.729… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

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    *_Sigan haciendo stream_* _Que ya falta poco para llegar al Millón de vistas_ *_¡WayV Fighting!_*

  89. Lucas K-Rocker

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    GINJO Fighting!

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    _904.515… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  91. Mersa R.

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    Let's 1M nctzenn

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  93. Adinda Salsabila

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  94. Esme

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    Ya casi llegamos a 1M!!!

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    _901.516… _*_¡1M Goal!_*

  96. Gianella Vilcherrez

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    Nunca me voy a cansar de escuchar tremendo arte ptmr

  97. Lucas K-Rocker

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  98. Sarah Xavier

    Sarah Xavier개월 전

    i think this video not even reach 1 million because sm give this video not as MV but they write this as Promotion Video who i didn't know whats that mean

  99. isabel ortiz

    isabel ortiz개월 전

    merecias mas

  100. ale

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  101. Karina M. Aruquipa

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    hoy vamos 900.232 k

  102. Esme

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    I'm here again :)