Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Music Video)

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  1. Gucci Mane

    Gucci Mane2 일 전

    I Am My Only Competition

  2. The Goat 2

    The Goat 238 분 전

    Alexa” play “was my dawg” by waka flocka

  3. St. Fionté1

    St. Fionté1시간 전

    Fuck clone


    CHOW MEIN4 시간 전

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    IJN ON THE BEAT6 시간 전

    You won this one. Guwop!

  6. Uncle Devanier

    Uncle Devanier10 시간 전


  7. Liquor 2Much

    Liquor 2Much8 분 전

    On errthang who got this man chill lol

  8. Bella Madison

    Bella Madison11 분 전

    Jeezy mighta had the better song selection but Gucci the realest!! He more iconic to the culture period 💯

  9. Chino Ching -Topic

    Chino Ching -Topic12 분 전

    Dumass slapin yeeeeeeeee

  10. MsAverielle

    MsAverielle18 분 전

    Smoking pookie loc

  11. Dessi Louu

    Dessi Louu22 분 전

    Real Gucci fans know this a ReUpload 🥴

  12. cooldudecrashlion

    cooldudecrashlion27 분 전

    why this get reuploaded?

  13. XanaxAndGreen10

    XanaxAndGreen1029 분 전

    Dig your partner up homie

  14. XanaxAndGreen10

    XanaxAndGreen1030 분 전

    Smokin on some poockie loc . .

  15. Ghanaboy1234

    Ghanaboy123433 분 전

    Classic 🔥🔥

  16. Prez AC

    Prez AC38 분 전

    Gucci was really on that Memphis underground scene. 0:07 that that Playa Fly - Crowin Me 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽

  17. DAQ

    DAQ41 분 전

    This for you von

  18. einjo EIneud Ein dushane

    einjo EIneud Ein dushane42 분 전





  20. Allen Crippen

    Allen Crippen43 분 전

    Gucci still got alot of growing up to do. Jeezy was the bigger man to say fuck it. He saved Gucci life. He said this shit isnt about me or u. Jeezy was trying to rest it so he didnt have to resort to killing Gucci. And at the end with all of Gucci body guards u can tell who the real legand is. Jeezy rocked Gucci. But Jeezy more street mature then Gucci. Gucci just seems likehes to into his ego and he thinks his shit dont stink. I lodt alot of respect for him lmfao.

  21. Lukasz Annabella Watt

    Lukasz Annabella Watt47 분 전

    Gucci always brings earthquake when he raps how can you compete against that

  22. Judas Maccabeus

    Judas Maccabeus시간 전

    Why people front on Guwop he made Atlanta respectable again after Lil Jon cooled off

  23. World Star

    World Star시간 전

  24. World Star

    World Star시간 전

    When someone try n kill you that will never be forgiven

  25. TR4P/KEED #Youngking

    TR4P/KEED #Youngking시간 전

    I remember when this first dropped the south went Brazy for this one

  26. Megan Hubert

    Megan Hubert시간 전

    Idk. Sounds lame to me. Dude ain't a legend he's barely holding onto his relevance.

  27. Bella Madison

    Bella Madison32 분 전

    He has more relevance than Jeezy 😂 he’s the bigger icon


    YAMIN BAND시간 전

    *REMIX ZmmMusic Fousheé - Deep End Hits 2020*

  29. The Whyte Gucci

    The Whyte Gucci시간 전

    New track featuring Kxng Crooked x Constantine😤

  30. European Guy Reads Lyrics

    European Guy Reads Lyrics시간 전

    Thats a 👎 for me.

  31. Solo Myk Music

    Solo Myk Music시간 전

    0 fucks

  32. Jackie Tan

    Jackie Tan시간 전

    I know this got more views because of verzuz 🙄

  33. St. Fionté1

    St. Fionté1시간 전

    Gucci clone🔥❤️

  34. Musikenna

    Musikenna시간 전


  35. Chuck Juice

    Chuck Juice시간 전

    Wow 😳

  36. allah son

    allah son시간 전

    p20piru fckgucci

  37. allah son

    allah son시간 전

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  38. Coffee Bean

    Coffee Bean시간 전

    Been here since 2006 #Woppppp I wasn't even surprised he performed this on Verzuz bc he went to Macon Georgia (Jeezy Hood) and performed this! Gucci a fukn 🐐❗ The walking symbol of KEEPING THAT SAME ENERGY 😄 No Faking

  39. Chris Cream

    Chris Cream시간 전

    This the real gucci.....that other nigga don't even look like him...

  40. SaintNick TheSauceGod

    SaintNick TheSauceGod시간 전

    These comments make me feel old 😭 I was on 3 triple stacks when I first heard this 😂

  41. Morris Eguakun

    Morris Eguakun시간 전

    Won’t even raise ya own boy!!

  42. Dana Antrobus

    Dana Antrobus시간 전

    Fat Gucci was too fire!!!

  43. Supreme Highness

    Supreme Highness2 시간 전

    Wop uploaded this recently lol fuckin wit Jeezy cur ass lol 1017!


    ROZE BLAZE2 시간 전


  45. Griselda Blanco

    Griselda Blanco2 시간 전

    Real gucci mane fans remember when this came out on worldstar 🥶🥶

  46. Damo Steward

    Damo Steward2 시간 전

    Still Muafuckin Dope As Hell 🥶🔥👌🏿💥🔴💪🏿🅱️🔥🥶

  47. Aandjelo Berisha

    Aandjelo Berisha2 시간 전

    Tru Gucci

  48. sfbkeylock

    sfbkeylock2 시간 전


  49. sfbkeylock

    sfbkeylock2 시간 전


  50. Ken Sharpe

    Ken Sharpe2 시간 전

    Hood marketing genius 🤣

  51. Ray Baca

    Ray Baca2 시간 전

    Fbi has joined the chat

  52. Veteranmac 88

    Veteranmac 882 시간 전

    Where is the Bart chain ??????????

  53. Oluwaseun Majekodunmi

    Oluwaseun Majekodunmi2 시간 전

    Ugly guy

  54. Kyle Patillo

    Kyle Patillo2 시간 전

    Go dug your partner up bet he can't say shit

  55. Johnny herdes

    Johnny herdes2 시간 전

    We Gucci man

  56. Rey Ross

    Rey Ross3 시간 전

    Есть русские ?

  57. Allen Oso

    Allen Oso3 시간 전

    Gucci one of the realist!!

  58. Dobba

    Dobba3 시간 전


  59. Kaleaf Davis

    Kaleaf Davis3 시간 전

    I feel u Gucci

  60. 21. Hlompho

    21. Hlompho3 시간 전

    I thought Gucci Mane regretted playing this song at Verzuz. 🤔🤨

  61. Time Killer

    Time Killer3 시간 전

    0:55 This real Gucci before the clone came

  62. Philip West

    Philip West3 시간 전


  63. Philip West

    Philip West3 시간 전

    Half of the world haven't heard Gucci's best songs.

  64. Pharoah Akhenaten

    Pharoah Akhenaten3 시간 전

    So much for saying you've grown up and changed

  65. Philip West

    Philip West3 시간 전

    this confirmed Gucci is not a clone.

  66. DatBoiTdog93

    DatBoiTdog933 시간 전

    Gucci layed em out PERIOD

  67. Mj jacks

    Mj jacks4 시간 전


  68. killcam expertTV

    killcam expertTV4 시간 전


  69. Nano Hawk

    Nano Hawk4 시간 전

    Howdy, I actually want to say that i really liked your content, congratulations! I have subscribed to your C h a n n e l 😉 Maybe, You can do the same and we will become "real" KRposts friends

  70. Haithmel

    Haithmel4 시간 전

    This Original Gucci Man Lmfao 😂😂😂

  71. I Am Tonya

    I Am Tonya4 시간 전

    Lawd Gucci sooo disrespectful, yet respectfully so. 😂😐 He could of been dead for ten bands. That's why he said I got on a 10,000.00 outfit. 😏🔥👏🏿 Jeezy man's was sent to smoke Gucci and 20 years later Gucci smokin on Pookie. 🔥🤔😳 The best revenge is success.👍🏿

  72. Grif Griffin

    Grif Griffin4 시간 전


  73. Gas Nitro

    Gas Nitro5 시간 전

    No diss is the truth 💯🤫🔥🔥

  74. Fl Beats

    Fl Beats5 시간 전

    Ahh wop reuploaded it.. he knew he broke the internet

  75. Stubbo242

    Stubbo2425 시간 전

    Free kill

  76. Islande C

    Islande C5 시간 전

    God bless you Gucci! Now I understand why you were on savage mode on Verzuz.

  77. Mamedov Begali

    Mamedov Begali5 시간 전

    Gucci mane ♥️♥️💪💪♥️💪♥️♥️👏👏♥️💪

  78. Javier Mancera

    Javier Mancera5 시간 전

    Why is Nintendo being canceled?

  79. realniga 301

    realniga 3016 시간 전

    Jeezy gangster as shit he really tried to get gucci killed

  80. Terry Simmons TV

    Terry Simmons TV6 시간 전


  81. Jorge Sar

    Jorge Sar6 시간 전

    Gucci the Goat!

  82. The 2 Bibbs

    The 2 Bibbs6 시간 전

    Go like Tray Money atv freestyle

  83. Amanda Sanders

    Amanda Sanders6 시간 전

    Everyone keep saying Gucci disrespectful.... how is speaking facts disrespectful....smh ..... u had a hit on my kill

  84. Amanda Sanders

    Amanda Sanders시간 전

    Bella Madison exactly.... some are acting like Jezzy is....Gucci could’ve lost his life..... I didn’t know the whole story till my homie let me listen to this song... and told me about it

  85. Amanda Sanders

    Amanda Sanders시간 전

    realniga 301 exactly.... and that’s the part I don’t like

  86. Bella Madison

    Bella Madison3 시간 전

    Gucci is literally the victim in this whole situation, he can act however he wants.

  87. realniga 301

    realniga 3016 시간 전

    Ikr jeezy put a hit on his head they acting like jeezy innocent

  88. Romekeyo Stodghill

    Romekeyo Stodghill6 시간 전

    0:32 earn 5k in 2 days


    TRIBE OF JUDAH6 시간 전



    TRIBE OF JUDAH6 시간 전



    TRIBE OF JUDAH6 시간 전


  92. ELL Kaneki

    ELL Kaneki6 시간 전


  93. Amen Wright

    Amen Wright6 시간 전


  94. Berk Tezcan

    Berk Tezcan7 시간 전



    TOUCH TONE PEI7 시간 전

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂List godfather every east side bumping Gucci Gucci burrrburrrr

  96. Casey Alvear

    Casey Alvear7 시간 전

    The man in this video is looking like he is about to be B.I.G.'D!

  97. GAZAtremendous 268

    GAZAtremendous 2687 시간 전

    Best rapper alive

  98. Dean Allen Richardson I.

    Dean Allen Richardson I.7 시간 전

    Damn... I'on know why but I just started thinking about OG Man Man... I think this song must sound like one of his or something.

  99. DotWorld ToReal

    DotWorld ToReal7 시간 전

    Gucci bur bur buuurr

  100. Corey Michael

    Corey Michael7 시간 전

    The Gucci clone had to reboot .

  101. TELLY FYE

    TELLY FYE7 시간 전

    He proved all the clone accusations wrong wit this one

  102. TELLY FYE

    TELLY FYE3 시간 전

    @Nicky Krystals i know im jus sayin this “new gucci” prolly wouldn’t have done that

  103. Nicky Krystals

    Nicky Krystals3 시간 전

    This song old as shit son.

  104. BillsBlanco

    BillsBlanco7 시간 전

    I hope this throwback puts a stop to batty boy hip hop

  105. realniga 301

    realniga 3016 시간 전

    It gonna take more then this

  106. Eray Yılmaz

    Eray Yılmaz7 시간 전

    Burger Mane

  107. The Sus Channel

    The Sus Channel7 시간 전


  108. idreamtofus

    idreamtofus8 시간 전

    why tf you re drop this ?????

  109. Quinton Dale

    Quinton Dale8 시간 전

    Old Gucci 🏚🍦

  110. Stone Reaper

    Stone Reaper8 시간 전

    Beem a gucci fan 3 years

  111. R Q

    R Q8 시간 전

    Gucci didn't sit down any during the Verzuz. He has every right to be pissed and paranoid. Jeezy put a hit on this man. Jeezy should forever apologize to Gucci. Jeezy did some dirty shit. Guwop represents Birmingham well!

  112. من اول فاهم

    من اول فاهم9 시간 전

    i want girl for marriage know how to use steam iron

  113. Elsprigochalm

    Elsprigochalm9 시간 전

    Why that look like old gucci

  114. Nicky Krystals

    Nicky Krystals3 시간 전

    Because this song mad old son.

  115. Lebron Fame

    Lebron Fame9 시간 전

    How the fuck Gucci mane Rejuvenate his lips? They looked like sparked matches