British School Headmaster decides to go to Korea with students! (after trying Korean BBQ)

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Huge thanks to Dave Smith, Head Teacher of the Fulham Boys School where we’ve been filming our recent British High Schoolers Series. Without him none of those videos would’ve been possible, and he’s an old friend of ours so we wanted to take him out for a Korean meal as well!

And when I heard that there’s an All You Can Eat Korean BBQ Buffet in London, I knew we had to take him there and try it out! Yes, it’s definitely true that most all you can eat restaurants don’t offer the same quality as more expensive places, but there’s something special about being able to go through about 20 portions of meat with your mate and not worrying about the bill!

Everyone in this video including the crew had a negative COVID-19 test prior to shooting.
All activities were fully risk assessed and monitored in accordance with UK government guidelines.


영국 고등학생 시리즈를 찍을 수 있게 해주신 풀햄 남고 교장선생님 데이브 스미스에게 감사의 마음을 전합니다. 데이브 없이는 이 시리즈를 찍을 수가 없었을 거에요. 오래된 친구이기 때문에 한식을 한번 대접하고 싶었는데 런던에 한국식 무한리필 고깃집이 있다는 소식에 바로 데이브를 데려가야 한다는 생각이 들었어요. 물론 무한리필 고깃집들은 고급진 고깃집 보다는 퀄리티가 조금 떨어지겠지만 친구랑 같이 고기 20인분을 클리어 하면서 저렴하게 먹을 수 있다는 묘미에 좋은시간을 보내고 왔답니다.

영상의 모든 출연진을 포함한 스태프 전원은 촬영 이전 코로나19 음성 확진을 받았습니다.
모든 촬영 과정은 정부의 방역 지침에 따라 전문가의 확인을 받아 진행되었습니다.


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    따음꺼 뭡니까?

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    한국인들아 아직도 저것들 응원하냐??? 한심하냉

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    아직도 영국남자 응원하는 한국인은 머냐? 개념이없낭??? 저것들이 한국에서 어떻게했는지 모르는거냐??? 이렇게 한국인들이 개념이없다니 한심한 한국인들

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    Take them all on a schook trip~

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    혹시 학생들에게 치킨은 안하시나요?

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    You can never go wrong with Korean BBQ and Korean Food.

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    It took me most of the episode to realize what Josh's shirt says

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    WOW, that looked so delicious! I am glad that Dave enjoyed healthy Korean dining. Keep going!

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    한국술 소주.맥주.막걸리말고도 매화수나 복분자같은 달달한술맛도 알려줬으면 좋겠당ㅠ 진짜 맛있는뎅..👍

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    9:27 he has nice laugh xD also I'm laughing too! It's so contagious 😂

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    The headmaster has to visit and experience a Korean school

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    대단히 좋은 교육관을 가지고 계시네요 ㅠㅠ 멋있다 그리고 항상 한국을 널리 알려주셔서 감사합니다 영상 잘보고 있어

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    교장선생님 영국본토발음 쩐당,,,



    교장 선생님, 복분자주가 취향 저격일듯 함.

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    Should have given him strawberry soju

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    OCEAN HOLIC2 일 전

    I love how he describes Soju with honesty, it sucks to be honest! and it is why it is super cheap in Korea As a Korean, it is actually one of the worst drinks artificially and chemically made, not from natural brewing It is just mix of water and edible alcohol. However, there is very some great versions of Soju made with effort by proper traditional method

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    Armand and the balloons he's such a cutie🤧

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    The way the headmaster explained his philosophy on how to design a school was incredible. Idk how it works in England but he's essentially describing what we would call a "charter school" in America. But our biggest issue with charter school's is that it is for profit and it syphons tax payer money out of the local public schools.

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    Idk why it's so cool that you're friends with someone as stereotypically "stuffy" as a school head but it is! Can't wait for the bus school goes to Korea series! Also - curious how you guys picked which students get to do the taste videos?

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  45. Alicia Liu

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    headmaster is such a real guy - respectful, but makes it clear when he doesn't really prefer things. down to try whatever is put in front of him and pokes fun at some of it, but never disrespects the food or culture!

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    Wish they had given him a flavoured soju. I can’t stand the original but the apple or peach are sweet and delicious!

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    I don't think Fulham Boys School could have had better marketing than this series even if they'd paid millions for it...

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    watching your KRposts channel+videos makes me so happy and brightens my day, so thank you:)

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    That little monologue by the headmaster is really full of heart. He is so deserving of his position. The boys have proper guidance with him there 😌

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    Just one thing.. there are so many flavors of soju that are so delicious but you gave the guy who likes sweet alcohol a fresh soju..

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    Queen Elizabeth ii has already visited South Korea several times... She loves 하회마을 & Korean Pears

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  103. Annabelle J

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    Okay, but where is this restaurant and why has nobody told me about it before?

  104. jnk

    jnk8 일 전

    1:29 "armand is like a little celebrity" LMAOOOAOAAOOWJWJEHJWHAHA

  105. warm heart girl

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    Can we maybe get a video where the students react to the comments under some videos?