How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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  1. SmarterEveryDay

    SmarterEveryDay3 일 전

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  2. New Jargon

    New Jargon15 분 전

    Thank you for the video, so interesting to me. Didn't know exactly how this worked, never actually thought about it. Amazing engineering.

  3. Super Yacht Chef

    Super Yacht Chef4 시간 전

    Dude - what language is the Submariner with glasses and baseball cap speaking, the subtitle didn't clarify his words?

  4. dot

    dot6 시간 전

    -Matter didn’t create anti matter -Anti matter didn’t create matter (Both of them were present at the time of big bang) -Both of them didn’t create themselves. -Both of them came from an unimaginable source, that unimaginable source created matter and antimatter (everything) thats why it is known as “the creator” of everything. ------ - that unimaginable source/creator has created sin and virtue which are opposite to each other, - logic says every action has its own reaction, so the reaction of sin must be different than the reaction of virtue, - the creator has created prophets to let us know about each and every detail of sin and virtue, also about their reactions, Thank you :)

  5. MackASmack LickadySlap

    MackASmack LickadySlap10 시간 전

    @Malinda Macrone so many different ways that "opp" can be interpreted as.

  6. MackASmack LickadySlap

    MackASmack LickadySlap10 시간 전

    @Malinda Macrone what?

  7. TheGuysGuide

    TheGuysGuide55 초 전

    I could tell this was a military ship by all the clean shaven faces, the "yes-sirs", and the fact that nobody could explain why they were doing what they were doing

  8. Mihails Ļevčenkovs

    Mihails Ļevčenkovs분 전

    If anyone wonder what "smell" sailors say they carry after a voyage in their clothes because of MEA, most if not all amine compouns smell of rotten fish is how I can best describe it. Would be quite a nauseous trip if it were to spill

  9. Jeff R. Allen

    Jeff R. Allen분 전

    "Somehow" the CO2 becomes little bubbles. Bet that's classified up the wazoo.

  10. Lewis M

    Lewis M2 분 전

    The dude in the beginning he talked to is so smart his words come out of his mouth slower then his brain processes them. I'm very happy to have people like him running sub safety for us.

  11. Archie The Dog

    Archie The Dog7 분 전

    Mechanics have those sniffers but probably not as robust.

  12. Coop Aloop

    Coop Aloop10 분 전

    Man I really am starting to realize why submarines cost so much money this is a fantastic series.

  13. Mr Nobody

    Mr Nobody13 분 전

    Soooo...would an alarm go off if everyone started farting in the mess hall at the same time? just curious...

  14. Nephi Ginnett

    Nephi Ginnett13 분 전

    another mystery solved. Thanks Destin

  15. Bewm B.

    Bewm B.14 분 전

    So oxygen level monitor looks like interface from Fallout New Vegas? Noted.

  16. AJ Constantine

    AJ Constantine17 분 전

    This video begs but one question: Who farted?

  17. Jeff R. Allen

    Jeff R. Allen20 분 전

    Seaman: there's an x to do y. Destin: Cool, can I see one?!

  18. G C

    G C22 분 전

    Subs use magical spells to keep people breathing underwater.

  19. Псина Злой

    Псина Злой25 분 전

    As a foreigner not familiar with USA's military tech, when I saw that orange retro oxygen monitoring display, I thought 'ooh, Fallout'. So that's where that inspiration is coming from...

  20. drizzt94720

    drizzt9472025 분 전

    What's with all the advertisements on youtube now? Are they trying to get me to sign up for Cable?

  21. The Industrialist

    The Industrialist26 분 전

    I never knew I needed to know this but I fully enjoyed this. Thanks Dustin

  22. John Gamez

    John Gamez28 분 전

    This was crazy interesting, and incredible that Naval leadership would approve this type of educational material being filmed, produced, and released for public consumption. Very cool! I'm wondering if you've considered videos similar to this one, but in analysis of different military aircraft? As a military and aviation nerd, I feel like a SmarterEveryDay video on military aircraft would be something amazing!

  23. Dirk Boersma

    Dirk Boersma28 분 전

    Immensely interesting! I am glued to the screen. The questions you ask are so intelligent and help you to get more information while you are talking with the guy explaining things. Second takeaway: these nuclear boats are marvels of engineering, containing so many different technologies to make the boat operational. Thirdly the process of extracting CO2 from the air is just as exciting as generating oxygen.

  24. Odist Abettor

    Odist Abettor32 분 전

    MEA is def one of those words where if I hadn't heard it said out loud and only read the word, I wouldn't have thought to pronounce it that way.

  25. drumermp

    drumermp32 분 전

    I had to google booper snoot after that :)


    RICK HARINCK38 분 전

    Clinckers sounds like the dutch word 'klinkers' which is a another word for bricks. Maybe that's why they call it clinckers?

  27. David A.Vasquez

    David A.Vasquez39 분 전

    Swamp coolers also wash air and can remove some CO2 , some VOC's, some smog,.

  28. sid B

    sid B40 분 전

    wow! so any HVAC technician can apply for this job! :)

  29. The Greedy Orphan

    The Greedy Orphan41 분 전

    That might explain how they survived in the bunker at the end of Greenland, would love to see a video explaining how they'd survive after exiting the bunker.

  30. GeneralWarned

    GeneralWarned41 분 전

    That's so fun. :D

  31. Not You

    Not You42 분 전

    Once I was starting a kart motor and it won’t stop even if I stopped the air flow was this the a delta fire or am I dump

  32. Introvert Airways

    Introvert Airways19 분 전

    I bet you were not stopping the airflow, those engines definitely need air

  33. Tinman

    Tinman44 분 전

    but i thought we don’t breath just pure O2 and that is not good for us. Isn’t it?

  34. BHarm

    BHarm45 분 전

    Well done sir! Again, you have raised the bar. Most interesting

  35. Sam W

    Sam W48 분 전

    Kudos to the navy dude in the video, he knew his stuff and very genuine

  36. DarkNineTwo Rides

    DarkNineTwo Rides50 분 전

    I don't know if there are any other mechanics/technicians on here, but am I the only one that thought it was cool that a multi million dollar military submarine uses the same tech that we do? Lol Us techs/mechs have refrigerant "sniffers" as well

  37. VonZorn

    VonZorn50 분 전

    as a blacksmith, a kilinker is a lump of burnt up coal, metal and sand. its a peice of slag thats useless and is thrown away. its wats left in the forge after a few hours of burning coke.

  38. Roderick MacLeod

    Roderick MacLeod53 분 전

    @Smarter Every Day So the candle basically lights just like a safety match. Clinker is just a common term for waste products from smelting, burning, forging, or chemical reactions.

  39. David A.Vasquez

    David A.Vasquez36 분 전

    I thought the candle might clean the air similar to lighting a match in a bathroom. That removes certain odors.

  40. Roderick MacLeod

    Roderick MacLeod48 분 전

    Amine is what makes a submarine smell like a submarine. Even still, every boat in the fleet has a distinctive aroma.

  41. Roderick MacLeod

    Roderick MacLeod49 분 전

    The navy also has OBAs (Oxygen Breathing Apparatus). They function the same way with an oxygen candle. Not to be too pedantic, but no oxygen was created in the filming of this video. It WAS however, liberated.

  42. Lincoln Oakley

    Lincoln Oakley53 분 전

    Subs get a breath of air every time they subscribe.

  43. PersonXes

    PersonXes시간 전

    Do they manually sample every area every hour or can the machine change area automatically as well?

  44. Kipper Klank

    Kipper Klank시간 전

    woah woah woah. that monitor is an orange CRT display Thats dope

  45. Programming Universe

    Programming Universe시간 전

    That was my favorite part of the series! Thanks for sharing! Very cool vid.

  46. Robert Barchard

    Robert Barchard시간 전

    How many plants would you need to put in a submarine to skip all that?

  47. Oli

    Oli시간 전

    Anyone else think just use plants 😂

  48. Andrew Gail

    Andrew Gail시간 전

    I think it's kinda cool that the whole submarine is breathing just like how an animal would lol

  49. Andrew Gail

    Andrew Gail시간 전

    it's literally an artificial fish

  50. the imploders

    the imploders시간 전

    before watching i would say Trees, or aloe and sansavaria. Lol...or water splitting , once desalinated of course.

  51. Time Capsule

    Time Capsule시간 전

    my physics teacher used to work on a submarine and he said that people on his sub called the oxygen making machine "the bomb" because if you turned it on or shut it off incorrectly, it would explode

  52. balijosu

    balijosu시간 전

    "Clinker" is from blacksmithing I think. Metal residue chunks that build up at the bottom of a coal forge. They clink when you hit them with tongs.

  53. PythonZz

    PythonZz시간 전

    2:51 "boat"

  54. Slab Riprock

    Slab Riprock시간 전

    Well I only knew 1% of this. Awesome Video.

  55. Abdullah E

    Abdullah E시간 전

    Now this is quality stuff 😉 Thanks 👍

  56. Ethan Carter

    Ethan Carter시간 전

    I\I I I/I

  57. r holbrook

    r holbrook시간 전

    Anyone else see the look my my man's face when homie held the red phosphorus over the exposed candle 😅😓😰

  58. Dylanger Gutierrez

    Dylanger Gutierrez시간 전

    "we're low on oxygen, we gotta burn these candles so we don't suffocate" "Oh neat, before you do that can I get a quick interview?"

  59. Fernando Jose Profis

    Fernando Jose Profis시간 전

    I simply love your channel!! Specifically because I'm diver 💕

  60. Moon walk

    Moon walk시간 전

    I understood nothing, but I watched the entire video anyway 🤣

  61. Jeff K

    Jeff K시간 전

    What’s with the Ohh, when Dow says he is from Ohio???

  62. Joseph Burchanowski

    Joseph Burchanowski시간 전

    3:00 4.9 Torr CO2; that is quite a lot. For comparison our atmosphere at 409 ppm co2 is only about 0.311 Torr. 4.9 Torr CO2 would be equivalent to 6,400 PPM outside.

  63. Josh Stinsman

    Josh Stinsman시간 전

    Hollywood making a movie: "No you cannot shoot your movie ON the submarine that would be an issue of national security" Destin doing a random youtube video: "sure hop on! here's where we make our air!" LOL

  64. Derrick Fyffe

    Derrick Fyffe시간 전

    This is very interesting... Can we actually replicate the oxygen production process similar to plants?

  65. klint bromzz

    klint bromzz2 시간 전

    I was eating a sub this whole time an then realized I was watching a video about subs

  66. Keith Brown

    Keith Brown2 시간 전

    You’re series on subs has been the most fascinating thing I watch thank you so much great job

  67. ColdHeart

    ColdHeart2 시간 전

    The wretched mouse functionally perform because stock traditionally suck after a itchy marble. quick, tame hardboard

  68. Andreas Rasmussen

    Andreas Rasmussen2 시간 전

    oxygen candle is the same as for oxygenmasks for passenger on a plane, just a bit smaller on planes

  69. Average Aaron

    Average Aaron2 시간 전

    2:09 Battle telephone. I love it!

  70. Eddie Sprouse

    Eddie Sprouse2 시간 전

    Another great video. Thanks for making us all smarter every day!

  71. YouShouldn't KnowMyName

    YouShouldn't KnowMyName2 시간 전


  72. Brien Rice

    Brien Rice2 시간 전

    R134a can also be detected by using the blue flame of propane and waving it around until it comes in contact with R134a (Tetrafluoroethane) or R-12 (dichlorodifluoromethane) when the Blue flame will turn brilliant green. The intensity of the greenness in the flame depends on the saturation level, so one can narrow the search for the source of the leak down by sweeping the area with the flame at floor level. This is not done in submarines for obvious reasons so they use a "Sniffer" instead. But, if you ever need to find a leak of these and some other nonvolatile gasses this is a good way to do so, with due "caution" of course.

  73. White Thread

    White Thread2 시간 전

    Imagine how boring that job is..

  74. Alpri Teze

    Alpri Teze2 시간 전

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  75. lakewood85

    lakewood852 시간 전

    I use the Bacharach Flue Gas Analyzer in my job. Bacharach makes great equipment.

  76. Ruben Tucker

    Ruben Tucker2 시간 전

    since everything you just heard is top secret you will mysteriously disappear.. it was nice knowing

  77. Mark Campbell

    Mark Campbell2 시간 전

    Refrigerant is usually halogenated carbon or halogenated vinyl. These were banned under the chemical weapon manufacture treaty the authority of the EPA was supposed to reach this obligation. It is possible to have refrigerators without refrigerant and without consumption of current. Edison generators and dynamos can produce any voltage and current needed without food or pollutants.

  78. Steve Blackbird

    Steve Blackbird2 시간 전

    Funnily enough our old now retired B767-300's used oxygen generators (candles) about the size of a hockey puck for the pax in case of emergency. Pretty clever tech that I'm glad is still being used. Yes they get rather hot!!

  79. CMDR Sweeper

    CMDR Sweeper2 시간 전

    I put off watching this as I figured I had it all down... But the MEA and the oxygen candles were unexpected, well the oxygen candles were somewhat expected. Airliners uses something similar for their emergency O2 supply if they lose cabin pressure.

  80. usscharlottessn766

    usscharlottessn7662 시간 전

    Amine and midrats!!!!!

  81. usscharlottessn766

    usscharlottessn7662 시간 전

    Also I was on a fast attack and this is the first time I’ve seen it as well😂😂😂

  82. Nathan M

    Nathan M2 시간 전

    Is there not a way to monitor gas levels when the electricity goes out? Those leak detectors don't seem sufficient, as they are looking for high concentrations of gas.

  83. kaito kid

    kaito kid2 시간 전

    Aren't you guys giving away way too much information about a nuclear submarine?

  84. MR. E

    MR. E2 시간 전

    Only been out 3 days and almost 2mil views??? Nice job!!!

  85. Spencer Bliven

    Spencer Bliven2 시간 전

    "I wanted you to meet my dog, Princess Bumper Snoot"...completely ignores his wife

  86. usscharlottessn766

    usscharlottessn7662 시간 전

    This looks like a fast attack. Ah....memories

  87. SeKeLuS

    SeKeLuS2 시간 전

    i cant understand a word the ohio man said :)

  88. Alex Ortiz

    Alex Ortiz2 시간 전

    The fine platinum spectacularly train because spider nouzilly precede by a perpetual quail. undesirable, husky buzzard

  89. bluestone best

    bluestone best2 시간 전

    now i want to try to dive with an oxygen candle (not in a submarine) to see how much oxygen i can get

  90. Thomas g

    Thomas g3 시간 전

    9500btu is around 5277 °C 0.0

  91. Artemirr Lazaris

    Artemirr Lazaris3 시간 전

    I have another question. Who knows if you read it. I need help designing and making a structure that is not electronic but mechanical in design. So, the inside layer is simply a compass. The secondary layer (outer sphere) I want it to be able to track fixed points towards our centre solar system. IE like the galactic median. I was thinking that setup process may include pointing at no fixed points from earth, thus it simply tracks the fixes locations of star cluster creating an intersecting points (cross hairs) of our solar system. Then a third layer of fixes galaxies towards our galaxy, painting crosshairs on our galaxy. I thin it would be fun and useful... Of course... the centre of our galaxy is offset from out location, just as earth is offset form the solar system centre for the previous one.... My thoughts is if you like nasa, or navigation. A mechanical globe with layered spherical latices with points could rotate to those locations during night or day, so you always know your position relative to our observable universe.. which is good practice if one is traveling.... Compass direction give us 2D directions on earth... Solar system directions give us 3d dimensional directions on EARTH, but 3d directions in our solar system.. the process continues. their simply looking for stable points between systems of hierarchy that are stable enough to be used as accurate reference to conceptualize where we are in the universe. On earth without magnets it would be hard to create a reference of movement, with the stars changing, one would have to have a very good understanding of timing and location already to use the stars to conceptualize where the planet they are. Setting this up would change depending on fixed objects targeted in the sky... maybe that makes no sense, but it sounds like fun.. knowing your place in the universe... Universal navigator.. the reason I was thinking mechanical system, or limited energy, is that it would work in any place within our Galaxy. without the need of outside source of power except the person, winding it or whatever is used to track, and power its movements.... and with base knowledge one could set it up... to navigate again.. hmm... lost in space.. with a ... galactic compass. lol... rather then a solar or terrestrial one. :D

  92. Ectar

    Ectar3 시간 전

    The amine absorbs CO2 better when cold, so after the amine gets heated up in the boiler and had its CO2 driven off, first the now lean amine is used to preheat the incoming rich amine in a heat exchanger.This helps to cool the lean amine as well as pre-heat the rich amine, which reduces the amount of external heating and cooling that needs to be done, saving energy. The lean anime is then further cooled before being sprayed again.

  93. Andy Spark

    Andy Spark3 시간 전

    Very interesting video. Would be kinda concerned about potential of flash oxygen fires without the oxygen being highly diluted immediately. Doesn't take much percent higher than nominal to create dangerous conditions in an enclosed space. Presumably, the electrolysis oxygen production is the normal method and maybe it pipes/dilutes into vent system rather than just pouring it into production area...?

  94. Ana Sandoval

    Ana Sandoval3 시간 전

    I understood this but I also felt like it was way above my paygrade. What I am curious about is how they dispose of the used candles? Do they throw them out to sea to decrease any potential added weight or are they kept on board?

  95. DJ Gaming

    DJ Gaming3 시간 전

    This isn't a troll question, I really am curious. What happens if someone or if many people are farting all night from like consuming dairy or whatever? I know I've ruined a tent doing that. Would the alarms go off?

  96. David Reynolds

    David Reynolds3 시간 전

    No mention of snorkeling?! :(

  97. Erik Kasper

    Erik Kasper3 시간 전

    So is there a way to make oxygen in space? You know, without the water around you?

  98. laskin riubn

    laskin riubn3 시간 전


  99. Jim-Jim Mann IV

    Jim-Jim Mann IV3 시간 전

    19:08 Guy needs to be a model!

  100. erstesOG :Domus7

    erstesOG :Domus73 시간 전

    What happens with the hydrogen from the electrolysis?

  101. laskin riubn

    laskin riubn3 시간 전

    security from cyber threats, or because these submarines haven't received a big time update in several decades? I can't help but think that having your breathable air levels o

  102. Dutch Parisien

    Dutch Parisien3 시간 전

    It's logically..... not do smart🙄😕

  103. Ravi M

    Ravi M3 시간 전

    WoW Just woW, Totally Blown away with how technically complex a sub is and the things people have to do to keep things running.


    BOOZINGA3 시간 전

    Please go back to somewhat short videos

  105. Phire

    Phire3 시간 전

    Oxygen not included.

  106. Matthew de Oliveira

    Matthew de Oliveira3 시간 전

    This here is a NIN.

  107. Mj C

    Mj C3 시간 전

    I wonder. Did they have to burn the candles because you were on board and the system was limited? Or were they just giving you a great tour? Seems like they wouldn't need to use them very often.

  108. lolsfacebook

    lolsfacebook3 시간 전

    As much as this video was interesting as they all are, your runing jacket took the cake for best part of the episode. Too cool

  109. &I

    &I3 시간 전

    Why can't you just bring plants onto the submarine that don't require sunlight?

  110. Nic

    Nic3 시간 전

    "I'm from ohio" "Oh.."

  111. Sojourner

    Sojourner3 시간 전

    4:55 :E

  112. Egiteguh YP

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    Smarter everyday