HWAA (화(火花))

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HWAA (화(火花)) · (여자)아이들 (G)I-DLE
I burn
Producer: Pop Time
Producer: SOYEON of (G)I-DLE
Composer: SOYEON of (G)I-DLE
Composer: Pop Time
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  1. Samantha Leon

    Samantha Leon일 전

    Omg this is so good I love it I’m streaming this like every day

  2. Tatun Sk

    Tatun Sk7 일 전

    Wtf? Only few comments on this masterpiece?

  3. Annabelle Sullivan

    Annabelle Sullivan11 일 전

    How r there only three comments, this song slapsss?!???

  4. Aditya Pratama

    Aditya Pratama11 일 전


  5. 서유빈

    서유빈11 일 전

    이런 컨셉 넘좋앙♡♡♡ 한복까지 입혀주실거라고 믿습니다!

  6. May

    May11 일 전

    Soyeonnie, if you don't answer me, you're my girlfriend.