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  1. Reygie Flores TV

    Reygie Flores TV40 분 전


  2. Dhea Natallis

    Dhea Natallis시간 전

    I’m from Indonesia, thanyou for beautiful drama, i really enjoyed this drama during difficult times like now, thanks for entertaining, bcz this kind of spectacle is what we want, what we need.. light and funny... thankyou so much for the energy and the immune ❤️

  3. xiumeechelle1

    xiumeechelle17 시간 전

    Loved the drama and all the characters as well. ♥️ you all did a great job! ♥️♥️♥️💐🌸🎁

  4. Ella Mae

    Ella Mae15 시간 전

    She's a baby~🥺. I lover her so much~🥺❤. You did an amazing job! We really loved My Roommate Is a Gumiho! And we're looking forward to your new projects! I love you so much Hyeri~🥰❤. Fighting!

  5. Jomar Lucion

    Jomar Lucion16 시간 전


  6. Jomar Lucion

    Jomar Lucion16 시간 전

    i just finish watching i enjoyed it sooo much hoping for more .. im inlove with her ♥️♥️ please come back lee dam 🥺🥺

  7. Nadira Official

    Nadira Official20 시간 전

    🥺🥺🥺💘💘💘 tank you dam and orosi my roommate is a gumiho 💘💘💘

  8. Lina Paraggua

    Lina Paraggua20 시간 전

    I miss watching MRIAG and the squad😔 Congrats to the roller coaster drama😍👏👏👏 love ya all😊💕

  9. 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜

    💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜21 시간 전

    Only me : she looks like park bo young😍😍

  10. Dita Amalia

    Dita Amalia22 시간 전

    i really love her personality in real life, first saw in Reply 1988, and now as Dam in My Roomate is Gumiho, cant wait for your future Drama😍😍😍

  11. bts baby bear

    bts baby bear일 전

    Hi i am in india

  12. Krisha Tamang

    Krisha Tamang일 전

    I'm so much obsessed with her after watching her drama😘❤🥺

  13. haniyeh ja

    haniyeh ja일 전

    Aaaaaa 🤧🤧🥺🥺❤❤eonni whyyy you're sooo cutee I miss you soo much tack care of your self ❤😭I really enjoyed watching this drama thank youu 🤧❤💓💓💓

  14. Kiyuuu D.

    Kiyuuu D.일 전

    Cute mo Hyeri kainisss 😫💘



    from phillipines thanks you so much!! hyeri and jang ki yong

  16. JC's Gallery

    JC's Gallery일 전

    I am looking forward to seeing you soon as a cameo couple on the next kdramas. (Dam & Sir) Like how the leads of EXTRAORDINARY YOU appear on the kdrama TRUE BEAUTY 😁♥️

  17. Pundiarto Safuan

    Pundiarto Safuan일 전

    I will miss dam a lot..dam character really match with hyeri.😘😘

  18. jin eun

    jin eun일 전

    악 너무 귀여우세요 한숨쉬다 케이크 촛붗 꺼지는데 빵터졌어요 ㅋㅋㅋ

  19. Eyescream Magbanua

    Eyescream Magbanua일 전

    I missed you lee dam❤️❤️

  20. Aan Afani

    Aan Afani일 전

    Subtitel indonesia 🇮🇩

  21. ení

    ení일 전

    Season 2 please 😭😭

  22. Lance Ignacio

    Lance Ignacio일 전

    i am big fan of yours hyeri i love all the way about you, you are always in my heart from Philippines

  23. samiha nuzhat

    samiha nuzhat2 일 전

    Hyeri onnie you are awesome...I always love your characters...They are super expressive and you always try your best and it's clearly evident in your work...for me it's onnie sarangheeeeee not opppa

  24. Cy Nicodam

    Cy Nicodam2 일 전

    Ang bilis matapos lahat ng kdrama fota

  25. Eroth k Sateesh

    Eroth k Sateesh2 일 전

    Why is she so good-looking and having the prettiest heart ..this is not fair. Lee Hyeri 💖💖💖💓

  26. Uresha Uresha

    Uresha Uresha2 일 전

    Love you hyeri

  27. Pau Kwan

    Pau Kwan2 일 전

    I already miss you 😭 !!! greetings from Mexico

  28. 현이천사

    현이천사2 일 전

    아구 이뽀 ㅠㅠ 착하고...울보혤 ㅎㅎ

  29. Eunica Ija

    Eunica Ija2 일 전

    I cant see the difference in personality between hyeri, dam, and deok-sun 😂 She seems to be amazing and genuine person.

  30. boy with luv era

    boy with luv era2 일 전

    I love this two couples its make my heart melts like butter.sadly hyeri have boyfriend and I respect him.but I can't stop shipping them🥰I hope theirs a season 2 of my roommate is Gumiho.

  31. Agung Resky Ramadan

    Agung Resky Ramadan2 일 전


  32. 12. Fany Nur Aisah

    12. Fany Nur Aisah2 일 전

    meniup lilin dengan hidung ajaib seorang hyeri wkwk

  33. Reed KDRAMA

    Reed KDRAMA2 일 전

    Thank you for your hardwork see you again on your next project ........ fighting... hope to see you soooooon.

  34. farhahxoxo

    farhahxoxo2 일 전

    when jang ki yong hugged her 🥺

  35. Taynara vitorio

    Taynara vitorio2 일 전


  36. Laras Puspamurti

    Laras Puspamurti2 일 전

    :"""""" POOR BAE IN HYUK

  37. Tania - 2 left feet

    Tania - 2 left feet2 일 전

    I love your character Dam. ❤❣😘

  38. maria teresa escudero

    maria teresa escudero2 일 전

    me encanta esta actriz, sale del estereotipo , y es perfecta ,felicitaciones por tan bonito papel ...

  39. Anxious!

    Anxious!2 일 전

    She is a gem really love from India ❤️

  40. 사람

    사람2 일 전

    I'll miss u damie 야 ~

  41. Inazumin

    Inazumin2 일 전

    You're the cutest hyeri

  42. Jeanny Jones

    Jeanny Jones2 일 전


  43. Nuril Laili Alfiani

    Nuril Laili Alfiani2 일 전

    Bakal rindu banget😭😭

  44. Esperanza Andrea

    Esperanza Andrea2 일 전

    Notice me🥰😭😭😭😭

  45. Esperanza Andrea

    Esperanza Andrea2 일 전

    Hello 😊 I ike your new movie and it's so sad that it is now over😥 I'm hoping for your next project soon😘 so for now I'll just watch your vlog lab lab🥰

  46. Htet Thura Aung

    Htet Thura Aung2 일 전


  47. Richa Prasad

    Richa Prasad3 일 전

    just finsihed the last eposide . it was heart touching and worth watching .#saranghae unni!!!! love from India.....WAITING FOR YOUR NEXT PROJECT....

  48. Angela Sambajon

    Angela Sambajon3 일 전

    I'm crying 😭😭😭😭

  49. Hesky Arif

    Hesky Arif3 일 전

    much love from indonesia 🇮🇩✨♥️♥️♥️♥️🤍

  50. Ogi Lois

    Ogi Lois3 일 전


  51. Tuguldur Bayaraa

    Tuguldur Bayaraa3 일 전


  52. LUNA

    LUNA3 일 전

    안녕하세요!! 초딩 6학년 간동거 애청자에요!! 간동거 끝나서 너무 아쉽더라구요ㅠㅠ 혜리님이 이담이라는 캐릭터와 성격이 비슷하신 것 같아서 더 잘 어울리셨던 것 같아요>< 좋은 연기 감사드립니다 :)

  53. KisSheLove

    KisSheLove3 일 전

    Congratulations Hyeri! DAM!

  54. Kamola Ortik

    Kamola Ortik3 일 전

    You did a really great job dear Hyeri😍😍😍🥳🥳🥳 Tack så mycket!!!

  55. Alzhaira_A

    Alzhaira_A3 일 전


  56. It's Me, Gracee

    It's Me, Gracee3 일 전

    I will definitely miss this whole series but will watch over and over again. I love your character Lee Dam just like your past role Deok Sun in Reply 1988 ❤️ Looking forward to watch your upcoming tv shows 🤩✨ Congrats Hyeri!

  57. Patricia Costa Pinto dos Reis

    Patricia Costa Pinto dos Reis3 일 전

    Vou sentir muita falta de vocês 😭❤️🇧🇷

  58. Hyeri Lee

    Hyeri Lee3 일 전

    I love you Lee Hyeri!!

  59. Choi Vlogs

    Choi Vlogs3 일 전

    She's precious💕❤❤❤

  60. Yuan _123

    Yuan _1233 일 전


  61. Shaz Reen

    Shaz Reen3 일 전

    I really like this drama bruh.

  62. the crafty nomad

    the crafty nomad3 일 전

    Well done! I have never loved a female lead so much! loved you in Reply 1988 as well.

  63. Miss Queen

    Miss Queen3 일 전

    Dam saranghaeyo Thank you for u did the best.😍😘😘😘

  64. Kat Valdez

    Kat Valdez3 일 전

    It’s funny how I’m also crying 😭 maybe because I’ll miss MRIAG, Lee Dam and Eoroshin 😭 you guys did so well! I enjoyed this drama a lot and I’m looking forward to your next project 💕

  65. Alyaa Maisarah

    Alyaa Maisarah3 일 전


  66. gerald gonzaga

    gerald gonzaga3 일 전

    I love you hyeri

  67. laurel

    laurel3 일 전

    THE CASUAL GIRLS ARE TOPCHICKS.UNO KRposts: THIS ID FINE SOMEONE: SAYS "HECK" KRposts: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков .2nsms

  68. Promenade

    Promenade3 일 전

    ‘이 영상을 류준열이 정말 싫어합니다’

  69. Chie Salazar

    Chie Salazar3 일 전

    You did a great job Hyeri. ♥️ One of the best actress and idol in South Kore indeed! Saranghae!

  70. Always Travelforeat

    Always Travelforeat3 일 전

    im so glad to see that she was loved by so many people :)

  71. Claudia Alejandra Núñez Silva

    Claudia Alejandra Núñez Silva3 일 전

    Me encanta su personalidad 🙌🏻❤️

  72. Gaming CD

    Gaming CD3 일 전

    I can't stop love her , 어떡해❤😍😍😘😘😭😭

  73. aj rivera

    aj rivera3 일 전

    I'm gonna miss you hyeri! I hope there's a next series to watch from you ❤️

  74. xxdavinciresolvexx

    xxdavinciresolvexx3 일 전

    Goodbye dam😭😭😭 I will miss making videos for you 😭😭😭❤

  75. Rose Marianne Basabe

    Rose Marianne Basabe3 일 전

    Thank you for a random and mixed emotions,i love you!

  76. 신재용

    신재용3 일 전

    귀엽당 수고수고했네용♡잘봤쪄염

  77. Top Music One

    Top Music One3 일 전

    안녕하세요 담

  78. Taekookie

    Taekookie4 일 전

    Wait what I thought it was real 😆🤣

  79. Fairy Mehta

    Fairy Mehta4 일 전

  80. KateHayley

    KateHayley4 일 전

    Thanks we miss it a lot

  81. Li Ra

    Li Ra4 일 전

    Thank you so much for giving us a really good drama. To all the staff that worked so hard and to all the actors that give their best to portray the roles they we're in.. Especially to Hyeri and Jang Ki Yong your chemistry is overflowing!!I Hope to see you guys in another drama in the future! Congratulations for the success of "My Roommate Is a Gumiho"

  82. Morning star

    Morning star4 일 전

    Love this drama . Also the cast specially you Dam

  83. Lin Lin Myat Oo

    Lin Lin Myat Oo4 일 전

    Your drama made my covid positive days relief✨

  84. Walk Viewer

    Walk Viewer4 일 전

    사람들을 행복하게 해주는 좋은 텐션을 가지셨어요. 저도 혜리씨, 열심히 응원할께요. 건강하고 행복해요!!

  85. Ezra Nava

    Ezra Nava4 일 전

    Saranghaeyo Hyeri. Jinja! I've watched all the episodes of My Roommate Is A Gumiho :)! It was awesome. Thank you Idol! I LOVE YOU from Philippines!

  86. Trang Quỳnh

    Trang Quỳnh4 일 전


  87. Ma. Nimfa Torres

    Ma. Nimfa Torres4 일 전

    Waaaa😍 I enjoy watching my roommate is a gumiho ...best ending ! Thumbs up ...!!!

  88. Ranjely Esquilona

    Ranjely Esquilona4 일 전

    Love y'all from Philippines 😍❤️

  89. 용서커플 날 용서해줘 ..

    용서커플 날 용서해줘 ..4 일 전

    혜리 우는거 너무 귀엽다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ㅠㅠ 그 와중에 장기용이랑 김도완이 혜리 우는거 쳐다보는거 너무 설렌다,, 오빠 두 명이 동생 귀여워서 쳐다보는 느낌

  90. Nabila Aurelia

    Nabila Aurelia4 일 전


  91. Suani Tabai

    Suani Tabai4 일 전

    ♥️♥️♥️ this drama...🤍🤍

  92. Jimmy Tung

    Jimmy Tung4 일 전


  93. Mary Joy Tulod

    Mary Joy Tulod4 일 전

    Thank you Lee dam and oroshin for making a good drama we will miss you I hope there a season 2🥺😊

  94. seul _happy

    seul _happy4 일 전

    드라마 너무 재미있게 봤어요~^^

  95. Erinne Valentina

    Erinne Valentina4 일 전

    i really love hyeri's character as lee dam, also her acting skill improving a lot , hyeri you did a great work.. i'll waiting you on the next drama, hwaiting ^^

  96. Aleyna Akbulut

    Aleyna Akbulut4 일 전

    오늘 아침 7 시에 피날레를 본 사람으로서,나는 내 마음이 아프다고 말할 수 있습니다. 나는 그런 아름다운 이야기 결말을 다룰 수 없다.

  97. maheka

    maheka4 일 전

    Hyeri You are sooooo beautiful ! My roommate is gumiho and Reply 1988 is the bestttt let me tell you something for some toxic fans Don't leave RJY!!!(BF) Plsssssss!

  98. 긍정적인마인드

    긍정적인마인드4 일 전

    겁나 이쁘네

  99. Tuấn

    Tuấn4 일 전

    Goodbye LeeDam