Job hunting vlogㅣLife in Juneㅣ500,000 subscribersㅣCooking Korean food

I am truly grateful to all of you! I'm really sorry that I don't get to communicate directly with fans from various countries due to language limitations. Nevertheless, I think I've been lucky to get 500k subscribers because there are international fans who help translate into various languages and of course, international viewers. All of this would not have been possible without you who watch my videos and who help with the translation! I love you all so much 🤍

➡️ If you are fluent in another language, please help with video translations❣️❣️

📌 정보 outfit deets

shoes: lacoste (2017년 여름 구매 제품, tag 닳아서 안 보임 ㅠ)
laptop stand:

CameraㅣiPhone XS
EditㅣVllo (mobile ver.)
LaptopㅣMacBook Air (Retina, 13-inch, 2018)
iPadㅣ6th generation 32GB
iPad caseㅣ'Rhino’8
iPad holderㅣ
TripodㅣXiaomi mini Tripod


  1. زهرا

    زهرا7 시간 전

    نوش جونت

  2. Silver 0001

    Silver 000111 시간 전

    Why do you need a job when you are earning well through KRposts

  3. Naaz Khan

    Naaz Khan4 일 전

    I've never seen her drinking water 😂😂

  4. Morgane

    Morgane4 일 전

    I could make the exact same concept in France 😭 I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one who's living alone. And it's actually releasing a lot of my stress and give me the courage to cook and clean my apartment. 감사합니다 ❤️ I hope you are doing great with your interviews 🥰

  5. heyitscindy

    heyitscindy7 일 전

    I love her vlogs so much because there's not much of romanticizing, just someone's everyday life and struggles. It's clean, neat and very realistic. I love how there's little to no music at all, and just shows the full reality. I love it.

  6. Y74

    Y748 일 전

    Você trabalha com o que?

  7. ximena medrano

    ximena medrano9 일 전

    Se convirtió en tan solo dos videos en mi vloger favorita 💜 amo tanto los subtitulos en español 🥺💕💕💕

  8. 박이름

    박이름11 일 전

    언젠가 졸라 성공할거라는 근자감 왠지 나를 보는 것 같아서 구독과 좋아요 박고 갑니다…

  9. 주엘

    주엘13 일 전

    일상 활력을 얻기 위해 딤디님 영상 찾아보러 온 1인..

  10. Amanda Kaye

    Amanda Kaye13 일 전

    나는 당신이 냄비를 구입하기를 바랍니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  11. Ellen Lee

    Ellen Lee13 일 전

    헝 면접전에 취업사진도 찍고 카페에서 케이크 먹는거 신기... 나는 항상 벼락치기여서 준비하기급급한데 미리 준비하는 j형인간이란 이런것인가!!??

  12. Princess LittlePiddles

    Princess LittlePiddles15 일 전

    love your videos, such a simple life motivation!

  13. 簡單的minseo

    簡單的minseo18 일 전

    What career did you study?

  14. Rebeca Maciel

    Rebeca Maciel18 일 전

    This bowl with purple smoothie looks like açaí , a Brazilian fruit that is eaten just like this at some restaurants

  15. wifslena

    wifslena21 일 전

    na coreia tudo é aesthetic, vem aqui no brasil pa ve

  16. Rahaf Alahmari

    Rahaf Alahmari22 일 전

    Asians spent so much time doing their food thats why it’s expensive in our country

  17. Veronica Abdon

    Veronica Abdon23 일 전

    Eu adoro que sua mãe sempre lhe envia muitas coisas úteis e maravilhosas

  18. Gee Korie

    Gee Korie25 일 전

    That restaurant is the same restaurant in nevertheless right ?

  19. ziezie

    ziezie25 일 전

    I think both korea and japan has the best and cleanest subway system tho…

  20. Gabrielle 가브리엘레

    Gabrielle 가브리엘레26 일 전

    Eu tô surpresa com a velocidade em que ela movimenta os dedos quando está digitando, eu não consigo 😦

  21. 밥풀

    밥풀27 일 전

    딤디님이 벌써 50만 구독자라니 믿을 수가 없다..! 넘 축하드립니다💙 100만까지 함께가요!! 아자아자

  22. JustDani

    JustDani28 일 전

    In the restaurant, i listened to Ricky Martin in the bg with living la vida loca and i was excited 'cause i love thaaat song hehe. greetings

  23. Camilly Vitória

    Camilly Vitória28 일 전

    Uma coisa que não entendo ,pq ela não mostrar o rosto dela🙎 fiquei curiosa

  24. Ebru K

    Ebru K개월 전

    I really like watching ur vlogs i discovered you today and your subtitles are really funny 🥳🥳🥳

  25. Marina Salib

    Marina Salib개월 전

    Hello deemd, i dont know you, you don't know me but i came across your vlog about 4 days ago and I spent like countless hours watching videos for you doing your everyday thing... i feel like i've known you for a long time.. i kinda wished i had a sister for some reason after watching your videos.. but I don't so that's that :).. i wish you all the best.. if you ever need a penpal i'd be happy, I am from Egypt.. stay safe

  26. 구름이누나

    구름이누나개월 전

    두근두근 문구점 우리 동네에 있었을때 자주 갔었는데!! 딤디님 지인이 하시는 거였다니... 앞으로 자주 가야겠네용

  27. aly Bea

    aly Bea개월 전

    Почему она не показывает лицо ?

  28. 박효준

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    모든 음식이 후라이팬이면 끝?!

  29. ام اولادي

    ام اولادي개월 전

    سلام عليكم يمكن انا العربية الوحيدة أو لتكتب بالعربية اعجبني نشاطك فالحياة اليومية تاعك واتمنا نكون نشيطة هما في حياتي وتحقق احلامي التي ضاعت لكن ساسترجعها ياربي ادعيلي انجح مثلك وربي ينجحك

  30. Der Turbanator

    Der Turbanator개월 전

    Hey, living alone gives a new perspective. A new way to see life and understand the situation. Yes on some evenings back home, it is a bit difficult and our mind want to have someone to share our thoughts and all what happened in day. For that i mostly use my daily journal. I am living her in germany alone since 2014. It is good to see you getting through day like a boss and spending time with yourself. I think in todays world of gadget we have forget to spend time with ourselves. Keep going.

  31. Semra

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    Girl you need flats !!!!! Use these heels for interview only .

  33. jenal abidin

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    Zalzacezalrevea Nailastazlafeyzafetialranrd What's drink About ¬¬¬ ¶¶¶ ...

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    Maria Ester Taborda개월 전

    Porque no muestras tú rostro con los que vemos tus videos desde Argentina te saludo solo entiendo el español

  35. 서원빈

    서원빈개월 전

    그렇게 딤디님이 다녀오신 국수집은 한 드라마의 촬영지가 됩니다…(예상치못한 전개:)

  36. C QOL

    C QOL개월 전

    12$ =100 TL

  37. Look at Moonlight

    Look at Moonlight개월 전

    4:22 A pot too big for one egg, right?

  38. Ayşe Uğuz

    Ayşe Uğuz개월 전

    I'm also having a hard time to find a job and i gave up a few months ago. But this gave me some kind of courage to try again. Thank you. ♥️

  39. peachy peach

    peachy peach개월 전

    You are working soooo hard🤧 Inspired by you 🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧🤧💜

  40. Isabella Ribeiro

    Isabella Ribeiro개월 전

    I really like your videos, I feel represented and I hope you always have a good life!

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    you make me smiling

  42. EXO-L

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    I love you




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    (경) 50만에서 60만이...!!! (축)

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    딤디님 ~! soup 자켓 제품명 알 수 있을까요!ㅠㅠ

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    it really is so clean there

  47. ImYourPappi

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    How much do you eat and how are you so thin damn

  48. ImYourPappi

    ImYourPappi개월 전

    @KadyYes I think its genetics mostly. She ate one whole chicken plus sides in one of the vlogs lmfao

  49. Kady

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    Genetics I think. She may workout a lot as well.

  50. LauPhotts

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    expensive life

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    딤디님~ What is that KRposts Silver Tin Box?

  52. bunny furr

    bunny furr개월 전

    i really like the idea of her video making. It has a sort of real life vibe in her vlogs but its okay not every vlog needs to be perfectly edited and soothing.

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    Like this video!💕😀

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    Seus vídeos são uma motivação, tão independente e tão bom de assistir ❤️

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    hi I'm from Indonesia 💗

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    Ohhh.. the Mimiok restaurant..The same restaurant location in the Kdrama 알고있지만 😲😲😲

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    puedo ver todo el video... y me entretengo

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    "it's fine girl, you will make it one day" thank you🤗

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    Ребята, сделайте русские субтитры, пожалуйста ♥️

  63. Lily Love

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    👟➡️👠 Tip: wear comfy shoes in city, change it before entering the building or office) ✅

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    I love your living in Seoul content especially when I’ve had a bad day 🥲

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    I will never complain about going to an interview again:(:::::

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    buying plaster at convenience store is so relatable 😂 having blister is no joke!

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    '' who the hell invented the heeled shoes'' always mood always

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    Why you don’t take a comfy shoes with you and wear it after the interview ?

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    Your videos are soo addictive.. I started watching and now I can't stop ㅋㅋㅋ I love how there's no loud talking or bgm. Your vlogs give me peace of mind and keep me motivated. Suddenly I want to be productive too ㅋㅋ I really want to go to Seoul someday.. Greetings from 그리스♥

  87. Alina Alina

    Alina Alina2 개월 전

    Can feel all your pain of wearing heels😭 Stay strong, sis! Also like this moment “I spent money again”. The girls are the girls everywhere on Earth 😂 Spending money on clothes with some fast-created excuse, oh yeah we can!😂

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    Girl..I am running out of your videos .. please post a new vlog ❤️😘

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    Hey deemd, I’m from India. I’ve watched many vlogs, but no one matches your level. You keep it simple and I can relate your video as a common girl. Thank you as your vlog refreshes my mood and day.😊😊😊

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    Y’all her whole soft girl style I am in love-

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    딤디님! 실례가 안된다면 딤디님이 자주 운전하시는(?) bmw 모델이 뭔지 여쭈어봐도 될까요? 제가 bmw 빠라서 되게 궁금해유... 작년 쯤에(?) bmw 언박싱 영상 보고 나서 마침 그때 봤던 영상이 최근에 생각이 나서 너무 궁금해서 그걸 물어보려고 가입하고 딤디님 영상에 처음으로 댓글 달아봤어요 ㅜ.ㅜ