Justin Bieber & benny blanco - Lonely (Official Music Video)

Lonely is out now: smarturl.it/imsolonely
Starring Jacob Tremblay and directed by Jake Schreier

If you're feeling Lonely or know someone who is struggling, you can find resources and more at activeminds.org/lonely

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Produced by Park Pictures
Executive Producer Jackie Kelman Bisbee
Producer Cody Ryder
DP - Jason McCormick
Steadicam - Dana Morris
Production Designer - Scott Falconer
VFX - Chris Buongiorno
Color Grading - Michael Rossiter @ The Mill

#Lonely #ImSoLonely #JustinBieber #bennyblanco
Music video by Justin Bieber, benny blanco performing Lonely. © 2020 Friends Keep Secrets/Interscope Records


  1. Veronica Sen

    Veronica Sen52 초 전

    Nice song JB sir 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  2. BuRik Emak_Katrok

    BuRik Emak_Katrok분 전


  3. Oarabile Khisane

    Oarabile Khisane분 전

    The first time i listened to this song i donno how many times i have listened to it i feel like crying right naw Guys can i please cry

  4. K S

    K S2 분 전

    Now I have no words to say something but I wanna tell many things.There are more than 100Milliom beliebers in the world.Can we just say it again,100M??Just imagine how many people love Justin.

  5. Gre500

    Gre5002 분 전

    Ha sido una sensación increíble, gracias Justin❤

  6. Abhimanyu Singh

    Abhimanyu Singh2 분 전

    This is my 8th time listening this in 1 day.

  7. Jamilo Johnson

    Jamilo Johnson3 분 전

    The next Song Titel are „slowly🤣“

  8. Zé Gamer

    Zé Gamer3 분 전

    God is with you Justin, even if you don't see it, it is in your heart, you are not alone. God works in silence, when you least expect it he surprises you

  9. My Huynh

    My Huynh3 분 전

    Omggg i love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Gre500

    Gre5003 분 전

    Mi piel se eriza💛

  11. Margot Palumbo

    Margot Palumbo3 분 전

    Thanks for this kind of song! You’re amazing Justin

  12. Abdiel S

    Abdiel S3 분 전

    I'm here by Shakira ✌🏻

  13. Abdiel S

    Abdiel S3 분 전

    Estoy aquí por Shakira ✌🏻

  14. tfz skl

    tfz skl4 분 전

    u changed the world once, man

  15. -Petra-

    -Petra-4 분 전

    Why does his profile picture look like a Dipper Pines costplayer?

  16. Malene Tam

    Malene Tam4 분 전

    Am I the only one thinks that this isn’t sad

  17. Emilio Sarus

    Emilio Sarus4 분 전

    Banger after banger.....Get it 🔥

  18. Filippos Doukas

    Filippos Doukas4 분 전

    this "one shot" technik with the camera is just awesome

  19. Alice Gabrielly

    Alice Gabrielly6 분 전

    Is so sad 😢💔

  20. Hiba w

    Hiba w6 분 전

    too gud.... very well sung

  21. Kaity Livingston

    Kaity Livingston8 분 전

    Wow I cried!

  22. Zé Gamer

    Zé Gamer8 분 전

    Justin you are don't alone.

  23. Sofi Jazmín Rubio

    Sofi Jazmín Rubio9 분 전

    God is with you Justin🥺

  24. Belle Steven stfu

    Belle Steven stfu9 분 전

    Imagine if u were blasphemed by many people for no apparent reason when u were a child aged 13-16 years, even as an adult.. Blasphemed because u are talented, and all the girls r in awe of u,, so that those who r older than u will envy and then blaspheme u so that u may fall,.. Honestly, if i was the one who experienced it, i could be stressed, maybe i would be mentally disturbed, and i would act harshly bcz of frustration at an early age i was blasphemed bcz of my actions when i was a child, and i became a very sensitive person back then

  25. Sagarika Sagar

    Sagarika Sagar10 분 전

    While listening to it I wished it would continue playing, it's too short 🥺

  26. Selim Jumayew

    Selim Jumayew11 분 전

    Bella Porch!

  27. Jonathan rendon

    Jonathan rendon11 분 전

    Why Justin .. whyyy! Why are you doing this to US!! 😭

  28. William Seger

    William Seger11 분 전

    Phucken' Justin! Made me cry! And yes, I am lonely!

  29. Aohona Shahrin

    Aohona Shahrin11 분 전

    God bless u

  30. Maia Miguens

    Maia Miguens11 분 전

    Corriendo en circulos entra al chat. 💜

  31. veronica turrin

    veronica turrin12 분 전

    I love you Kidrauhl 💜

  32. Gấm Bùi

    Gấm Bùi13 분 전

    i from vietnam

  33. Allona Joyce J Rodriguez

    Allona Joyce J Rodriguez14 분 전

    Why im crying

  34. Ace Samonte

    Ace Samonte14 분 전


  35. Daniel Oscar Guaraná Billar

    Daniel Oscar Guaraná Billar14 분 전

    like! si hablas Español ¡! i buscando un comentario para entender😓

  36. Nancy Nba

    Nancy Nba15 분 전

    I don't listen to Justin that much, but this made me cry 🥺❤

  37. Bimo Barata

    Bimo Barata15 분 전

    Tarzan : ououououo

  38. Beetle Z

    Beetle Z16 분 전

    Best song for a lonely person😔😔😔 Who agree 👇👇👇

  39. Nura Suufi

    Nura Suufi17 분 전

    Lately Justin has been popping everywhere and I ain’t complaining I like it keep going dude

  40. ŁUKASZ Fantini

    ŁUKASZ Fantini17 분 전

    buahahahah another bullshbiitier

  41. Gấm Bùi

    Gấm Bùi17 분 전

    pretty good

  42. Aesthetic

    Aesthetic17 분 전

    Shut up man you don’t under stand what Canadian natives kids are going through most of them kill there selfs and there poor

  43. Melanie Loredo

    Melanie Loredo17 분 전

    Wow.. mad respect. ✊ I was a huge belieber as a kid. Hearing this was so emotional. Just wow. I’m glad you’re learning from your past. This is so mature and pure. Way to go Justin! ❤️

  44. Husszaymah Abu Samah

    Husszaymah Abu Samah17 분 전

    Deep man😪

  45. Mahinda Agalawatte

    Mahinda Agalawatte17 분 전

    Please come to Sri Lanka in your world tour 2021

  46. Raquel Leal

    Raquel Leal18 분 전

    Only God fills the human being

  47. Demi Mayne

    Demi Mayne19 분 전

    When you are hurting and lonely, you hurt the people around you who do care through self-sabotage and pushing them away. Everybody has their way of dealing with pain, and everyone makes mistakes. Forgiveness often needs to come from ourselves.

  48. Anna Bella Alves Rodrigues

    Anna Bella Alves Rodrigues19 분 전


  49. Guilherme yt

    Guilherme yt19 분 전

    😢No Guilherme, no cry😢 nooo cryyy 😭

  50. zєняα_ ѕєкєя

    zєняα_ ѕєкєя19 분 전

    I missed you JB

  51. bon jm

    bon jm19 분 전

    Why do you have to release this ㅠㅠㅠ i love u ㅠㅠㅠ

  52. Keila Accho Ucharima

    Keila Accho Ucharima20 분 전

    Esa música me representa 😢

  53. Luis Rivera

    Luis Rivera21 분 전

    La verdad el dinero y la fama no lo es todo siempre abra un vacio q nadie llenara exepto uno y es Dios solo el llena ese espacio vacio y esta contigo cuando esos supuestos amigo no estan q solo estan cuando uno les da lo q ellos quieren pero en las malas se desaparecen pero bro q Dios t bendiga y cree en el d rodo corazon siempre seras bendecido

  54. sami xx

    sami xx22 분 전

    my heart ...

  55. Bo Chitchitzaw2003

    Bo Chitchitzaw200323 분 전


  56. rewse hees

    rewse hees24 분 전

    he realised his mistakes after becoming a BTS ARMY

  57. Gülnaz Kayahan

    Gülnaz Kayahan24 분 전

    Türkler burda mı?

  58. Lexi Sterling

    Lexi Sterling24 분 전

    chapo trap house

  59. Tarquino Llori

    Tarquino Llori25 분 전


  60. Ayyan Malik

    Ayyan Malik26 분 전

    They Sould release the "Dance Version" of Lonely like "Love Yourself". Who Agrees?

  61. Sunny Music

    Sunny Music26 분 전

    Lonely cover krposts.com/level/bidio/ibuEztWUxWKCyYs

  62. the brightness of truth

    the brightness of truth26 분 전

    Hey just tell me one thing thing. Is this channel really belongs to justin beber ? Only beber plz

  63. Shreyansh Mishra

    Shreyansh Mishra26 분 전

    I can feel the pain . Great song .

  64. Russlie Hipolito Cacao

    Russlie Hipolito Cacao27 분 전

    This is Justin Bieber.

  65. i Gerridae

    i Gerridae28 분 전

    1:09 , that yodeling got to me.

  66. kean sevilla

    kean sevilla31 분 전

    Since 2010 im a belieber this man is a legend he got me until now those words to his songs is a goddamn on fire I'll say I'll be forever belieber

  67. Léa Fan

    Léa Fan31 분 전

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  68. Neomy Calubayan

    Neomy Calubayan32 분 전

    Now I know😢

  69. King Carmela

    King Carmela32 분 전


  70. hummingbirdcity

    hummingbirdcity32 분 전

    I'm not crying, you...okay no, it's me, I'm crying.


    FOODIE VLOG33 분 전

    I love this song

  72. Rap3erka

    Rap3erka34 분 전

    I have loved you since you were just a child. How this song touched me now is indescribable. Amazing, how you can have everything while having nothing. 😥 Greetings from Poland.

  73. lilly p

    lilly p35 분 전

    Benny blanco is the name of a pizza chain in Colorado


    ꧁FREE༒ FIRE༆QUEEN꧂37 분 전

    Love from india 😷😷🙏🏻🇮🇳👈👍👍👍👍 GOOD WISHES ALWAYS WITH YOU.....❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  75. Aquina Yobelta

    Aquina Yobelta37 분 전


  76. sakshi Singh

    sakshi Singh37 분 전

    Junior justine bieber

  77. Aen Edruce

    Aen Edruce39 분 전


  78. Sthefanny Bustamante

    Sthefanny Bustamante40 분 전


  79. Adam Szczygielski

    Adam Szczygielski42 분 전

    Obczajcie to dobry edit :D krposts.com/level/bidio/e82C3NDJkJxjz50&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0bBZHka5dbcz-n6UVLt7xY6QMsKScZVQspVwsy66EGgvsvFs219QH14e4

  80. bryam elvis veria aguilar

    bryam elvis veria aguilar42 분 전

    this a joke

  81. ionic movies

    ionic movies42 분 전

    to all the single people out there...

  82. 샇타닛ᄒ카

    샇타닛ᄒ카42 분 전

    Man.. his voice notes 😨 so.. great

  83. Free Music

    Free Music43 분 전

    cool music krposts.com/level/bidio/lMqLqam0k6Kf2Zk

  84. Rahman Hakim

    Rahman Hakim43 분 전

    I dont know why but u had it al but u still feel lonely, and how bout some ppl had nothing and no one to call. Im just thinking tho btw this song was so beautiful and deep

  85. Crystal Price

    Crystal Price44 분 전

    I hope that young actor got and took in that powerful message

  86. Cheky The Boss

    Cheky The Boss44 분 전


  87. im random

    im random44 분 전

    Not everything that shines is gold. Remember that.

  88. Zeeeze Yung

    Zeeeze Yung44 분 전

    That iconic outfit......

  89. thanmi kashung

    thanmi kashung44 분 전

    People who are not from tiktok can hit like🥰🥰

  90. Kay Siekkinen

    Kay Siekkinen45 분 전

    Ugh that hurt my heart

  91. Lupita Martínez

    Lupita Martínez46 분 전

    Justin se lo que sientes y no por lo que muestras si no por que yo también lo vivo a mis 18 años apesar de no tener fama

  92. Walter Bravo

    Walter Bravo47 분 전

    Orare por vos!

  93. Tamsen Bart

    Tamsen Bart48 분 전


  94. Dhananjoy Baishnab

    Dhananjoy Baishnab49 분 전

    @justinbieber Sir Please Make Dance Music like Sorry , Let Me love you

  95. ʟιʟʟʏ ᴊ • 6 Years Ago

    ʟιʟʟʏ ᴊ • 6 Years Ago49 분 전

    This shit hit me on so many levels 😢

  96. Answers

    Answers50 분 전

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  97. Awe Ka

    Awe Ka51 분 전

    I am so lonely 😭

  98. Jon Nimmer

    Jon Nimmer51 분 전

    Jesus Loves you! He died for you’re sins to save you. Jesus is with you and here to bless you. He wants to help you through life and show you the way to go. His hand is reaching out for you to take it. He Loves you and wants to help you. Take His hand and begin a relationship with Him. He will show you the way. He will lead you and comfort you. He will always be here for you. God Bless you 💕 Jesus Loves you 💕

  99. Jay Mishra

    Jay Mishra51 분 전

    You can not deny the fact that Justin Bieber is damn.. talented ♥

  100. Daniel Seradj

    Daniel Seradj51 분 전

    Wow its so sad😥