K-Factor An Exploration of K-Pop

This video includes Orchestral versions of Idol by BTS, Kill This Love by Black Pink and an encore with a medley of Red Velvet songs. Did I mention that SM Entertainment sponsored this event? Hugs Cohler was the Conductor.


  1. 껌꾸끼까

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  2. Gerald Carino

    Gerald Carino개월 전

    The reason why Im into Kpop Its a little close to Classical Music The switches of genre's and production in one music. Correct me if I'm wrong

  3. cndart

    cndart2 개월 전

    Very nice arrangements. Thanks

  4. Zaratar, Alfred Pacinos

    Zaratar, Alfred Pacinos2 개월 전

    The Kill This Love is a perfect music for Maleficent. 🖤

  5. 雨.

    雨.2 개월 전

    RV's one sounds so magical, my head is on the clouds thinking on some things

  6. 雨.

    雨.2 개월 전

    i really like orchestras, sadly i cant play any instrument

  7. 雨.

    雨.2 개월 전

    6:24 i always love that trumpet

  8. 雨.

    雨.2 개월 전

    this really upgrades songs

  9. Gé

    2 개월 전

    Red velvet is the best

  10. Multi Stan

    Multi Stan3 개월 전

    I appreciate this as an orchestra student who likes kpop

  11. sahana balaji

    sahana balaji3 개월 전

    that was epic--

  12. Selin

    Selin4 개월 전

    and that's on blackvelvet

  13. NA _

    NA _4 개월 전

    Did they ever share their official video?

  14. 버즈

    버즈4 개월 전

    레드벨벳 개좋다 ㄷㄷㄷ

  15. mildly impressed Uraraka

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  16. bracnedcrab61 axr

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  17. n z

    n z5 개월 전

    I feel fairytale vibes in redvelvet medley😭

  18. n z

    n z5 개월 전

    Pliss give them stage for music show event

  19. lg123

    lg1235 개월 전

    Kill this love gave me chills like damnnnn

  20. Rura Tanu

    Rura Tanu5 개월 전

    red velvet so omy ಥ‿ಥ love that soo muchhh

  21. Charlotte f

    Charlotte f5 개월 전

    RV songs make you feel like you entered a fantasy world ... especially ICC songs... Rv song start at 8:35

  22. tiana tari

    tiana tari5 개월 전

    Red Velvet diversity can be felt through this orchestra arrangement, queen of concept.

  23. kim Vuong

    kim Vuong5 개월 전

    Exo please

  24. Brahnan Tabalba

    Brahnan Tabalba5 개월 전

    let’s talk about roses parts in kill this love...😍😍😍

  25. mimi

    mimi5 개월 전

    bad boy here sounds like something you'd hear in a spy movie where they are currently infiltrating the rich people party before something goes down

  26. March Noona

    March Noona6 개월 전

    the way SM markets their artist songs are no joke ya hahaha, really love rv songs, sounds really magical and bts song feels like a medieval background with so many dragons flying, bp song feels a triumph of a war song tho

  27. Blackgalaxy 320

    Blackgalaxy 3206 개월 전

    I'm glad I play the violin wooooooooooow

  28. may9950

    may99506 개월 전

    The prechorus to Kill This Love gave me goosebumps

  29. myng fetsm

    myng fetsm6 개월 전

    SMEnt. did NOT sponsor this orchestra, they were invited. I just wanted to put this link out here. www.allkpop.com/article/2019/05/sm-entertainment-to-attend-k-factor-an-orchestral-exploration-of-k-pop-at-the-lincoln-center-in-new-york

  30. r a v e n

    r a v e n6 개월 전

    Yes, i gasped together with the audience when i heard bad boy! The way it started gave me goosebumps!

  31. Sapa ya

    Sapa ya6 개월 전

    kill this love is just like a theme song of Godzilla Movie LMAO

  32. Ngọc Liên

    Ngọc Liên6 개월 전

    I think Red Velvet 's medley like Disney's theme song

  33. Azar Khan

    Azar Khan7 개월 전

    The chorus part of kill this love is like voldemorts theme song😂

  34. Hanie Balqis

    Hanie Balqis7 개월 전

    I truly can hear all of member singing with this sound of band

  35. Hanie Balqis

    Hanie Balqis7 개월 전

    This band is slaying it..

  36. Hanie Balqis

    Hanie Balqis7 개월 전

    The song that their playing is idol by bts..if you guys want to know..

  37. Hanie Balqis

    Hanie Balqis7 개월 전

    This is truly an inspiration to kpop..

  38. Jazel Lee

    Jazel Lee7 개월 전

    SM songs really suited the orchestra. I think they really put that into mind when putting the melody on the lyrics.

  39. miahm

    miahm7 개월 전

    Red velvet's part...just goosebumps. as expected from the most musically interesting kpop group as well as from the best idol group alive. I'm so proud to be a reveluv.

  40. Den Renegado

    Den Renegado7 개월 전

    Great, now i wanna hear psycho in this version

  41. Lnwcat x

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  42. vousmevoyez

    vousmevoyez7 개월 전

    Ice cream cake is really that song, the orchestra ver, the tango ver and the horror ver all of them are so good ✨✨✨

  43. vousmevoyez

    vousmevoyez7 개월 전

    I really like the icc part😭❤

  44. TaroMilkBitch

    TaroMilkBitch7 개월 전

    Here after Sm said they were gonna make “Sm classic” for orchestra versions of their songs. We love to see it.

  45. Siena Redmond

    Siena Redmond7 개월 전

    Whoever was blowing that whistle in idol must have been exhausted

  46. KAL

    KAL7 개월 전

    That “YAAY!” 10:21 was soo adorable 😭♥️♥️

  47. Kim Fucking Taehyung

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  48. revelink nation

    revelink nation7 개월 전

    I suddenly want to hear a psycho orchestra cover

  49. gabi

    gabi7 개월 전

    you know red velvet's discography is flawless when an orchestra makes you feel like in an actual movie.

  50. Lany Lany

    Lany Lany8 개월 전

    The long applause after Kill this love ended 💕👍🏻

  51. Wild 2.0

    Wild 2.08 개월 전

    i sincerely love the percussion/xylophone bits in ktl as well as the vocal line's parts; they really created two sides with the rap and vocal parts. idol had awesome string utilization since it's perfect for classic music and blew me away with that crescendo at the hook. rv's medley just screamed perfection with fairy tale bliss. lol that audience gasp for bad boy's intro had me shook

  52. Sloomy100

    Sloomy1008 개월 전

    Kill this love is another level!!

  53. Alexandra Aringay

    Alexandra Aringay8 개월 전

    This justs freaking shows how the orchestra can produce such amazing sounds. ❤️

  54. sophie kuba

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  55. Park Missa

    Park Missa8 개월 전

    Red velvet part oh my God

  56. Martica

    Martica8 개월 전

    Jisoo and rosé's part makes me die peacefully and with the rv part playing at my funeral no one will be crying




  58. maknae jk

    maknae jk9 개월 전

    idol was like sinister lion king shit, and kill this love was the aftermath of world domination bad boy was a nice blend from kill this love to ice cream cake and dumb dumb was a nice prep rally song

  59. Gigi

    Gigi9 개월 전

    2:06 5:02 my fav parts omg love the violins

  60. Majal

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  61. Triple AAA

    Triple AAA10 개월 전

    Blackpink are same like warfare theme 🤣

  62. hialyssah

    hialyssah10 개월 전

    idol, when performed by bts, sounds like such a fun fanfare and party song. i love how it sounds so epic and grand and a little intimidating when arranged for orchestra.

  63. 나재민

    나재민10 개월 전

    my ear blessed...

  64. 우왕

    우왕10 개월 전

    한국인 읎냐 이 경이롭고 판타스틱한 걸 공유할 사람이 없구나

  65. van tae

    van tae11 개월 전

    tbh icc is perfect for harry potter

  66. mildly impressed Uraraka

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  67. Hanis15&GOT7

    Hanis15&GOT7년 전

    I hope they can play GOT7 songs after this 🙏

  68. Rosie Rose

    Rosie Rose년 전

    Ice cream cake sounds like a soundtrack on Charles and chocolate factory lmao

  69. jaedreamer

    jaedreamer년 전

    ice cream cake is gorgeous here wow

  70. Jaehan Lee

    Jaehan Lee년 전

    오! 색다른 맛이네요

  71. Husky ARMY

    Husky ARMY년 전

    i always admire violinsts they play whith their whole body.

  72. Wissuta j

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  73. jjaepills

    jjaepills년 전

    Imagine orchestra for Zimzalabim and Huff n puff!

  74. jjaepills

    jjaepills년 전

    IDOL: It is like an opening or introducing the KPOP History🥰 KILL THIS LOVE: based on mv itself, its like a Majesty or Highnest vs theirselves. Ego vs Self like that. Also Rose part is like a girl crying and running. The violins before the last chorus are great too. RV Medley: over all its just like listening to a Disney background music medley. Full of fairytale, adventure and fantasy. Great Job!

  75. Yoongi isdaaddy

    Yoongi isdaaddy년 전

    kill this love was so on point i love it???????

  76. Desak Putu Raka Paramita

    Desak Putu Raka Paramita년 전

    All red velvet song is so hypnotic. I just wanted to have an orchestra group that specifically play kpop songs.

  77. han Ro

    han Ro년 전

    When kill this love played my body hair went up and it sent shivers down my spine

  78. Palec, Renz Adrian Espiridion

    Palec, Renz Adrian Espiridion년 전

    idol be like _"okay so were in the warring period of east asia and seoul is about to get captured by japanese forces and they're invading right now. got that?"_


    I CAN SEE YOU년 전

    KTL is like a anthem for war. lmao. I got goosebumps to the chorus. 😂

  80. Aije Alcala

    Aije Alcala년 전

    So many fans are hating when the audience only reacted to rv part. sorry guys, talent over popularity. Stay pressed tho. Haha

  81. Maria Galarza-Catuira

    Maria Galarza-Catuira년 전

    Aije Alcala People reacted that way because it was a surprise that they were going to end the concert with a Red Velvet medley. It made sense after the fact due to RV getting ready to start promoting their next comeback. The audience reacted to all the songs because they were all great.

  82. Eunice Lacson

    Eunice Lacson년 전

    Red velvet had me crying I don't know it's just beautiful.

  83. 24. Made Novita Dwipayanti

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  84. may mint

    may mint년 전

    as a fan of kpop and orchestra this is very wonderful and damn imma about to cry this is a masterpiece, u can see how much effort they put, appreciate it so much!

  85. Nikkiestagram *

    Nikkiestagram *년 전

    Red velvet Music is indeed an Art. They performed Tango version of Ice Cream Cake and I think they were inspired by this rendition! Good Job!

  86. Kayley

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  87. Clyve Alexander C Bayan

    Clyve Alexander C Bayan년 전

    the best i really owe this

  88. no-jam

    no-jam년 전

    I wish there is a clean audio version for this :(

  89. Blink Cha

    Blink Cha년 전

    How can i join this amazing show where is it??



    this version of kill this love could EASILY be a female villain theme song

  91. Yuri

    Yuri년 전

    BTS Idol lowkey reminds me of James Bond,as if they dropped James Bond in Africa or in Brazil (due to the whistles) and he had this while he fights people. Kill this love is like Disney's The Descendants. The Red Velvet Medley is like a OST for a Disney Movie 😔✊

  92. Kha pro 1990

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  93. Sofia Negrini

    Sofia Negrini년 전

    Ice cream cake really sounds like it’s out of Harry Potter

  94. Soobin's Bread

    Soobin's Bread년 전

    I wonder how hard is it to play all these instruments and you need to be precise. There is no room for mistakes. Congrats to all those peoples!

  95. Brunielle Motta

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  96. Jolee Hungerford

    Jolee Hungerford년 전

    if only this version of idol played when mother gothel evily grins

  97. WTF너나 잘해 댓글 꼬라지 하고는

    WTF너나 잘해 댓글 꼬라지 하고는년 전

    can you plz make this video mp3 for sales and leave its link? i would like to have this as my phone ring thank you

  98. na omi

    na omi년 전

    this could literally be the sound track to a disney movie, villain songs for bts and blackpink and magical princess songs for red velvet

  99. Gabriella Remple

    Gabriella Remple년 전

    RV for the win

  100. 박장

    박장년 전

    아이돌 웅장해질 때 프린스 알리같다 ㅠㅠ 개좋다ㅠㅠㅠ하아

  101. Loja Romance Torquato

    Loja Romance Torquato년 전

    This is beautiful

  102. Cape Baldy

    Cape Baldy년 전

    Kill This Love Orchestra as an epic boss battle music. Lolol