KAI 카이 'Peaches' MV

KAI's 2nd mini album "Peaches" is out!
Listen and download on your favorite platform: smarturl.it/KAI_Peaches

01 Peaches
02 Vanilla
03 Domino
04 Come In
05 To Be Honest
06 Blue

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KAI 카이 'Peaches' MV ℗ SM Entertainment


  1. Blueaeri


    MV nya Estetik banget kayak orangnya *Love tiga rebu

  2. RO RO

    RO RO12 시간 전

    His voice is like a cotton candy.

  3. amelia firdaa

    amelia firdaa4 시간 전

    didenger berkali kali pun tetep candu

  4. Patricia Peña

    Patricia Peña4 시간 전

    Ver a jongin en el estudio de grabación lo es todo. Nunca tendré suficiente de la voz única y color miel de kai. Su voz hace que mejore mi existencia, la quiero escuchar cada segundo de mi vida. Esos álbumes repiten y repiten.

  5. snowing

    snowing16 시간 전

    Let's reach 36M ASAP

  6. misell

    misell14 시간 전

    his face is just so mesmerizing. he's really a great dancer, but his facial expressions add spice to his performances

  7. norizafri✿


    Kai is on another level, a true artist on every point, from the song, the voice, the dance. this comeback will be amazing. Jongin you deserve all the love.

  8. PureShinee

    PureShinee21 시간 전

    So much going on today but had to see you and Peaches!! I hope you’re enjoying your special day-may life continue to bring you the best days ahead. 🍑 HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS. ILYSM

  9. Khing Zin Thet

    Khing Zin Thet14 시간 전

    Kai voice is sweet /deeep. I don't know how to express. But his voice is really amazing.

  10. ༺⋆。ᴅɪsɴᴇʏʀᴏsé

    ༺⋆。ᴅɪsɴᴇʏʀᴏsé2 시간 전

    KAI never disappoint us by his music , he is definitely a multitalented idol not an exo-l but i'm definitely a fan of jogin


    CENTSBY9 시간 전

    Fact: Kai hasn't won any show awards for this amazing content because people won't vote for it. He worked hard, so buy the album and support him in all other ways.

  12. PureShinee

    PureShinee10 시간 전

    Kai accepted the SMA Popularity award for EXO!! This was a100% fan vote award and he of course thanked all the Exols and fans!! So Kai was tweeted by all the fans during the award show!! He looked so happy! You did well Kai!

  13. chelo may jusay

    chelo may jusay

    Once again, Kai proved that he's not just a main dancer, his vocals is aesthetically comforting. It's just dreamy.

  14. Ella Scott

    Ella Scott9 시간 전

    I don’t know why Mmhhh & Peaches isn’t as popular as LALISA & Money. His singing & dancing is AMAZING!!

  15. Patricia Peña

    Patricia Peña21 시간 전

    Desde Chile todavía no termina tu día especial y vuelvo a desearte mucha felicidad y salud. Que sigan llegando éxitos a tu vida, que se cumplan todas tus metas y que seas feliz en tu vida artística y personal ..si tú eres feliz , yo lo seré también.... Happy Birthday.. Happy Birthday Jongin

  16. Ada Gladys

    Ada Gladys4 시간 전

    Este es de los MV que no te conformas con oir la musica, tienes que sentarte a mirarlo para sentirte satisfecho. Y no son las "peaches" es KAI!!!!!!

  17. luxury

    luxury14 시간 전

    kai is really a prince

  18. ann

    ann9 시간 전

    I really feel sorry for people that won't give him a chance. amazing artist

  19. Riceman


    This song is as sweet and soft as a peaches

  20. snowing

    snowing9 시간 전

    Deserves more and more don't give up until 100M